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RESUME 1996 - 2010



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Professional History


May 2010

Columbia University, GSAPP, New York, USA Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design

Feb 2007

Azad University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran Master of Science in Architecture


Jul 2010 – Oct 2010

Archi-tectonics, 11 Hubert New York NY USA Junior Designer, Holon City square Competition

Columbia University, GSAPP New York NY USA

Jun 2010 – Aug 2010

Digital Teaching Assistant, Analysis and Modeling

Workshop/apd, 555 Eighth Avenue New York NY USA

Apr 2010 – May 2010

Junior Designer, RightFrame (Affordable and Sustainable Housing Solutions)

Behin Shahr Consultants, 27 Tajbakhsh St Mirdamad Ave. Tehran

Nov 2007 – Apr 2009

Junior Architect

Sinam Consultants, 4 17th St Bokharest Ave Tehran

Jul 2007 – Nov 2007

Associate Architect

Iran Amaayesh Consultants, Yosefabad St Tehran Iran

Summer 2000

CAD Operator and Programmer

Tolou Motion Pictures Co., Tehran Iran

Summer 1996

Assistant, Digital Animator


“The City Square”, Holon New Civic Center, Holon, Israel

October 2010


Charleston Transit Hub, Charleston, SC, USA

August 2010


Narges Residential and Commercial Complex Competition, Mashhad, Iran

November 2007

Sinam Consultant, Third Prize

ULI/Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition, San Diego, CA, USA

January 2010

Columbia University, GSAPP


Softwares: ArcGIS Package, 3dStudio max, AutoDesk Maya 2011, Rhino3D+Grasshopper, Sketch-up 7, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite CS5 [Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effect, Priemer, Acrobat, InDesign], Microsoft office, Catia V5, Proccesing 1.0.6 Languages : Fluent in English and Persian, Sufficient knowledge in Arabic Sasan Norouzi / 00

Charleston Transit Hub Architecture Competition _ Designer August 2010

By thinking of the transit hub as a social and community space, we seek to establish a connection with the historic city of Charleston and its northern communities. Our proposed solution is to think about the transit hub as nodes of mobility. The hub will become a community space, providing light rail, bus, bike parking access and its main feature a community garden that will bring recreational and economic vitality to Charleston, by allowing residents to plant and grow their own vegetables and gardens for sale and leisure activities. our main hub will serves as a intermodal center where the two communities can not only take advantage of the sustainable means of new transport, but as a community center, public park, vegetable gardens and retail aimed at both tourist the local community.

Construction Layers Diagram

Birds Eye View

Green Roof [ Green / Asthetic ] Wooden Frames Wooden Base Concrete Structure Green Roof [ Vegetable Garden ]


Green Morphology Charleston has a unique and historic advantage that has captivated many including tourist each year to come back to the city. The gardens are Mosaics of individual personalities of the city. However many are private and not accessible to public. Our Proposal usues this unique relationship of the city with its outside green spaces and transforms it into a continious link, betqween local pedestrians and tourist. This green space will serve as a catalyst for program, small food agriculture business. a city park and ecology.

West Elevation Sasan Norouzi / 01

Holon City New Civic Center/ “ The City Square� Architecture Competition _ Junior Designer August 2010

Plaza Entrance








Birds eye view

Plaza Diagram

Holon City was founded on the sand-dunes of this region in Israel. Over the years a texture, which was carved into the earth, is a sign of the tracks of animal and human movements along the network of routes that lead between the dunes to the different natural and artificial destinations. These routes are a physical and geographical interpretation of the natural passage-way one takes to allow for ease of movement and freedom in the land. This idea formed a major inspiration for the project, which translates in the figure-ground of the city centre.

Sasan Norouzi / 02

Holon City New Civic Center/ “ The City Square” Architecture Competition _ Junior Designer August 2010 Holon is known as one of the most successful and healthy cities in the country. The recent Municipal Leadership has been striving for constant improvements and growth of the city. As a result, the city has transformed its’ mediocre status of the past into one of grand status for young families, it has been branded “The Children’s City”. Development of the heart of Holon isn’t just a stage in the development of the “City of Children”, it also symbolizes the maturing element into a centre that senses culture, and fashion – a sought after city of glamour and design. The implementation of the New Design museum by International renowned designer Ron Arad was a strategic move by the Municipal Town Planners to develop a new language and a sophisticated branding of the city. However it still lacks the transformation of the urban structure of the city that it needs to evolve into, to define a modern urban lifestyle. Void


Sky Gardens

Tower Program Diagram

Tower Facade Studies

Sasan Norouzi / 03

Ports, Shanghai Architecture Interior _ Junior Architect Jully 2010 Ports, one of the brands of the clothes and accessories, asked Archi-tectonics to design the Shanghai branch store. I was invovled from the design phase which was dynamically done in Autodesk Maya and Rhino, and also drwaing the construction drawings with the intergrating use of Rhino and Autocad. The concept was to use the wooden slabs which was basically the way boat makers do their job. This concept abled us to make curve surfaces while having wodden surfaces.

Sasan Norouzi / 04

Right Frame / Customized House Design Single Family Housing Solution _ Junior Designer May 2010

The RightFrame concept emerged following the hurricane devastation along the Gulf Coast in 2005. It was then that Global Green USA and actor Brad Pitt sponsored a global competition, challenging architects to design net zero energy, affordable housing for the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. RightFrame prioritizes energy efficient, cost-effective design and makes it accessible to new home buyers and builders. The RightFrame team is comprised of architecture, construction, and building science experts, all who are committed to changing the face and the carbon footprint of the suburban landscape. I was involved in design the plans for different family types from scratch. We cinfigureed diferrent plan preferences acoording to more prefered designs.

Customized floor plan choice

Style choice

Kitchen configurations

Sasan Norouzi / 05

Revisiting Kingston/ Down Town Revitalization Columbia University _ Memeber of Design Group April 2010

Birds Eye View

Re- branding Kingston by potentials and using the opportunities to operate at diferent scales defines our strategy of revitalization of downtown. It triggers from proposed Cruise Terminal by the government and the vibrant Coronation Market with swelling floating population. As the first step in revitalization, the potential of 2000 cruise passengers per day, as well as other tourists can be harnessed to trigger local businesses. With the newly constructed Bus Terminal and our proposal to reactivate the Railway Station, we can capitalize on the larger connections to tourist destinations around Kingston and Jamaica from downtown. The local businesses can be encouraged to infill by re-appropriation of the vacant buildings. Vacant lots can form a productive landscape of indigenous medicinal herbs, thereby showcasing Jamaican unique biodiversity. Considering the topography and food vulnerability, a sewage treatment plant can be re-envisioned as a Wetland Park to act as sponge during storm surge and Public Park in good weather. Trigger one is tourism which can act as a catalyst to motivate clusters of local businesses in downtown, which can respond to the coronation market in terms of design. So, along with the cruise terminal, transportation nodes like the abandoned railway station and new bus terminal become relevant as they will facilitate tourist networks within Kingston and beyond. Trigger II comprises of the vacancy and the local nodes like rock tower, theatre and art school.

Sasan Norouzi / 06

Revisiting Kingston/ Down Town Revitalization Columbia University _ Memeber of Design Group April 2010










Cruise se ship tourism Sources

Rebranding Jamaica Re-branding Kingston by the aforementioned potentials and using sing the opportunities o to operate at different scales defines our strategy of revitalization of downtown. wntown A new Development Axis evolves with major anchors like the proposed cruise ship terminal rmina and the vibrant coronation market with swelling floating population at either ends. As the he first fir step in revitalization, the potential of 2000 cruise passengers per day, as well as other tourists can be harnessed to trigger local businesses. With the newly constructed Bus Terminal and our proposal to reactivate the Railway Station located along the axis, we can capitalize on the larger connections from downtown to tourist destinations around Kingston and Jamaica. The local businesses can be encouraged to infill by re-appropriation of the vacant buildings.

Kingston, Jamaica Timeline Birds Eye View

Sasan Norouzi / 07

Parametric Fold Columbia University _ Independet Study Mar 2010

Retrofitting New York City for New Energy The design consists of a multi-behavioral modular unit, which has a unique response to site specific situations. Scripting and parametric modeling tools have been used in order to attain dissimilar outputs based on various locations and conditions. The study model was a surface generated with the same unit size (which is not a minimal surface, and rigid solar panels could be utilized). Parametrically interconnected units (generated in Revit) can have dissimilar materiality in terms of their location and sun exposure. This system can open and collapse by movement of one module, which is created by similar triangles. The final output is the amount of the energy produced by the designed surface in terms of Megajouls per hour.

Sasan Norouzi / 08

Ziaee Residential Apartments Architecture Project _ Architect April 2008 During the time back home, I have been through designing apartment building in Tehran which is a dense city. During the last 15 years Tehran have been through a big wave of construction mostly residential. Usual hights of the residential building are about 5 or 6 floors. In this design I tried to get the best of the space and use it for each fuinction of the house. I have been involved till the near end of the finishing and then I moved to New York city to start my masters at Columbia University.

Sasan Norouzi / 09

Nikan School Gym extension Architecture Project _ Junior Architect July 2008

My experience at Behin Shahr Consultants made me introduced to precise approach to architecture in eastern style and also at the same time considering about modern concern in building construction. I was involved from the sketch design to implementing the project on site. I was also appointed to be the cooperator between the cionstruction contractor and design firm. Persian contemperory architecture is a combination of traditional approaches with modern concerns, specially for construction. Also I worked on residential project which was mostly apartments or mixed use residential towers.

Sasan Norouzi / 10

Narges Residential/ Commercial Complex Architectural Competition _ Associate Architect November 2007

Birdseye View towards West

City of Mashhad, as a religious destination for Iranian eople hosts millions of people every year from all around Iran. 8 Hectares of land was proposed for the competition for further residential and commercial to increase the capacity and the density of the neighborhood. Mashhad is one of the cities of Iran where city pattern is radial, hence hierarchical zones distributed from center out to the edge. Moreover, the project formed an important part of the city in which tourists commute every day and night to reach the heart of the city. Human Eye view from Boulevard towards North

Section from The Boulevard looking North

Sasan Norouzi / 11

Relation Plaza/ Commercial Complex Azad UniversityB Masters Thesis Junior 2007 City = Shopping !

" The end of the twentieth century will be remembered as the point where the city could no longer be understood without shopping.", Harvard Project on the City. Once upon a time shopping was a need rather than a leisure. However, today's cities are the immense dispersal of shopping places from the scale of a small bazaar up to a multi-floor shopping mall. It is perceived from the location of the site that designing a shopping center rather than a department store could be much more effective. Firstly, shopping could absorb flow of people. Therefore it can attracts and even generates other forms of urban activities. On the other hand social interactions of people during other urban activities in parallel with shopping can enrich the essence of shopping. Birdseye view looking South





Grid Diagram Time / Flow Diagram

Sasan Norouzi / 12

Work Sapmples  

work sample 2011

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