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Laurel Wood Condominium Association Change Control Form I understand that by submitting this form I am requesting permission to make changes to my condominium unit. I will not start any work on my unit before I have received a written statement by The Condominium Association Board that the work I have outlined below is approved. I understand that the bylaws give the Board powers to take action if I make changes without the written permission of The Board. If you are not sure your change requires permission please submit this form. It is easier to ask permission than it is to have your change removed. Name(s) of Owner(s):______________________________ Unit #: _________ Home phone: ________________ Work phone: ________________ Date Submitted: ______________ Change will be done from _____________ to ________________ Areas affected (check all that apply) Common space (I.E. trees or lawn) Outside - exclusive use area (I.E. Deck / Driveway) Inside unit – but requiring permission as stated in the bylaws. Other ________________________ Description of Change Please list any Condo bylaw numbers you believe are applicable to this change. __________________________________________________ Will this change be made by you or a professional tradesperson? I will do the work myself I will be hiring _______________________ Contact phone: _____________________ Has this change be approved for other units? (I.E. approved railing or storm door) Yes No Unknown If you did not check Yes above please write a detailed description of the change you wish to make to your unit. Be sure to include any supporting drawings, or sales brochures as well as any inspections that may be required after the installation. If you checked yes above, please list the change you wish to make. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

Please print and submit this form to a member of the board Remember to include all supporting documentation!

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Name(s) of Owner(s):______________________________ Unit #: _________ Home phone: ________________ Work phone: ________________ Areas affect...

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