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EastSide “If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling” ~Paul Walker

Dedication Page 

 Well who is there for you no matter what? Who takes up for you when you’re wrong? Who still is by your side once you get into a disagreement? Who steps up and plays father role when he is nowhere to be found? Who tells you right from wrong? Who would you always love the most no matter what? Who has always been there for me since day one? Who supports all of my decision? Who has raised me? Who do I have the most respect for? Who will always understand me? Who always forgives me? Who is always helping me? Who is the most loyal person in my life? Who is the most beautiful person in the world? Who is the strongest person in my life? Who makes me laugh? Who made me into the young man I am today? Who makes my day amazing? Who is my best friend? ~ continued

Dedication Page   Who brightens my day? Who is fearless? Who is honest? Who is intelligent? Who is a fun person to chill and hang out with? Who is a wonderful woman? Who is unique in every way? Who is awesome? Who is cool? Who is caring? Who is a Saint? Who is incredible? Who is influential? Who is a good listener? Who is a problem-solver? Who is a real parent when it’s time to be one? Who is my partner in crime? Who is giving? Who is my lifelong teacher? Who is the first person I see every morning I wake up? ~continued

Dedication Page ď‚–

My Mother

I believe 

 I believe that I will graduate from high school go to college and go straight through no one will stop me. The way I will get through high school will be to remind focus and stay on top of all my grades. Soon as I see my grades began to lack and fall get help from the teacher of that class so I can stay on top of the game. Also that teacher will see that I am actually trying and maybe try to look out for me because I came to him/her seeking help. I will not hang will the wrong crowd of people because hanging with the wrong group of people will have an impact on you. I believe I can do whatever I put my mind to because I have my own mind set. At the end of the day you have to look out for yourself so that’s what I am doing now I can say I did it. High school prepares me for college and college prepares me for life. With that being said I believe I can make it to the level of college. ~ continued

I believe 

Once I make it to college I believe I can maintain to stay in tuned so I can start to set up for life. Your mother and father won’t be there for you forever, I believe that I have to go out and get it on my own. Many people may have different ideas on how to get it on their own I chose to get it on my own the right way. When I go to college I hear a lot about people going out and partying a lot. I believe half of the time the ones that goes and parties every night is the ones failing and dropping out. I believe if I can maintain and mange my time I will be able to make through college well. If I see that I won’t be able to hang out and party while I’m in college ill just sacrifice so I can be someone in life. In college I will meet many of different people to make sure that I don’t get together with the wrong people I will ask myself is anything they doing wrong?

~ continued

I Believe   If so I will know that’s not the right group of people I should be with because it’s not going get me anywhere but in jail or dead. I believe I can finish high school and go to college and finish with no problems. Also I believe I have the right mind set and I have my head right so I will be able to accomplish my goals

Table of Contents   Novella 1: “The child is father of the man” –This IS WHO I AM  Chapter 1: Family/Friends/Teachers Tree  Chapter 2: Who I AM  Chapter 3: HOW Do You Measure a Life  Chapter 4: My Most Treasured Item  Chapter 5: I’ve Learned That  Chapter 6: An Important Place  Chapter 7: What is your definition of success ~ continued

Table of Contents   Chapter 8: Tattoos on This School  Chapter 9: An important object  Chapter 10: Questions and Answers  Chapter 11: Poem What Graduation Means To Me  Chapter 12: I Wish I Could Go Back

 Novella 2: Senioritis  Chapter 13: I would like to thank  Chapter 14: I learned from you  Chapter 15: Thank you ~continued

Table of Contents   Chapter 16: Either I apologize for  Chapter 17: Top Ten Moments from your years at Karr

 Novella 3: It’s So Hard to Say Good-bye  Chapter 18: Letter from you to your future self  Chapter 19: A letter from a parent  Chapter 20: Comment Page  Chapter 21: My Last Goodbye

 Novella 4: Edna Karr  Chapter 22: Goodbye

Novella 1: 

 “The child is father of the man”--THIS IS WHO I AM

Chapter 1: Tree of Life   Kendra: My mother Kendra have influenced me to stay in school. She showed me I don’t need anyone, I can do everything on my own. Some words she told me “Never let someone tell you what you can’t be”.  Joseph: My father Joseph have influenced me to be a better man than he was. He influenced me to never give up on your child because I know how it feels. Last, he showed me how you should treat a lady. ~continued

Chapter 1:   John: My brother John have influenced my life and showed me how to be their for someone when they’re down. He showed me no matter what he will always be there for me. Lastly, he has influenced my life because without him I wouldn’t know how to drive and as much as I do about cars.  Jonquil: My sister Jonquil have influenced me to be the best that I can be. She have influenced me by being there for me when my mother was sick as if she was my mother. She showed me I shouldn’t look down on others. ~continued

Chapter 1:   Shawn: My nanny Shawn have influenced my life also by being there foe me when my mother was sick. Also by opening her house up to me as if it was my own. If I ever need anything she’s right there to get it for me if I couldn’t.  Rodney: My paran Rodney have influenced my life by being there for me when my father wasn’t. The influenced my life by helping out with things I would need. Lastly, putting time in with me. ~continued

Chapter 1: ď‚– ď‚™ Kevin: My step father Mr. Kevin influenced my life by being here for me and my mother. He influenced my life by helping my mother and looking after her in her time of need. Last, he influenced my life my having father to son talks with me.

Chapter 2: Who I Am   My mother has a major influence on how I act. Every time I began to get off on the wrong foot she would sit me down and talk to me. If I didn’t have her I don’t know where I would be. When I lose my mother I hope I am able to maintain without going out and doing something stupid. My mother has influenced the way I think because I know she don’t except nothing but the best from me. So I tend to give my all so I can make her proud.

Chapter 3: Measure Life ď‚– God



Chapter 3: ď‚– Brother



Chapter 3: ď‚– Dogs



Chapter 3: ď‚– Job



Chapter 3: ď‚– Phone


Chapter 4: Most Treasured   Why is my car my most treasured item? One reason why my car is my most treasured item is because my car is my all. Without my car I wouldn’t be able to get around anymore. My car is my way to and from school. Without my car I wouldn’t be able to go to school nor to work! I wouldn’t be able to ask my mother because she has to work every morning for six o’ clock. I need to be at school everyday mainly for two reasons. One because I am a senior and I need to gradate. Two because I want to be something in life. I need my car for work because without my car I wouldn’t have a job. ~continued

Chapter 4:   Which means I won’t have any money. So, Yes! My car is my most treasured item as one can see my car is an important piece of my life. Without my car life wouldn’t be the same! The way I look at things if I didn’t have a car I wouldn’t have a lot of the things I have today. My car (Smokey) is my most treasured item.


Chapter 5: I’ve Learned That  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (8)

ii. You control yourself no one else does (9) iii. The truth will set you free (10) iv. Everything is not as it seems (11) v. You have to follow before you can lead (12) vi. At the end of the day you’re all you have (13) vii. A lot more to life than I thought (14) viii.Life is what you make it (15) ix. You are judge by the group of people you hang with (16) x. Education is the most important (17)

Chapter 6: An important place   School is and important place that influenced me because this is where everything starts. High school is one of the most important parts of my life. After high school my next step is college. I rather go to college having knowledge from high school then going without any. School is a huge part of success by going to school one may find a higher paying job. Than other that doesn’t having some type of education behind there name.

Chapter 7: Definition of success  My definition of success is setting a goal and being able to accomplish your goal. Being able to finish or complete something is success. For example one of my goals are graduate on time in 2014. When I graduate that’s going to be a part of success because a goal I set for myself was to graduate on time. The real definition of success is “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose”.

Chapter 8: Tattoos on ThisSkin  If I were to get a tattoo of some type of symbol of Edna Karr on my body it will be a cougar. Why? I will choose to put a cougar on my body because I wouldn’t really want to put the words “Edna Karr” on my body. A cougar is a nice picture and will stand out. {Second to None}

Chapter 9: Important object   What’s a important object? My phone! But why is my phone important ? Well my phone is the way I get in contact with my family. When I’m leaving work ill call my mother to let her know I'm on my way in. In case of a emergency I’ll be able to call the police.

Joshua romant senior project  
Joshua romant senior project  

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