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Go Girl! Celeb kids with swagg! Taraji P. Henson- HOUSEHOLD NAME! Henson on Think Like a Man, Love, and Defending Chris Brown




Humble beginnings yet driven Did she get dropped from the label? What’s her next move?


Princess of Crunk

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Hey guyses! Hope you enjoy this issue. It’s time these women get notarized not only by an award but a magazine completely dedicated to them to show our genuine and true appreciation! They are fierce, bold, outgoing and of course, a Go Girl! They say real women salute bad chicks when you see one. *Salutes* You deserve it! ENJOY!

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Trend Setters Before Their Time Celebrity Kids already setting the bar for must-have ‘fits! Who needs Becks, Stefani/Rossdale and Smiths when you have Cruz, Kingston, and Jaden? They may be kids of celebrities, but their style is far from juvenile. In fact, these pint-size clothes hounds can show you how to pull off the season’s coolest trends with ease.

His parents are style icons, so it's no surprise Cruz would inherit a sharp eye. His nautical striped T-shirt, layered over a white oxford, hits the sweet spot between function and fashion.

Only the child of rockers could pair his bleached faux-hawk and Harley-Davidson boots with an easy-sip juice container. What really makes Kingston stand out among the stroller set, though, is his of-the-moment buffalo-plaid jacket.

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Jaden's well-tailored suit, white shirt, and skinny tie prove there's nothing as timeless as a man, or boy, in black.


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Princess of Crunk!

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Ciara Princess Harris (born October 25, 1985), known mononymously as

Ciara, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress and fashion model. Born in Austin, Texas, she traveled around the world during her childhood, only to land in Atlanta, Georgia where she met music producer Jazze Pha. With his help, she signed a record deal with LaFace Records. In 2004, Ciara released her debut studio album Goodies, which debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 and included the hit singles “Goodies”, “1, 2 Step” and “Oh”. The album was certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), and earned her four nominations at the 48th Grammy Awards. She released her second studio album, Ciara: The Evolution in 2006, which spawned the hit singles “Get Up”, “Promise” and “Like a Boy”. The album reached number one in the US and was certified platinum. Her third studio album Fantasy Ride, released in May 2009, was considerably less successful than Ciara’s first two albums. However, it produced the worldwide top-ten hit “Love Sex Magic” featuring Justin Timberlake, which earned her a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. The following year, Ciara released her fourth studio album, Basic Instinct, which was met with low sales and continued a downward trend in her commercial success. In 2011, she signed a new record deal with Epic Records. Since making her musical debut in 2004, Ciara has attained eight Billboard Hot 100 top-ten singles, including a number one. She has also earned numerous awards and accolades, including three BET Awards, one Grammy Award, three MTV Video Music Awards and three MOBO Awards. Ciara has sold over seven million albums worldwide, and more than 4.3 million albums and 6.9 million digital singles in the United States alone!

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Basic Instinct debuted at number forty-four on the US Billboard

200 chart, with first-week sales of 37,000 copies. Consequently, it marks the first time in Ciara’s career that one of her album’s has missed the top three, as well as continuing a downward trend in success. On the U.S. R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, the album opened at number eleven, again becoming Ciara’s lowest charting album of her career thus far. “Ride”, which features Ludacris, was released as the album’s lead single on April 26, 2010. It peaked at number forty-two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, number three on the U.S. Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, and number seventy-five on the UK Singles Chart. It became Ciara’s twelfth top-ten R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay and R&B/Hip-Hop Songs hit. The song won the award for “Best Dance Performance” at the 2010 Soul Train Music Awards. “Speechless” and “Gimmie Dat” were released as the second and third singles from the album in the fall of 2010. Both only managed to peak within the lower half of US R&B charts, while the latter achieved minor urban chart success in the UK. In November 2010 Ciara travelled to Australia to be part of the Summerbeatz tour alongside Flo Rida, Jay Sean, Akon, Travie McCoy and Ja Rule. In March 2010 it was officially confirmed and announced that Ciara was the spokesperson in the new ad campaign for Adidas Originals. A commercial for the campaign was released the same month, featuring numerous of other celebrities. In 2011 Ciara starred in her first film Mama, I Want to Sing!. Tarralyn Ramsey and Paris Bennett auditioned for the role of Amara before CodeBlack Entertainment offered the role to Ciara. Vy Higginsen, the original playwright for the off-Broadway production of “Mama, I Want to Sing!”, assisted Charles RandolphWright with the script. Shalyric Self was set to portray the younger version of Amara, but due to contract issues, she was replaced by Mariah Roberson. Ciara performed in Dubai on December 28. In 2011, Ciara confirmed a relationship with basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire.

unk & B

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In February 2011, following rumors that Ciara had been dropped by Jive Records, she released an official statement to her Facebook page complaining of inadequate promotion and funding from the label. She stated that she received a lack of support from the label, and even paid for the promotion of some singles, such as “Gimmie Dat�, herself. The frustration she felt while working with her third and fourth albums led her to request that she be released from her contract. In May 2011, Ciara was removed from the Jive Records website roster.On July 12, 2011, it was reported that she had reunited with the L.A. Reid by signing with his record label Epic

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confirmed her move to Epic in September 2011. During an interview with Sway in the Morning in February 2012, Ciara revealed that she will be taking her time recording her fifth studio album, stating: “It’s just really about the vibe, and I’ll just tell you that it’s a good vibe going. It’s really important for me to take my time with this record and it’s important for the whole team. It’s really, really good energy.” Well there it is! Keep your eye out for Cici, she ain’t done with the music industry yet. I see you, girl. You know what I’m about to say... GO GIRL! Local No-Kill Shelters To Get Your Furry Friend: Wayside Waifs 3901 Martha Truman Road Kansas City, MO 64137 816.761.8151 The Heart of America Humane Society P.O. Box 12703 • Overland Park, KS 66282 Voice Mail:1-800-3843143 Harleys Angels Pet Rescue (Louisburg) p.o. box 243 Louisburg, KS 66053 Phone: 913-710-302 And a whole lot more if you Google Local No-

What’s Getting In The Way? ADOPT

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i aj

Ta r



en n so

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Taraji P. Henson, who stars in the CBS drama Person of Interest and is best known for her roles in Hustle & Flow and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is flexing her rom-com muscles in this week’s Think Like a Man, the adaptation of Steve Harvey’s self-help best seller. We spoke with Henson about the role (she plays a driven executive who finds herself smitten with a dude below her pay grade), romance in general, and defending Chris Brown. First of all, should women really think like men? I don’t know if it’s a matter of thinking like anybody, just going on your instincts [when you’re dating]. Either the chemistry is there or it’s not. That’s basically what it boils down to. I don’t care if you’re a man, if you’re a player: If God sends you that one and your heart is in it, you’ll work it out. You’re a romantic. Yes! That’s why I’ve had my heart broken a thousand times. But that’s okay; at least I know I can love. And I haven’t become bitter. I think that’s the key — not becoming bitter. This movie is very ensemble-y, though you play mostly opposite Michael Ealy, your love interest. How did you build your chemistry? I just like when I work with people that are professional and good. Because when you’re playing those heavy romantic roles like that,

it’s hard — I understand how people fall in love on sets, you know what I mean? But I don’t mix business with pleasure; I just like when it’s a professional setting and you can be free and trust the person that you’re with. The script takes a few shots at Tyler Perry, whom you’ve worked with before. How will he take that? I hope he takes it as a joke, because you can’t deny his greatness. Have your opinion — the man has his own studio. He was the first person who called after I got after the Oscar nomination [for Benjamin Button]. The first person that called and said, “I have a movie [I Can Do Bad All By Myself] to offer you that you star in. Not a supporting role, but a starmaking vehicle.” That’s the first call I got, so I have mad love for him. I didn’t realize that Chris Brown had a cameo in the movie. What did you think when you heard he was cast, especially as a guy who is a player? I mean, I was happy for him because I know he really wants to act. You know, he’s trying to get into acting. I don’t dislike Chris Brown. I feel like we all have our skeletons. It’s unfortunate when you’re in the limelight the world gets to know about your dirty laundry, but as humans, we all have it, so for me to stand back and judge him and say that what he did was — is what he did wrong? Absolutely. I’m not condoning it. But what I’m saying is we have to allow

ehold Name!

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each other to be human and we have to allow humans to make mistakes and to be big enough to forgive them. I guarantee you if you could give him those five minutes back, he would change it. If he could rewrite history, he would. But unfortunately, he’s human just like the rest of us. And there are things that I wish I could erase. But unfortunately you can’t. You just gotta live and you gotta learn. Do I feel like he’s learned his lesson? Absolutely.

You also presented him with his Grammy. Have you gotten any sort of criticism for supporting him? No. I support humans. If somebody told me something — if I heard something [bad] through the grapevine about you before doing this interview — it wouldn’t make me not want to do the interview.

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Ri Pals ‘Round With Paparzzi!

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That seemed to be Rihanna’s motto over the weekend while vacationing in Hawaii, where she found herself (surprise,surprise) trailed by a gaggle of paparazzi on the beach.Determined to get their shots, the pesky paps followed the “Disturbia” songstress — who was donning a cowboy hat and itsy bitsy bikini — into the Pacific, where Rihanna approached one of the photographers and grabbed his camera. After a friend snapped a pic of the in-water incident, Rihanna tweeted it out to her more than 18 million Twitter followers with the note, “Me high jackin the PaPz.” The “highjacking” was apparently all in good fun, as Rihanna continued to goof around with the guys, at one point getting a bunch of the photogs in the water with her for a picture, which she also posted to her Twitter account, along with the comment: “What is life when u make the Papz get in the water and take shotz.” And after taking a peek at the pic, it looks like the “shotz” she’s referring to aren’t the camera kind, but rather, the adult beverage

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kind. In the photo, Rihanna, some friends, a few photographers, and others are holding drinks while hanging on to surfboards in the sea. Maybe it was the sun coupled with the alcohol, but by the end, the pop princess and the paps were actually pals, with Rihanna tweeting out a final pic of a photographer named Corey (she’s on a first-name basis with the guy now!) and writing the next day that she got another one’s business card: “Pap handed me his business card today, with my picture on it <<<<<<< poor dat.” Rihanna’s no stranger to keeping fans up-to-date on her goings-via Twitter, and in recent months has tweeted out everything from a topless picture of herself (with her hands strategically placed over her chest) to a photo from the Coachella music fest of her sitting on a man’s shoulders touching a powdery white substance on his head. (She later fired back at reports it was cocaine.) As for the paparazzi, getting to have a drink in the ocean with a bikini-clad superstar in Hawaii, well that just might be a first. Nice

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