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My full name is Sara Virginia Martinez Alvarez; I like to think that four names are better than two. I speak Spanish, English & Spanglish, maybe a little Portuguese. I’m from Puerto Rico, but my second home is Guatemala City. I drop my S’s when I speak & I tend to make up words when I can’t find the right one. I cook, I dance & I tweet. At times, I will have the loudest laugh in the room. If we’ve met, I will remember where, when, what you were wearing & what your name is. I will also have looked at your shoes to try & glean some knowledge as to who you are. I like to remember moments & I secretly hope life is following me around with a video camera, recording every move I make. In the end, my only wish is to influence others, you know, in a good way, just as others have influenced me.


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BYU Advanced Advertising Lab Advertising Consultant 2009-2010 Provo, UT Participated as account manager, handled various projects simultaneously, enabled effective teamwork & effected results for the agency and the client. Clients included: Gatorade, Holiday Inn, Aflac, UNICEF Tap Project, Smith & Wollensky, Nature Valley, Coke Zero & Tabasco.

Brigham Young University Provo, UT BA: Communications: Advertising Major GPA: 3.60 April 2011

Especially For Youth 2008-2010 Provo, UT Mentored, taught & counseled a group of 8 to 12 youth Guatemala City Central Mission Office 2006-2007 Guatemala City, Guatemala Translated medical documents from English to Spanish in a timely manner.

SKILLS Speak, read & write Spanish and English. Comprehension of Portuguese Mac OS & Windows XP Microsoft Office, Excel & PowerPoint Qualtrics

AWARDS & ACTIVITIES Most Promising Minority Student Class of 2011 American Advertising Federation Member Secretary for the BYU AAF Chapter L’Oreal Brandstorm 2010 & 2011


THE TASK As a part of their Holiday Inn campaign, McCann Erickson NY needed a fresh, new (and inexpensive) concept for a music video of up-and-coming music artist, Kyle Andrews & his song, “You Always Make Me Smile.”

THE INSIGHT Kyle Andrews is a Youtube sensation, why not take it to the next level with the next biggest viral video?

THE BIG IDEA Get 120,000 water balloons, 4,000 people, one world record & put Kyle right smack-dab in the middle with his guitar for the World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight.

MY ROLE - Liaison between McCann Erickson & the Ad Lab. - Managed teams for creative, production, media & promotions. - Created & managed a timeline, as well as an all-inclusive budget. - Planned & executed the World’s Largest Water Balloon Fight.


THE RESULTS Professional One Show Bronze Penciil Award, Professional Gold ADDY & People’s Choice Award. YouTube featured the music video on their homepage for Music Tuesday. Press in Creativity Magazine, Teen Vogue, The Daily, Billboard, Gizmodo, & more. A million views within 2 weeks. A huge reinforcement to McCann’s Holiday Inn campaign featuring Kyle Andrew’s music.


THE TASK Raise a call-to-action to the community to visit the museum’s biggest exhibit in years, displaying Carl Bloch’s inspiring artwork imported from Denmark & Sweden.

THE INSIGHT Carl Bloch’s paintings are recognized within the community, but Carl Bloch himself is relatively unknown.

THE BIG IDEA Experiencing & marveling in the reality of the paintings will never compare to just seeing them.

THE ARTICULATION “Revel in the Reality”

MY ROLE - Managed the creative team during the concepting & production process. - Coordinated & set up meetings. - Created a production timeline. - Assisted in the production of the TV & radio spots.


TV spots ran on KSL to promote the exhibit, along with the idea of “Revel in the Reality,” that you have to experience the paintings in their entirety.


iPad application created for a more interactive experience within the exhibit, provides more information, videos, interviews and panoramic views of the actual paintings in Europe.


THE TASK Conduct qualitative & quantitative research on BYU students & their outlooks on overall wellness after the original Wellness requirements were discontinued.

THE METHODS -17 ethnographies & focus groups, projective methods implemented. -3,000 surveys sent out to students with 873 responses, all analyzed with SPSS.

THE INSIGHT Students feel that BYU as an entity doesn’t care about their overall wellness. They aren’t aware of the many wellness sources & opportunities that the university offers.

MY ROLE - Liaison between the client & the Ad Lab. - Managed & organized two teams of 30 to 40 planners. - Wrote brand model & creative brief. - Prepared the final presentation to the client. - Created a new branding initiative.

BRAND MODEL CURRENT BRAND POSITION Facets of student wellness are convoluted & lost within the immensity of the University. Students are unaware as to services the University offers & find out what little they know through inconsistent channels. DESIRED RESPONSE BYU Wellness is evidence of a responsive administration, providing guidance by encouraging, educating & enabling students to pursue life-long wellness. CONCEPTUAL TARGET The Unbalanced BYU Student Students focus on one part of their Wellness, but don’t acknowledge the other components that they do not recognize as a priority. They focus too intensely on one aspect but ignore the others. Obsessing over the details, they fail to grasp the larger picture of personal wellness. CORE DESIRE “I thrive on the sense of accomplishment, from academic success to social relations. I feel less stress once I’ve accomplished something & all of my efforts seem worthwhile.”

ROLE OF THE BRAND BYU Wellness provides services that help students feel fulfilled. The program lessens stress by providing balance in the students’ lives, fleshing out the neglected aspects of wellness to create a more holistic experience. As a guiding resource, BYU Wellness empowers the student according to their individual wellness ambitions. COMPELLING TRUTH BYU Wellness is an evolving program, the administration is listening to the student voice, & the website acts as a hub of information which compiles University resources. SELLING IDEA BYU Wellness spreads you out without spreading you thin.

THE RESULTS Campus announcement/campaign to the students to communicate the news of a brand new Student Wellness program that includes a director & an advisory council. An accessible & student-friendly website that compiles & organizes every wellness entity on campus.


When a girl feels that she’s perfectly groomed & dressed, she can forget that part of her. That’s charm. The more parts of yourself you can afford to forget, the more charm you have. F. SCOTT FITZGERALD



Musings in Femininity is a tumblr blog that I started simply as a creative outlet & source of inspiration. Before I knew it, it became a project dedicated to a celebration of femininity, fashion & all things fabulous.

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