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Engineering Success 4 The Constance D. Hunter Scholarship motivates Elizabeth Worsham to be her best


Boeing photo

Accelerating Learning 6 

Contributions to the Fund for Embry-Riddle help students excel

Paying it Forward 8 for the Fallen

Adan Magana III (‘15, PC) creates a scholarship for veterans to honor his friend

An Engineer’s 10 Grand Design James D. Raisbeck and Raisbeck Engineering endow a faculty chair at Embry-Riddle’s Prescott Campus


Plan Accomplished 14 

Faculty Emeritus Albert “Al” Helfrick fulfills his life plan while supporting his passions: engineering and music



All in a Name 16 

Aircraft naming program revives nose art tradition to fund flight department needs







To Protect and Serve 18  With help from the David and Andrea Robertson Endowed Scholarship, Jeremy Heath Allen plans to develop exoskeleton technology




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Corporations and Foundations Daytona Beach Alumni Prescott Alumni Worldwide Alumni F riends, Board Members, Students, Faculty and Staff


ON THE COVER James D. Raisbeck, CEO and board chairman of Raisbeck Engineering and its subsidiary, Raisbeck Commercial Air Group, is pictured at his firm’s offices in Seattle, Wash. Photo by Mark Malijan.



harles Eames, famed architect and designer, once said: “Recognizing the need is the prime condition for design.” James D. Raisbeck, featured on our cover, illustrates this principle perfectly with his historic gift to establish the first-ever endowed chair in Design/Build/Test Engineering at our Prescott Campus. An accomplished engineer himself, Raisbeck has spent the latter part of his career recognizing the need to “design and build” inspirational opportunities for future engineers. In that same spirit, Embry-Riddle has been hard at work as well, designing and building an unmatched educational experience for our students for 90 years. And as those decades affirm, we’ve stood the “test” of time. Our success is proven, both by the generations of productive and successful alumni who have used their degrees to shape our industry, and by donors, like you, who have shared in our grand design to build the world’s premier aviation and aerospace university. The blueprints for our current and future success are written on the pages of this Annual Report on Philanthropy. Your inspiring stories of generosity and commitment ensure that Embry-Riddle will continue to be the place where students come to make a difference in the world of aviation and beyond. On behalf of the entire university family, I want to thank you for your vision, your commitment and your investment in Embry-Riddle and its students. Together, with your support, we will continue to design and build a university that inspires our future generations to lead through innovation. Sincerely,

John R. Watret, Ph.D., FRAeS Interim President




n April 25, 2015, Embry-Riddle commemorated the 50th anniversary of its historic move from the Miami Campus to Daytona Beach, Fla. Accomplished with the help of labor and contributions from Daytona Beach service organizations, businesses and members of the community, the move, known as “Operation Bootstrap,” was the catalyst for Embry-Riddle’s future growth. Today, Embry-Riddle is a global university whose footprint, students, and alumni reach around the world. As we celebrate our accomplishments, it’s necessary to recognize the role philanthropy has played in helping this university become a world-class leader in aviation and aerospace education. The spirit of giving that started with “Operation Bootstrap” set in motion a valuable tradition that has grown exponentially over the years to help sustain Embry-Riddle as it added facilities and expanded westward to Prescott, Ariz., and worldwide. Over the last fiscal year, Embry-Riddle supporters donated more than $7.3 million to assist students and faculty, and build programs and facilities. James Raisbeck led the way with more than $1 million to establish an endowed chair and support the new STEM Education Center at the Prescott Campus, ensuring that Embry-Riddle engineering students will receive first-rate, hands-on learning experiences (see page 10). Other donors created scholarships to help our students soar, like Adan A. Magana III (’15, PC), who founded the Craig Nelson Pay it Forward Scholarship for veterans, named in memory of a fallen fellow soldier (see page 8); and longtime contributors Albert “Al” and Toni Helfrick, who established an endowed scholarship for electrical engineering students and for those who perform in the Embry-Riddle Pep Band (see page 14). Whether you are one of our nearly 120,000 alumni or a friend of the university, it’s never too late to get involved and make a difference. In 2016, Embry-Riddle marks the 90th year since it began as an aircraft sales and flight training facility at Lunken Field in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you haven’t visited our campuses lately, come see some of the incredible work our students and faculty are doing and join in our 90th anniversary activities. The possibilities for Embry-Riddle’s future are limitless. Imagine what we can do together. Thank you for your generosity and support. Sincerely,

Christopher J. Lambert, J.D. Senior Executive Director of Development



2015 FISCAL YEAR Embry-Riddle raised $7,364,251 in fiscal year 2015 to support students, faculty, programs and facilities. With more than $4.7 million given to scholarships and fellowships, the rising cost of a university education was plainly on the hearts and minds of donors. These donations help Embry-Riddle attract and retain the most talented students and help ensure a diverse campus community. Donors also recognized the importance of Embry-Riddle’s faculty. Giving to faculty programs, which support a highly skilled professorship, advanced research and innovation, increased by 76 percent in 2015, compared to the previous fiscal year. Other areas of growth included the general and unrestricted giving category (12 percent increase) and programs and outreach (up 13 percent). There were strong showings from corporations and foundations, which together contributed nearly $3.5 million, and from friends of the university, who gave more than $3.2 million. And, it was a banner year for faculty and staff, who rallied to contribute $166,000, up 8 percent from last year. The university’s endowment closed the year at approximately $111 million.
























$ 7, 3 6 4, 2 5 1








$79M $60M $40M $0


6 2011






*Total value of the university’s long-term investment portfolio, which includes endowed funds and other long-term investments. Factors such as investment return, additions to the fund, reductions due to scholarship payments and other withdrawals determine the market value.









ENGINEERING By Melanie Stawicki Azam

E IMPACT / While most Embry-Riddle students receive some type of financial assistance, donorfunded scholarships often require a special application and are reserved for the most promising scholars.


• 564 students received a donor-funded scholarship

lizabeth Worsham clearly remembers when she first knew she wanted to be an engineer. An elementary school student in Cincinnati, Ohio, she watched a FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) team demonstrate how to program a robot to perform specific tasks. FLL introduces youth (ages 9-14) to science, technology and innovation through team competitions. “I remember looking at that and thinking, ‘That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen—to take something that’s just written on paper and turn it into real action,’” Worsham says. Now a senior majoring in mechanical engineering at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus, Worsham’s passion for engineering has taken her to internships at the Rolls-Royce Corporation, NASA and The Boeing Company. She eventually wants to earn a doctorate, focusing her research on clean energy sources that could reduce aircraft fuel consumption. “I want to do something where I can really make a difference and create new technologies,” she says. Worsham is the recipient of the Constance D. Hunter Scholarship for Women, established in 2006 to benefit female students with financial need who attend the Daytona Beach Campus. Expected to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in spring 2017, she says the scholarship not only helps her financially—it also motivates her to be and do her best. “It makes me feel good to know that the kinds of things I’m doing are valued, and the scholarship encourages me to continue to do what I am doing,” she says. It’s also important to Worsham to support other young aspiring engineers. She is actively involved in the Society of Women Engineers and has volunteered for years with the organization that first ignited her engineering interest: FIRST®. “If I hadn’t been introduced to all of the things I could do in engineering, I’d have never decided on engineering as a career,” she says. “I couldn’t have gotten where I am today, without other people, so it’s my duty to help others.”


Boeing photo


Elizabeth Worsham participated in an internship this past summer at The Boeing Company’s Everett, Wash. facility.





IMPACT / Embry-Riddle’s campus Funds for Excellence benefit students directly by supporting clubs and organizations, conference attendance, special projects, facility improvements and technology.

• 681 individuals donated to the campus Funds for Excellence

WATCH / A test drive of the ERAU Motorsports 2015 Formula SAE racecar: https://youtu.be/ C5lD1lZ5HL0


ll things great and small are what donors support when they contribute undesignated dollars to the Fund for Embry-Riddle. These contributions pool together to create campus-specific Funds for Excellence, which finance a variety of needs that share a common purpose: helping students excel. “Contributions can be as small as $1, but added together these dollars make a difference for the individual student experience,” says Jen Lesshafft, Embry-Riddle’s associate director of donor relations. Lauren Barthenheier, a Prescott Campus student studying aerospace engineering, can attest to that. The Prescott Campus Fund for Excellence paid her way to the 2014 Society of Women Engineers conference, which ultimately resulted in a summer internship with GE Aviation. “It was a huge opportunity for me,” she says. “I was a freshman at the time, and there I was mingling with industry representatives and networking. If I hadn’t attended the conference, I never would have gotten the internship.” The ERAU Motorsports club at the Daytona Beach Campus was also a beneficiary of Fund for Excellence dollars. The club, which transitioned from the Formula Hybrid to the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) competition last year, used the money to help build a new racecar. “We started from zero in August [2014],” says assistant professor of mechanical engineering and team adviser Rafael Rodriguez. “You don’t get this type of experience in the classroom,” says Mary Huval (’15, DB), former electrical systems lead for the Formula SAE car and current graduate student and adviser for the Embry-Riddle Baja SAE team. “You get to go through the whole process, from planning to design, to manufacturing and testing. Now I feel more prepared for when I get out in the real world.” The Embry-Riddle Crew Club at Daytona Beach also benefitted from a Fund for Excellence grant. One of its racing shells was in dire need of repair, and the team needed additional dollars to allow more students to compete in the Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships. “It was a great experience, and it couldn’t have happened without the financial support of the Embry-Riddle Fund for Excellence,” says Robert Nguyen, president of the ERAU Crew Team. Adds Lesshafft, “People give small gifts and they don’t think it matters, but it does. You don’t have to give thousands of dollars to make a difference.”


Kevin Cwiok (’14, DB)


Paige Sanchez (‘15, DB) and Ethan Koster (‘14, DB) work on the Formula SAE racecar. Both are now pursuing graduate degrees.



By Melanie Stawicki Azam

weeks earlier. “There are some debts a person can’t pay back, so he has to pay it forward,” says Magana, who created the Craig Nelson Pay it Forward Scholarship in memory of his fallen comrade. “I live with the fact that we came home and he didn’t, and there is nothing you can really do to fix that.” The Craig Nelson Pay it Forward Scholarship will be awarded annually to a veteran student who is a senior enrolled at EmbryRiddle’s Prescott Campus. Magana, 33, now married and an aviation systems engineer at Garmin AT in Salem, Ore., grew up with Nelson in Bossier City, La. Nelson was four years younger, but they went to the same high school and were members of the same Boy Scout Council. Their connection grew when they both joined the Louisiana Army National Guard and were deployed to Iraq in 2004. “We weren’t that close until we went to war together,” Magana says. Nelson, 21, died in December 2004, from injuries sustained when an explosive detonated near his military vehicle in Baghdad. “No matter how tired, exhausted, hurt and sad he was, it was his job to make everyone else smile,” says Magana of Nelson. “He would turn up crazy music and dance or tell funny jokes. No matter what the situation was, he brought joy to the entire platoon.” On the day of the explosion, Nelson was assigned to what had been Magana’s post at their Humvee’s machine gun, so Magana could work with a surveillance unit monitoring Baghdad’s streets. Shortly thereafter, the blast went off. “It feels like yesterday, and it feels like an entire lifetime ago,” Magana says of his time in Iraq. In 2010, Magana enrolled at Embry-Riddle’s Prescott Campus, where he earned a degree in electrical engineering. Embry-Riddle helped ease his transition from combat veteran to civilian, he says, and the experience motivated him to help other soldiers. “I guess this scholarship was my way of encouraging other vets to look forward and find ways to make the world a better place,” he says. It also serves as a tribute to Nelson and his ultimate sacrifice as a soldier. “It is an attempt to hold on and an attempt to let go,” says Magana. “It is my way of making peace. I can’t pay him back—but I can move forward and help the next guy move forward.” Sgt. Craig Nelson


Douglas Collier Photography


dan A. Magana III (’15, PC) doesn’t know why the roadside bomb in Iraq killed his friend, Louisiana Army National Guard Sgt. Craig Nelson, and not him. After all, he was exactly where Nelson had been, just






s an engineering student in the 1950s, James D. Raisbeck recalls spending more time sitting in a classroom than working on projects in the lab. “It was, ‘Sit and use your slide rule,’” says the CEO and board chairman of Raisbeck Engineering in Seattle, Wash. “My first real project-based learning experience was as an employee at Boeing.” Raisbeck wants today’s engineering students to benefit from hands-on learning experiences much sooner than he did.


Mic Waugh/ Level Image





To that end, this past year he established the Raisbeck Engineering Design/Build/Test Endowed Chair at Embry-Riddle with a $1 million gift from the Raisbeck Foundation. Housed in the Prescott Campus’ College of Engineering, the Raisbeck Chair is the first of its kind for the college and will provide funding for a faculty member who excels in teaching design/build/test methodologies to teams of students working together on projects. The chair is the realization of Raisbeck’s grand design to provide inspirational educational opportunities to budding engineers at all stages of their development. In 2013, Raisbeck and his wife Sherry helped establish Raisbeck Aviation High School, an aviation-themed college preparatory school in Seattle, Wash. They have also consistently supported summer engineering camps at several universities, including Embry-Riddle. The Raisbeck Chair provides an opportunity to carry forward the concepts of design/build/test in aircraft design to generations of soon-to-be engineers. “This synergy of effort will ensure EmbryRiddle aerospace engineers are the best prepared to create the innovative designs of the future,” says Prescott Campus Chancellor Frank Ayers.

Hooked on Airplanes

Growing up in Wisconsin, Raisbeck was fascinated with engineering as a child, building soap box derby cars with washing machine engines. As a flight engineer in the U.S. Air Force, his enthusiasm for design shifted toward aviation. “I was hooked, totally hooked on airplanes,” he says. After earning a degree in aeronautical and aerospace engineering, Raisbeck worked for The Boeing Airplane Company as a research aerodynamicist and later became president and chief engineer of Robertson Aircraft. He founded Raisbeck Engineering in 1973, along with its subsidiary Raisbeck Commercial Air Group.


Above, James Raisbeck displays the Raisbeck Crown Wing Locker. The locker is shipped out green. After installation, it is painted to match its host airplane. Previous page, Raisbeck Engineering designed the swept blade turbofan propeller, shown here, to improve performance for King Air aircraft.

Raisbeck says his support for EmbryRiddle centers on the project-based, multidisciplinary education that its engineering students receive and Ayers’ strong leadership of the Prescott Campus. “Embry-Riddle Prescott’s undergraduate program stands measurably above others of its type in the way that it integrates various schools and their goals,” he says. The Raisbeck Foundation also contributed $75,000 toward the construction of a new STEM Education Center at the Prescott

Mark Malijan


Campus, and the center’s Engineering Design Studio will be named in his honor. The state-ofthe-art space will allow for hands-on, team-based capstone engineering and multidisciplinary design experiences for students. The facility is expected to open in 2016. Raisbeck is also facilitating the donation of a Raisbeck-Engineering-designed swept blade turbofan propeller from Hartzell Propeller, which will hang on display in the STEM Education Center.

“EMBRY-RIDDLE PRESCOTT’S UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM STANDS MEASURABLY ABOVE OTHERS OF ITS TYPE IN THE WAY THAT IT INTEGRATES VARIOUS SCHOOLS AND THEIR GOALS.” For Ayers, the sum of these gifts goes well beyond their calculable value. “James Raisbeck has spent more than 50 years solving some of the biggest challenges in aviation,” Ayers says. “With these gifts, he has made sure that future generations of engineers will be able to apply the same design/build/test concepts to transform the industry in ways we have yet to imagine. We are fortunate to have such a visionary friend.”



By Sara Withrow


mbry-Riddle Faculty Emeritus Albert “Al” Helfrick enjoys improvising with his tuba when playing Dixieland jazz or with the Embry-Riddle Pep Band, but his life journey sounds more like a steady melody. As a young man, Helfrick established a life plan for himself, and his plan has uncannily played out like notes on sheet music. “I’m one of the few people I know who had a life plan, and it worked,” he says. Helfrick wanted to be an engineer, and he became one, dedicating more than 20 years to the manufacturing industry and eventually opening his own consulting firm. He was passionate about music from a young age and decided then that it would always be a part of his life. It has been. Helfrick also wanted to teach, and he did. He started instructing, writing textbooks and presenting papers as a college student in the 1960s. He continued to publish and teach at night, while earning graduate degrees and working full time as an industry engineer. In 1992, while in Florida for a conference, Helfrick visited Embry-Riddle’s campus to “check it out.” He left with a full-time teaching job. Embry-Riddle was already using his textbook: Modern Aviation Electronics. Only then did Helfrick face a glitch in his plan. “I had always told myself that I would someday teach at a university and upon joining the faculty, I would ask to play in the band,” he says. In 1992, Embry-Riddle had no band, so Helfrick started one. Problem solved. He recruited student musicians, purchased instruments and set up a practice room next to his office. One year later, the Embry-Riddle Pep Band played their first gig at the men’s basketball opening game. “We had six or seven members at the time. It’s grown to 30-plus now,” Helfrick says. Since then, Helfrick has served as the band’s adviser, its lead tuba player and its biggest supporter. Establishing the pep band was just the beginning. Helfrick, and then College of Engineering Dean Reda Mankbadi, created Embry-Riddle’s electrical and mechanical engineering departments, and helped start a tradition of hands-on learning for the College of Engineering, supporting projects like the Formula SAE motorsports. He took his support a step further in 1999, when he and his wife, Toni, established an endowed scholarship for electrical engineering students. This year he amended the criteria for the scholarship to include eligible members of the pep band, as well. “My wife is very charitable,” Helfrick says. “But I’m an investor. I tell my students who get the scholarship, ‘This is not a gift, it’s an investment. I want you to work real hard and make something of yourself, and in the future, you need to give back, too.’” Helfrick, who rose to the position of chair of the electrical engineering department before retiring in May 2015, says he’s pleased with his return on investment. “What’s most important to me is seeing the fruits of the scholarship, what my students have done,” he says. Al and Toni Helfrick


David Massey


PLAN ACCOMPLISHED Al Helfrick warms up with members of the Embry-Riddle Pep Band prior to a volleyball game. Now retired, he still performs with the pep band and teaches professional education avionics courses for engineers.



By Alan Marcos Pinto Cesar

IMPACT / The Name a Plane program supports the flight departments at both the Daytona Beach and Prescott campuses, as well as their flight teams and student participation in the annual women’s Air Race Classic.

• 1,455 total flight program students were enrolled at the Prescott and Daytona campuses (355 and 1,100, respectively) for 2014-15.

• Campus Flight Team finishes at the 2015 National Intercollegiate Flying Association Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference: > Prescott—3rd Place Overall > Daytona Beach—5th Place Overall

• Campus Team finishes at the 2015 women’s Air Race Classic: > Prescott—3rd Place, Collegiate Division; 4th Place Overall > D  aytona Beach—4th Place, Collegiate Division; 6th Place Overall



or Bryan Stevens (’04, DB), the sticker shock he received on his first day at Embry-Riddle still lingers. “I remember the stress,” he says. “After achieving the dream of being accepted, paying for the flight program was a huge barrier. That’s why I’m so passionate about giving back. I want to reduce the financial stress on new pilots.” Now a co-pilot for Allegiant Air, three years ago, Stevens started thinking about how he could help Embry-Riddle and its flight students, and how he could rally other alumni to do the same. Recalling the World War II tradition of painting nose art on airplanes, he worked with administrators to establish the Name a Plane program, which launched last year. With a pledge of $2,500 or $5,000, donors can emblazon the name of their choosing on the nose of a Cessna 172 or Diamond Twinstar aircraft in Embry-Riddle’s training fleet. Contributions support a number of flight programs at the Daytona Beach and Prescott campuses. The first to name an Embry-Riddle aircraft, Stevens designated his $5,000 gift to the College of Aviation Dean’s Scholarship. “There weren’t that many scholarships when I was a student,” he says. “My mom, dad and grandparents all chipped in to help me become a pilot.” The Name A Plane program soon caught on at the Prescott Campus, too. Frank Mayne, a retired pilot from Delta Air Lines, recently named a plane in the Prescott training fleet for longtime mechanic and Golden Eagles flight team Coach Farrell Harris. Mayne became acquainted with the Golden Eagles through his decade-long involvement with the National Intercollegiate Flying Association’s (NIFA) annual competition. “Prescott became the apple of my eye,” he says. “I had to keep at arm’s length from the flight team, because I was on the NIFA council at the time, but I would get together with the team pretty regularly. They sort of adopted me after a while.” After leaving the council, Mayne started supporting the Golden Eagles Aircraft Enhancement Fund, which is bringing the team’s two competition aircraft into the 21st century with new navigation and communication equipment. In honor of his most recent gift of $25,000, Mayne was offered the opportunity to name a plane. He paid it forward: “I decided that the team should name the plane,” he says. “They suggested Farrell Harris, and I was happy with that. Whoever they wanted, that’s what I wanted.”

Daryl LaBello



Blake Allen




By Alan Marcos Pinto Cesar


eremy Heath Allen wants to build a bionic suit. He’s also an ex-sheriff ’s deputy-turned-stay-at-home dad and a current student at Embry-Riddle’s Worldwide Campus. In addition to his studies, he homeschools his two sons, Jacob, 14, and Austin, 13, and he’s remodeling the family’s Spanish-Colonial minimansion. His home and high-tech aspirations are anomalies in the rural Tennessee town of Culleoka, known more for its sprawling southernstyle ranches and agricultural production than its cutting edge technology. But Allen is determined to make a difference. After five years working in law enforcement and seeing “the bad side of people,” he returned to school to see if he could help society in a different way. “My main purpose now is to protect soldiers and save human life. I want to help them come back in one piece,” Allen says. He’s banded together with knowledgeable family and friends to design and develop an exoskeleton that can improve soldier safety, weaponry and mobility. Currently, he’s working on developing the right energy source for the suit. The hydraulic and electrical technology is readily available, he says, but power in existing prototypes doesn’t last more than a few hours. Recognizing his need for an advanced education, Allen turned his eyes to Embry-Riddle Worldwide. He is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering with help from the David and Andrea Robertson Endowed Scholarship. He plans to earn a master’s degree next. “The scholarship has helped me to succeed in my classes because I don’t have to worry so much about finances,” Allen says. “It’s also encouraged me to give back. “It’s so inspiring to see people who have nothing to do with you, but who out of an unselfish and loving attitude want to help you. It’s easy to give to people we love or care about. It’s harder to give to people you don’t know.” Allen is thankful to the Robertsons for the scholarship assistance and to his wife, Lisa, who is presently the primary breadwinner for their family; but he’s confident that their investment will pay dividends for America’s soldiers. “Once we nail down the power core for the suit, we’ll be nearly home free,” he says. “A sustainable energy source is mission critical.”




LEADERSHIP GIVING Through their support and enthusiasm for the Embry-Riddle mission and their passion for philanthropy to the university, members of the Leadership Gift Societies continue to build the legacy that is Embry-Riddle. The Leadership Gift Societies recognize the generosity of these donors.

The Jack R. Hunt Society Named for Embry-Riddle’s first university president, the Jack R. Hunt Society honors donors whose lifetime and/or planned gifts to the university total $1 million or more.

The John Paul Riddle Society Honoring a founder of the university, the John Paul Riddle Society recognizes donors who make lifetime and/or planned contributions totaling at least $500,000.

The T. Higbee Embry Society Named for John Paul Riddle’s entrepreneurial partner, the T. Higbee Embry Society recognizes donors with lifetime and/or planned gifts of $100,000 or more.

The Legacy Society Recognizing donors who include Embry-Riddle in their estates, the Legacy Society supports multiple generations of aerospace/aviation leaders.

Airbus Services Company Boeing Company Charitable Trust Boston Scientific The Robert and Lois Braddock Charitable Foundation Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust Honeywell Intervest Construction Paul & Constance Hunter Foundation The MathWorks Rolls-Royce Corporation The Wessel Foundation

ALUMNI AND FRIENDS Jay (HonDoc ’08) and Leila Adams Michele Bowman-Underwood and Joseph Underwood James and Beverly Cone DeRhoads Dolan Samuel Goldman* James (’79, DB) and Karli Hagedorn Mori (HonDoc ’13; ’78, ’79, ’82, DB) and Forough (’85, DB) Hosseini Roger Koch L. Gale Lemerand Dorothee Miller* D. Keith (’95, ’97, WW) and Alice Mosing Leon Noe Giorgio and Portia* Rey David and Andrea Robertson S. Harry (HonDoc ’72) and Linda Robertson Nick and Joan Spiroff James and Marilyn Subach Steven (HonDoc ’98) and Christine Udvar-Hazy Peter (’69, WW) and Linda Vosbury George and Helen Weaver Helen Wessel


Air Force Association Analytical Graphics Boeing Company Brown & Brown of Florida Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation Constellation Productions Cove Partners


Daytona Beach Campus Student Government Association Frasca International Robertson Research Group Gen. William W. Spruance Foundation URS

ALUMNI AND FRIENDS Matthew Andersson (’78, DB) Estate of Farshad K. Babazadeh James* and Essie* Barfield Theodore (’82, ’89, DB) and Deborah* Beneigh Robert and Jennifer Crouch Gary* (HonDoc ’69) and Else Cunningham Tine* (HonDoc ’69) and Eunice* Davis Andrew Deas (’60, MC) David Gordon (’80, DB; ’81, WW) Estate of William Haas Constance Hunter* Edward* (HonDoc ’90) and Carolyn King James Kolbe William March* (’81, WW) William Pitts (’60, MC) Deborah Lee Prescott Richard and Phoebe Snyder William* (HonDoc ’87) and Eunice* Spruance Raymond Stratton (’78, DB) Lane Wipff


CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS AAR Corporation Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association AlliedSignal Air Transport Avionics American Airlines Associated Aviation Underwriters Aviall Aviation Education Foundation Brown & Brown Insurance Cessna Foundation Cobb & Cole Combined Federal Campaign Computer Presentations and Training Consolidated-Tomoka Land Company CSG Enterprise Dade Community Foundation Tine W. Davis Family Foundation Daytona Aerospace Industrial Park Joint Venture Daytona Beach Racing & Recreational Facilities District


Daytona Mitsubishi/Kia Delta Air Lines DS SolidWorks Embry-Riddle Board of Visitors Association Equis Financial Group Florida Independent College Fund Florida Power & Light Follett Higher Education Group Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation Halifax Paving Honeywell International Foundation International Order of Characters International Speedway Corporation ISTAT Foundation Kresge Foundation J. W. Kieckhefer Foundation Bill & Moya Lear Charitable Foundation Link Foundation Lockheed Martin Corporation Marmot Foundation The Miami Foundation Mead Witter Foundation Mission Air Support Northrop Grumman Corporation Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund Professional Food Service Management The Robertson Foundation Rockwell Collins Sodexo State of Florida Tecnam Aircraft Textron Aviation The Albert L. Ueltschi Foundation United Technologies Corporation US Airways The Wachovia Foundation Wells Fargo Bank

ALUMNI AND FRIENDS George and Patricia Adam Bob and Carol Allen John Amore (’73, DB) Margaret “Peg” Billson (’84, PC) Estate of Virginia T. Bingham J. Powell and Nancy Brown Benjamin (’82, DB) and Signe Canfield Lawrence and Barbara Clarkson Elizabeth Coley* and William Smith* Victor and Betsy Cresenzo Guy Damore Teresa Delafosse Linda Downs Charles and Elizabeth Duva Philip (HonDoc ’04; ’72, DB) and Joyce* Elliott William* and Betty Jane France *Deceased

MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

Rudy and Lucille Frasca George Gallaspy Glenn and Margie Harmon Albert and Toni Helfrick Jim (HonDoc ’13) and Carole Henderson Louis* and Dava Hoffman Russell Holderman* (HonDoc ’74) Daniel and Diane Izard Sharon Jones (’84, PC) Pamela and Gale Jose Jesse King and Tanya Wise King Moya Lear* George Lerman Betty MacDonald William March* (’81, WW) Joseph (’74, DB) and Catherine Martin Joseph and Joan McClure Robert McKay* George Mendonca Estate of Louisa Morse Richard (’86, DB) and Denise Nisbett Emily and Thomas Nissley James and Janet O’Connor William* and Dixie O’Connor Quentin* and Jeani Pearson James Ray Nancy Robertson* James Robinson* David and Yolande Salter Roger and Barbara Schwarz Christine and Louis (H ’07, DB) Seno Nancy Shiver-Foret Raymond and Frances Sigafoos Al Skeaney* David and Toni Slick Steven (HonDoc ’06) and Nancy Sliwa Estate of Mary Spence Lee Spence* Thomas* and Barbara Staed Edward* (HonDoc ’74) and Dorothy Stimpson Estate of Druria L. Sylvester Maurice* and Dorothy* Taylor John and Lynne Thelan Albert Ueltschi* (HonDoc ’97) Lawrence* and Virginia* Vagnozzi Charles Vouaux* Estate of Ann R. Weaver Alexander and Mary Wells R. Lyman (HonDoc ‘96) and Leslie Wood Gertrude Worthington*

LEGACY SOCIETY Jay (HonDoc ’08) and Leila Adams

Matthew Andersson (’78, DB) Patricia and Edward* Arntzen Robert* and Mary* Beilman Robert (’71, DB) and Cheri Belinke Theodore (’82, ’89, DB) and Deborah* Beneigh Catherine and Gordon Benson Matthew Berk* (’58, MC) Margaret “Peg” Billson (’84, PC) Stephen (’86, PC) and Terri Blanchette Gerald Bott Michele Bowman-Underwood and Joseph Underwood The Robert and Lois Braddock Charitable Foundation Benjamin (’82, DB) and Signe Canfield Richard (’87, WW) and Debra Cargo Robert and Bobbi Coleman Allen Colfry (’66, DB) James and Beverly Cone Robert and Jennifer Crouch David* and Marguerite Cummock Gary* (HonDoc ’69) and Else Cunningham Teresa Delafosse DeRhoads Dolan George Errick Charles* and Karen Ford James (’92, ’95, DB) and Suellen Gallogly Samuel Goldman* Dave and Nancy Gonnion David Gordon (’80, DB; ’81, WW) Charles (’75, DB) and Liz Graf Nancy Graham William Haas* I.V. and Loma Hamilton Glenn and Margie Harmon Cecile Hatfield George (’78, WW) and June Hill Louis* and Dava Hoffman Mori (HonDoc ’13; ’78, ’79, ’82, DB) and Forough (’85, DB) Hosseini Constance Hunter* James (’75, DB) and Lori Hunter John Hurley Charles and Marion* Johnson Sharon Jones (’84, PC) Ronald and Carolyn Kerlin Jesse King and Tanya Wise King Roger Koch James Kolbe Martin Korges (’81, DB) Kenneth* and Mary Lamalie L. Gale Lemerand Robert (’57, MC) and Roxie Lewis Robert* and Virginia* Lyall Betty MacDonald William March* (’81, WW) George and Karen McCown

Robert McKay* Roy and Mary Miller Dan and Kelly Montplaisir D. Keith (’95, ’97, WW) and Alice Mosing Terry (’94, WW) and Nancy Mularkey Donald Needham Emily and Thomas Nissley Leon Noe William* and Dixie O’Connor John and Ann* Olsen C. David (’74, DB) and Carol Owens Robert Oxley Nancy Pettit (’74, DB) William Pitts (’60, MC) Curtis (’72, DB) and Mutsuko Poree Deborah Lee Prescott Walter Prettyman (’75, DB) Giorgio and Portia* Rey Joseph* and Margaret Rhodes Charles and Joan Richardson Gordon* and Celia Ritter David and Andrea Robertson Fred (’68, DB) and Julie Robinson Robert Rockett Nancy Samp Christine and Louis (H ’07, DB) Seno Nancy Shiver-Foret Raymond and Frances Sigafoos Mary Spence* Nick and Joan Spiroff Raymond (’75, DB) and Wendy Springsteen William* (HonDoc ’87) and Eunice* Spruance Thomas* and Barbara Staed Betty Stern Edward* (HonDoc ’74) and Dorothy Stimpson Raymond Stratton (’78, DB) James and Marilyn Subach Maurice* and Dorothy* Taylor Dianne (’81, DB) and Raymond Thompson Harvey Thompson* Carlos Villa (’10, WW) Peter (’69, DB) and Linda Vosbury Charles Vouaux* Ann Weaver* Alexander and Mary Wells Jody (’91, PC; ’05, WW) and Daniel Wichman Fred* and Alice Wills Kevin Wisneski (’98, DB) Phillip Woodruff (’71, DB) James (’80, DB) and Karen Zeiler



Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association AOG Logistics AssuredPartners Bob Hoover Legacy Foundation Boeing Company Charitable Trust Brown & Brown Insurance Brown & Brown of Florida Citation Jet Pilots Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation Daytona Beach Racing & Recreational Facilities District Daytona Mitsubishi / Kia Edward T. Bedford Foundation Florida Power & Light Greater Kansas City Community Foundation Holden Family Fund Hosseini Family Foundation Intervest Construction Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Louisiana Steam Equipment Company Marmot Foundation Michiko So Finegold Memorial Trust National Philanthropic Trust National Center for Women & Information Neubert Aero Corporation Newton Family Foundation Ocean Equities O’Maley Family Foundation Paul B. Hunter & Constance D. Hunter Charitable Foundation Procter & Gamble Company Rockwell Collins ERAU Daytona Beach Senior Class Council Club State of Florida Strum-Ruger Company Textron Aviation The Wings Club Foundation Tribute to Bob Hoover Corporation WFF Facility Services

GOLD EAGLES $5,000 TO $9,999

ACSS Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Foundation Braniff Silver Eagles Charitable Fund Gen. William W. Spruance Foundation


Giles Electric Company Halifax Health Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Rider Jet Center Snap-On Tools State of Arizona WeatherSTEM

SILVER EAGLES $2,500 TO $4,999

AMG 2 Amol K. Gupta M.D. Command Medical Products Daytona International Speedway Drone Depot USA Eastern Aviation Fuels Ercoupe Owners Club Follett Higher Education Group Houston PAMA Jeff Gordon Incorporated Ladies Professional Golf Association Odyssey Travel San Diego Air and Space Museum Sea Oats Limited Sodexo & Affiliates Tom Cook Jeweler

BRONZE EAGLES $500 TO $2,499

A. M. Weigel Construction AirSure Limited AirValues All American Track Arizona Cap Company Prescott Campus Army ROTC Austin Outdoor Aviation Advisors Arizona USSSA Fastpitch Bahama House Barrett Propane Berlin Airlift Veterans Association BlueWaterPress Bright House Networks Campaign Sports Carter Electric Company Checkered Flag Committee Chick-fil-A of Port Orange Cobb & Cole Coleman Goodemote Construction Company Combined Federal Campaign Crotty & Bartlett David Barrad Editorial/Design Daytona Beach Symphony Society Daytona State College DCG Capital Group

DeLuca Family Charitable Foundation Don Peppers DuvaSawko Einstein Insurance El Paisano Westley Market Enterprise Rent-a-Car Estate on the Halifax Florida Airports Council Education Foundation Florida Independent College Fund Florida Retina Institute Gaffin Industrial Services Gallacher Capital Management Garmin AT Garmin International Gateway Bank of Florida Grind Gastropub & Kona Tiki Bar Hawkins, Hall & Ogle Architects Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort Homewood Suites Daytona ikon.5 Architects International Motor Sports Association J. D. Weber Construction Jon Hall Chevrolet Kargar Construction Lentz Plastic Surgery Leo A Daly Little Blog Dress Media LMEPAC Lowe’s Home Improvement Marriott International Melvin D. Stack Metra Electronics Miracle Media Group Molto Bella Boutique Monte Carlo Truck Stop MSK Concepts NASCAR Nebraska Book Company New Smyrna Beach Chevrolet Northrop Grumman Corporation P & S Paving Paramount Business Jets Parker Mynchenberg & Associates Parks Dermatology Center PEO Sisterhood Chapter Y Perryman Family Foundation PGA Tour Ponte Vedra Inn and Club Prescott Airport Users Association Prescott Residence Inn Prosser Ritchey Properties RK Solution Enterprises Rummel Eye Care SBG Systems SeaWorld Orlando Segers Aero Corporation Southwest Airlines

Spruce Creek Scuba Staed Family Associates Starport Aviation International Stewart Enterprises Stonewood Grill & Tavern Sunup Rotary Foundation Sverdrup Engineering Services Talking Rock Golf Club Texas Big Creek Ranch TFO Phoenix The Johnson Group The Rorer Foundation The Shores Resort & Spa Tietjen Technologies Tile-It Industries Total Wine & More Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation Upchurch Watson White & Max VerdeGo Vinyasa FIT Hot Yoga Studio Volusia Flagler Family YMCA Walbridge Aldinger Company Walt Disney World WaterStone


H31 Supper Club Accent Lighting and Electrical Action Graphics Adornments Aero Supplies & Express Alexis Martin Yoga Amaris Salon & Day Spa Art-in Designs Associated Dermatologists Atlantic Center for the Arts Backpack Software Bahama Breeze Baker Barrios Architects Baltimore Orioles Barraco and Associates Beautiful Hair Color Studio Bei Capelli Salon Best Western Aku Tiki Inn Best Wishes Flowers & Gifts Big O Tires Bill’s Pizza Billy’s Tap Room & Grill BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse Blue Moon Yoga Bob Evans Restaurant Bodysculpting Personal Fitness Center Boeing Gift Matching Program Bonefish Grill Bon-Gourmet Boxer M Construction Brickyard Lounge & Grill Bruce Rossmeyer’s Daytona Harley-Davidson


Buddy’s All Stars Buffalo Wild Wings Daytona Beach Buffalo Wild Wings Minnesota Butcher’s Nursery C & R Electrical Construction Carrabba’s Italian Grill Charlie’s Nails & Spa Cherise’s Salon Chez Aline Chili’s Chucherias Hondurenas Classy N Sassy Boutique Cold Stone Creamery Commercial Coating Pros Corrigan Company Country Club of Ocala Country Inn and Suites Cracker Barrel Crossfit Port Orange Dave Bang Associates Daytona Beach Campus Catholic Student Union Daytona Beach Cold Storage Company Daytona Beach Golf Club Daytona Beverages Daytona Lagoon Daytona Tortugas Professional Baseball Club Der Frankie Devil’s Pantry DEZ Housewares Dillard’s Dixon Golf DJA Designs Doran Sims Wolfe Ciocchetti & Wagner Eagle Sport Aviation Club Elite Therapeutics Body & Skin Care Empire Office Entech Controls Corporation Epicurean Hotel ERAU Student Veterans Organization Fast Park & Relax Father Lopez Catholic High School Firehouse Subs Fish Window Cleaning Gator Beach & Sports Giuseppe’s Pizza Goldstein Granada Gourmet Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson Grandma’s Bakery Hampton Inn Hawkeye Brothers Signs and Graphics Heavenly Cheesecakes & Chocolates Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet High Desert Pet Cremation

MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

Houligan’s IHOP Restaurant Iron Springs Chiropractic Jack In the Box James Presta Automotive Jennifer Blake Consulting Services Jewelry by Day Joe Raley State Farm Insurance Agency Just Hookin’ Kadrmas Chiropractic Kalin Home Furnishings Kenson Construction Company Kevin K. Schultz D.D.S. Kizcoco Spa & Nails KNA Construction Kula Yoga


Lakeview Plaza Landry’s Leanh’s Chinese Restaurant LeFebvre’s Boutique Legoland Florida Leon L. Wachtel D.D.S. Longboard Carpentry Lotus Yoga and Fitness Louie’s Pizza House LSP Designs Marguerite’s Florist Marina Grande Mark Dickinson Photography Matco mfg Mercedes Benz of Daytona Beach Mia Dona Market

Michael’s Photography and Video Miller’s Ale House Museum of Arts & Sciences, Daytona Beach Musgrove Drutz Kack & Flack N. Douglas Schneider & Associates NATCA Local Zau Natural Bliss New Smyrna Chrysler Jeep Dodge Newman Gallery Ocean Deck Ocean Waters Spa Oceanside Golf & Country Club Olive Garden Restaurant Olive U Naturally On a Roll Massage Therapy Ormond Beach Dermatology Ormond Beach Historical Society Ormond Brewing Company Outback Steakhouse of Florida Owens Aircraft Painting with a Twist Patterson Orthodontics Paul A. Martin D.D.S. Paulson Mitchell Peach Valley Cafe Pepin Realty Perry-McCall Construction Pie Five Pizza Company Plantation on Crystal River Platinum Health Fitness & Yoga Powers Unlimited Preppy Beach Boutique Purple Dragonfly Boutique Pyramid Computer Services QC Pool & Landscape Services Raceway Foods Corporation RAE Enterprises Raskins Jewelers Raydon Corporation RE/MAX Signature Red Lobster Reflect Therapy Remedy Spa at Pelican Bay Richard Petty Driving Experience Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Riptides Ritter’s Frozen Custard River Grille on the Tomoka Riviera Country Club Robbins Engineering Ronin Sushi & Bar Rue & Ziffra Ruth’s Chris Steak House Safe Skies Aviation Sam’s Club No. 8138 Sandra D. Lloyd Studio Shewprints Signature Flight Support Corporation Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Sky High Gymnastics Smoke Shack BBQ Snap Fitness Spice Traveler Sports Clips STJ Enterprises Sugar Mill Country Club Sun Viking Lodge Superwash Express Surfscape Contemporary Dance Theatre Swanky Studio Hair Boutique Texas Roadhouse Thai House Cafe The ARC of Volusia The Cultured Hound The Doragh Law Firm The Flower Market The Frame & I The Garlic The Hike Shack The News-Journal The Parking Spot The Pastry Studio The Plant People of Florida Thermo Fisher Scientific Three Brothers Boards Tijuana Flats TLC Engineering for Architecture Tomoka Brewing Company Tony Suits Total Realty Corporation Total Vision Eye Health Associates Treats & Sweets Cakery Tropical Smoothie Cafe Tyler Properties United Technologies Universal Helicopters Uptown Collision Center U.S. Tennis Association Florida Valkyrie Consulting Group Venetian Bay Golf Club Victory Casino Cruises Vogel Chiropractic Clinic Volusia Gold & Diamond Volusia Top Gun Web Database Solutions Wet ’n Wild Wildflower Bread Company WORC World Golf Hall of Fame World of Beer Yours Truly Custom Giftery Zest! Catering & Events by Fay Zev Cohen & Associates




John Amore (’73) Randall (’86, ’90) and Sandra Fiorenza Edward (’73) and Phylann Fusco William Hampton (’98, ’00)¹ Forough (’85) and Mori (HonDoc ’13; ’78, ’79, ’82) Hosseini C. Jeffrey (’80) and Katherine Knittel Jerry (’69) and Nancy Lineback Richard (’86) and Denise Nisbett Kirk (’71) and Marcia Price Zane (’91) and Allyson Rowe

GOLD EAGLES $5,000 TO $9,999

Damon (’94) and Debra D’Agostino Philip Elliott (HonDoc ’04; ’72) Joseph (’74) and Catherine Martin Geoffrey (’87) and Lisa Murray Benjamin Rider (’02) Bryan Stevens (’04) Nicole (’87) and Christopher Stott

SILVER EAGLES $2,500 TO $4,999

Amit (’91, ’02) and Radhika Gupta Rick Hale (’84) Laura Koch (’85; ’89, WW) Jose Santiago (’87) Raymond Stratton (’78) Ashley Tanner (’08) Linda Titus (’79)

BRONZE EAGLES $500 TO $2,499

Lisa Anderson Spencer (’99; ’03, WW) and Jason Spencer Eric (’82) and Kelly Asplundh


Kelly Baker (’89) and William Pimble (’79) Aaron (’00) and Angelina Blass Bud (’80) and Susan Blower Steven Boecker (’86) William (’05; ’11, WW) and Irene Brazelton Andrew (’97, ’00) and Melissa Broom¹ Thomas (’04) and Dayna Carpenter Patrick (’84) and Carol Casey Charles (’89) and Terri Clarke Joseph (’08) and Lauren Cleeton Kevin (’84) and Irma Croteau Manuel Cruz (’10)¹ Anthony (’80) and Jill Diaz Dennis (’73) and Beth Einstein Ralph Erb (’81) Howard (’78) and Sharlene Fox¹ Michael (’91) and Tracy Friese Kent (’71) and Barbara George Paul Giacomuzzi (’78) Julie Greenlee (’03) Kim Habermann (’78) Steven (’78) and Denise Hampton Charles (’86; ’11, WW) and Melissa Horning Christine (’82, ’89) and Garrett (’87) Ison William (’84, ’88) and Renee Kingsley Kirk Knight (’74) Natalie Kreeger (’99) Marietta (’01) and Joseph (’01) Landon Peter (’91) and Arica Lee Robert (’74) and Patricia Lee Morris (’85) and Judy Little Ed (’89) and Elizabeth Lohr John (’81; ’84, WW) and Judith Longshore Patrick (’86) and Mary McCarthy¹ Michael McGraw (’06, ’09) Philip (’81) and Anne Metz Peter Modys (’79) Louis (’76) and Cindy Nemeth Paul (’84) and Beverly Noble Samir (’99) and Deesha Patel¹ Ainsley Robson (’04, ’11, ’12)¹ Shelley Rossell (’94)¹ Ryan (’02) and Brooke (’04) Rothrock David Ryan (’91) John (’79, ’80) and LeeAnn Sabel Heather (’04) and Michael (’04) Samp William Saunders (’10) Andrew (’85) and Clarice Schmidt Earl (’82) and Laura Schuette Eric Shiffer (’93)

Stephanie Sipila (’97) Heidi Steinhauer (’94, ’03) and Raul Rumbaut (’86, ’03) James (’83) and Regina Sterioff Robert Sween (’72) Joseph Tinsley (’04) Eric (’02) and Elizabeth Vaden Ana Vegega (’80) Walter (’68; ’05, ’13, WW) and Donna Whitacre Jeffrey (’83) and Elizabeth Williams Michael (’83, ’85, ’88) and Laurie Williams James (’78) and Barbara Young John (’99) and Lori Yuzzolin Baktash (’99) and Eve Zaher


Alexis (’00) and Cindy Acosta Anita Adams (’10) Michael Adams (’89) Margaret Aiken (’01) Frank (’69) and Kathy Alexander Suzanne Alley (’78) Richard Allotey (’12) Fahad (’99) and Hind Alnowaiser Yaqoob Alshamsi (’15) Stephen (’87) and Brunella Altemus Albert Amato (’13) Lauren Anastase (’12) Patricia Lenz-Anderson (’02, ’13) and Richard Anderson Joseph (’73) and Jeanette Andrews Emily Angell (’12) Jasfer Aniban (’15) Timothy (’83) and Lori Antolovic Husam Arafat (’68) Claude (’92, ’03) and Anna Archambault Daniel Arey (’10) Graham Aschenbrenner (’98) Ryan Atkinson (’11) Kelly (’04) and Allison Austin Adedolapo Awofiranye (’15) William Aylikci (’81) Jennifer (’02, ’04) and Timothy (’02) Bailey Jennifer (’84) and Larry Baldwin Nathan Bandy (’03) Christian Barbieri (’94, ’99) Glenn Barcheski (’88, ’05) Oksana Bardygula (’87) and Miguel Diez-Munoz John Bartos (’99) Marianne (’07) and James Baskin

Roger (’94, ’00) and Amanda Battistoni Timothy (’98, ’01) and Nicole (’00) Beck Peter (’72) and Dorothy Behrle Dawn (’87) and Joseph Bell Theodore Beneigh (’82, ’89) Mark (’68) and Barbara Bennett Michael (’01) and Kimberly Benson Craig Bentley (’95) Michael (’75) and Glenda Bergagnini Joshua Berlin (’01) James (’73) and Mary Bias Allan (’81) and L. Arlene Blair Paula (’03, ’04) and Daniel (’04, ’15) Blake Richard (’85) and Lisa Bodenski Stylianos (’81) and Irene Bouboudakis Bruce (’68) and Carol Bower Dwight (’83) and Bonnie Bowling Bradley (’97) and Julie Brandt Kimberly Brantley (’03) Leonard (’97, ’99) and Mary Brazis Edward (’79) and Sandra Breslin Jordan Brost (’06) Barron (’98) and Jennifer (’98) Brown Frederik (’72) and Janice Brown Lonnie Browning (’91) Austin (’99) and Katie (’04) Brownlee Steven (’83) and Donna Buch Edward (’72, ’82) and Julia Buchanan James (’77) and Helen Buchanan Debbie (’93, ’96) and Dean Burke Owen (’94) and Amy Busch Donald (’79) and Anita Byrne Justin (’13) and Katherine Caccavale Joseph Cacho (’87) Regan Campbell (’97) Adam (’96) and Lauren Candib Frank (’88, ’97) and Billie Capano Brian Carhide (’96, ’12) Marie-Jose Caro (’84) Christopher (’13) and Tori Carta Brian Case (’06) Carlos Castro (’02, ’14) John (’82) and Susan Catania Charles (’68) and Pamela Causey Tobin (’92, ’96) and Barbara Cavallari Raymond (’81) and Rebecca Chan Robert Chisholm (’94) Sung Mo Cho (’09)

Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.


Nathan (’08) and Shannon Clapper Rodney (’71) and Lori Close Brendan (’02) and Summer Clugston Janice (’98) and Ronald Cohen Mark (’96) and Cindy (’96) Colasurdo Teakoe (’96) and Sylvia Coleman Kevin Collins (’00) Kevin Collins (’90) Sarah (’89) and Jan (’70) Collins Gregory Cook (’91) Harry (’72) and Donna Coots Bridget Cox (’09, ’11) Lanell Craig (’11) James (’83) and Christine Crater Matthew Crisci (’97) and Donna Bembnister Mark Crooker (’88) Michael Crowley (’09) Cheryl (’96) and James Cunningham John (’95) and Donna Curtis Tamilla Curtis (’01) Meachelle Darley (’99) Kevin Dascher (’93, ’98) Anthony DaSilva (’73) Robert (’79) and Lori Davies Evan (’81) and Theresa Davis Tiffany (’04) and Patrick Day Rich De Gout (’86) James (’84) and Joan Dearborn Keith (’05, ’12) and Kristin Deaton Tyler (’09) and Rachel (’08) DeBord Laurie (’82) and James DeGarmo Robert (’83) and Bernadette DeGennaro Richard (’90) and Pamela DeKany Adam (’86) and Cindy Dempsey James Detjen (’84) Robert Devadason (’94) Gary (’82) and Lorraine Dickinson Sidney (’72) and Connie Dines Jackie (’95; ’07, WW) and Maxwell Dipietro Gary Donato (’85) Diane (’14) and John Dowhy Gary (’77) and Michele Drska Kevin (’01) and Jessica Duda Neil (’88) and Dara Duggan Shanon (’69) and Sue Dunlap Steven (’95) and Lisbeth Durnin Deric (’90) and Tamara Dymerski Theodore (’88) and Setrenia Edgerton Paul (’69) and Judith Eldridge Sylvia Elledge (’03) Susan (’10) and Peter Erdman David Esser (’81, ’84, ’87, ’89) Council of 100



MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

Jason (’02; ’06, WW) and Elizabeth Evans Peter (’91, ’03) and Terri Fagan Jennifer (’94) and Thomas (’94) Fagley Noorani (’01) and Bijan (’96, ’98) Fazal Nathan Feeser (’14) Michael Fernandez (’79) Robert (’78) and Melissa Fernandez Ismael Fernandez-Martin (’00) Bruce Ferretti (’88) Gerald (’79) and Cheryl Fields Joseph Filebark (’78) Adolph (’74) and Linda Finder Ronald (’75) and Karen Fisher James (’95) and Tanya Fittje Yreka Flores (’14) Adam Flowers (’11)

Matthew Gaskins (’03) Amy George (’15) Jacqueline Geraci (’96; ’06, WW) Donna (’03, ’08) and James Giambra Rene (’84) and James Gibson Kourtney Gillespie (’15) Agustin Giovagnoli (’15) Justin (’11) and Courtney Glazener Tim Glover (’80) Zachary Goff (’15) Reid (’76) and Hanna Golden Robert (’05) and Amy Goodreau William Gorman (’86) John (’79) and Scarlet Gorton Robert (’05) and Jennifer Gostanian Michael (’96) and Penny Gowen Charles (’75) and Elizabeth Graf

Donald Harper (’02) Richard Harrington (’76) Diane (’14) and Carl Harrington David (’76) and Pamela Harsanyi Matthew Hartgen (’85) Karl (’77) and Marilyn Havlicek Antony (’02) and Amy Haworth Mark Hemink (’77) Rodney (’75) and Herminia Hemmitt Thomas (’74) and Eileen Henion Jens Hennig (’00, ’02) William Henry (’82) Roy (’75) and Sandra Hepler James (’77) and Agnes Herman John (’85) and Valerie Hill Harry (’74) and Cynthia Hodges Gabrielle Hoekstra (’14) Mark (’93; ’05, WW) and Meghan Hogan


Michael Fojtasek (’03) Kurt Ford (’04) Timothy Fortes (’80) Warren (’81) and Carol Foss William Foulk (’85) Dan Frady (’67) Brenna Freeman (’15) Bradley (’82) and Judy Fritzges Richard (’78) and Mary Furman Katrina (’08) and Joseph (’14, WW) Gagner Manjula Sathyanarayan (’96, ’11) and Sathya Gangadharan Oscar (’04) and Yvette Garcia Keith (’83) and Linda Garfield John (’85) and Tevis Garnett Rosemary Garvey (’84) Lee (’91) and Caprice Garvin

Christopher (’85) and Karen Graham James (’88) and Monica Grant Bradford (’93) and Katherine Green James (’77) and Young Greer Glenn Greiner (’81, ’90) and Paulita Kundid Snorri (’91, ’94) and Linda Gudmundsson Santo (’78; ’09, WW) and Carolina Gullo Adriana (’12) and Anthony Hall Wayne Hall (’15) Gail (’83) and Rodney Hanks David (’90) and Monica Hanzlik George (’83) and Martha Happ Robert Harford (’81, ’96)

Gregory (’78) and Laurie Holst Dianne Holt (’06, ’10) Wayne (’71) and Patricia Hooper Hugh (’76) and Belinda Hopewell Chip (’88) and Ann Marie (’92) Hough David Houlette (’01) Kenneth Hoyt (’75) Lori Hubbard (’12, ’14) Edward Hubel (’83) Jeffrey (’85) and Janice Huffstickler Donald (’87) and Susan Hunt Joni Hunt (’86, ’97) Robert (’75) and Marilyn Hunter David (’88) and Eileen Hutchinson Omar Irizarry (’15)


ALUMNI Paul (’71, ’72) and Linda Issler Alicia Jackson (’14) Susan Jackson (’07) and Charles Schelble Arthur (’74) and Kathryn Jacobs Gary (’76) and Janice James Karin (’81) and Edwin (’97; ’03, WW) Jarvis Candy Jaworski (’80) Barbette (’99) and Jay Jensen Christopher (’00, ’02) and Kristin Jessup Michael Jing (’82) Dani Johnson (’90) Gregory (’93) and Elise Johnson Bahram Kamrad (’83) John Kanalas (’87, ’90) A. Thomas Kappel (’73) Charla Keiser (’03) Ira (’71) and Mary Ellen Keiter Alvin (’82) and Deborah Keller William (’02; ’10, WW) and Brooke (’08, WW) Kelly Denean Kelson (’15) Elizabeth Kemon (’97) John Kennedy (’88) Danielle Kennedy (’99) Roger (’76) and Susan Kennedy Christopher (’92) and Dinah Kierstead Daewon Kim (’04, ’06) and Sunyoung Baek Stephen (’82) and Barbara Kisken Thomas Klenke (’91, ’92) Jason Klenklen (’00, ’01) Todd (’82) and Laurene Klingler Richard (’85) and Janice Klinker Mary Kluga (’81) Raymond (’84; ’07, WW) and Cindi Knispel Vahe (’98) and Viviane Kokorian Peter Konicek (’02) David (’74) and Sara Kostek Delyan Kovachev (’01) Gerald Kowalski (’94) Natalia Kozyura (’04) Gretchen Krantz (’15) Joseph Kraujales (’84) Christopher (’97) and Daniela Kroen John (’82) and Dorothy Krutulis Philip Kulp (’69, ’79, ’87) Mark (’01, ’06) and Kathleen Kurcin Suku (’92) and Sara Kurien Nick (’85) and Elizabeth Kyriakopoulos Robert (’74, ’80) and Linda Ladd Michael (’90) and Jennifer Ladeau


James (’67) and Virginia Ladesic Albert (’74) and Yvonne Laferte Derrick LaHaye (’92) Richard (’84) and Suzanne (’92, WW) Lang Michael Lange (’83) Steven (’89) and Mindy Lange Gary (’74) and Gayle LaPorte Paul (’73, ’83) and Maureen Larish Jamail Larkins (’07)¹ George (’87) and Susan Lasota Jerome Lawrence (’14) Thomas (’88) and Kelly Leahy R. Michael (’65) and Kathleen Lefere Steven (’92, ’95, ’97) and Kellie Lehr Stephanie Lepchenske (’12) William (’83) and Rosine Liberti David Lincoln (’89) Cynthia Lindsay (’79)

Alan (’82) and Maria Magness Pamela Maher (’83) and Gregory Beu Zarine Malesra (’03; ’05, WW) Robert (’93) and Danielle Mallon George (’77) and June Marhefka Miguel Marmol (’08) Luke (’02) and Angie Martin Noe Martinez (’85, ’01; ’01, ’06, WW) Kyle (’01) and Lisa Mas John (’76) and Darlene Mazur Michelle Mc Laren (’05, ’09) Robert (’90) and Elizabeth McCabe David (’69) and Kathleen McClaine Kenneth McCoig (’02) Elizabeth McCubbin (’09) Dennis (’78) and Mary McGee Douglas (’94) and Cathy McQueen

Amanda Mori (’01; ’04, WW) Alfred Morris (’05) William (’86) and Angie Morrow Rose (’07) and Trevor (’08) Mountcastle Davy Mui (’04) Edward (’11) and Elizabeth Mummert Stephen (’84) and Josephine Myers George (’81) and Lori Nalley Nii Manor Nartey (’15) Marc (’70) and Terri Nathanson George (’86, ’04) and Jan (’07) Neal Robert (’68) and Marilyn Neubert Eric (’83) and Brenda Nicolai Varun (’89) and Trusha Nikore Clifford (’13) and Beverly Noble Roger (’82) and Carol Noble Raymond (’87) and Mahadyan Nolin


Terrance (’96, ’04) and Yong Sun Lloyd Hector Lo (’98) Raymond (’70) and Deborah Loehner Jeffrey (’95) and Karen Logue Louis Lombardi (’89) Mark (’92) and Anna-Lisa Lonier Maria Lopez (’12) Dieter (’84) and Dana Lucas George (’89) and Sandra Lyman John (’81) and Susan Lynch Carson (’99) and Amy Lyons Keri (’01) and Evan Lyons Kevin Mac Donnell (’81; ’11, WW) William (’84) and Judy Mackenzie

Irene (’90) and Philip McReynolds Ivan (’83) and Elizabeth Medina Kenneth (’73) and Adrienne Menken Jill (’02) and John Meridith Paul (’90) and Eileen Meyer Kareem Miller (’07) Mark Millimet (’15) Kelly Minton (’95) Tuwan Mohamed (’12) Anthony (’88) and Jennifer Montalto Stephanie Moore (’08, ’13) Paul (’69) and Ruth Moorman Nancy Moran (’02; ’06, WW) James (’75; ’90, WW) and Michele Moreland

Michael (’78) and Carol O’Brien Stuart (’06; ’13, WW) and Sarah Ochs Edmund (’04, ’10) and Eunice (’05, ’10) Odartey-Williams Sarah O’Dwyer (’83, ’86) John (’67) and Kathleen O’Farrell Craig (’84) and Kathleen Ogan Julliet Okeke (’14) Michael O’Neal (’06) David (’96) and Yukiko Orth Takashi Osako (’01, ’04) Donald (’71) and Nancy Osmundson C. David (’74) and Carol Owens Robert (’91) and Robin Paden

Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.


Robert (’97) and Sherry Padgett Vincent (’90, ’91) and Jennifer Papke Thomas (’74) and Julia Paradis Matthew Parlier (’83) and Roseann Catania Parlier Amanda Parsons (’07, ’08, ’09; ’15, WW) Kathryn (’95) and Kenneth Parsons Brian Passarelli (’11) Thomas (’77) and Marina Pawlesh Marshall (’69) and Sandra Pennington Bradley (’82) and Karen Penrod Joyce (’81) and Michael (’86) Pepin Stephanie Perkins Adkison (’95) John Pesce (’96, ’03) Charles (’75) and Patrice Peterson Jeffrey (’69) and Linda Peterson Johanna Petrocelli (’14) Christine Peyton (’97, ’04; ’04, WW) David (’84) and Susan Phelps Lester (’79, ’80, ’81, ’85) and Irene Philips Glenn (’85) and Brendanne Phillips John (’90, ’92) and Ann Phillips Richard Phinney (’87) Donald Pointer (’90) and Luann Spalla-Pointer Curtis (’72) and Mutsuko Poree Michael (’09) and Melody Potash Patrick Pottinger (’02) James (’69) and Susanne Price Michael (’06) and Stacy Pyle Eric (’93) and Elaine Pyle Allen (’75) and Valorie Qualey Arnold (’90) and Dawn Quast Frank Radosta (’07) Michael (’02) and Rita Ragoza Ahmad (’83, ’85) and Katayoun Rahmani Michael (’88, ’94) and Laura Rapuano Aric Raus (’98) and Victoria Ocasio (’99, ’03, ’15, WW) Phillip Reamy (’10, ’13) Alfred (’82) and Elizabeth Reeser William (’72) and Eugenia Rehrmann Jack (’87, ’98) and Charmaine Repass Jeffrey Rich (’82) Ronald Richards (’73) Brian Richardson (’82) Wilson (’82) and Diane Riggan David Roach (’13) Council of 100



MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

John Robbins (’08) Christopher (’01) and Beth Roberts Donald (’78) and Jean Robinson Andrea Robinson (’13) Renee Robinson (’83) David Rogers (’89) Raymond (’84) and Jennifer Rogowski Eric (’87) and Gisela Rohrscheib Andrew Rokala (’93) Bernard Roke (’68) John (’73) and Uta Rollins Roger (’82) and Andrea Romaker David (’90) and Melanie Romeo Dean (’87) and Melissa Rosenquist Peter (’89) and Donna Rounseville Eric (’94; ’07, WW) and Julie Roy Eric Roycroft (’03) and Ossie Benitah Juan Ruiz (’01, ’06) Suzanne (’82) and Robert (’83) Russel David Sale (’75) Steven Salmirs (’80) Phyllis Salmons (’84, ’01) Eduardo Santos (’85) Omar (’99) and Stacy Santos John (’70) and Carole Schierle David (’75) and Lois Schilstra Norman (’86) and Lynda Schneider Benjamin Schreib (’07) William (’84) and Lori Schrock Daniel Schult (’80, ’81) Norea Scoff (’04, ’06) Banjaree (’13) and Robert Score Lisa Scott-Kollar (’97, ’09) and Matthew Kollar (’99; ’07, WW) Jackson (’74) and Brenda Seltzer Hubert (’86) and Sheryl Senter Miguel (’12, ’15) and Ana Seoane Justin Serbent (’84) Mitchell (’84; ’13, WW) and Laurie Serber Christopher (’81) and Frances Servis Kushal Shamanur (’15) Brian (’01) and Karen Sharrer James (’12) and Jess Sherman Carl (’77) and Elizabeth Shoemaker Roland (’72) and Patricia Sicotte Philip Siess (’07) Scott (’84, ’94) and Joyce Simpson James (’78) and Linda Singletary David (’86) and Barbara Siwa Gary Slanga (’75)

Alison Smalling (’96, ’98) Elizabeth Smart (’01) Earl (’76) and Rebecca Smith Stephen (’95; ’13, WW) and Alicia Smyth Roger Sonnenfeld (’86) Walter (’84) and Sarah Sorenson Patrick Spanfelner (’11) Steven Spiller (’06) John (’67) and Judith Sprague Jack (’76) and Victoria Sprankle Raymond (’75) and Wendy Springsteen Norman (’94) and Carie St. Laurent Thomas (’87) and Karen Starkey Jack (’84) and Cynthia Stein Darrell (’09) and Hilary (’08, ’11) Stevens Frank (’75) and Judith Stookey Ronald (’93, ’11) and Shari Strauss William (’83) and Robin Stricklin Jordan (’05) and Tracey (’03) Suvak James (’80, ’88) and Vicky Swaerkosz Alonzo Sweet (’15) Edward Swinson (’89) Thomas (’77) and Nancy Tacker Raymond Tanguay (’93) Cary (’91) and Robin Taylor Howard Taylor (’79, ’80) Thomas (’78) and Judith Terryn Jason Thomas (’98, ’99, ’02) and Maryann Valerio Thomas Jeffrey (’85) and Renee Thompson Dianne (’81) and Raymond Thompson Richard (’66; ’82, WW) and Peggy Thompson Sidney Thompson (’71) Richard Thurz (’67) Waldemar Tiedemann (’77) Donald (’90, ’92) and Cynthia Tilden James Toder (’92) and Carol Dean-Toder (’91) Elwood Tomlinson (’04) Andrew (’02) and Michelle (’99) Touchet Peter (’80) and Rachael Townson Terry Tri (’85) John (’93; ’05, WW) and Kelly Tringali Christopher (’97; ’04, WW) and Wai Troyer James (’93) and Aya Varga David (’70) and Jeanne Vaughan Kimberly Venema (’11)

George (’84) and Kori Vernon Jaime (’92) and Rosie Villamil Edward (’72) and Mary Vogel Peter (’69) and Linda Vosbury Todd (’94, ’97) and Anna Waller William (’74) and Bobbi Jo Walsh Kevin (’78) and Louise Ward Robert (’94, ’95) and Amy Washburn Thomas (’91, ’92) and Heather Watson Zachary (’14, ’15) and Jacqueline Wehr Brian (’71) and Beverly Weisblat David Weitz (’89) Julio Werner (’94) Erik (’75) and Margaret West Paul (’79) and June White Samuel (’84) and Jayne White Glenn White (’80) and Mary Renner Timothy (’84) and Marla Wieck Lyle (’86) and Karley Wigton Ricardo (’72) and Catherine Willems Charles Williams (’02; ’10, WW) Dante (’02) and Renee Williams Karen (’00, ’04, ’09) and Joe Williams Mark Wilson (’83) Brian Winer (’74) and Jane Rothrock-Winer Joseph Wisniewski (’74; ’86, WW) Peter Wolfson (’84) Stanley (’75) and Mary Wood Daniel (’80) and Margaret (’97, WW) Woodward Clarkson (’70) and Becky Wormer Tara (’93) and Wayne (’91) Wright John Wrightington (’79) Andrew Wyka (’12) Maryellen Wynn (’90) Scott Yoak (’08) Nikki Yogi (’12) Eiji Yoshimoto (’01) Eric Yoskowitz (’88, ’90) Jison Zabala (’11) David (’81) and Paula Zabilansky Keith (’93) and Deanna (’91) Zacherl Gregory (’10) and Christine Zahornacky Raul (’84, ’86) and Valerie Zambrano Taher (’79, ’80, ’83) and Janet (’88) Zeglam Nicholas Zilocchi (’09) Donald (’87, ’00) and Katherine Zwick




Mark LaPole (’84) William Thompson (’87) and Sally Blomstrom

GOLD EAGLES $5,000 TO $9,999

Pablo Bartlett (’81)

SILVER EAGLES $2,500 TO $4,999

Katie Pribyl (’00) Daniel Rettig (’11)

BRONZE EAGLES $500 TO $2,499

Robert Adams (’01) Julio Benavides (’04) Jeffery Bloom (’88) Kathleen (’82) and Jeffrey (’96, WW) Clark Libin Daniel (’12) Erin Gormley (’97; ’05, WW) Daniel (’82) and Laura Haywood Ronald (’01) and Vania Heberlein David (’83) and Kristi (’83) Hess Susan Latvala (’91) and Jeffrey Parker¹ Adan Magana (’15) Matthew (’01) and Janice (’01) McGraw Michael (’82) and Jocelyn (’83) Muscarello James Rightmire (’08) and Thuc Uyen Nguyen Thomas (’91) and Paula Spiller Craig (’00) and Sherri Steiner¹ Jared Testa (’01) Christine (’94) and Mark Turgeon Wilhelm Wieland (’89) Mark Won (’86)


UP TO $499

Jenna Albrecht (’09, ’11) Roy (’83) and Toni Allen James (’89) and Laurie Anderson David (’94) and Mary Barbosa Debby Bell (’88) Brett (’96) and Teresina (’96) Berg Christopher (’88) and Cheryl Bischof Ross Blackburn (’14) Jeffrey (’92) and Tina Blackman Douglas (’90) and Joy Bloom Sara (’05) and Jeremy (’06) Bofferding Jennifer Borge (’01) Joseph Brannon (’91) William (’91) and Michelle Calvo Sean (’92) and Kristine Campion Hani (’92) and Diala Charani James (’90) and Marion Chubon Marc Collins (’12) Jarrett (’97) and Pamela Curtis William Dale (’04) Jeffrey Dasher (’88) Michelle Day (’91) Patrick Desrochers (’14) Guy (’82) and Jennifer Doot Steven (’96) and Audrey Doran Kurt Estorez (’09) Christopher Felton (’13) Frank (’88, ’92) and Cecilia Ferraro Marquita Fortner (’04) William (’84) and Lisa Gates James (’84) and Shirley Gessner Denna Gollner (’81) Samuel Greene (’12) Larry (’87) and Debra Gregg Janet (’89) and Patrick Grondin Michael (’85) and Sherlyn (’86) Halloran John (’10) and Kelly Hanson Steve Harris (’94) Liana (’97) and Randolph Hart David (’81) and Karen Hassig Curtis Hedlund (’05) Kyle Heffelfinger (’12) Sara Heffelfinger (’01) Timothy Hiestand (’89) John Hogueisson (’88) Chris (’93) and Ann Houin Geoffrey Hyland (’04) Yumiko (’87) and Yoshinori (’87) Imagawa Sophia Jinbo-Doran (’09, ’12) Conor Jones (’14) Sean Julian (’98) Edward (’91) and Lisa Karalus

Clinton (’02) and Nicole Kennedy Brian (’89) and Margaret Konkel David Krametbauer (’08) William (’91) and Lisa Layne Keith Leehey (’91) James (’81) and Christina Mangie David (’05) and Christina Marciniak John (’96) and Lori Markham Kenneth May (’03) Robert McConkie (’11) Frank McFall (’89) Artemisa McLeod (’90; ’13, WW) Christopher Meabon (’02) Andrew (’83) and Meghan Milewski

Mark (’04) and Katy Rittman David (’81) and Karen Rowand Thomas (’84) and Sonia Rowe David (’89) and Kendall Roy Emmanuel Santiago (’92) Susan (’13) and Timothy Sestak Scott (’89) and Taitia Shelow Abel Smith (’12) Skylar Smith (’13) Janet (’97, ’12) and Michael Stassen Alexios (’89) and Lisa Stavropoulos Ty Sterhan (’97) Camille Stutzman (’01) Edward Sullivan (’04)


Dylan Miller (’04) James (’86) and Roslyn Mooney Rodney (’89) and Amy Moore Jay Morgan (’84) Michael (’87) and Emma Neal Terry (’84) and Nina Nehls Pamela (’91) and Chad Nimrick Seward (’84) and Maria Ogden Alyssa (’04) and John Olson Kirk O’Neil (’87) Joseph Orona (’89) Clinton Ostler (’00) David Perkins (’04) Mark (’82; ’89, WW) and Joanna Pryor Heather (’96; ’08, WW) and Richard Reuter

Mary Tennant (’88) Bradley (’84) and Rhonda Thompson Thomas (’84) and Karin Trask Dimitra Tsamis (’94, ’00) Greg Van Noy (’90) Scott (’80) and Melista Vogtritter Michelle (’81) and Robert Voss Cliff Walker (’90) Michael (’97) and Jennifer Wason Andrew Webb (’11) Andrew Werner (’99) Dore Wheetley (’94) Kevin (’87) and Kathryn Wilson Garrett Young (’04)

Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.



Timothy Neubert (’86, ’87) David (’82) and Rebecca Wallenborn

GOLD EAGLES $5,000 TO $9,999

Frank (’87) and Debbie Ayers Mark (’63, MC) and Barbara Bauer

SILVER EAGLES $2,500 TO $4,999

Kenneth (’85, ’89) and Antoinette Dufour Jay Woo (’12)¹

BRONZE EAGLES $500 TO $2,499

Christopher Aitken (’96, ’05, ’06) Calvin Arter (’60, MC) Charles (’01) and Karen Barton Lloyd Booth (’95) Scott (’99) and Catherine Burgess Jeffrey (’96) and Kathleen (’82, PC) Clark Terry (’87) and Terri Cox Gary DeKay (’80) and Karla Key¹ Katherine (’06, ’14) and Mark Friend William (’82, ’84, ’87) and Nuala Glennon Harold Griffith (’08, ’11) Daniel Hammes (’11) Thomas Henkel (’04) Michael (’01) and Cindy MacConnie Gary (’86, ’87) and Carol Mc Neill Katherine Moran (’96, ’97) James (’75) and Jane Morrical Council of 100



MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

James (’87) and Donna Parry Don (’95, ’97) and Kathryn Roberts Herbert Schaefer (’98)¹ Peter (’90, ’09) and Heather Schlichting Roland (’95) and Dee Shaw Jon (’81) and Tracy Slangerup Jerry Spruill (’97, ’99) and Vikki Lynch¹ Alan (’95) and Julie Stolzer Owen Wargo (’89, ’02) Robley (’01) and Sue Withrow¹


Theodore Abrams (’97) Billy (’81) and Lavenia Acree Raleigh Addy (’99, ’15) Ann (’06) and Frank Ade Bruce (’96) and Dianne Allen Calvin (’00) and Sarah Allen Ruben Almazan (’12) Gisele Altman (’10) Jessie Alvarez (’82) Pascual Alvarez (’03) and Magali Dazin George (’82) and Diane Anderson Ivar (’92) and Nancy Anderson Carl (’93) and Elizabeth Anderson Dane Anderson (’01) Enrico (’05) and Faye Anderson Kent (’97, ’99, ’01) and Teresa Anderson Norris (’84) and Mary Aycox Lucille (’97, ’03) and Robert Babcock Donald (’12) and Susanne Bacon Paul (’64, MC) and Diane Baenen Susan Bailey-Schmidt (’03) and Kelly Schmidt Anthony Baker (’09) William Bales (’94) and Dolly Fisher Bales Daryl Bartek (’95) Robert Battisti (’04) Charles (’06) and Donna Baumann William (’60, MC) and Joelin Bayer Thomas (’85) and Sharon Bedisky James Bell (’79, ’86) Richard (’66, WW) and Gina Bennert Wayne (’97) and Lisa Bissett Daniel Bittner (’84) John Black (’64, MC) David (’98, ’01) and Cheryl Blackmon Andrew Blakeslee (’07)

Carlton Bledsoe (’98) David Bonner (’09) Debra (’10) and Jonathan (’10) Bourdeau Travis (’02, ’07) and Kelly Brabec Christopher Brady (’91, ’97) David (’92, ’97) and Kim Bragg Ryan Brinkman (’10, ’13) Daniel Brooks (’14) Marcia Brooks (’91) David Brown (’89) Keith (’91) and Susan Brune Kim (’97) and James Bryan David (’95) and Heather Bullock James Bushelle (’93) Robert Gandt (’06) and Anne Busse-Gandt Samuel (’02, ’03) and Beverly Butler Norma Butler (’03) Kristin Campbell (’11) Kathleen (’09) and Frank Campanaro Donald (’83) and Sylvia Campbell Neal Carbaugh (’92) Oren (’13) and Marvel Carrol James (’01) and Patrice Carter Thomas (’01) and Virginia Carter John Casciola (’08) Leonid (’58, MC) and Elisabeth Chadovich Helen (’07) and Jesse Childs Joseph (’98) and Donna Clements Patricia (’00) and Richard Cody Eugene (’86) and Ruth Coker Maira Colon (’92, ’95) Robin Colwell (’10) Kevin (’02) and Amy Connelly John (’00) and Theresa Converse Victor Cook (’01, ’07) Michael (’94) and Carla Copeland James Copp (’02) Vincent (’91, ’92) and Sara Corbisiero Janet Cosman-Ross (’98) and Patrick Ross (’97, ’98) Jeffrey Cote (’93) Gerald (’59, MC) and Virginia Cox Bradley (’03, ’14) and Stephanie Coy Andre Creekmore (’99, ’00) Tony Crenshaw (’95) and Lydia Weber-Crenshaw Timothy Croxton (’12) Alexander Cummings (’06) Steven Dang (’01, ’03) Barry Daniel (’12) William (’88) and Joan Danzeisen Stephen (’79, ’93) and Melinda Dashner

Andy (’95) and Zandra Dattel Trentin (’98) and Bridgett Davis Timothy (’07, ’10) and Elizabeth Deal Stephen (’94) and Suzanne Dedmon Albert (’92, ’05) and Teresa DeRubbio Geoffrey (’98, ’10) and Juliet (’01, ’05, ’07) Diggs Floyd (’99) and Lisa Dissinger Joseph (’85) and Elaine Donofrio Camilo Dornier (’84) Andrew (’02) and Kathleen Doss Kenneth Doty (’88, ’99) Antonino (’98, ’07, ’13) and Judy Drago Daniel (’83) and Elpa Droogleever Craig Dyer (’91) Mark (’08) and Kathleen Earley Gregory Edelen (’05) Justin (’06) and Alice Edmunds Helmuth Eggeling (’98) Otto (’90) and Krissy Eichmann Trenton (’96, ’09) and Linda Eilers Daniel (’88) and Kay Eramo Anthony (’94, ’08) and Venus Esposito Harry Evans (’04) William Farkas (’64, MC) Scott Fehrenbach (’05) Rebecca (’04) and Jeremy Fenstermaker William (’08) and Laura Fernandez Richard (’00, ’02) and Donna Fescoe Robert Fiegl (’93) Thomas (’88) and Gail Finn Jerry (’93) and Patricia Fletcher John Flynn (’12, ’13) Harry Foden (’54, MC) David (’97) and Wanda Forbes Barry (’77) and Mary Ford Bruce Fournier (’06, ’12, ’14) Dixie Fradel (’82) Bruce (’89) and Maria Frallic Michael (’02) and Sarah Fredell Brittnee Freeman (’14) David (’00, ’09; ’13, DB) and Amanda (’06, ’10) Freiwald Jane (’12) and Mark Fugler Joseph (’14) and Katrina (’08, DB) Gagner David Gallaher (’09) Michael (’11) and Lorraine Geiger Robert (’94) and Sharon Genaille Jon Gibson (’91) Leslie Gibson (’98) William (’12) and Andrea Girard Jeffrey Glean (’03)


ALUMNI William (’96, ’97) and Deborahline Goggins Reva (’09) and Vincent Goins Mark (’81) and Carla Grablin Todd (’09) and Irene Gregg Gary (’83) and Mary Grimes Kristian Gromada (’09) Errol Guayadeen (’01) Jay Guild (’91, ’00) Karl (’95) and Janice Gustafson Terry (’07) and Usamast Hall Robert Hamilton (’10) John (’10) and Victoria Hanlon Scott (’94) and Rhonda Hanson Herman (’90, ’91) and Tammy Hardebeck J. M. (’86, ’93) and Bonnie Hardwick Scot Hardwick (’09, ’10) Donald (’61, MC) and Bulah Harms Richard (’62, MC) and Sharon R. Haseley Thomas (’94) and Sharon Hastings James Haugh (’85) Robert (’85) and Rose Marie Hawkes Jerry (’91) and Donna Heck John (’81, ’86) and Linda Hedly Anthony (’15) and Rowena Hemingway Jennifer Hinebaugh (’02) and Michael Mulrooney Robert (’05) and Regina Hines Ayako Hisato (’11) Russell (’89) and Donella Hodgkins John (’88) and Lucinda Hoffmaster Gregory (’09) and Charlene Holman Charles (’83, ’85) and Marian Holmes William (’95) and Engrid Hooper Richard (’93) and Cathy Horn John (’87) and Beverly Huffman Elizabeth Ann (’06) and Daniel Indomenico Philip (’85) and Mary Ingraham Daniel Isaacs (’96) David Ison (’03) Radesh Iyengar (’12) Clarence Jacobs (’07, ’08, ’14) David (’00) and Gaye James Edwin (’97, ’03) and Karin (’81, DB) Jarvis Daphne Jefferson (’94) Jeffrey (’05) and Shawn Jennings Melody (’03, ’04, ’07, ’12) and Eric Jensen


Sean (’88, ’94) and Jean Jeralds Albert (’63, MC) and Angela Johnson Thomas (’03) and Karen Johnson Robert Johnson (’89) Thomas Johnson (’08) Jeffrey Jorgensen (’94) Patricia Kabus (’09) Frank (’65, MC) and Leona Kallay John (’97) and Paula Kane Michael Karageanis (’96) David Karjala (’99, ’00) Farrah Kaufman (’00, ’03) George (’01) and Deborah Kayser Dennis (’02, ’04, ’13) and Wynell Keesling Terence (’01) and Amy Kelley Anthony (’98) and Audrey Kelly William (’10; ’02, DB) and Brooke (’08) Kelly William (’60, MC) and Rose Kerr Collin (’94, ’00) and Marla King

William Leese (’83) David (’62, MC) and Sheila Leppert Wade (’01) and Debbi Lester Robert (’57, MC) and Roxie Lewis Rudolph Lewis (’96, ’01, ’08) Victor (’03, ’08, WW) and Marlene Liriano Karen Lloyd (’82) Olivia (’00) and Maurice Lloyd Lascelles Longmore (’91) David Louis (’08, ’10) Joan Louis-Herelle (’96) and Vincent Herelle James (’81) and Madelyn Lynch John (’83) and Suszann Magner Russell (’99, ’09) and Janice Mahan Michael (’86) and Sandra Maier Walter (’87) and Patricia Malcolm Kenric (’92) and Shannon Malmberg


Valerie (’10) and Jared (’10) Kisseloff Jonathan (’89) and P. Dianne Klaaren James Klina (’77) Donald (’51, MC) and Mary Jo Klopp Michael (’84) and Rosemarie Klustner John (’88) and Lynette Kukowski Warren (’64, MC) and Pamela Lackie Carol Lamattina (’86, ’99) Suzanne (’92) and Richard (’84, DB) Lang Thomas (’01) and Margaret Larvia Kelly (’10) and Mark Laubach Martin (’06) and Gina Lauth Michael Lavoie (’01, ’04) James (’97, ’99) and Carol Lawler

Richard (’04) and Jessica Manley Sid (’61, MC) and Sandra Mann Michael (’04) and Annette Manning Sylvia Manor (’85) Richard (’00) and Bella Mansfield Kathy (’09, ’12, ’14) and Scott (’09, ’12, ’14) Markwith Evan (’95) and Marian Marlin Frankie Marrero (’97, ’00) Kenneth Marshall (’94, ’99, ’01) Malcolm Massung (’78) Kennith Matthews (’00) Theresa (’05) and Edward Maue Vernon (’02) and Roxanne May Marcus (’95; ’04, DB) and Jody McCall Sandra (’88) and Gary McClellan Dariel (’88, ’90) and Jayme McCourt

Michael (’09) and Cheryl McDonald Gretchen (’86, ’88) and Jeff McDonell Wayne McGhie (’13) Timothy (’93) and Tamara McHugh Bobby (’05) and Evelyn McMasters John (’92) and Melanie McWaters Thomas (’86) and Jacklynn Meadows James (’95) and Lisa Meassick Jose (’06) and Cathy Melendez Redmond (’00) and Susan Merrell William (’04) and Wendy Mesloh Garret (’06) and Stephanie Messner Eric (’08) and Laura Metcalf Randell (’89) and Barbara Meyer James (’05) and Sunny Mihalick Winfred (’91, ’92) and Celia Mihill Joseph (’44, MC) and Pearl Miles Walter (’91) and Corrine Miller Ralph Miller (’04) Richard (’62, MC) and Marilyn Mlynarek Stephen (’97) and Earlene Moczary Randy (’10) and Janis Moore Raymond Moreno (’08) Yosef Morgan (’00, ’01) Willie Morris (’02, ’06) Martha Morris (’02) Corvin (’95) and Barbara Morton Gary (’63, MC) and Angie Morton Wolfgang (’85) and Anneliese Mueller Terry (’94) and Nancy Mularkey Reginald Murray (’90) John (’94, ’03) and Laura Nagle Douglas (’04) and Sharron Nagy Daniel (’98, ’01, ’02) and Virginia Nehring Michael (’84) and Anita Nemmers Ronald (’97) and Nancy Nolder Christopher (’01, ’02) and Karen Norfolk Kris Norlander (’02) Jukka (’95) and Elina Norri James (’83, ’86) and Veronica O’Brien Kenneth (’89, ’90) and Barbara Odermatt Azeez (’06, ’11) and Mariam Oguntade Michael (’02, ’03) and Sandra Ohannesian Patricia (’98, ’99) and Robert (’98) Olson

Alumni are listed according to the campus at which they completed their first Embry-Riddle degree.


Charles (’08, ’12) and Irene Olvis Derek (’89) and Rene O’Neal Nancy Ormsby (’97) Gabriel (’05) and Terri Ortegon Raymond (’83, ’89) and Deanne Otto Quinton (’07) and Travy Owens Philip (’00) and Jill Pacini Robert (’04) and Karen Page James (’90) and Lori Parsons Bradley (’87) and Mary Jayne Pederson Jennifer (’08) and Robert Pels Bryan (’90, ’02) and Norma Persohn Daniel (’94) and Debra Peterson Harvey (’87) and Georgia Peterson Patrick (’72) and Susan Phelan James Phillips (’84, ’85) Linsley Pietsch (’10) James Pigg (’94) Enrique Placido (’10) Michael (’92) and Marjorie Polay Derik Poppino (’07) Richard (’92) and Lorette Pothier John (’90) and Janice Poutier Robert Prichard (’11) Brian Proctor (’05) Mark (’04, ’09) and Hye Yong Pryor Vince Pujalte (’10) Nickolus (’84) and Sylvia Rasch Victoria Ocasio (’99, ’03, ’15) and Aric Raus (’98, DB) Michael Raykowski (’04, ’12) Jeffrey (’92) and Teresa Redder Claude* (’61, MC) and Margaret Redmon David (’88) and Donna Reese Glenn Reeves (’05) Todd Rehfuss (’97) Robert Reiter (’95) and Maria Lamagna Reiter Steven (’99) and Laurel Rekeczky Michael (’90, ’92) and Catherine Rembert Gary (’91) and Teresa Resta Mark Reynolds (’09, ’10) Bradley (’79) and Elaine Rhodes Heather Rice (’02) Steven Richardson (’03) Sebastian Rivas (’07) Donna Roberts (’10) Constance (’01) and Alan Robinson Conrad Rodgers (’00, ’13) Kenneth Rodriguez (’95) Christopher (’05) and Audra Rohe Marc Paul Rosario (’08)

Council of 100



MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

Randall (’94) and Gwenneth Rothe Elvis (’97, ’00) and Tanisia Roye John Rozmarynowski (’11, ’13) Robert Ruffing (’02, ’03) Marcos (’90, ’95) and Teresa Ruiz Breck (’93) and Karin Ruppelius James (’93) and Wendy Russell Lawrence (’61, MC) and Susan Russell Brendan (’07) and Jacqueline Ryan Walter (’85) and Catharine Ryerson Michael Ryssemus (’99) Joseph Sage (’11) Rafael (’98) and Donna Salazar William Sambolt (’87) John (’88) and Barbara Sand Ronald (’64, MC) and Ronnye Sands Joey (’09) and Claudia Sanders Rogelio Saucedo (’06) Richard Schaefer (’00) Albert Scheibly (’84) Barry (HonDoc ’89; ’94) and Dorie Schiff John Schmit (’96) Edward Schopperth (’85) James (’04) and Marian Schultz Norman (’98) and Kimberly Schweizer John (’91) and Kelly Scilingo Matthew Kollar (’07; ’99, DB) and Lisa Scott-Kollar (’97, ’09, DB) Robert (’56, MC) and Barbara Sellers Brad (’10, ’15) and Laurie Sepe Robert (’91) and Cynthia Sewall Hubert (’89) and Helen Seymour Conrad (’62, MC) and Marcia Shad Jeffrey (’08) and Amy Shaffner Charles (’02) and Therese Shearer Michael (’08) and Kristina Sheffer Francis (’83) and Chaluay Shimek Henry (’44, MC) and Gail Shook Tariq (’03, ’04, ’08) and Tayra Siddiqui Eugene Siewe (’08, ’12) Yvonne Simms (’12) Joseph (’94, ’05) and Donna Sims Alana (’03, ’08, ’14) and William Sims Kelvin Sizemore (’96) Bruce Slack (’99, ’02, ’03) Paul Smith (’85) David (’93) and Jenny Smith Joseph Smith (’93, ’01)

Alexis Smollok (’89) Janice (’98) and Cyrus Snyder Robin Sobotta (’84) and Thomas Roush (’06, ’08) Paul (’88) and Therese Soper Richard (’98) and Noelle Sosa Paul (’99, ’06) and Diane Sossong Brent (’83) and Cheryl Spencer Gary (’01) and Diana Stillwell Angela Primavere (’11) William (’93) and Mary Strasser Jeffrey Strickland (’03, ’07) Stacy (’88) and Brigitte Strickland Foster Stringer (’07) Richard (’91) and Linda Suggs William Sullivan (’87) Robert Sumwalt (’14) William (’53, MC) and Yula Swafford Lewis (’80) and Donna Swain Robert (’09) and Lisa Sweginnis Kimberly Szathmary (’96) Larry Targosh (’07) Achille John Tartaglia (’09) William (’82, ’89, ’05) and Diana Teeple Jeffery (’06, ’12) and Megumi Telling Cory Tennen (’05) Fernando Teran (’92) Robert (’05) and Prakob Terhardt Bruce Thompson (’11) Jack (’05) and Mary Thompson Faith Torres (’12) Jeremy (’05) and Elizabeth Tremayne Salih Trice (’08, ’11) George (’89) and Deanna Tucker Jennifer Turbett (’07) Joseph Turner (’05) Robert Turner (’08) Gregory (’08, ’09) and Karen Twyford Doris Tyler (’02, ’08) Michael (’94) and Denise Underkofler Thomas Van Petten (’81) Gary Vessell (’13) Mark (’86) and Donna Vieth Kelly (’09, ’13) and Anthony Vilardo William Vivolo (’78) Larry (’96) and Cynthia Voliva William (’88) and Barbara Waldron Edward Walford (’85) Robert Walton (’08) Robert (’92) and Martha Ware Peter (’87) and Sandra Warner

Scott (’99) and Tara Warner Jeffrey (’99) and Sandra Weiherer Michael (’91, ’93) and Kathryn Weist Debra (’82) and T. D. White Tanya (’85, ’00) and Robert Whitney Roger (’84) and Cheryl Widholm Judy Wilks (’13) Samuel (’03) and Brenda Williams Edward (’50) and Joyce Wilson Kevin Wilson (’03, ’04; ’06, DB) Lisa (’05) and Matthew Wilson Thomas Wiswell (’87) Kenneth (’02) and Sarita Witcher Kevin (’02, ’03) and Cassandra Woodland Margaret Wiegand (’11) Margaret (’97) and Daniel (’80, DB) Woodward Harry (’00) and Jackie Woody John (’95) and Catherine Wright Vivienne Wright-Shine (’01, ’10) and Jeffery Shine Jerry (’84) and Barbara Wyrick Philip Yacht (’08, ’09; ’15, DB) Robert Yonaitis (’07, ’11) Kyle (’05, ’14) and Louise York Jerry (’95) and Susan Young Wayne (’61, ’62, MC) and Mary Young William (’93) and Linda Young Xin (’00, ’02) and Ju Zheng Gerald (’58, MC) and Joe Ann Zimmerman





Jay (HonDoc ’08) and Leila Adams Nirmal Aggarwal Bob and Carol Allen John Amore (’73, DB) J. and Nancy Brown Joseph D’Amico DeRhoads Dolan Charles and Elizabeth Duva James Fiala Lawrence Finegold Gregory and Christina Fisher Tracy Forrest William and Anne Grams Dennis Hall William Hampton (’98, ’00, DB) Albert and Toni Helfrick Jim (HonDoc ’13) and Carole Henderson John and Lynda Hodgson Forough (’85, DB) and Mori (HonDoc ’13; ’78, ’79, ’82, DB) Hosseini William Howe The Estate of Constance D. Hunter Bee Kilgore Wong Katherine and C. Jeffrey (’80, DB) Knittel Harry and Ada Lamon Mark LaPole (’84, PC) Jim and Marion Lee Franklin Mayne Ray and Patty Newton Denise and Richard (’86, DB) Nisbett David and Karen O’Maley Thomas and Sharon Poberezny Ruth Richter Holden and John Holden David and Andrea Robertson John and Genevieve Rosanvallon Zane (’91, DB) and Allyson Rowe Christine and Louis (H ’07, DB) Seno Estate of Mary E. Spence Estate of Maurice F. and Dorothy D. Taylor William (’87, PC) Thompson and Sally Blomstrom Steven (HonDoc ’98) and Christine Udvar-Hazy Greg Waidmann Helen Wessel

Frank (’87, WW) and Debbie Ayers Walter and Joanne Elisha Richard and Molly Heist Karen and James Holbrook John and Maurie Johnson Jesse King and Tanya Wise King Joseph (’74, DB) and Catherine Martin Isabel McKay Michael Panaggio Charles and Jeri Reinholtz David Rider Gordon* and Celia Ritter Edward and Lisa Schatz William Schoknecht Scott and Cindy Shappell Nicole (’87, DB) and Christopher Stott John and Lynne Thelan

Robert Adams (’01, PC) Susan and Charles Allen Sharon and Kenny Amick Lisa (’99, DB; ’03, WW) Anderson Spencer and Jason Spencer James Avila Richard and Gail Bagby Donald and Jennifer Bailey Susan and Daniel Barnhart David and Catherine Barrad David and Leslie Barrett Francis and Mary Barrett Jennifer Beatty Michael and Rebecca Becker Julio Benavides (’04, PC) Alan and Davida Bender Margot and Mark Bisnow Robert Bittner Cynthia and Kevin Bixler Charles and Mary Blaich Rex and Barbara Blake Steven and Renee Bouck Brent and Erin Bowen Tim and Mary Brady Anthony Brown and Michelle Pack-Brown Scott and Christine Brown Karen and Taylor Buck Scott (’99, WW) and Catherine Burgess Diane and Edward Campbell Anne Marie Casey Arlo Chan Leeann Chen and Philip Jones Charles (’89, DB) and Terri Clarke Sydney Cohen Charles and Barbara Coleman Robert and Bobbi Coleman Fred Cone Bruce and Carol Conway Lyndse Costabile Victor and Betsy Cresenzo Kathleen Crotty and Laurence Bartlett Kristen Crotty Laura Daener and David Anderson Lisa and Matthew Davids Jeffrey and Gail Davis Melinda Dawson Paula and Francis DeLuca Ruth and David Dewkett Archie and Janna Dickey Bernadine Douglas Eva Douglass Barbara and Earl Dryden

$10,000 AND ABOVE


$5,000 TO $9,999

SILVER EAGLES $2,500 TO $4,999

Patricia Arntzen Steven and Brenda Bobinsky Matthew Chapman John Coppola and Michelle Foley Robert and Jennifer Crouch Rodney and Anita Cruise Teresa Delafosse Kenneth (’85, ’89, WW) and Antoinette Dufour David and Nancy Gonnion Amol Gupta Thomas Hilburn Jack and Beth Holcomb John and Barbara Hoy Gordon Jiroux Raymond and Lynn Johnson Gary Kessler and Gayle Belin Kessler Diane McLellan Shashi and Ritu Mehrotra Michael Mockbee Kristopher Mohfanz Emily and Thomas Nissley Katie Pribyl (’00, PC) Mel and Karen Ray Glenn and Connie Ritchey Thomas and Doris Sieland David and Antoinette Slick Steven (HonDoc ’06) and Nancy Sliwa¹ Melissa and Ron Stokke

$500 TO $2,499

Richard and Mary Duma Matthew and Antoinette Earnhardt Paul and Sherry Easum Beth and Dennis (’73, DB) Einstein Ummarid Eitharong Michael Fann John and Kelly Ferguson Barbara Fidel Adams and James Adams Sarah Finchum David Fletcher Tonia Fortner Doug and Linda Fournier Mark and Katherine (’06, ’14, WW) Friend Mark Gaffin Kevin and Janine Gallacher Iacopo Gentilini Leigh and Bradley Giles Harold Goodemote Jim Gorman Anthony Grande Kim and Mike Haddow Gary Hager David and Teresa Hall Daniel Hammes (’11, WW) Steven (’78, DB) and Denise Hampton George Hanns Melanie Hanns Les and Susan Hardie Melissa Hardin Brenda and Mark Haven Thomas Hay Kevin and Maria Hayworth James Helbling and Mary Beck Deborah Henderson Thomas Henkel (’04, WW) Michael Hickey Cea Hicks Charles (’86, DB; ’11, WW) and Melissa Horning Randall and Karen Howard Cass and Mary Howell John and Judith Jenkins Jerry Johnson Emma Kay Cheryl Keemar Ronald and Valerie Keys Jerry and Kilian Kidrick Susan and James Kimmel James Kolbe and Hector Alfonso Melissa and Justin Kroll Joseph and Ruby Kruszewski Carl and Cheryl Lentz Kathy Lewis Arthur and Christine Lichte Hong and Shirley Liu Robert and Sandra Lloyd


Lowell and Nancy Lohman John and Janet Long Jaime Long John (’81, DB; ’84, WW) and Judith Longshore Andrei and Maria Ludu Nickolas and Sue Macchiarella Ron and Tracy Madler Reda and Amy Mankbadi Stephanie and William Mayfield Gregory Mays Daniel and Cynthia McCabe George and Karen McCown Daniel and Hae McCune Paul McKenna Scott and Janet Millimet Michael and Kathryn Milthorpe Maj and Freshteh Mirmirani Robert Moore Katherine Moran (’96, ’97, WW) Ryan and Rachel Mosher Jill Muckenthaler William and Trish Muldoon William Multhauf Barbara and Marty Munderloh Douglas Murphy Douglas and Shauna Murray Parker and Donna Mynchenberg John and Kathy Olivero John Olsen Terry and Barbara Oswalt Robert Oxley Barbara and Herbert Palmer Donald and Raellene Parker Linda Parker and William Benner Kenneth and Lauren Parsons Kenneth and Kirsten Peck Bryan and Stacy Perraud Samuel Perry Barbara and David Perryman Michael and Linda Piscatella John Post Alan and Bonnie Pratt Shannon Queen Travis and Sarah Rainwater James and Patricia Ramsay Bert and Juliana Reames Giorgio Rey Dwight and Karen Rice Steven and Vicky Ridder Don (’95, ’97, WW) and Kathryn Roberts Philip and Lynn Roberts S. Harry (HonDoc ’72) and Linda Robertson Gerald and Elizabeth Rorer Roni and John Rummel W. David and J. Wanda* Rummel Clare and Philip Rybczynski John (’79, ’80, DB) and LeeAnn Sabel Council of 100


MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

Neil and Linda Samuels William and Barbara Sawko Peter (’90, ’09, WW) and Heather Schlichting Randy and Stephanie Schwartzberg Charles Sevastos Jon (’81, WW) and Tracy Slangerup Darrel and Debbie Smith Guy and MaryJo Smith Melvin and Susan Stack Barbara Staed Lynn and Angelika Stauffer Heidi Steinhauer (’94, ’03, DB) and Raul Rumbaut (’86, ’03, DB) Larry and Brenda Stephan Tom and Carol Stewart Stacy and Christina Stine Alan (’95, WW) and Julie Stolzer Dale and Michael Sullivan Mark and Grace Sullivan Rose Sverdrup Michael Sznapstailer Darlynn Tacinelli Sonja Taylor Janet Tinoco and Robert Pollard Timothy and Ilene Topolinski Joseph and Kathy Tosh Eric (’02, DB) and Elizabeth Vaden George and Mary Vasquez Rebecca and Paul Vasquez Charles Vuille and Dianne Kowing Marilyn Wagner (H ’07, PC) David and Martha Webb Joseph and Julie Weber A. Michael Weigel Walter (’68, DB; ’05, ’13, WW) and Donna Whitacre Michael (’83, ’85, ’88, DB) and Laurie Williams Stanley Williams Timothy Wilson Estate of June Wittfoth and Jerome Wittfoth Norman and Joan Wnuk Robert and Deborah Yarbrough Joanne Young and Bruce Foreman Brandon and Tamara Young Jeffrey and Shirley Young¹


Angelia and Kyle Abbott Ahmed Abdelghany and Noha Hafez Debra Abraham

Robert Abraham Wendi Abramovich Susan and Wayne Adams Ann (’06, WW) and Frank Ade Hari and Binash Adhikari John and Candace Adkison Salvador Adona Carl and Phyllis Ahwee Kenneth and Maria Alabiso Angela Albritton Jennifer Aldrich Joie Alexander Christina Alford Kerstin Alicki Mohammed Alsardar William and Kristy Amburgey Paul Amen Steven and Carol Anastase George (’82, WW) and Diane Anderson Alicia Anderson Helen and Michael Anderson Jim and Ceri Anderson Kent (’97, ’99, ’01, WW) and Teresa Anderson Paul Anderson Richard Anderson and Patricia Lenz-Anderson (’02, ’13, DB) Shanice Anderson Kyle Andrews Charlotte Andrist Jesus Angarita and Libia Novoa Jason Applegate John Arcila Bedoya Anke and Martin Arnaud Donna Arnold Kenneth and Gail Artin Judith and Farrokh Assad Edith Atkinson John and Deborah Atkinson Magdy and Linda Attia Jason Aufdenberg Richard and Kristina Augustus Deanna Austin Elizabeth and Robert Avery Dean and Elizabeth Avram Dennis and Charlene Avram Farshid Azadian Melanie and Jesse Azam Lucille (’97, ’03, WW) and Robert Babcock Radu Babiceanu G. Laurence and Dana Baggett Laura and Joshua Bailey Nancee Bailey Susan Bailey-Schmidt (’03, WW) and Kelly Schmidt Mark Balas John and Carol Ball Caitlyn Ballard Deborah Bandy

James Bannerman Donna Barbie Christian Barbieri (’94, ’99, DB) Diana and Ronald Barden Aroh Barjatya and Frederique Drullion David and Liv Barker Carl Barraco Geraldine Barraco Vincent and Carre Barraco David and Melissa Barrera Carlos Barrios Eric Bartsch Marianne (’07, DB) and James Baskin Kathleen Battison William Battison Emily Bauer Charles (’06, WW) and Donna Baumann Susan and Ed Baxter Massoud and Sohelia Bazargan Rondelle Bazil Joseph Beachem Peter and Joanne Beal David and Carolyn Beck Robert Been Umer Farooq Beg Farahzad and Sourour Behi Paul Bell Runette Benbrook Susan Bencsik Theodore Beneigh (’82, ’89, DB) Vivienne Bennett Tyson Benson Mattias and Gabrielle Bergman Ronald and Lori Bertram Richard Bicksler Aime and David Bischoff Per Bjorkegren Harold and Linda Black Ross Blackburn (’14, PC) Alan and Emily Blaine Brian and Jennifer Blake Elizabeth Blickensderfer Peter and Gaja Bliudzius Linda Bloom Richard and Nancy Bloom Lorraine and Brian Blymire Chris and Brenda Boals Anne Boettcher and Daniel Martin Samantha and Matthew Bohon John and Maureen Bonner Douglas and Louise Booth Shannon Booth Jennifer Borge (’01, PC) Ellen Borger Ion and Hannah Boswell Michael and Jessie Bourke Geuorgui Bourov


FRIENDS, BOARD MEMBERS, STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF Deborah Bovee Michael and Cecilia Bowers Kevin and Jennifer Bowler Teresa Bracewell Michael Brady Eddie and Janet Braga Kimberly Brantley (’03, DB) Kristina Brantley Boris Bravo Christopher and Cylinda Bray John Brazelton Leonard (’97, ’99, DB) and Mary Brazis James Brill George and Shannon Brinkman Barbara Briseno Nick and Maureen Brixius John and Sheree Brodak Joseph and Kristin Brost Robert and Jean Brown Casey and Craig Brown Charles and Maryann Brown Christopher Brown J. Hyatt and Cynthia Brown Jeff and Heather Brown Joni and Harold Brown Richard and Anne Brown Thomas and Rosanne Brown Benjamin and Sandra Brusberg Richard and Marjorie Bryant Bill Budzinski William and Chad Bullock R. Scott Bunn Randall and Jill Burge Debbie (’93, ’96, DB) and Dean Burke Duane and Deborah Burris Joseph Busch Anne Busse-Gandt and Robert Gandt (’06, WW) Barbara Bustamante Julie Butcher Brian Butka Samuel (’02, ’03, WW) and Beverly Butler Norma Butler (’03, WW) Gregory and Kasia Butterfield Wendy and Jason Byrd Suzanne Byrne Lillie Cagle Mohamed Camara Dom Cambareri Kristin Campbell (’11, WW) Joseph and Barbara Cameron Kathleen (’09, WW) and Frank Campanaro Fred and Christine Cappillino Michael Capron Juan Carbajal John and Andrina Carey Brian Carhide (’96, ’12, DB)


Jeff and Lee Carine Marge and Robert Carlton Laura Carno Marie-Jose Caro (’84, DB) Bruce Carper Ricardo Carreras Christopher (’13, DB) and Tori Carta Shannon Cartwright Linda and Brasi Casamento Karyn Casner Clayton Cassella Carlos Castro (’02, ’14, DB) Erma and Mario Castro Diane Cato Michael Cavaliere Margaret Cavallo Vincent Cellini Maria Mercedez Ceron Alan and Zoe Cesar Bruce Chadbourne Aline Chance Pamela Chandler Kristina and Darrell Charbeneau Cheyne Chavoya Edward Cheri Charles and Grace Childs Ronald and Teresa Chilian Yoon Choi Donald and Adrienne Chong Michael Chronister Robert and Terry Cieslak Kathleen and Michael Citro Nathan (’08, DB) and Shannon Clapper Deborah and James Cleary Aaron Clevenger Angela and Eric Cobb Crystal Cobb Patricia (’00, WW) and Richard Cody Zev Cohen Jared Cokley Virlyn Cokley Sandra and Scott Coleman Terry and Barbara Collins Robin Colwell (’10, WW) Ronald and Kathleen Conahan Milton and Charlene Cone Thomas and Barbara Connolly Buddy Cook Donna Cook Aaron Copley Kenneth and Lisa Corbin Judith Corbitt Janet Cosman-Ross (’98, WW) and Patrick Ross (’97, ’98, WW) Fredrick and Linda Costello Douglas and Beth Cottingham James Cox and Arline Ott Cox Lynn and Russell Cox

Jennifer and Jeremy Craig Frank Crane Virginia Cranfill Miller Daryn and Gail Crawford Shelbert and Linda Creech Rosa Criado and Bryce Quidor Yechiel and Lea Crispin Martine Criswell D. Clifford and Lynn Crook Denise and James Crosby Ronald and Sandra Crowe Karen and Chris Cudzilo Douglas and Robin Cummings James and Cheryl (’96, DB) Cunningham Kathryn and Jim Cunningham Brian and Ruth Curley Patrick Currier Maire Curry Tamilla Curtis (’01, DB) Terry and Andrew Dallas John Dame Linda and Kevin Dammer Peter and Laura Danielsen Meachelle Darley (’99, DB) Andy (’95, WW) and Zandra Dattel Todd and Nicole Dauchy Zakaria Daud Richard and Jane Davenport Kathleen David Beverly and Daniel Davis Brett and Julia Davis Brian Davis and Virginia MacGowan Therese Davis Norman and Joyce Dawson Christine Day and Gerald Huber Michelle Day (’91, PC) Aissa De Sela Amy and Robert Deahl Keith (’05, ’12, DB) and Kristin Deaton W. Edward and Ruth Deaton Stephen (’94, WW) and Suzanne Dedmon Jana and Thomas Deery Mary Jane Deighan Cliff and Kathie DeKnikker Laura Del Favero Jeri Delgado Luis and Melba Delgado Ronnie Delp John Denigris Dan and Molly Dent Kenneth and Lori Deschene Faith and Richard DesLauriers Joanne DeTore Loresa Dever Paul and Harriet Dodd Jacki Donaldson

Pete Doragh Robert and Fran Dordick Justin Dorval Bryan and Sonja N. Dougherty Daryl and Sheri Douglas Steven and Janeth Dow Diane (’14, DB) and John Dowhy Catherine and Michael Downes Judy and Antonino (’98, ’07, ’13, WW) Drago Sergey and Irina Drakunov Brian and Maureen DuJardin William and Kimberly Dunne Kelsi Dunne Steven (’95, DB) and Lisbeth Durnin Henry and Susan Eakle Bailey Eaton Hillary and Christopher Eaton Tiffany Eberheart Amy Ecclesine Frank and Sally Eddy Sharon Edwards Thomas Edwards Pamela and Brian Eilts John and Vicky Ekaterinaris Michael and Lynne Elder Gary and Crystal Ellington Crystal and John Ellis Jared and Sara Emmons Raymond Eng Jeanette Engel Peter and Susan (’10, DB) Erdman Robert and Debra Ericksen Lance Erickson Habib and Mitra Eslami Anthony (’94, ’08, WW) and Venus Esposito David Esser (’81, ’84, ’87, ’89, DB) Kurt Estorez (’09, PC) Joanne Evanoff Michael and Monica Fabian Norman and Nancy Fain Julia Fanok David and Paula Farrell Bruce and Betty Farry Paul Fatell Mark Fauer Scott and Barbara Faught Emily Faulconer Shirley Fedorovich Nathan Feeser (’14, DB) Robert Fiegl (’93, WW) Thomas and Milena Field Frank and Carole Fisher Gary and Cathleen Flanagan Janis and John Flanagan Robert and Sherry Fleck Gretchen Flint Adam Flowers (’11, DB)


Debbie Flowers Louvina Flowers Truett Forrest Janine and Mcgaha Foster Timothy and Tina Marie Fox Andrew and Cynthia Fraher Betty Jane France Monalisa Francis William and Linda Francis Maria Franco Paul and Jeri Francoeur Brittnee Freeman (’14, WW) Donna and Paul Fremont Anasarah Fresco Daniel and Diana Friedenzohn John and Ann Frigge Martin and Mary Fritsch Brian Frook and Barbara Dann Mark and Jane (’12, WW) Fugler Erin and Brent Fulton Eric and Raigan Fundalewicz Lawrence and Michelle Galbreath June Gall Jonathan Gallimore Joslynn Gallop Susan and Thomas Galloway Anilkumar Gangadharan Sathya Gangadharan and Manjula (’96, ’11, DB) Sathyanarayan Eva Garcia Luis and Ana Garcia Abriel Gardner Wanda and James Gardner Keith (’83, DB) and Linda Garfield Petros Garyfalakis Kevin Gassert Ralph and Lisa Gay Michael (’11, WW) and Lorraine Geiger William and Linda Geiger William and Sandra George Donald and Amy Gessmann Donna (’03, ’08, DB) and James Giambra Walter Gibbs Richard Gibson Stacey Gill Jaclyn Gilmour Marcia and David Gitelman Tom Gladding Eric Glant Leigh Glazer David and Paula Gluch Ebenezer Gnanamanickam Vincent and Reva (’09, WW) Goins Jayendra Gokhale and Rashmi Gupta Erin and Brian Goldesberry Vladimir Golubev Evelyn Gonzalez

MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

Luis Gonzalez Consuelo Gonzalez-Lugo Shaun Gooch Thomas and Kellyann Goring Javad and Azita Gorjidooz Mary Gorman Lori and Rodd Gould Christopher and Cynthia Grant Susan and Fred Grassin Samuel Greene (’12, PC) Cindy and Richard Greenman Larry (’87, PC) and Debra Gregg Patricia and Kent Gregory David and Lori Gregson Glenn Greiner (’81, ’90, DB) and Paulita Kundid Andri and Ellie Gretarsson

Martha and George (’83, DB) Happ Julie and Robert Harari Steve Hardock Scott Harkins Edward and Patricia Harley Roberta Harney Shaun and Rebecca Harney Brenda Harrelson Diane (’14, DB) and Carl Harrington Sammie Harris Kelley Harrison Robert and Heidi Harsha Barbara Hartman Chrystine and Ron Harttraft Leanne and Gary Harworth

Michael and Samantha Henshaw David and Maureen Hernandez David and Lori Hernandez Arturo Herrera Robie and Carolyn Hester Duane Heuer Lynn and Rodney Hickox Elizabeth Higgins Frost Steven Higgins John and Patricia Hilgenberg Henry and Jimmye Hill Kathy and George Hill Pamela and Gregory Hill William Hill Joel and Debra Hiller Jennifer Hinebaugh (’02, WW) and Michael Mulrooney


Phil and Cheri Griffin John and Sonja Griffith Rebecca and William Griffith Wendy and Jerry Griffith Tyrone and Dawn Groh James and Stephanie Grumbine Snorri (’91, ’94, DB) and Linda Gudmundsson Thomas and Jolene Guinn Jon Haass L. Helen Hadley Hamilton and Rahna Hagar Anna Hagler Thomas and Jolene Hahn Adriana (’12, DB) and Anthony Hall Frederick and Catherine Hall Todd and Elizabeth Hallberg Douglas and Juanita Halls Andrew and Cheryl Hamilton James and Sabine Hanamean John (’10, PC) and Kelly Hanson

Eric and Shelia Hasselstrom Joe Hatcher Jack and Debbie Haun William and Haley Hawes Antony (’02, DB) and Amy Haworth David Hayashi Shigeo Hayashibara James Haynes Lee and Mary Hays David (HonDoc ’91) and Mary Ann Hazen Merrie Heath Jennifer Heaton Kyle Heffelfinger (’12, PC) Sara Heffelfinger (’01, PC) Victor and Andrea Heller Anthony (’15, WW) and Rowena Hemingway Troy and Melissa Henderson Kathleen and John Hennessy

Joel and Laura Hinojosa Adam and Melissa Hinton Debra and Terry Hintz Erica Hitchens Bich Ngoc Ho Gabrielle Hoekstra (’14, DB) John and Suzanne Hoekstra Richard and Victoria Holder Barton and Elizabeth Holmes Cinda Holsombach-Ebner and Andreas Ebner Dianne Holt (’06, ’10, DB) Douglas Holton Andrea and Scott Hooper Peter and Cynthia Hopfe Ameena Hosein Padraig and Tania Houlahan Deborah Housley Diane Howard Eugene and Susan Howard Carla Howe Paul and Dawn Hriljac


FRIENDS, BOARD MEMBERS, STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF Karen and Gerald Hudson Keefe Huffman Janice and Jeffrey (’85, DB) Huffstickler Silvia Hughes Brennan Hughey Marian Hulecki Donald (’87, DB) and Susan Hunt Gregory and Donna Hunt Roy and Torrey Hunter Jonathan and Mary Husni Samantha Husted Anne Hutchison Daniel and Elizabeth Ann (’06, WW) Indomenico Derek and Elaine Ingersoll Richard and Rebecca Irvin Janet and Bradley Isackson David Ison (’03, WW) Gianni and Anna Rita Iurassich Dorothea Ivanova-Poppler and Lou Poppler Linda Ivey Marla Ivy-Holness Girish and Rohini Iyengar Shideh Izadi-Haddad and Clement Haddad Camille Jackson Sally Jackson Susan Jackson (’07, DB) and Charles Schelble Elliott and Carol Jacobs Jason Jacobs and Maria Icenogle Kathryn and Arthur (’74, DB) Jacobs Curtis and Elaine James Matthew and Barbara Janowicz Joann and Arthur Jansen Barbette (’99, DB) and Jay Jensen Jesper Jensen Sean (’88, ’94, WW) and Jean Jeralds John Jerome Meredi and James Jiloty Joan and Lloyd Jiminez Jeannise Johnson Jeffrey and Rebecca Johnson Michael and Elizabeth Johnson Todd and Jennifer Johnson Robert Johnston and Francesca Pandolfe-Johnston Stanley Johnston Anne Jones Katie and McKray Jones Richard and Lisa Jones Alan and Cecelia Jorczak Robert and Kayren Jost Iris Joyner Myra Jumper Stacey Junkins


Patricia Kabus (’09, WW) Patrick Kadrmas Amanda Kadykowski Bruce Kafil Valey Kamalov Courtney Kane John and Heidi Kane Richard and Ruth Kaneko J. Lester and Elan Kaney Percy and Roshni Kanga William and Janet Kappa Mike and Marjan Kargar Thomas and Christine Karpinski Diana and Richard Kasper Richard and Beth Kearney David Keck and Karin Gollin Chad and Jennifer Keller Eugene Kelley Mary Kelley Doug Kelly Janice and Harvey Kelson Ahmed Kenaiou Alan Kenson Raymond and Mary Lou Kenzik Richard Keough Jane Khaiyer Jitander and Sushila Khatri Kody Kidder James and Andie Kidrick Valerie Kielmovitch Daewon Kim (’04, ’06, DB) and Sunyoung Baek Leann King Valerie (’10, WW) and Jared (’10, WW) Kisseloff Eileen and James Klein Margaret Klemm Curtis Kline James Klingele Pawel Klisz Rhonda Klyzub Edward and Victoria Knab Daniel Knecht Jaime Koch and Austin Hastings Todd Koenig Linda and Michael Kollar Jesse Kopelke Lisa Kopp Johnelle Korioth Andrew and Lucyna Kornecki John Koury Daniel Kowalsky Karen Krantz Kevin Krogh Paula and Robert Kropp William and Dorthy Kuhlman Leah Kunzer Mark (’01, ’06, DB) and Kathleen Kurcin Richard Kuseski Christie Kuszik

Kathleen Kuznia Daryl and Sallie LaBello James (’67, DB) and Virginia Ladesic Susan and Peter Laing Beverly Lambert Christopher and Tracy Lambert Eileen Landis-Groom and Richard Groom Michael and Martha Lane Amanda Langston Jason Langston and Sharleen Jenniges David and Lisa Lanning Linda Larkin Alan and Margaret Larsen Mark and Jeanette Larsen Dana Larson David and Shirley Larson Linda Lastinger Paul and Sherry Latten Kelly (’10, WW) and Mark Laubach Vicki and Robert Launders Martin (’06, WW) and Gina Lauth Joseph and Lori Lawrence Nancy Lawrence Michael and Dawn Laylock Pamela and Robert Layton William and Kathleen Lazarus Aitor Lazo Sarrionandia Donna and Robert Leake Ashley and Scott Lear Linda and Richard Lecates John Ledgerwood and Eileen Jackson Bonnie Lee Kai Lee Kiljae Lee Robert Leinhauser John and Alice Leishman L. Gale Lemerand Glen and Lisa Leo Norma and Leonzo Lepe Jen and Chris Lesshafft Wade (’01, WW) and Debbi Lester Eric Letzgus Steven and Suzanne Lewis Wesley and Sarah Lewis James and Joyce Libbey Patricia and Gordan Lieffers Thomas Lilley Rodger and Angela Lindenfelser Jianhua Liu Zhuangren Liu and Li Ding Steven Livingston David Lloyd Olivia (’00, WW) and Maurice Lloyd LeeAnne Loftfield and Mark Polan

Doug Logan Steven and Mary Logan Gerard Lombardo Carolyn Lopez Golden Lopez Maria Lopez (’12, DB) Stacy and Rolando Lopez Richard and Marisa Lorant Christine Loughney Cheryle Love Richard and Adrienne Lowe Jacob and Elizabeth Ludwick Jacqueline and Marc Luedtke Lynette Luff and Frank Caiola Craig Lund Ralph Lymburner Christine and Douglas Lynch Gordon and Dorothy Lynch Keri (’01, DB) and Evan Lyons Tasos and Garyfallia Lyrintzis Timothy and Cherryl MacFawn Claris Mac’Kie William MacQueen Jack Madden Gloria Madden Dirinda Maddy Marie Maese-Thomason Alan Malnar Joseph and Leann Malphurs Marie Malzahn Olena Manakina Nicholas and Mary Manderfield Sauro and Susan Manganelli Richard and Ashlee Mangum Kevin and Pamela Mannix Lynn and Bernard Mapes Christina and David (’05, PC) Marciniak Dawn Marcuse John (’96, PC) and Lori Markham Kathy (’09, ’12, ’14, WW) and Scott (’09, ’12, ’14, WW) Markwith Craig and Debra Marlowe Janet and Michael Marnane Dana Marnell Dan and Asami Maronde Lisa Maroni Donald and Velma Marsh James Marsh Kerry Marsh Jon and Lisa Marshall Bryan and Barbara Martin Earl Martin Mary Martin Paul Martin Samuel and Pennie Martin Jeffrey Martindale Gloria Martinez Noe Martinez (’85, ’01, DB; ’01, ’06, WW) Patricia Martinez


Juan Martinezestrada Anthony Marzano and Frances Dinapoli Marzano George and Mary Mas David Massey Steven Master William and Grace Masters Michael and Deborah Masters Matthew and Graciela Masterson Robert and Sharyn Materna Joyce and Michael Mattingly Keith Mattingly Ronald and Rochelle Mau Theresa (’05, WW) and Edward Maue Darlene and John (’76, DB) Mazur Patricia McAllister Myron McCall Gina McCarthy James McClure and Denise Mammolito Patrick and Kay McConagha Judy McDaniel Patrick and Shauna McDonnell Patrick McDonnell Patrick and Alisa McElhenny Patric McElwain Gregory and Kathy McGuirk Joshua and Stacey McIntire Jessica Mckee Darryl and Maria McLellan Carl McManus William and Misuza McManus Bobby (’05, WW) and Evelyn McMasters William and Linda McMunn Ward and Theresa Mead Lynn Mealhow Fred and Gloria Meek Bill and Joena Meier Kathy and Warnie Meisetschleager Elena and Christopher Melchert Jack and Almina Melton Andrew and Annalisa Mena Melissa Mena Gregorio and Marion Mendiola Steven and Patricia Merchant Jill (’02, DB) and John Meridith Juan and Lanette Merkt Cecilia Merriman John Merski Garret (’06, WW) and Stephanie Messner Kent and Linda Meyer Eric and Charlotte Meyers Joshua Meyers Winfred (’91, ’92, WW) and Celia Mihill Renny and Penny Miles Gordon and Virginia Millar

MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

Hugh and Muriel Miller Meghan Miller Ralph Miller (’04, WW) Sandy and Mary Miller Shawn Miller Marilyn Millspaugh James Milsom Taylor Mitchell Mohammad Moallemi and Shafagh Jafer Stephen (’97, WW) and Earlene Moczary Stephen and Carmen Moddle Kishore and Bhagvati Modi Sidney and Edna Moglewer Lori Mollo Hever and Paola Moncayo Lasso Joseph and Deborah Mondello Carol and Richard Monroe Rafael and Julie Monte Irene and Dennis Montgomery Gary and Doris Moore James Moore Mustaffa Morad Nancy Moran (’02, DB; ’06, WW) Ann Morgan Judith Morgan Andrew and Kathleen Morin Robert Mortensen Christopher Mosher John and Susan Moynahan Paul and Christie Mucciolo Mark and Lauren Mueller Melanie Mugford Rae Ann Mulligan Charlene Mullins Edward (’11, DB) and Elizabeth Mummert Lori Mumpower and Janson Jones Cynthia Munie Michael and Nancy Munier Noel and Carol Munson Agop and Agata Muradian Jose Muriente Michael and Diane Murphy Charles and Laura Murphy John and Constance Murphy Michael and Lucia Murphy Shannon Murphy Jim Murro Peter and Katy Myers Laura Naden Jeanette Nakata Sirish Namilae and Sunitha Shivadevuni Lakshmanan and Usha Narayanaswami Mark and Heidi Nash George (’86, ’04, DB) and Jan (’07, DB) Neal

John and Laureen Neff Daniel (’98, ’01, ’02, WW) and Virginia Nehring Brent Nelson Mila Nevland Dave Newman Nicole Nguyen Michael Nichols Richard and Kristin Nicols Michele Noetzel Wayne and Patricia Nolder Theresa Nolte Anita Nordbrock Keith Norden Brian and Becky Nordstrom Gini Norgard Kevin and Lynne Norris Christine North Scott North Gary and Janice Northam Thomas and Dena Northshield Keith and Alice Novatnak Lynne and Winona Nuttall Kekeli Nuviadenu Monye Nwokogba Kelly O’Brien Sarah and Stuart (’06, DB; ’13, WW) Ochs Edmund (’04, ’10, DB) and Eunice (’05, ’10, DB) Odartey-Williams Christine Odom Jackie O’Hara Sandi and Francis Ohman John Oldt Stephen and Jayne Olley Craig and Dayna Olson Jeffrey and Rebecca Olson John and Alyssa (’04, PC) Olson Patricia (’98, ’99, WW) and Robert (’98, WW) Olson Daryl Ono Nancy Oquendo James and Ellen O’Shaughnessy Raymond (’83, ’89, WW) and Deanne Otto Kathleen and Jack Ottoson Sandy Ou John and Linda Outten Kathleen and Richard Owen Richard Owensby Sandra Palmer Yakubu Pam Mehul and Seema Pandya Kristine Parker Donald and Claire Parkinson Donald and Karyn Parks Rosemary and Rafael Parlade Deborah and Leonard Parris Kathryn (’95, DB) and Kenneth Parsons David and Elizabeth Paschal

Pam Passmore Kunj Patel Mayur Patel Denise Paterno Pat and Anne Patterson Rob and Angie Patterson Jennifer and Tim Pattison John Paulson David and Suzy Peltzman John and Kim Perdue Kathleen Pericola Margaret Perkins Richard Pernell Eric and Areta Perrell Debra Perry John Pesce (’96, ’03, DB) Robert and Beth Peters Pamela and Frank Petrone Patrick and Renee Petsche Polly Peyer and Brian Grady Tiffany Phagan Jennifer Phillips John (’90, ’92, DB) and Ann Phillips Mario Piccinini and Diana Amick Scott and Kelly Piecewicz Michael Pierce Dudley and Carolyn Poe Todd and Paula Poitras Meghan Pokorski Michael (’92, WW) and Marjorie Polay Thomas Polk Edward Poon Jeanne and Douglas Poray Brian Porter Nelson Porter Peggy Poston Michael (’09, DB) and Melody Potash Jarrod Poveromo John and Elizabeth Powanda Shawn Powers Kelly and Timothy Pratt Richard and Angel Prazenica Andre and Stephanie Prescott Deborah Lee Prescott James Presta Debra Preston Lindsey Preston Irwin and Barbara Price Lynn and Richard Prine Timothy Pritchard Joseph and Tina Progar Theodore Provost Vince Pujalte (’10, WW) Kang Yuan Quake Kathleen Quinto Brian Rachford Tammie and Greg Radikopf Frank and Rosemary Radosta


FRIENDS, BOARD MEMBERS, STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF Vivian Rafael Wong Petronila Rafael Joe Raley Alfred and Martha Ramirez Stacey and Scott Ramirez Samuel and Jacalyn Ramondelli Kay Rampersad Julie Rand Ramin Rashedi Greg Raskin George and Janet Raven Adrienne Ravizzoli Christina Recascino Robin and John Reece Amy Reed Paula Reed Judith Rees Deeann Resk and Paul Bunnell Rita Restrepo Rene Revueltas Adrian Reyes Rodriguez Monika and William Reyes

William and Joanne Robertson KC and Darelyn Rock James and Amy Roddey Steven and Bunjong Rogers Bonnie Rohde Virginie and Bertrand Rollin John (’73, DB) and Uta Rollins Michael Rollins Jeffrey and Pamela Romeyn Mark and Cynthia Roop Preston and Lynn Root Michael and Sibylle Rosamond Michael and Carrie Rosolino Jeffrey and Terri Ross Sherilyn Rossiter Martin and Iris Roth Suzie and Tony Roth Rebecca Rother Eugene and Loretta Round Peter (’89, DB) and Donna Rounseville Donald Roy


Mahmut and Sevilay Reyhanoglu Dawna and John Rhoades Edward and Tracy Ribeiro Patrick Rice Sally Richards Charles and Joan Richardson Roberta and Michael Richardson Mark Ricklick Nancy Riedel Shawn Riley Amy Riordan Patricia Ripa Kenneth and Denise Riseborough S. Donley and Sharon Ritchey David Roach (’13, DB) Peggy and Richard Roach John Robbins (’08, DB) Carl and Karen Roberts Donna Roberts (’10, WW) Kirt Roberts Robin Roberts


Kendall and David (’89, PC) Roy Stephanie and Joshua Rozboril Horst and Aleta Rudrich Terry and Kimberly Rumer Crystal and Michael Runyan Susan Russell Geraldine Ryan Sandra and Vincent Saar Marie Saccente Joseph Sage (’11, WW) Delbert Salazar Peter and Mary Hope Salocks Albert and Mariann Sam Steven Samples Judith Samuels Davene and James Sanchez Annette and Loren Sanders Jeff Sanders Raymond Sanders Sidney and Betty Sandifer Stanley Sandmark

Valentin Santiago Philip and Rhonda Santini George and Judy Sara Jeffrey and Linda Sargent Rachelle Sarnow Julieta and Donald Scheffler John and Diane Schmidt Robert and Cynthia Schmidt Robert Schmitt Kathleen Schrok James (’04, WW) and Marian Schultz Julie and Dean Schultz Kevin and Kim Schultz Lee and Laura Schutze Mark and Luz Schwartz Lynn Schwedes Robert and Banjaree (’13, DB) Score Lisa Scott-Kollar (’97, ’09, DB) and Matthew Kollar (’99, DB; ’07, WW) Robert and Denise Seaman Don and Billie Sedan Judy Segner Remzi Seker Mark and Laura Sensmeier Dongeun Seo and Jiwon Kim Timothy and Susan (’13, PC) Sestak Fred and Nancy Setzer Katherine and Karl Sevier Gina and Stephen Sevigny Conrad and Marcia Shad Richard and Linda Shanahan Christopher Shannon Cynthia and Bruce Shannon Matthew Sharp Heidi and Gregory Shaw Jasa and Eugene Shaw Arthur and Victoria Sheridan James (’12, DB) and Jess Sherman Vicki Lynn Sherman David Shewbridge Martin and Cheryl Shinko Janet and John Shoenfelt Rebekah Shook Richard and Shirley Shook Joseph Showalter Jenny Showalter Derek Shreiner Tariq (’03, ’04, ’08, WW) and Tayra Siddiqui Jeffrey Sidwell Alexis Sieg John Siegel Ana Sierra Dean Sigler Kathy Silvas Rachel Silverman

Dana Silverstein Jean Simmons Anita Simone Dawn Simpers Alana (’03, ’08, ’14, WW) and William Sims Bradford and Holly Sims Mark and Nancy Sinclair Jennifer Sisk Gulamabus Sivjee Bruce Slack (’99, ’02, ’03, WW) Kevin Slezak Scott and Teresa Slover Susan and David Small Alison Smalling (’96, ’98, DB) Abel Smith (’12, PC) Alan and Mary Smith Ashley and Justin Smith Beth and Bill Smith Deborah Smith Kenneth Smith Martha Smith Marvin and Connie Smith Pierre-Olivier Smith Raymond and Lisa Smith Skylar Smith (’13, PC) Timothy Smith Todd Smith Alicia and Stephen (’95, DB; ’13, WW) Smyth Gregory and Marjorie Snell Jonathan and Maggie Snively Richard and Trai Snodgrass Janice (’98, WW) and Cyrus Snyder Robin Sobotta (’84, WW) and Thomas Roush (’06, ’08, WW) Roger Sonnenfeld (’86, DB) James and Christine Soos Somkhit Soukhome Patrick Spanfelner (’11, DB) Leslie Speck Brent (’83, WW) and Cheryl Spencer Nick and Joan Spiroff David St. Martin and Gail Erlitz John Staley Richard and Amy Stansbury Kenneth Staton Charles and Melanie Stegall Michael and Laura Stegall Mark and Elaine Stella Scott Steman Brooks and Darcy Stephan Elizabeth and George Sterthaus Darrell (’09, DB) and Hilary (’08, ’11, DB) Stevens Steven and Carol Stewart Roderic and Leslie Stipe John Stitt Angela Primavere (’11, WW)


John and Beverly Storm Ira and Laura Strauss Shari and Ronald (’93, ’11, DB) Strauss Anatoly Streltsov Stacy (’88, WW) and Brigitte Strickland Linda Stuart Carmen Stubbs Kathy Styer Deborah Surdu Timothy Sutherland Wanda Swan Jennifer and David Swanchara Brian and Angie Syford David Sypeck Kimberly Szathmary (’96, WW) Deborah Szeman Thomas (’77, DB) and Nancy Tacker Ali Tamijani George Taylor Lisa Taylor William (’82, ’89, ’05, WW) and Diana Teeple Robert (’05, WW) and Prakob Terhardt Fay Theos David Therneau Dan and Paula Thiewes Bobby and Lee Thigpen Fanny Thomas Holly and Thomas Thomas Mary and Gary Thomas Rita Thomas Romeo and Florence Thomas Sarah Thomas Sean and Christine Thomas Erin Thompson Jack (’05, WW) and Mary Thompson Margaret and Bruce Thompson Raymond and Dianne (’81, DB) Thompson Richard (’66, DB; ’82, WW) and Peggy Thompson Kathleen Thoreson Gopichand Thotakura Jennifer Thropp Mary and Peter Throumoulos John and Loretta Tolland Andrew Toole Sherrill Tooley Faith Torres (’12, WW) Lucille and Scott Tournour Massood Towhidnejad and Khandan Molavi John and Kristy Tracy Robert Traller Nancy Tran-Horne Dorothy Truax

MC / Miami Campus (pre-1965) DB / Daytona Beach, Fla. PC / Prescott, Ariz. WW / Worldwide Campus

Nina Truong Robert Turner Stanley and Joan Turner Vickie Tusa Richard Tuttle and Lucie Daigle Robert Tyler Bogdan Udrea Brian Ulmer John and Sandra Upchurch Gary and Lynnda Upton Alan and Linda Uyehara Shirley Vaden Samantha and Christian Vale Jason Valente Daniel Valentine and Carla Nystrom Jean-Noel and Paula Vallejo Erich Van Auken Ralph Van Breet Mary Van Buren Anne Van Wylick Waleska Vargas Bijan and Behnoosh Vasigh Kenneth Vasilko Barbara and William Venema Kimberly Venema (’11, DB) Derek and Myra Ventrcek Gary Vessell (’13, WW) Penny Victor Mark and Kathleen Vidovic Miguel and Gabrielle Villa Barry Visser Walter Vogelpohl Peter (’69, DB) and Linda Vosbury Leon Wachtel Joan and Fred Wackowski Joanne and Mark Wagenschnur Sandra Wagner Blaise and Carla Waguespack Molly and Derek Wainscott Donna and James Walden Bradley Wall and Brighid Murphy-Wall Karen Wall Yvette Wallace and Timothy Manning Todd (’94, ’97, DB) and Anna Waller Daniel and Susan Walsh Robert Walton (’08, WW) Pat and Patricia Ward Dale and JoAnn Warden Josef Warfel Gregory and Christie Warmoth James and Rachel Wasilewski Eric Watkins Patricia Watkins John R. Watret and Elizabeth Mathews Cathy Watt

Mary Ann and Lester Weaver Andrew Webb (’11, PC) James Weber Jenny Webster Donna and Thomas Weglewski Jacqueline and Zachary (’14, ’15, DB) Wehr Thomas and Linda Wehr George and Lorraine Weick Arthur and Laura Weigand Ralph Weiger Shirley Weikel Michael and Pennie Weise Michael and Debra Weiss Richard and Brenda Weiss Benita and David Welch Nancy Wencel Lisa Wess April West Melanie West and Donna Keesee Kevin Wheeler Carol White Cody and Lauren White Darris and Melinda White James and Beebe White Justin and Kimberly White Margaret and Phillip White Monique White Nevin White George Whitfield Barry Whitley Teresa Whitley Stephen and Leslie Whitmer Robert and Monica Wiech Margaret Wiegand (’11, WW) Maureen Wiley Christopher Wilke Denise and Robert Will Catherine Williams Dennis and Denise Williams E. David and Ellen Williams John and Katherine Williams Karen (’00, ’04, ’09, DB) and Joe (’11, ’14, DB) Williams R. Rachel Williams Constance Willis Carol and Keith Wilson Joseph Wilson Matthew and Lisa (’05, WW) Wilson Cherise Wintz Betty Wisniewski Kenneth (’02, WW) and Sarita Witcher Sara and Larry Withrow Daniel and Stephanie Wizikowski Jennifer and Christopher Wojton Gary and Windy Wolfe Jenna and Scott Wolfe Larry and Barbara Wolfrum Choi Yoon and Wing Wong

Charlotte and Glen Woolcott David and Deirdre Woolford Sarah Worsham Catherine and John (’95, WW) Wright Frank and Michelle Wright Sandra Wyatt Brian and Monica Wyka Maryellen Wynn (’90, DB) Philip Yacht (’15, DB; ’08, ’09, WW) Gary and Deborah Yale Tianyu Yang and Lifang Lu Kurt Yearout Judith York Daniel and Donna Young Douglas and Pamela Young Lesli Young Chunyan Yu and Li Yan James and Carol Zacha Gregory (’10, DB) and Christine Zahornacky Gary and Ann Zallar Teresa Zamboni Valerie and Raul (’84, ’86, DB) Zambrano Michele and Caroline Zanolin Norbert and Josette Zarb John Zazzera Stephen and Sylvia Zeigler Zane Zeigler Jim Zeisler Charles Zeller Nancy Zeman Hong Zhan and Guorong Qu Yi Zhao and Xiaohong Wang Vahid Zia Robert Zimmerman Sandra Zimmerman Joanne Zimmermann Sandra Zinzilieta Christopher Ziolkowski Julia and Hank Zirckel Ashley Zolenski Kenneth and Cheryl Zook Li Zou and Juemin Zhang Arian and Adriana Zuppas Jacob and Patsy Zwick


Daryl LaBello

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. John Amore (’73, DB)

Chief Executive Officer Global General Insurance Zurich Financial Services (Retired)

Mr. Kenneth Dufour (’85, ’89, WW) President Aviation Management Consulting

Dr. Charles “Chuck” Duva President & Chief Executive Officer DuvaSawko Inc.

Mr. Jim Henderson (HonDoc ’13) Chairman & Chief Executive Officer AssuredPartners Inc.

Dr. Karen Holbrook Higher Education Consultant

TRUSTEES EMERITI Mr. Mori Hosseini (HonDoc ’13; ’78, ’79, ’82, DB) Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Intervest Construction Inc.

Gen. Ronald E. Keys U.S. Air Force (Retired) Principal RK Solution Enterprises Senior Advisor Bipartisan Policy Center

Gen. Arthur J. Lichte U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Mr. Joseph Martin (’74, DB)

Office of the Chairman & Vice Chairman of the Board Fairchild Semiconductor International (Retired)

Mr. David O’Maley

Chairman Emeritus Ohio National Financial Services Inc.

Mr. Glenn S. Ritchey President & Chief Executive Officer Jon Hall Automotive Group

Mr. David Robertson Owner Robertson Racing

Mr. Jean G. Rosanvallon President & Chief Executive Officer Dassault Falcon Jet

Mr. Zane Rowe (’91, DB)

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President EMC Corporation

Mr. Jon Slangerup (’81, WW) Chief Executive Officer Port of Long Beach, Calif.

Ms. Nicole Stott (’87, DB) Astronaut National Aeronautics & Space Administration (Retired)

Mr. Jay C. Adams Jr. (HonDoc ’08) Executive Vice President Brown & Brown (Retired)

Mr. Lawrence W. Clarkson President Boeing Enterprises (Retired)

Mr. Philip Elliott Jr. (HonDoc ’04; ’72, DB)

Attorney at Law Philip H. Elliott Jr., P.A.

Mr. Harry Lamon Principal Lamon & Sherman Consulting

Mr. S. Harry Robertson (HonDoc ’72) President & Chief Executive Officer Robertson Research Group

CONTACT THE OFFICE OF DEVELOPMENT Mr. Christopher Lambert, J.D. Senior Executive Director Development 386-323-8827

Mr. Steven Bobinsky Executive Director Development 928-777-4210


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Because of you, Embry-Riddle students have an extraordinary opportunity.

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Daytona Beach Campus’ Senior Class Councils, which raised more than $25,000 toward endowing the Senior Class Council - Senior Eagle Scholarship.







Matthew Lester

Daryl LaBello


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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 2014-15 Annual Report on Philanthropy  

Designing Opportunities, Building Futures

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 2014-15 Annual Report on Philanthropy  

Designing Opportunities, Building Futures