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Brazza, Bordeaux

YTAA, 2014/15

HAT Project, Lebanon

YTAA, 2014/15

Jubail Residential Complex, Saudi Arabia

SKP, 2016/17

Sioufi Residential Building, Lebanon

SKP, 2017/18

Byblos Seaside, Lebanon

SKP, 2017/18

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Library in Gemmayzé 2nd year Intructors: Chris and Jean Marc

I designed my library in a very particular way. The building has a longitudinal shape, it is located in the main street of Gemmayzé next to a church that has a curved form, the library is placed at the same level of the neighboring church creating a spacious area in front of the library’s main entrance which can be used as a small café or can be left as empty space giving room for the entrance of the library. As for the facade of the building, it is constituted out of stone, glass and metal, it is designed with irregular stripes that are mostly made out of metal. In the places where no light is required; stone is covering the space. The entrance is on the main street of Jemmayzé and the parking access is from the back of the building.

Analytical Diagrams Visual Connections N



Level 3 At +9.90m

Level 2 At +6.60m

Level 1 At +3.30m

Ground Floor At +0.00m

Basement At -4.00m

3rd Floor At +9.90m

2nd Floor At +6.60m


ofďŹ ces/library

The con voids, e

-First vo hibition person 1st Floor At +3.30

childrens area/multimedia room

-Second then be

-Third v case and oating even sit

Library in Gemmayze

ncept of the building is to be able to see different levels from one point, I implemented this conception by doing 3 large each one connects 2 floors together.

oid is at the entrance of the building, it creates a visual connection between the people entering the building and the exspace situated in the floor below (which is the basement), the exhibition space would then grab the attention of each entering the library.

d void connects the café which is located on the ground floor and the children’s area on the first floor; parents would e able to see their children reading or playing while they are having coffee and reading periodicals.

void is connecting the last two floors that belong to the adults reading areas. I placed the void right on top of the stair d it’s continuing longitudinally. The void is surrounded by glass which is 1 meter high. Behind it I have put a long, thin table. Readers will then be sitting and reading while seeing others grabbing their books or going up the staircase, or ting and reading. I believe this would create a nice open environment. Different environments for reading: - Introverted and extroverted spaces depending on the readers’ preference. - Scale of the boxes differ between the childrens’ area and the adults area.

Museum in DownTown Beirut 4th year Instructor: Maroun Daccache

Topic: light/shadow

I started by working on one path and its peripheries that lead to the site in order to compare wide and one lit. Horizontally, the shaded part is the positive part, because usually people seek to stand in shade around, the part of the facade that catches the eye is the area that is receiving direct sunlight . My ne

became voids. Therefore new passages and new spaces were created. As the sun has a cyclic na or one area. Since I am working on perspectives between two buildings, I decided to focus my si evations that created spaces having sometimes intrusion and extrusion, sometimes fragmentati


narrow streets. I am perceiving two layers horizontally and two layers vertically, one shaded and the other ed places for more comfort. Whereas vertically, the positive area is the area that is lit because when walking

ext step was to transform the 2D elements that I have to a 3 dimensional space: the negative areas ature, the shadow changes in the passage of time which creates different spaces for one perspective ite analysis on the perspectives that lead me to the site taking into consideration the details of the elion, sometimes repetition depending on the openings of the elevation.


At 9 AM

At 12:00 PM

At 3:00 PM

Site Analysis






At 9 AM

At 12:00 PM

At 3:00 PM

My museum took the shape of the lit area that the buildings at the east have created when casting shadows, which makes the shaded part the public space and the lit part the private one. Respecting the mosque, the building starts at a level of 3 meters growing to a level of 25 meters (height of the neighbouring building, Virgin Megastore). I took the elements that I found in my analysis and designed my building according to it. My building is fragmenting from all directions, north to south (mass), south to north (plans), east to west (elements coming out of the building, creating perspectives).

South Elevation

The main faรงade facing martyr square is com tween each other and the give harmony of lig entrances, one at the main street, this entranc depending on the time when they cast shadow ing the archeological site, connecting the per

Museum in DownTown Beirut

mposed of 4 strips that have an intrusional and extrusional matter beght and shadow inside and outside the building. The museum has 2 e has elements designing the entrance and gives it difference spaces ws, and one from the other side of the building that is a bridge crossspective that I studied in my analysis to the perspective that I created.

Aurora Borealis Arctic Observatory

4th year Instructor: Luca Barello

Every year thousands of tourists travel to Rovaniemi, Finland to see the Northern Lights. This project is a proposal that makes us rediscover our primitive instincts by bonding with Mother Nature. The project is a small hotel that is standing on its own as s tourist destination. It includes a Finnish spa, a full astronomical observatory, and accomodations in food, beverage, and lodging. The hotel provides people with a true ďŹ nnish experience.

Rovaniemi is known for it throughout most of the ye objective is to preserve the s that enhances the landscape natural snow patterns create impression that the volumes d the landscape. The project therefore creates a new hybri

ts nature and snowy weather ear; As an architect, my main site and come up with a design e. The concept is based on the ed by the wind which gives the designed are in hibernation with creates a visual continuity and id by integrating identities, com-

-bining the essence of a public observatory, relaxation, dwelling; Such as forest and resort, shelter and openness, unique character and careful continuity, or simply, architecture and landscape. The curved buildings consist of a faรงade that utilizes the full potential of snow, instead of avoiding it, it is caught up on the wooden louvers and turn the project into a living part of the landscape, adapting to changes in the weather.

Faรงade th instead o wooden lo living part the weath during win during sum

hat utilizes the full potential of snow, of avoiding it, the snow is caught up on ouvers thant transform the project into a t of the landscape, adapting to changes in her. In fact, the project becomes white nter and stays brown (color of the ground) mmer.

Architecture shaped by nature

Offices Building for Toulouse Airport Summer 2012 Internship at Zaha Hadid Architects A simple cube was chosen for the global volume. The simplicity of the external form will help to reduce the global cost, it is more ecological because of the reduction of the external envelope and will therefore result in a fast construction. An internal atrium extends diagonally through the building creating a void that has a dynamic form allowing each offices floor direct views to the runways and to the airspace. At the north of the internal atrium, a glass roof brings in the extra daylight necessary to the building. The common space formed by the atrium facilitates the communication between the different floors of offices and provides a wide internal volume that passes through the four levels, the runways in the background are ideal for the offices in the upper levels and form a flexible space on the ground floor for all kinds of temporary events and exhibitions.

EADS HQ Toulouse

The space of the atrium with its big angle open towards the runways was inspired by the workshops of the aircraft hangars. This creates a central space which is familiar to the context neighboring the Blagnac and the aerospace industry. The location of the offices, around the same common space, presents several advantages not only from a functional or from an efficiency point of view but also, at its base, this allows creating the same open work environments as in production factories. We would like the space of the atrium with its large scale and its well developed structure to become a physical incarnation of the general aspiration of EADS for creating work space for “industrial� offices, which is closely linked to the industrial activities of EADS group. Concept Diagrams

EADS HQ Toulouse

Air flow between the lamellaes surrounding the atriums facades


Ground FLoor

EADS HQ Toulouse


Internal Void


Level 2

Level 1

Section A-A

Offices Facades

Level 3

Facade Section

The Roof

Last Level

Internal Facade Section



Music School

Final Year Project Instructors: Maroun Daccache and Cindy Menassa

As an overall strategy, we created several projects which we later named the Follies of Beirut. The 9 projec held the city together by means of connections and urban interventions. As for my strategy, I based it on the history of the city’s morphology, where I discovered several nodes that we essential to the city’s growth, among them are Qoraytem, Verdun, Hamra and Downtown. Perhaps the most i portant – I found – is the infrastructural intersection that links these nodes together which become my area of tervention. This resulted in the creation of two main strips, the first commercial and the other cultural which d termined the program of my project. Hamra has always been a cultural hub where creative minds come t gether, from the student to the old man singing on the corner. As an extension to the music school in Dow Town Beirut, I decided for the project to be just that – a music school. As a result, the two schools acted hand in hand to bring people together from and to both areas, where my pr ject became a meeting point that drives people to the designated areas and makes them come to life. Theref the project became a pivot point to the pedestrian, only 10 min away from the surrounded nodes.


ere mindetown


Cultural Axis

Commercial Axis

Voicing Beirut

The project is built on two lots and is consisted of two main parts, the commercial ground area and the music tower. The tower is composed out of modules that are formed based on light and on the type of usage of the module. The core of the building is the split vertical circulation and the common area that consists of a media area. As for the commercial strip, it serves as a link to Down Town in function as well as in typology. The main intention behind the project was for it to become a theatrical experience. Hence, the acoustic treatment held in every single classroom, where the classrooms become the instruments themselves.

Plan at -3.00m


Voicing Beirut


Amphitheater (350 people) Cafe Offices

Elevators leading to theater

Voicing Beirut

Intrument shop Ticketing Office Shop/Pub Lobby for Dormatory

TOWER COMPOSITION CLASS MODULES - Lecture classes (30 students) - Classes with musical instruments (9 students) Direction according to outer circulation


- Split Vertical Circulation (main) - Ramps - Cubicals (links floors that have same function)


2x2 glass cubes serving as: - Control rooms -Recording Studio - Rehearsal rooms - Elevators For students to be able to m

tional supplementary “cubi that splits in the middle of t The split forms a common fl “cubical cubical” I mean 2x2x2.5 gl cubicals linking the teacher the recording studios area) the “modules” to communic “modules” to communicate

Voicing Beirut

Restaurant Classes Recording Studio Teachers Offices Examination Rooms Core of Building

move around the faculty comfortably, the circulation is composed of a main elevator that service all foors and addiicals” that link the common floors together. The main elevator is a traditional elevator, it is an artirary circulation the tower breaking it into two (lower part is the none instrumental area and upper part is the instrumental area). floor which is a Media Floor (screens and headphones) that shows students playing live different instruments. By lass cubes, suspended by metalic rods, that serve as secondary elevators linking the common floors (ex: there are rs offices to the examination areas, or cubicals linking the class rooms together, or cubicals linking the 2 floors of ). In addition, in the lower part of the tower, the services strip is situated on the right side of the section allowing cate with the amphitheater, whereas in the upper part, the services strip shifted to the opposite side allowing the e with the second lot of the project.



Brazza Project in Bordeaux Youssef Tohme Architects and Associates 2014/2015

The basis of our proposal is the creation of one sionate association with the Garonne, nature a able volumes rather than surfaces - places gen to create a relationship with geographic infinity door spaces. Here, houses straddle the Garonn merge with a park. Where it is efficient, density ing, may also be used as workshops, offices or modular in nature, will be flexible enough to ca our chances to be able to meet unexpected ne

I was a collaborating architect on this project d conception and the development of “Mayaudo

e-off housing. Envisaged as a powerful attractor, it will create a new way to live, in freedom and in pasnd distant views. Like an echo of Brazza’s existing architectural heritage, we aim to develop inhabituinely capable of being used, not just spaces to be filled. We seek to add an “elsewhere” to housing, by stretching the limits of its outer skin, projecting life into the landscape and increasing useable outne, there, a large public space is to be created near the water, further off, dense clusters of housing y will be managed without any dogmatic approach. The volumes, though dedicated primarily to housr exhibition halls, depending on needs and possibilities. Large and generous spaces, polyvalent and ater to an array of daily needs. By working on the flexibility of floor plans and buildings, we will increase eeds.

during study phase and construction phase, I also was head architect responsible of the architectural on” which was a school with a gymnasium at Brazza.



HAT - Project

Youssef Tohme Architects and Associates 2014/2015

The project is a beach resort with residential chalets, it is located in Halat, Lebanon. and the total area of the project is of 5 000 sqm. The project is still evolving, execution files are in process and the basement is already built on site. Built along an expansive 220 meter long sea front side, this resort hotel includes thirty rooms, a restaurant and a private beach. Each living unit is enveloped in a double height concrete shell planted in the sand. The principal screen for this seafront plot is a palm grove, a vegetal mesh that filters the light between rooms and traces the outlines of the walkways between them. I was a collaborate architect on this project, worked on the development of the project, worked on the execution drawings, rendered plans for presentations, site supervision, worked on model making of the project.


JRC - Jubail Residential Compound Samir Khairallah and Partners 2016

The Project is based on a low density organization of five apartments per unit (2 & 3 bedroom apartments) endowed with privacy, transparency and light, Villas, Townhouses, Studios and 1 Bedroom apartment are also offered. Leisure Facilities are provided such as a Clubhouse and multipurpose court, intentionally located in relative isolation in order to insulate the residential units from the noise and the crowd and from the bright projector of the tennis court at night. A prominent and inviting gate identifies the entrance from the main road and opens onto an active water feature fronting a central Clubhouse. Each neighborhood enjoys its own dedicated green communal area providing a secure environment for families and children. The Project is surrounded by a green belt acting as a buffer zone between the project and the surrounding streets and serving as a shield absorbing noise and pollution. The concept of modernity and its expression in architecture merges between the Saudi Culture and the expatriates residents intended to reside in the compound. I was assigned responsible for all the residential units during all phases of the project.

Sioufi Residential Building Samir Khairallah and Partners 2017/2018

The project is a residential building located in Ashrafieh, Lebanon. The building has 13 floors and 5 basements and is currently under construction. It is composed of 6 types of apartments: 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms (2 types), 1 bedroom and duplex apartments (2 and 3 bedrooms). The skin of the building is a concrete grid that allows us to read the interior functions of each apartment. In fact, we created a system for the facade that gave us this outcome: for example all of the reception areas have a full glass facade, the master bedrooms have 2 glass panels and one wood panel, the bedrooms have one glass panel and 2 wood panels, all of the kitchens have steel louvers. The finish of the sides of the building is stone and farefaced concrete. Working on this project was very beneficial for me because I took part of it from the very begining, from concept phase to execution drawings. In collaboration with the structural engineer, the electrical engineer, the mechanical engineer, the client, Apave (technical control of the building) and abiding by the rules and regulations of the french code I had the permit drawings done and the execution drawings done from general plans to detail drawings. The project was very interesting because it was all based on a system and a grid, it was challenging to create so many types of apartments and finding solutions for the electro mechanical and structural --- to work, unlike the usual residential buildings that usually have identical floor plans .

Byblos Seaside

Samir Khairallah and Partners 2017/2018

Located in Byblos right on the coast of the meditarranean sea, the private beach resort consists of 4 units - approximately 16 apartments per unit - distributed on 2 different levels. The lot is only 10 meters away from the seashore which gives all apartments direct and full views of the sea. What is giving the project identity is the existence of many layers of the project in a seamless experience in a way that the roof might be experienced as a ground lobby and roof top at once which you could apply as well on the entrances of the specific residential units where certain units are emerged through public circulation spaces which articulates the landscaping around which the units exist – the central piazza – which creates a vivacious atmosphere and a community approach. A prominent and inviting gate identifies the entrance from the main road and a pool creates the “hearth” of the public space, where the earlier mentioned comunity gathers.

Saria Ghaziri - Architecture Portfolio  
Saria Ghaziri - Architecture Portfolio  

A compilation of student and professional work previewing Saria Ghaziri's architectural journey.