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Book Sales Bulletin October 2013 New Titles Available Now

THE BEATLES DAY BY DAY Includes details of all the recording sessions, all the tours, and all the major incidents in their personal lives. Panels and sidebars list all the tracks that they recorded, and contain first-hand accounts from those who saw them or worked with them. Contains 400 illustrations, not only of photographs and stills, but facsimiles of memorabilia. 8.5” x 11”/192 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785830313

$12.99 US/$14.99 CAN

THE EXPERIENCE: JIMI HENDRIX AT MASON’S YARD Considered by many to be the finest studio portraits ever taken of Hendrix and the Experience, these extraordinary images capture the acclaimed musician at a defining moment in his brief but spectacular career. Also in an accompanying essay, rock critic and Hendrix historian Richie Unterberger discusses the significance of Mankowitz’s photos to the Hendrix legacy and puts the Mason’s Yard sessions in the context of Hendrix’s explosive rise to fame in 1967.

THE CODE OF THE SAMURAI Beautifully produced in traditional Chinese binding and with a timeless design, this book includes the classic Inazo text with a new introduction. It will appeal to anyone interested in leadership, the nobility of the Samurai and Japanese culture. 7.5” x 10.5”/96 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785830528

$14.99 US/ NO CAN

9.25” x 12.75” /128 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785830887

$19.99 US/$21.99 CAN




Provides instruction on growing a personal-use crop that will provide a least one ounce of cleaned, seedless, and stem-free buds for each month of the year (from harvest to harvest) but doesn’t have to require a lot of dedication or expense. With step-by-step instructions, Tommy McCarthy shows readers how to cultivate and raise beautiful weed. He also provides information on how to harvest and prepare the final product.

Opens with a short biographical introduction and then provides a chronological visual history of her life, from her early years working in a wartime munitions factory in Burbank, through the hard times as she built her reputation as an actor, to her greatest successes.

Features 90 poses in beautiful pen and ink line drawings. Accompanying the image of the pose are both its Sanskrit and English names and a brief description of how to achieve the pose correctly, the precise meaning of its name and how it benefits the body.

8.25” x 11.75”/256 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785830504

7.5” x 10.5”/96 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785829935

$19.99 US/$21.99 CAN

$14.99 US/ NO CAN

7” x 9.5”/224 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785830382

$12.99 US/$14.99 CAN

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Book Sales Bulletin October 2013 New Titles Available Now



MUSTANG 1964 1/2 - 1973

Take a look back at the Camaro from its introduction in 1967 up through the modern era. Author Anthony Young examines the evolution and development of four generations of Camaros, including research and development, manufacturing, and marketing. Rounding out Camaro’s legendary history is coverage of its involvement and successes in racing.

Is a lavish photographic collection of some of the most sought after models that have been made available for auction in recent years. All of the cars featured in this elegant book attained auction prices upwards of $1,000,000, making them the most desired cars in the world, as well as the most expensive. The stunning images in this book are accompanied by an informative text that gives the reader the specs, history and other fascinating details of these dream vehicles.

Sporty, quick, and affordable, the original pony car’s reputation was fueled by racing success on drag strips and road courses. It’s an intriguing tale of an American performance icon, the people that produced it, and the marketing machine that drove its success.

10” x 10”/156 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785830153

$14.99 US/$16.99 CAN

10” x 10”/168 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785829720

$14.99 US/$16.99 CAN

10” x 11.25”/192 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785830511

$14.99 US/$16.99 CAN




Here is an essential reference for embroiderers wishing to improve their technique and add new dimensions to their work. Over 200 embroidery stitches are featured, from basic cross stitch and chain stitch to more complicated couching, laid work, and drawn thread work.

More than 200 stitches and designs are featured for both hand and machine sewing, from a basic running stitch to decorative feather and zigzag stitches, as well as more complicated techniques such as couching and applique.

5.25” x 5.75”/256 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785831068

$14.99 US/$16.99 CAN

Covers strategic bombing in Europe during World War II, that is, all aerial bombardment of a strategic nature which took place between 1939 and 1945. In addition to American (U.S. Army Air Forces) and British (RAF Bomber Command) strategic aerial campaigns against Germany, this book also covers the blitzes against London and the bombing of other British industrial and port cities during the Battle of Britain.

5.25” x 7.75”/256 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785831051

$14.99 US/$16.99 CAN

10.75” x 12.25”/292 Pages/HC/ISBN 9780785830238 To Place Orders, Contact Your Rep or Book Sales at Tel: 212.779.1816 / Fax: 212.779.6058 Website:

$24.99 US/$27.99 CAN

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