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ALL ABOUT ANCIENT EGYPTIAN WAR By Charlie 5/5/14 Armies3.jpg

Table of Contents Introduction Soldiers Tactics Leaders Weapons and Armor Conclusion Glossary Bibliography

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Do you ever wonder how bad the war was in ancient Egypt? Well that’s what you are going to read in this paper. You will learn about the soldiers, Egypt’s tactics, Egypt’s leaders, and weapons and armor of ancient Egypt. This is my Egypt paper welcome to it.

First you will learn about the soldiers of Egypt. The Old kingdom didn’t have a big army. Kings began to build an empire by taking over lands. This made Egypt more powerful. Wrestling matches helped keep soldiers fit. Soldiers had to practice handling every weapon. Archers didn’t have armor. Nubians were famous for their arching skills. If soldiers were in the army they had to have a certain haircut for a certain job. Egyptian soldiers could be healed because they developed medicine. Those are some of the soldiers of ancient Egypt.

Picture of soldiers at battle -egyptian-wars.html


The second topic of my paper is tactics. Hope you like it! Egypt sent spies to see where their weak spots were. Then spies would plan out where they would attack. They would use antlers to make handles for the weapons. One of ancient Egypt’s war tactics was siege. Egypt liked to siege their opponents so they had to surrender. They surrendered by going in there castle with their hands up. Egypt used battering rams to break through gates so they could knock of guards on the enemy base. Egypt’s first army had a boost by developing medicine. In the Old kingdom they would use strong weapons and powerful shields because they didn’t have a big army. In the Middle kingdom all they used were pretty strong weapons because they had a normal sized army. In the New kingdom they used chariots for fast travel to get advantages. Those are some of tactics of ancient Egypt.

Picture of captured people/soldiers.


http://ancientegyptianh istory.files.wordpress.c om/2013/12/abusimbel templer2captives.jpg

Now you will learn about the leaders of Egypt. Egypt had a dynasty that led Egypt’s war to victory. A king always had to learn how to fire a bow and ride a chariot. Only two people rode chariots the king and the driver. The leader was usually the pharaoh. Kings led their troops to war and fought in the war. Leaders had two horses pulling him, and he has a bow and arrow. Leaders would make countries tribute to them when they lost the war. Enemy leaders were killed after the war was won. In the Middle kingdom Ramses II was Egypt’s leader. Ramses II fought a big battle against the Hittites and won it. Ramses III concurred the Hittites. In 2000 BCE onwards, the kings of Egypt paid Nubians to fight for them. Those are some of the kings that led Egypt to victory.

King Tut’s tomb /uk/tutankhamun


In this last category of this paper you will learn about the weapons and armor of ancient Egypt. The old kingdom didn’t wear armor. In the Middle kingdom Egypt soldiers wore leather straps. Soldiers use to wear blue strong helmets in the New kingdom. In the New kingdom Egyptian soldiers wore chain mail armor. A regular soldier’s armor was padded linen helmets, upper chest protection, leather straps, wrist guards, linen kilts, and wooden shields covered in cow skin. Egyptians would make a shield made out of wood with leather covering it so it would be harder to break through their shield. Egypt’s upgraded soldier had a spear and a wooden shield. Weapons that Egypt use to have were battle axes, battle maces, daggers, khopeshes, spears, and swords. Egypt’s upgraded their swords by using obsidian blades. Battering rams had a roof to protect them from arrows. Inside was a pointy log which helped them knock through gates. Those were almost all of the armor and weapons of ancient Egypt.

Model of Egypt soldier.

That’s all the info I can give you on Egyptian war with those four topics. Those four topics were soldiers, tactics, leaders, and weapons and armor. I liked researching this topic and I hope you liked reading it to!


Glossary Battering Ram A little hut with a roof to protect soldiers from arrows. Soldiers in there smash a pointy log at a gates to break through gates. Dynasty A line of hereditary rulers. Empire A group of countries or states ruled by one person. Khopesh A bow of some sort. It can be used as a sword and it is more powerful so it can shoot farther than an Egyptian bow. Middle kingdom Egypt time period between 2040 BC and 1790 BC.

New kingdom Egypt time period between 1550 BC and 1080 BC.

Old kingdom Egypt time period between 2700 BC and 2100 BC.

Siege When someone’s water and food level is cut down.

Tribute Taxes paid by defeated people to the people who won.



Bibliography Ancient Egypt Military. (2011). Retrieved from hppt:// Cobridge, F. (2006). A Soldiers Life in Ancient Egypt. Australia Hachette: Franklin Watts. Struan, G. H. (2002). Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt. New york: Reid Jane Chisholm. Tzu, S. (2011). Ancient Egypt Military. Retrieved from hppt://



All About Ancient Egyptian War

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