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F R E E Volume 7 • Issue 35 Night of New Wilton College CHAMPIONS Campus Open by Christina James Saratoga TODAY

by Andrew Marshall Saratoga TODAY

SARATOGA SPRINGS – For the first time in its 28-year history, the Saratoga Springs City Center will play host to a night of intense mixed martial arts (MMA) action as the Kaged Kombat Fighting Championships present “Night of Champions” scheduled for September 8. Three new champions will be crowned during the first amateur MMA event to be held at the City Center. Highlighting the 12-fight card will be bouts for the 155-pound lightweight title, 185-pound middleweight title and the 265-pound-and-up super heavyweight title. Tickets will be available at the door the night of the fight, with doors opening at 5 p.m. before the fights begin promptly at 6 p.m. What makes this event so unique isn’t just the debut at the City Center, but rather that some of these fighters are getting their first chances to compete in front of their hometown crowd. Currently, promoting a professional mixed martial arts event is legal in 48 out of 50 states, with the two holdouts being New York and Connecticut. This does not include

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WILTON – The town of Wilton is again establishing itself as one of the county’s most up-and-coming areas with the completion of the brand-new SUNY Adirondack Wilton Center. With its population nearly doubling in the last two decades, Wilton continues to transform its resources to meet the diverse needs of its new community, and now, has an educational environment that suits it. “This is a real upgrade from the old facility,” Photo by said Michael Prutsman, the director of the

The new SUNY Adirondack campus in Wilton.

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Hotel Hell-of-a-Guy

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Celebrity Chef Offers to Pay for Local BOCES Graduate’s Culinary Education


by Daniel Schechtman Saratoga TODAY

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CAMBRIDGE – Local BOCES graduate Donald “Scooter” Telford accomplished something many world-class, professional chefs have failed to do time and time again - he impressed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. So much so, in fact, that Ramsey has now offered to pay for the next four years of Telford’s culinary education.

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Donald “Scooter” Telford and Chef Gordon Ramsey.

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TODAY Family Fun Day at the Ndakinna Education Center Week of August 30 - September 6, 2012

GREENFIELD CENTER – The nonprofit Ndakinna Education Center hosted a Family Fun Day Sunday, August 26. Highlights of the day’s events include an informative hike through Marion F. Bowman Bruchac Memorial Nature Preserve, arts and crafts and a performance by the zany Zucchini Brothers. Speaking of Zucchini, guests were treated to fresh offerings from the Greenfield Community Garden. You could say it was not you’re “garden variety” family day as participants felt more connected with Ndakinna (which means “our land” in Abenaki). If you would like to be more connected with "our land,” visit their website at and don't miss the Saratoga Native American Festival at Spa State Park September 29 and 30. Photos by



Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Lenworth McGowan, 43, of Lot 18, Ave. M, Malta Gardens, Mechanicville, pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance, a class-C felony. McGowan was arrested November 10 in Malta for an incident that occurred September 21 and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 22. Michael James Roy, 35, of 28 Mohawk Dr., Waterford, pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing a sexual performance by a child, a class-E felony. Roy was arrested July 18, 2011, in Waterford for an incident that occurred July 11 and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 22. Shawn Shaver, 29, of Mt. McGregor Correctional Facility, pleaded guilty to a charge of fourthdegree attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance, a class-D felony. Shaver was arrested March 27 in Moreau for an incident that occurred January 14 and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 29. John Rafferty, 31, of 27 Sumner Park, Rochester, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while intoxicated, a class-E felony. Rafferty was arrested June 9 in Saratoga Springs and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 22. Anthony J. Volino Jr., 36, of 1 Wintergreen Ave., Queensbury, pleaded guilty to a charge of firstdegree criminal contempt, a class-E

felony. Volino was arrested June 28 in Halfmoon and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing September 21. Akiva D. Abraham, 47, of 316 Miller Rd., Rexford, pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree grand larceny, a class-D felony. Abraham was arrested in Clifton Park for incidents that occurred between April 1, 2007 – October 12, 2008, and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 25. Andre M. Clark, 36, of Bldg. # 49, McClellan St., Schenectady, pleaded guilty to a charge of thirddegree criminal sale of marijuana, a class-E felony. Clark was arrested January 5 in Clifton Park for an incident that occurred July 20, 2011, and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 26. Kathleen C. Freeman, 59, of 1 South Federal St., Saratoga Springs, pleaded guilty to a charge of thirddegree attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance, a class-C felony. Freeman was arrested March 13 in Saratoga Springs for incidents that occurred December 20 and January 24 and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 19. Billie Jo Parker, 37, of Lot 110, 100 Gordon Lane, Wilton, pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance, a class-C felony. Parker was arrested June 20 in Wilton for an incident that occurred May 25 and is scheduled to return to

court for sentencing October 26. Tyler J. Grennon, 32, of 396 Eastline Rd., Ballston Lake, pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance, a class-C felony. Grennon was arrested January 24 in Malta for an incident that occurred December 7 and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 29. Clinton L. King, 52, of 1012 State Rte. 50, Apt. 109, Ballston, pleaded guilty to a charge of firstdegree attempted robbery, a class-C felony. King was arrested May 3 in Ballston and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 16. Darryl K. Munger, 52, of 4 Kobor Rd., Gansevoort, pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance, a class-C felony. Munger was arrested February 21 in Northumberland for an incident that occurred November 1 and is scheduled to return to court for sentencing October 16.




WEEK IN REVIEW Saratoga Springs City Council Hears from the Public on Capital Budget

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SARATOGA SPRINGS – The Saratoga Springs City Council held a special session the afternoon of August 28 to once again present the 2013-2018 Capital Program before opening the floor up for public comment on the proposals. Mayor Scott Johnson made a similar presentation to his first meeting, where he outlined some of the more important aspects of the 2013 budget, which is projected at $4.3 million. This number includes $414,000 in infrastructure renovations to the city’s police department and $100,000 for a storm sewer on Wedgewood Avenue among 30 other prioritized items. When the public was given their chance to speak, some offered critical takes on the way the city is deciding to spend so freely. There were calls for conservatism in the face of uncertainty with both the New York Racing Association (NYRA) potentially about to be reorganized and warnings that another economic downturn looms ahead in 2013. Pamela Burke, president of the Saratoga Springs Southwest Neighborhood Association, addressed the council to advocate for more funds to be directed toward a proposed pedestrian and bicycle-friendly path along Geyser

Road. “We are looking for completion of an important connection,” said Burke. “It’s a 2.8 mile trail which will continue to expand the trail systems in the city. Our goal is to provide safe passage along the heavilytraveled and potentially dangerous Geyser Road. I believe the traffic has increased tremendously.” John Wilson, representing the East Side Safety Committee, would approach the council on an omission from the 2013 budget: the construction of an EMS and fire facility on the eastern plateau of the city. “Last year when we commented on the Capital Budget we were pleased to see that an emergency need on the Eastern Plateau was recognized. The budget provided about $200,000 in 2012 and $192,500 in 2013.” He says funds originally scheduled for 2012 and 2013 are either missing or pushed back, as only the $200,000 has been earmarked for 2014. “I don’t understand, you say you agree there is a need for an emergency facility east of the Northway, then you come up with a proposed Capital Budget and it doesn’t have any serious funding for it,” said Wilson. “One has to wonder how priorities are set when such a public safety need is completely ignored. I can only hope this is not the approved budget, but that funds


Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


could be added.” In one of the lighter moments of the meeting, speaker Phil Diamond pointed out that while the $414,000 for police department infrastructure is necessary and wise to do, that improving the cramped space they currently occupy in the basement of city hall doesn’t make much sense. “Instead if we’re going to spend that kind of money, why spend it and have the cramped? It doesn’t make any sense. So they’ll have nice cramped spaces?” Later in the meeting, following an executive session called forth by Accounts Commissioner John Franck, the council would vote to use the proceeds raised from the auction of tax delinquent properties in the city to be set aside for the budget for 2014 or possibly later.

modate the unusual circumstances and have two canoes this year. The canoes bearing the royal blue and white of Alpha’s owner Godolphin Racing and the green, blue and orange of Golden Ticket’s Magic City Thoroughbred Partners were launched August 30 just five days after the historic finish in the $1,000,000 Travers Stakes. Alpha is trained by Kiaran McLaughlin and was ridden by Ramon Dominguez. Golden Ticket is trained by Kenny McPeek and was piloted by jockey David Cohen. Technically, the Travers has finished in a dead heat once before, back in 1874 when Attila and Acrobat finished in a tie. They would later hold a run-off which determined Attila to be the eventual winner.

Travers Dead Heat Leads to Two Canoes on Infield Pond


SARATOGA SPRINGS – By now, you’re sure to have heard the news that the 143rd running of the Travers Stakes ended in the first official dead heat in the race’s long history. Traditionally, the colors of the winning horse’s stable colors are painted on a canoe, which is then launched in the pond to be displayed until a new champion is crowned. Since there were two winners, the New York Racing Association (NYRA) has decided to tweak tradition in order to accom-

In the August 24 - August 30 issue of Saratoga TODAY, we printed an article titled “New Occupancy Tax Could Generate up to $100,000 for Saratoga County.” However, the occupancy tax discussed is not a new tax. Instead, the county sought to change the existing occupancy tax legislation and close what many viewed as a loophole several online travel companies used to their advantage. Saratoga TODAY regrets this error.




Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Scooter Impresses Chef continued from Page 1 Telford, who worked as a prep cook at the Cambridge Hotel, first met Ramsey during the filming of his show, “Hotel Hell,” for which the celebrity travels across the country to dilapidated inns, hotels and bed and breakfasts to try and turn the failing establishments around. “I really don’t know what he picked up on,” said Telford of Ramsey’s interest in him. “But the [executive] chef that worked at that hotel, Rich Wilson, said he saw the same thing. He says that when you look at me, you can just see that I have the heart and the passion – that I cook my heart out.” Despite Telford’s talent for cooking, the culinary arts weren’t the 20year-old’s first passion growing up. “I always wanted to play sports – I really enjoy playing soccer,” said Telford. “But I wasn’t really able to do sports or anything else after I had all of my surgeries.” Telford underwent two scoliosis surgeries at a young age, when doctors placed two metal rods in his back to help correct the condition. He’s also undergone two heart sur-

geries – one as late as last year – that included a heart-valve replacement. Though the surgeries put him on the sidelines, they opened up another avenue that Telford may have never considered otherwise. “I realized I had a talent for tastes and for plating and so something just clicked,” said Telford. “Everyone was like, ‘hey, why don’t you just cook?’” Telford enrolled in a culinary arts and hospitality course at the Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex (WSWHE) BOCES school to learn the basic techniques – sanitation, cooking, breading procedures and baking, where he was fortunate enough to be a member of Chef Maureen Clancy’s class. “My teacher, Chef Maureen Clancy, was a big influence on me,” said Telford. “I did a cake-tin decoration, and mine was a Donald Duck. She looked at me after that and told me I should look at this for a living – that I’d done a really good job.” Inspired by his teacher, Telford went on to intern and eventually work at the Cambridge Hotel, where he first earned his nickname,

“Scooter.” “I was there for a month and a half and the chef saw how I moved around the kitchen for being my size – 5 foot 9 and a half inches – and how I could actually adapt and move around, squeeze into places. But the one thing that caught on was my speed,” said Telford. “So for just being my size, he called me Scooter.” But it’s clear that Scooter isn’t just fast after watching the show – Telford was all business during the episode, working hard enough to impress the usually hard-to-impress Ramsey. “My parents and I spoke the night before it happened. They just said, ok, show them what you can do and maybe something good will happen,” said Telford. Still, Telford said he never expected to have Ramsey offer to pay all four years of his education. “It was just sudden. He really didn’t give anybody a heads up. He just came in the room and said it right out loud, just like that,” said Telford. “At first I didn’t really know what to do. My mouth kind of dropped on the inside; my heart skipped a few beats. And all of a sudden it sunk in.” While the Cambridge Hotel has

closed since filming completed, Telford has taken Ramsey’s gift and pushed forward. Already he’s enrolled in the culinary arts program at Schenectady County Community College, and has plans on transferring to Paul Smith College for his last two years. “I’m also working a little bit, try-

ing to earn a little extra money. Hopefully down the road, I’d like to have my own bakery,” said Telford. “It was just a really fun experience,” Telford added. “I wish I could do it again, but this time be on the opposite side of things, working to help Ramsey out in other places. That would be a fun experience.”

Final Stretch Festival SARATOGA SPRINGS - The summer season at the Saratoga Race Course is coming to a close, and to celebrate, the region kicks off the Final Stretch Festival Friday, August 31 - Monday, September 3. On Friday, August 31, fans are invited to stay after the races and “Party at the Spa,” presented by Coors Light. Located at The Post, the event features live music from Two Tenors of Rock, along with great food and drinks. On Saturday, September 1 Sunday, September 2, head to downtown Saratoga to enjoy free musical entertainment from 10 different bands in popular Saratoga locations. Music will begin both nights at 7 p.m. and continue through 11 p.m., featur-

ing jazz, blues, acoustic, funk and rock bands. Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend Barbecue and Family Fun Fest Sunday, September 2 – Monday, September 3 at the Saratoga Race Course, and snag the last giveaway item of the season – a red Saratoga fleece blanket – on Sunday. For $25, fans can also enjoy a selection of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, salad, desserts and more at the At the Rail Pavilion. Family Fun Fest, held from 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday and 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday, features children’s activities in the backyard, including carnival games, magicians, caricature artists and pony rides. For more information, visit



Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


SUNY Adirondack Wilton Center Opens continued from Page 1 Wilton Center. “Before, students always had to go to Queensbury to take [lab and graphic design] classes and their bread-and-butter courses. Now, they can take them here.” The new 32,000-square-foot campus features a state-of-the-art graphic design Mac lab, an interdisciplinary biology and chemistry lab, a 72-seat lecture hall and 15 technolo-

gy-equipped classrooms. Student lounge areas, computer stations and faculty offices are just some of the things the new site has to offer. “The old building was just two hallways,” said Prutsman. “Here we have 15 classrooms - that’s five more than we had before, and the building was constructed for additional expansion. Last year we had 616 students, this year - 716.”

Photo by

The Wilton Center’s new 72 - seat lecture hall.

With the site’s physical additions, the school is now able to offer a considerable number of additional courses. Previously unavailable classes in graphic design and photography are now offered, and lab courses in chemistry and biology have also been made possible with the addition of a high-tech science lab. Prutsman says that even though there are a lot of new educational opportunities at the campus, it’s the student life that is paramount. “Customer service is our numberone focus around here,” said Prutsman. “The Queensbury campus closes at 4 p.m.; here, we are open until 10. Students can get academic advisement, there’s a tutoring center - they have the capacity to do everything on-site.” The campus’ location on Route 9, sandwiched between exits 15 and 16 on the Northway, is in the middle of it all and an ideal spot for local students. “We looked at other areas, but when it came down to it, we’ve been

The new Mac lab. here since 1994, we wanted to move quickly, and this is a prominent location right now on Route 9. This corridor is continuing to grow, and Wilton is continuing to grow.” The center hopes to reach out to more than just its enrolled students. Its 72-seat lecture hall has already been booked by the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce for

Photo by

presentations, and the school has plans to use the room for community movie nights. “We have signed a 25-year lease,” said Prutsman. “We plan on being here for a while.” For more information on the Wilton Campus, its upcoming events and course offerings, visit




Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Champions continued from Page 1 amateur level bouts, which is why Kaged Kombat is allowed to promote here. The newly-created middleweight title will be up for grabs as 2006 Saratoga Springs High School graduate Scott Holzwarth takes on Justin Pierpont. Holzwarth says he got the itch to begin training when he needed an outlet following the completion of his high school athletic career. “I started training jiu jitsu and kickboxing six years ago, beginning the summer I graduated high school,” said Holzwarth. “I could no longer play football like I did in high school and I needed something else to do. I saw the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) fights on television and one night there was a commercial for Empire Martial Arts, which is where I train now. I started training and I haven’t stopped for the last six years.” Holzwarth has previously fought for the Burlington Brawl promotion based out of northern Vermont. His last fight was a knock-out win over Simone Spano. As for what keeps him fighting, Holzwarth says it’s a desire to see his years of training pay off. “I enjoy the training and testing myself,” said Holzwarth. “I try to make all the hard work worth it.” Competing in front of a crowd in his hometown of Saratoga has Holzwarth excited, but his hopes of turning professional hinge on the outlook of professional MMA being legalized in New York. “I’m all for the legalization of MMA as long as they regulate it correctly like they are in all the other states,” said Holzwarth. “There’s no reason that we can’t have this economic generator right here in our state as well.” The promoters themselves echo Holzwarth’s sentiment about fighting here in New York, and hope to bring both MMA events and more revenue to the state. “We are thrilled to hold our event in Saratoga Springs and invest our dollars locally. I think Kaged Kombat is going to be a wonderful edition to the vibrancy of our downtown,” said Chad Beatty, co-owner of Kaged Kombat. “ Competing for the super heavyweight title is another local fighter named Dan Ladd, who after starting his career 2-0 has found himself competing for the gold against Kentuckian Marty Doll. The 2009 Schuylerville High School graduate

has previously compete for the Kaged Kombat promotion, winning his last fight in under a minute to earn his spot on the card. “My first fight I really grinded out a victory against a guy who was 4-0,” said Ladd. “The fight could have been stopped several times but he kept grabbing the cage when I tried to apply a choke. I won my second fight in 46 seconds and now here I am fighting for the super heavyweight title.” The designation of super heavyweight generally applies to boxing, where it is the amateur equivalent to the professional designation of heavyweight. While it might conjure the image of slow, lumbering fighters, Ladd says his athleticism is what sets him apart in his division. “You’d think at my weight class there’s not much athleticism, you know? We’re all really big guys,” said Ladd. “I’ve always been fast, and for a long time I was one of the smaller guys in my weight class. Now that I’m one of the bigger guys, I haven’t lost my athleticism and that speed is my biggest advantage.” When asked what keeps him motivated to fight, Ladd answers that the rush of entering the cage fuels his own personal determination to see his hand raised at the end of the fight. “The biggest thing is that as soon as you walk in and you hear the gate close behind you, you know it’s real. There’s nothing left to do but find out who the better man is that day,” said Ladd. ”I’ve always been really competitive; it could be playing Monopoly or it could be a fight. The point is I have to win. I have to be the best.” The fact that the show is in Saratoga Springs isn’t lost on Marvin Maldonado, the 135-pound Bantamweight fighter who has lived and trained in the Saratoga region for years. He’ll be facing Hector Funes of Patchogue, New York, in his fourth official appearance for Kaged Kombat. “I’m very excited and there are a lot of people who are very excited to come to my fight, where they may have wanted to in the past but have been too far away,” said Maldonado. “Most of the time it’s a two and a half hour drive, so they can’t make the trip. Now it’s only five or so minutes away and I just can’t wait.” Maldonado says he was pleased with how he’s been fighting, but looks to improve even more. “I’ve been working on my takedown defenses, as I’m going to try and keep the fight upright where I feel

more comfortable,” said Maldonado. “I know my opponent has a wrestling background and so I definitely want to avoid going to the mat.” Making his debut in the fighting world, P.T. Ortiz holds a much less intense day job as a local acoustic musician. The Queensbury-native is set to face Juliano Zanetti in the 155pound division, and hopes to make an impact in front of the New York crowd. He’s spent his time training in jiu jitsu, amateur wrestling and boxing to prepare. “I’m feeling very confident. I’ve trained five to six hours a day the last

couple months preparing for this fight,” said Ortiz. “I was supposed to make my debut at an earlier event but I was injured. I’m definitely ready this time and I’m looking forward to it.” The newcomer is healthy and hopes to continue fighting in front of his family and friends for years to come. “I always thought my first fight would be here in Saratoga, so when I had to drop out of my original fight [in Vermont], this kind of worked out. A lot of people I know are going to be there to support me, and it’s even got

some historical significance being the first MMA card here.” Also on the “Night of Champions” card are bouts between 120-pound female fighters Heather Lynn and Paige Matheson; Mike Lopez taking on Ryan St. Andrews; and Mike Dorsey facing Kevin Leonard. “These young men and women are skilled athletes who train harder on a weekly basis than most people train in their lives. They are finally able to showcase their skills locally in front of their friends and family,” said Beatty.


OBITUARIES Vincent G. O’Herron

Greenfield Center - Vincent G. O’Herron, 58, passed away Tuesday, August 21. Born November 21, 1953, in Elmira, NY, he was the son of Vincent and Beverly Harding O’Herron. He leaves his loving wife of 28 years, Denise Keenan; daughters, Siobhan (David) Dahl, and Kasey and Shannon O’Herron; brother,

Terrance (Ann) O’Herron; sister, M a r y a n n (Marty) Flynn; grandchildren, Keely and Kenzie Dahl and Kedra LeClair; in-laws William (Catherine) Keenan and Kathleen; and a host of loving aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. Services were held Saturday, August 25.

Edward Henry Ebert Edward Ebert, 82, passed away Friday, August 24. He was born November 7, 1929, in Saratoga Springs, NY, to Edward J. Ebert and Elizabeth Clark. He is preceded in death by his parents; James Ebert; sisters, Margaret Neville, Caroline Carney, Betty Hill and Dorothy “Dot” Rouse; brother, George; and infant child, Cheryl Elizabeth. Edward is sur-

vived by his wife of 38 years, Bertha; son, James Ebert; stepsons, Alvin, Joseph (Penny), Charles (Kim) and Gerald ( C i n d y ) Provanchie; daughters, Kelli (Adam) Roselan and Beth (Barry) Sweet; stepdaughters, Karen (Ronnie) Baker, Victoria (David) Kilburn; sister, Lou Yandow; and many nieces, nephews, cousins and grandchildren. Services were held Wednesday, August 28.


Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


Newman Edward “Ned” Wait, III Saratoga Springs, NY - Newman Edward “Ned” Wait, III, passed away August 21. He was 65 years of age. He was the son of Newman Edward “Pete” Wait Jr. and Jane Caroline Adams both of Saratoga Springs. He served two tours of duty in the United States

Army in Korea during the Vietnam War and was a sergeant in the signal corps. Survivors include his mother, Jane Adams Wait; his sisters, Marian Wait Walsh and Caroline Wait Putman; and his brother, Charles Valentine Wait. Services were held Friday, August 24.

Christopher D. Harvey Malta, NY – Christopher D. Harvey, 27, died Tuesday, August 14. Born October 9, 1984, in Newburyport, Mass., he was the son of Tammy Somers and David Harvey. Survivors include his fiancée, Kayla N. Scolamiero; their unborn daughter, Sophia Gisile Harvey; their family dog, Biggie; his soonto-be in-laws, Peter and Valerie

Scolamier, Christian, Niko and Olivia Scolamiero; The excitement for his new family is what kept him going. Chris is also survived by his mother, Tammy Somers; and stepfather, Howard Masterson; brother, Sean Wood; nephew, Sean Neil Wood; sisters, Chaundra Harvey and Courtney Somers-Wood; and nephews, Aiden Christopher and Liam Michael Doty. Services were held Monday, August 27.

Raymond A. “Coach” Waldron Saratoga Springs, NY – Raymond A. “Coach” Waldron, 80, passed away Friday, August 17. Born April 5, 1932, in Mechanicville, NY, he was the fifth child of Hawley and Carolyn Sipperly Waldron. He served as an Infantryman in the U.S. Army and fought in the Korean War, defending Pork C h o p H i l l with the 25th Infantry Division. Ray was preceded in

death by brothers, David (late Rita) and Frank (Nancy); and a sister, Carolyn (late Louis) Herman. Survivors include his wife of over 50 years, the former Carol Fitzpatrick; children, Kathy (David) Scarbalis, Joe (Mary), Raymond Jr. (Colleen), Bryan (Sue), William and Meghan (Jeff) Allen; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren; and his siblings, Hawley (Jeanne), Terry (Kay), Elizora (late Albert) Conway, Thomas (late Patricia), Richard (late Judy), Earl (Heidi). Services were held Tuesday, August 21.

Edmund F. Mrak Sr. Saratoga Springs, NY - Edmund F. Mrak Sr., 83, passed away Tuesday, August 14. Edmund was born April 15, 1929, to the late Edmund and Gail Mrak. A veteran of the Korean War, he traveled throughout Europe with the U.S. Army. Survivors include his former wife, Renate Mrak; and their three children and spouses, Leslie and David McLoughlin, Darren and Dee Mrak and Edmund

Mrak Jr, and Linda Ziolo; his grandchildren, Kari McLoughlin, Doug McLoughlin and his wife, Ashlee, and Colden Mrak. He is also survived by his sister, Bonnie Jean Giovannangelo, and his nephew, David Vooris. He is remembered fondly by Margaret Ferrara, Wolfgang and Sue Walter, Peter and Sharon Walter and their families. Burial with military honors will be at 11 a.m. Friday, September 7, 2012, at the Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery, Duell Rd., Schuylerville.

To view the full-text version of the obituaries printed on this page, visit the archive section of It is the policy of Saratoga TODAY to publish obituaries as a service to our readers. Please send your obituaries to Eric Havens at



Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012





Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


Education Briefs Aaron Grady Hired as New reputation throughout the upstate Assistant Principal New York region, especially with

SCHUYLERVILLE - The Schuylerville Central School District welcomes Aaron Grady as a new assistant principal for Schuylerville Middle School and Schuylerville High School. Grady was appointed by the Board of Education at its last meeting. “The district has an incredible

its strong tradition of academics, the arts and athletics,” Grady said. “I’m excited about this opportunity and I’m looking forward to being part of a high-quality and wellrespected district.” In his previous position, Grady was a sixth-grade guidance counselor at Gloversville Middle School. During his time at that school, he also worked as dean of students/assistant principal, a middle school testing coordinator and master scheduler and as the grades seven-eight guidance counselor. In addition, Grady served as coach for Gloversville’s varsity girls’ soccer, junior varsity girls’ basketball and modified girls’ basketball teams. Prior to his employment in

Gloversville, Grady worked as a guidance counselor at Catholic Central High School in Troy, a counselor at the Family Counseling Center in Gloversville and in numerous counseling and case management positions in Erie, Penn. He feels his counseling experience will serve Schuylerville well. “My background has allowed me to develop an understanding of the challenges facing today’s students—at home, in school and in the community,” Grady said. “I think this type of experience can be very beneficial.” Grady earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology/social work from Gannon University in Penn, a master’s degree in guidance and counseling from Sage Graduate School in Troy and administrative certification from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Continuing Education Course Registration Beginning September 5 SARATOGA SPRINGS Saratoga Springs School District offers a robust continuing education program for the district’s residents, including high school students with the consent of the director. Non-residents will be accepted with a cost differential of $3 per course. Courses are offered in the fall

and spring. The fall 2012 class schedule will be mailed in late August and is also available online. Registration will begin September 5 and classes begin the week of September 24. Most classes meet for seven weeks from 7-9 p.m. unless otherwise indicated. Most classes will be held in the high school or the Maple Avenue Middle School. Please check listing for other locations. All classes are filled on a "firstcome, first-served" basis. You will only be notified if a course is canceled or closed out (there is no notification of acceptance into a course). For more information, call John Grady at (518) 583-4782 or send an email to

Last Phase of Construction Project Focused on Increasing Energy Efficiency SCHUYLERVILLE - The final phase of the Schuylerville Central School District’s construction project is focused primarily on initiatives to improve energy efficiency. “The projects are similar to those that you’d tackle in your home if you were looking to lower energy costs—namely, lighting upgrades, window replacements and some heating and ventilation work,” said Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds Peter Riggi.

In the district, the energyefficiency projects include: • Replacing T-12 fluorescent light fixtures with T-8 fixtures throughout classrooms and hallways in the elementary, middle and high schools. Both high school gymnasiums will have the metal halides light fixtures replaced with high- efficient T-5 fixtures; this switch is also taking place in the original elementary school gymnasium. All parking lot lights are being replaced with LED fixtures (they are currently metal halide fixtures, also resulting in significant energy savings. • Replacing original single-pane windows in the elementary school with UV-rated thermal pane windows. Selected older windows in the high school (primarily those installed in 1955 and 1991) are also being replaced. • The front façade of the high school is getting insulated panels, which add a significant “R” value to the exterior walls and will make the areas weather-tight, along with the new windows. • The high school gymnasium heating and ventilating unit has been rebuilt and two large motors have been replaced with new energy-efficient motors. • Radiant heat has been installed in the Student Services Center and the main office at the high school. When everything is completed the district expects to realize a significant annual energy savings.



Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


Free and Reduced Price Meal Policy for Saratoga Springs City Schools SARATOGA SPRINGS - The Saratoga Springs City School District announces a free and reduced price meal policy for Saratoga Springs area school children. Local school officials have adopted the following family eligibility criteria to assist them in determining 2012-2013 eligibility: 12866, has been designated as the Hearing Official. Hearing procedures are outlined in the policy. However, prior to initiating the hearing procedure, the parent or School Food Authority may request a conference to provide an opportunity for the parent and official to discuss the situation, present information, and obtain an explanation of the data submitted in the application or the decisions rendered. The request for a conference shall not in any way prejudice or diminish the right to a fair hearing. Only complete applications can be Food Stamp/TANF/FDPIR of participants may also be used for approved. This includes complete the allocation of funds to federal Households and accurate information regarding: education programs such as Title I Households which currently the Food Stamp, TANF, or FDPIR and National Assessment of include children who receive Food Educational Progress (NAEP), state case number; the names of all houseStamps or Temporary Assistance to health or state education programs, hold members; on an income appliNeedy Families (TANF), or the provided the state agency or local cation the social security number of Food Distribution Program on education agency administers the the person who signs the form or an Indian Reservations (FDPIR) must programs, and for federal, state or indication that the adult does not complete an application listing the local means-tested nutrition pro- have one, and the amount and source child's name, a food stamp, TANF or grams with eligibility standards of income received by each houseFDPIR case number and the signacomparable to the NSLP. Eligibility hold member. In addition, the parent ture of an adult household member, information may also be released to or guardian must sign the application or provide a Direct Certification letprograms authorized under the form, certifying the information is ter from the NYS Office of National School Lunch Act (NSLA) true and correct. Temporary and Disability or the Child Nutrition Act (CNA). Assistance. Children in the houseThe release of information to any hold with the same case number may program or entity not specifically be included on the same application. authorized by the NSLA will require Separate applications are required a written consent statement from the for children in the same household parent or guardian. with different case numbers. If the The school district does, however, family does not list a food stamp, have the right to verify at any time TANF or FDPIR case number for all during the school year the informachildren for whom they are applytion on the application. If a parent ing, then the application must condoes not give the school this infortain all the information as required mation, the child/children will no for “other households� as described longer be able to receive free or below. reduced price meals (free milk). Other Households Foster children may also be eligiHouseholds with incomes the ble for these benefits. A separate same or below the amount of money application for a foster child is no listed above for their family size may longer necessary. Foster children be eligible for and are urged to apply may be listed on the family applicafor free and/or reduced price meals tion which must contain the foster (or free milk). They may do so by child's name and personal use filling in the application forms sent income. Under the provisions of the policy, home with a letter to parents. Additional copies are available at the the designated official will review principal's office in each school. applications and determine eligibiliApplications may be submitted any ty. If a parent is dissatisfied with the time during the school year to ruling of the designated official, Margaret Sullivan, school lunch pro- he/she may make a request either orally or in writing for a hearing to gram director the decision. The information provided on the appeal application will be confidential and The Asst. Superintendent for will be used for determining eligibil- Business, whose address is 3 Blue ity. The names and eligibility status Streak Blvd., Saratoga Springs, NY




Business Briefs Sperry’s Restaurant Celebrates 80 Years in Saratoga SARATOGA SPRINGS Sperry’s restaurant, located at 30 ½ Caroline Street, is celebrating its 80th anniversary in the Spa City with an end-of-thetrack-season party Monday, September 3 beginning at 5 p.m. Guests are invited to swing by for complimentary hors d’oeuvres and great drink specials offered throughout the evening. Entertainment will be provided by the George Boone Blues Band, who will take to the stage

for a 7 p.m. performance. For more information or to make reservations, call (518) 584-9618. Visit Sperry’s online at

Panza Hands Back 28 Tables to Metro Owner SARATOGA SPRINGS After a few months under the name “Panza’s 28 Tables,” the 17 Maple Avenue upstairs location is reverting back to simply “28 Tables” after Anthony Panza failed to obtain a liquor license for the establishment.


Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

“It was tragic for us,” said Anthony Panza, who served as a consultant during the summer season. While Panza had hoped to reestablish his family’s presence in downtown Saratoga with the venture, complications with State Liquor Authority forced him to step back. The establishment will now be overseen by Tim Stuto, owner of Metro and 28 Tables. Stuto ran 28 Tables before he handed it over to Panza earlier this year. Although 28 Tables will be ending its dinner services for the summer season Sunday, September 2, the establishment will continue to cater parties, weddings and other events. Stuto also noted that despite Panza’s difficulty securing a liquor license (in part due to the building’s layout), he has been fortunate enough to secure one himself. “Although [Panza’s] could not get a liquor license, I have a liquor license,” said Stuto. Stuto said 28 Tables will resume their dinner services next year for the summer season.

Expert to Share Insight on Silicon Valley and Saratoga County SARATOGA SPRINGS Silicon Valley venture capitalist, innovation expert and author Victor Hwang will present “Building Innovation Ecosystems,” at the Saratoga Springs City Center Wednesday, September 12, where he is slated to share his ideas and insights on how Saratoga can cultivate the next Silicon Valley. Hwang, author of “The Rainforest, The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley,” will discuss Saratoga County’s local economy, which in no small part has been (and will continue to be) shaped by the arrival of the GlobalFoundries computer chip plant. Hwang will discuss the area’s regional assets and how to build upon them to assure local success. “Saratoga County and the Capital Region have a rich ecosystem of talent, ideas and capital that we should continue to capitalize on to grow the econo-


my from within,” said Dennis Brobston, president of the Saratoga Economic Development Corporation (SEDC). “We don’t expect this region to be Silicon Valley, but we should take the best ideas and business culture and replicate that here,” he said, adding, “We are excited to have Victor Hwang come to Saratoga County.” Hwang is being hosted by SEDC, National Grid and SEFCU. The presentation will be held from 8 - 10 a.m. on September 12, with registration opening at 7:30 a.m. SEDC members can also register online for $25; members of the general public can attend for $40. The first 250 people to arrive will receive a copy of “The Rainforest,” courtesy of the Center for Economic Growth. For more information or to register for the event, visit Call Colleen Seidel at (518) 587-0945 or email with registration questions.




Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Total Body Trifecta Joins Forces with MyGym Fitness Center by Daniel Schechtman Saratoga TODAY BALLSTON SPA - After nearly 15 years at their 61 Lawrence Street location in Saratoga Springs, Total Body Trifecta (TBT) is making the move over to MyGym Fitness Center in Ballston Spa August 31, where the two organizations will join forces to offer a more robust, complete fitness package to their clients. “The property [at 61 Lawrence Street] has been for sale for seven years, so we knew it was inevitable, someday, that we were going to have to move,” said Fantauzzi. “But Mark and I have actually been fitness colleagues in one shape or form for almost 30 years. So when the landlord sold the property and we knew we would have to find a new home by August 31, I immediately thought of Mark.” Fantauzzi first met Boudreau when she and her husband were members at Mark’s original gym, before she opened TBT. Since then, the two have attended and worked side-by-side at many fitness workshops, always keeping in touch with one another. “We always had a mutual respect for each other,” said Boudreau. “And I think that it’s to our benefit to get these two strong businesses together and team up. I think it’s a big shot in the arm for my gym.” In many ways, Fantauzzi and Boudreau are on the exact opposites ends of the fitness spectrum - something they believe will

photo provided

Total Body Trifecta group fitness instructors, from left to right: Donna Sausville, Simone Noud, Renee Hostetler, Linda Houious, Susan Brooks, Mary Anne Fantauzzi, Ellen Ehrlich and Yonka Perkins. help them better serve their clients. “His specialty is really personal training, youth fitness, spinning and boot camp classes, and he has an amazing kickboxing program over there,” said Fantauzzi. “And then our expertise is more the aesthetic side of group fitness. We have two different kinds of ballet workout classes, a Pilates program, a yoga class, a steps program and a good-old-fashioned high-step aerobics program.” “They have a nice variety of classes that we didn’t have,” said Boudreau. “And I think adding those to the schedule is a real big asset.” Fantauzzi will also continue to host members of the New York City Ballet at the new location, where arrangements have already been made to hold classes with

the professional dancers several times a year. While clients of MyGym Fitness will benefit from the many new programs now available to them, TBT clients too will benefit from access to MyGym’s wide variety of exercise equipment, locker room and shower facilities. “It’s a win-win,” said Boudreau. “I think you’re putting two facilities together, merging as one, and that’s going to be a pretty powerful force in the area.” MyGym Fitness Center is located at 2100 Saratoga Road in Ballston Spa. To learn more about MyGym Fitness Center, visit To learn more about Total Body Trifecta, visit

Six Local Attorneys Named to Upstate New York ‘Super Lawyers’ List SARATOGA SPRINGS For the third consecutive year, the principals of Towne, Ryan & Partners, P.C., have been selected as a few of the top attorneys in upstate New York. James T. Towne Jr., Claudia A. Ryan, Susan F. Bartkowski, Elena DeFio Kean, Christopher R. Lyons and one attorney of counsel to the firm, John F. Moore, have been named to the Upstate New York Super Lawyers List, of which no

more than five percent of lawyers are selected. Ryan and DeFio Kean were also named among the top 25 women lawyers in the New York Super Lawyers Upstate magazine. Towne, Ryan & Partners, P.C., is a fullservice law firm with photo provided offices located along I-87, The “Super Lawyers” at Towne, Ryan & from Poughkeepsie to Partners, P.C. Saratoga Springs.




Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


Denim, Diamonds and Donations

Photo Provided

Barbara Banke, owner of Stonestreet Farm and chair of Kendall-Jackson, was honored at Denim & Diamonds, the 15th annual benefit for the Belmont Child Care Association, held at the Gideon Putnam on August 23. Accepting the recognition, Banke encouraged others to join her in support of Anna House, BCCA’s early childhood center for children of the backstretch, and pledged that at least 50% of Stonestreet winnings earned in upcoming New York races will be donated to the organization. (Visit Saratoga TODAY on Facebook to view more photos from Denim & Diamonds.)

Saratoga Bridges’ Valerie Muratori with Paul Robbins of DIAGEO

Historic Day at the Races

Trina Lucas

Guests at Saratoga Bridges’ 23rd annual Travers Day at the Races received an unexpected event perk, witnessing history as the mid-summer derby ended in its first dead heat since 1874. Executive director Valerie Muratori, chief financial officer Jane Mastaitis, and development coordinator Heather Varney welcomed 280 friends to the Carousel Restaurant at

Saratoga Race Course last Saturday, August 25. The day was a special salute to the many companies sponsoring Saratoga Bridges throughout the season, including their 2012 presenter, The Adirondack Trust Company. A highlight of the afternoon was Muratori’s presentation to Paul Robbins, market director for DIAGEO, recognizing the company’s extraordinary contributions. This and many other events would not be as successful without DIAGEO’s continued support. More than 50 guests of DIAGEO and Empire Merchants North joined Robbins for the celebration. Additional sponsors in attendance were Coca-Cola, New Country Scion of Saratoga, The Bonadio Group, Stewart’s Shops and NBT Bank.

Travers Toasts Honorary chair Susanna Lia greeted more than 350 guests, raising a toast to Senior Services of Albany at the 14th annual Travers Wine Tasting last Friday, August 24. Guests arriving at the National Museum of Racing received complimentary glasses courtesy of presenting sponsor Time Warner Cable and plates from the New York State Automobile Dealers Association, arming them with the tools necessary to fully enjoy an evening of fine food and beverages. Some of the Capital Region’s best cuisine was served by Classé Catering, Creo’, Farm House, Mazzone Hospitality, Angelo’s 677 Prime and Meals on Wheels. Robert and Gail Dollar sampled chicken liver paté and bruschetta from Capriccio Saratoga, while Todd and Holly Garofano chatted with Bob McNamara and Victoria Menneto at the Yono’s station. That’s Different Chocolates offered pieces of white chocolate Irish cream and crispy bacon pizza (bacon bits and potato chips encrusted in chocolate). Confectioner Mark Shaw explained how the unusual ingredients enhance each flavor as Irene and Bill Stevenson tried the key lime chipotle-lemon. Of course, the food was just a complement to the stars of the evening, over 80 wines and 18 craft beers. Presented by World Class Beverages, a division of DeCrescente Distributing, the beer tasting included lagers and ales from Olde Saratoga Brewing Company, Brooklyn Lager, Brewery Ommegang and Merchant du Vin. Susan Sotile and Dick Rosbrook, both from First Niagara, volunteered at one of the booths, tapping Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale from Tadcaster, England, and Bavaria’s Ayinger Brau Weisse. For the wine lover, tables were set to pour the bubbles of Moet & Chandon and Atwater, Damiani favorites from Lemberger to Pinot Grigio, pretty La Marca Prosecco, refreshing Bergerac Sauvignon Blanc Sec, and bold cabernets like Joseph Phelps and B Side. The Adirondack Winery showcased their Semillon, gold medal winner of the 2011 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, and a food-friendly Tempranillo that took the silver medal at the 2011 INDY International Wine Competition. Celia Fulfs of Kenwood Vintners provided tastes of the winery’s Sonoma Moscato, Sonoma Gewurztraminer, Russian River Pinot Noir and Jack London Syrah to Russ Sealy of Mannix Marketing and his friends, Molly Chiang, Andrew Parsons, Lindsay Kollmeier and Kevin O’Connor. Also spotted sipping the Kenwood wines were committee member Michelle Borisenok, Debi Sullivan, LeGrande Serras, Faith Takes and Tom DiPalermo. Patty and Jeff Novo, owners of Crush & Cask, one of the night’s lead supporters, staffed the Martin Scott table, recommending Elk Cove Pinot Gris to pair with Asian-inspired dishes, and a Cliff Lede Cabernet from the Stags Leap District to complement risotto with truffles. The lucky couple was well-positioned under the courtyard tent and could take in both the beautiful summer weather and music by The Jazz Trio featuring Jill Hughes. Nearby, Francisco Padilla rolled cigars for aficionados to purchase, with proceeds being donated back to Senior Services from the Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe. In the VIP room, Christopher and Courtney Burke, Susan Pedo and Bryan Valenti sipped Kimberley and Bill Comiskey’s Chloe Creek Pinot Noir. The couple, celebrating Bill’s birthday that night, split time between the Capital Region and Sonoma’s Russian River Valley where their vineyard produces about 450 cases of pinot noir each year. They have published an incredible cookbook of restaurant dishes that complement the wine, from Lake Placid to the Hudson Valley. All profits benefit the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders at Albany Medical Center. Others seen at the tasting were Elizabeth Tanny, Chris Minahan, Tukee Jay, Nick and Charlene Marino, Malissa and Jon Zatlokowicz, Mike Belsky, Tom Pillsworth, Bob and Monica Marini, Melissa and Eric Murphy, Congressman Paul Tonko, Neil and Amy Levine, David and Diana Hannoush, Liz Bishop and committee member Paula McCormick, as well as several members of the Lia Family. If the food and wine weren’t entertainment enough, attendees could also have their caricature drawn by Jeanne Benas or

Seen hopping between the luncheon buffet and the betting windows were Dave Crossett, George Hathaway, Stephan von Schenk, Paul von Schenk, Dan Klouse, Bob and Cathy McKenna, Blair and Phyllis Bynum, Mike Bowker, Peter Brown, John and Linda Ciulla, Monika Kierach Cronin, Marne Onderdonk and Karen Heggen, board vice president. It was a winning occasion all around, with close to $14,000 raised for Saratoga Bridges. The nonprofit, one of the largest in the county, has provided programs for people with developmental disabilities and their families for over 55 years, making their goals, hopes and dreams a reality.

Photo Provided

Barbara Banke

shop the 60 silent auction items. The night ended with a live auction in the Hall of Fame and delectable delights from Professor Java’s and dp-An American Brasserie. Bidding was fast and furious on vacations in Cabo San Lucas, the Bahamas, Steamboat Springs and Florida, in addition to an exquisite set from Hannoush Jewelers, a girls’ day out for four at Kimberley’s Day Spa, and the chance to be sous chef for a day at Angelo’s Tavolo or Prime at Saratoga National. Development director Donna VanCavage reports that this was the best event to date, netting over $85,000 for the Meals on Wheels program at Senior Services of Albany. Since 1954, the organization has fostered independence and enhanced the quality of life of older adults. Over 450 volunteers work with Senior Services of Albany to provide services for homebound seniors, enabling them to remain at home and independent. Meals on Wheels drivers not only deliver needed nutrition but extend a personal ‘life-line’ through their daily visits.

Photos by Deborah Neary for

Top Left: Jeff and Patty Novo of Crush & Cask; Top Right: LeGrande Serras and Faith Takes with Holly and Todd Garofano; Right Middle: Edwina McCormick, Michael Smolinski, Paula McCormick, Ann Lia and Miranda Lia; Bottom Left: Kimberley and Bill Comiskey; Bottom Right: Russ Sealy, Molly Chiang, Andrew Parsons, Lindsay Kollmeier and Kevin O’Connor




Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Fashion Forward The 14th annual Saratoga Fashion Show was held Thursday, August 23, in the track’s At the Rail Pavilion. This year’s event honored Natalie Sillery of Saratoga Trunk for her unwavering commitment to the Ronald McDonald House Charities fundraiser since its inception. Executive Director Jeff Yule said, “Natalie’s generosity is unbelievable! She is truly dedicated to the cause and never seeks any recognition for her hard work and countless contributions to RMHC and our families.” Prior to the program and runway show, 500 stylish attendees sipped champagne, courtesy of Crush & Cask, while perusing the silent auction. Among those in the well-dressed crowd were event chair Deb Perez and her husband, Felix, Ann Marie and Frankie Flores, Chris and Meghan Cook, Mara King, Larry and Carole Jenne, Lisa Sondhof and Saratoga TODAY’s Chad Beatty with his lovely wife, Kim. The Smile Sanctuary’s Dr. Mark Moreau was eager to find the perfect spot to applaud his wife, Carole, an RMHC board member, and his office manager, Leisha Arbogast. Both ladies were modeling. Shortly after 11:30 a.m., Yule took the stage, and following a brief welcome, handed the microphone to Mayor Scott Johnson for a surprise announcement to kick off the celebration. Noting her immeasurable time and energy over the past two decades, in addition to her tireless volunteerism, thoughtful stewardship and generous spirit, the mayor declared August 23 to be “Natalie Sillery Day” in Saratoga Springs. The presentation concluded with the spirited ‘Trunkette’ toast, recited by the models who had slipped in to applaud the woman who brings them together each year in support of RMHC. Moved to tears, Sillery quickly thanked everyone, and in her humble way, moved into the planned program. She told the story of Shannon Samascott, who had stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia after the birth of her twins. Samascott felt blessed by the experience and joined Sillery to walk the runway of love with her sweet little girls. Designer Kay Unger was as touched as the audience. She spoke briefly about her recent decision to leave the company that bears her name and channel her enthusiasm into philanthropic efforts. To that end, she wrote a $5,000 check on the spot for RMHC, in honor of families like the Samascotts. Finally, Don O’Neill of Theia joined Sillery on the stage. The two have been partners in success for the last four years of the Saratoga Fashion Show. This year, it took on a greater poignancy for O’Neill as he recounted his own stay in a place similar to the Ronald McDonald House earlier this summer. He had returned to his native Ireland and was grateful for the chance to stay close to his mom during her final days. While RMHC had always been important, the role they play for so many facing the illness of a loved one had taken on a new significance for him. Lightening the mood, the program segued into the much anticipated runway show. Foregoing commentary for the live music of the Audiostars’ Bobbie Van Detta, Sillery presented a stunning show, staged in designer ‘acts’ that featured fashions by Zelda, whose own Lisa Attea helped dress the models, Kay Unger, and of course, O’Neill’s Theia. Topping the outfits was millinery from Christine A. Moore, Cat Stevens Derby Couture, Jill Henning Fineries, Carol Bader, Mona the Madhatter, Moira Bagale, and That Garrison Girl. Jewelry by Peter Ciesla of Bazyli Studio added the finishing touch. Julie Johnson modeled one of the highlights of the show, a jacket Ciesla designed, printed with the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” Also in the model lineup were Melissa Ward, Gayle LaSalle, Jayne McCarthy, Kathy Funk, Mary Beth Allen, Anne Donlan, Michele Funiciello, Casey Coyle, Colleen Carlson, Mary Ferguson, Amy Raimo, Corey Lindley, Zoe Alexander, Christianne Smith, Benita Zahn, Angela Schmeed, Tara Burnham, Luci Cody, Bridget Milot, Chris Harmon, Heather Straughter, Leah Slocum, Ciara Austin, Milly Goble, Jane Trinidad Hennes, Lisa Barber, Eliza DeRocker, BJ Pierce, Tracy Carey, Nicole Dergosits and committee members Joyce Austin, Elaine Sillery and Kate Otis. Keeping it all running smoothly backstage were Ilene Kahn, Joanne Finn, Suzanne Allrich, April Hall, Rebecca Beers and Alexis Mokler. O’Neill’s partner, Pascal, lent much-needed help too, and was seen firmly fastening metal headwear by Joni Sarah White atop Abby Lee’s head. She personified Theia’s Goddess warrior! Sillery always includes models with personal connections to RMHC. This year, she spotlighted author Janine Cammarata, who founded Nick’s Fight to be Healed Foundation in memory of her son. Nick died from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in October 2008. His spirit lives on, helping other young cancer patients through the Foundation, which has received grant funding from the Ronald McDonald Charities of Albany. After an afternoon of fashion, food, fillies and fun, the event raised $120,000 for RMHC, thanks in great part to Sillery and sponsors like Northwestern Mutual/The Tronco Financial Group, Turbine Services Ltd. and the Riggi Family, BlueShield of Northeastern New York, Saratoga Casino & Raceway and Lemery Greisler LLC. Let us know about your event, cause or celebration. ‘RSVP’ to

Photos by

Top Left: Saratoga Trunk’s Natalie Sillery and Don O’Neill of Theia; Top Right: Rebecca Beers rocks Kay Unger; Middle from Left to Right: RMHC board member Carole Moreau; Author Janine Cammarata; Michele Funiciello in elegant Theia; Nicole Dergosits models Theia bridal; Bottom: Shannon Samascott and her twins

Life is a Cabaret The Mansion Inn concluded its cabaret series, “The Stars are out Tonight,” with intimate performances by Billy Stritch on Wednesday and Thursday, August 22-23. The ultimate New York City performer, Stritch paid tribute to one of the legendary singers of all time, Mel Tormé, with an eclectic, energizing set of musical numbers. The evening started with a delightful bistro menu and cocktails. It was an impromptu party for several escaping the in-town Travers Festival celebrations. Spotted at Wednesday’s cabaret tables were Laura and Jerry Morton, Kevin Smith, Michael Panza, Linda Loeffler, Greg and Suzanne Grande and Margie Rotchford. The series has been a huge hit. Over the past six weeks, attendees have enjoyed musical entertainment by Bruce Vilanch, Camille West, Dame Edna, Michael Walters, Sharon McKnight and Stritch. The Mansion Inn provides an ideal setting for these special perPhoto Provided formances and hopes to offer a Gerard Khauser, Margie Rotchford and Billy Stritch similar program in 2013.



Adirondack Christian Fellowship 8 Mountain Ledge, Wilton 587-0623; Services: Sunday 8 a.m. & 10 a.m.

Ballston Spa United Methodist Church 101 Milton Ave. 885-6886 Services: Sunday 10 a.m.

Bethesda Episcopal Church Adirondack Friends Meeting 41 Washington St., 27 Saratoga Ave., S. Glens Saratoga Springs Falls 584-5980 793-3755, Services: Sunday 6:30, 8 & AdirondackFM@ 10 a.m.; www.adironChurch of Christ at Clifton Park Regina Baird Haag, pas7 Old Route 146 toral minister 371-6611; cliftonparkchurServices: 10:30 a.m. Sunday Services: Sunday 10:30 a.m. The Alliance Church Christ Community 257 Rowland St., Reformed Church Ballston Spa 1010 Route 146, 885-6524 Clifton Park Services: Morning 371-7654; Worship 10:30 a.m. Services: Sundays 10 a.m. Assembly of God Faith Christ Episcopal Church Chapel Routes 50 & 67, 6 Burgoyne St., Ballston Spa Schuylerville 885-1031 695-6069 Services: Sunday 8 & 10 Rev. Jason Proctor Services: Sunday 10:45 a.m. a.m. Assembly of God Saratoga 118 Woodlawn Ave., Saratoga Springs 584-6081 Services: Sunday Worship 10 a.m., coffee served at 9:45 a.m. Bacon Hill Reformed Church 560 Route 32N, Bacon Hill 695-3074 Rev. Janet Vincent Services: Worship service 10 a.m. Sunday School 10 a.m. All are welcome. Handicapped accessible Baha’i Community of Saratoga Springs 584-9679; 692-7694; Ballston Center Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church 58 Charlton Road, Ballston Spa 885-7312; Services: Sunday Worship Service, 10:30 a.m.

Christian Restoration Ministries Saratoga Senior Center 5 Williams St. Saratoga Springs 796-4323 Pastor Pat Roach Services: Sunday 10 a.m.; 6:30 p.m. Congregation Shaara Tfille 84 Weibel Avenue, Saratoga Springs 584-2370; Services: Saturday 9:30 a.m., Monday & Thursday 7:30 a.m., third Friday each month 7:30 p.m. Handicapped Accessible Corinth Free Methodist Church 20 Hamilton Ave. 654-9255; 792-0271 Services: Sunday at 10 a.m.


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Corinth United Methodist Church Grace Brethren Church 243 Main Street 137 W. Milton Rd., 654-2521; cfumc@cnyBallston Spa Services: Sunday 10:30 a.m. 587-0649 Rev. Dan Pierce Cornerstone Community Services: Sunday 10 a.m. Church Handicapped accessible. Malta Commons 899-7001; mycorner-


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Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

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Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012



Do every day or two something for no other reason than its difficulty, so that, when the hour of need draws nigh, it may find you not unnerved or untrained to stand the test. William James

Words to know: querulous: adj., Given to complaining or fretting.


See puzzle solution on page 36


Movie Review

See puzzle solution on page 36

ACROSS 1 With 70-Across, what you’d likely have if you said this puzzle’s four longest answers 5 Concerning 9 Frequent settler 13 Online “Seems to me ...” 14 Mother of Judah 15 After-school treat 16 Weeded carelessly? 19 __ glance 20 Dote on 21 Stop from spreading 23 Short 25 Arctic diver 27 Jurist in ’90s news 28 Editor’s rejection of a tribute? 33 Basketball Hall of Famer Robertson 34 Like Olympic pools 35 Maker of Golf Street shoes 38 Instruction on a cap 41 Some NFL linemen 42 Type of vb. 44 1950s war site 46 Provoke Olympic winners? 50 Channel for a spree 51 __ chi 52 Ward and others 55 Disapproving utterances 57 Unpleasant laugh 61 “Either you do it, __ will!” 62 Purchased, then altered? 65 Mystique 66 Word with cast and shadow 67 Fictional sailor 68 MapQuest data: Abbr. 69 Sussex stable area 70 See 1-Across DOWN 1 Drummer’s pair of cymbals 2 Frustrate the director, perhaps 3 Informal bridge opening 4 Pentagon org. 5 Inventing middle name 6 Feel 7 Rain delay sight 8 “We’ll just see about that!” 9 “I’m such an idiot!” 10 “Topaz” novelist


Did you fit in growing up? Did you have lots of friends, play sports, and go to parties? What about seeing dead people? Did you do that? Probably not. Norman Babcock, on the other hand, sees and speaks to dead people all the time. Babcock (voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee) is an outcast at school and an embarrassment to his family, thanks largely to his “gift.” Norman’s father Perry (voiced by Jeff Garlin) doesn’t believe Norman is talking to anyone and makes no effort to explore the possibility that he’s wrong. Norman’s mother, Sandra (voiced by Leslie Mann) is more tolerant, but by no means a believer. Courtney, Norman’s older sister (voiced by Anna Kendrick) is a cheerleader who thinks Norman’s a freak and has very few thoughts on any meaningful subjects. The only companions our main character has are his deceased grandmother (voiced by Elaine Stritch), other ghosts in town and a fellow student named Neil (voice by Tucker Albrizzi) who is bullied because, among other things, he is overweight. The town they all live in is named Blithe Hollow and it is best known for its execution of a witch 300 years ago. While rehearsing a play on the subject, Norman has a vision of the past and being pursued by an angry mob. Not long after that, Norman and

At The Movies With Trey Roohan

Gasoline Alley


See puzzle solutions on page 36

11 Conscious 12 Simultaneously 17 Summer Olympics equipment 18 Hard to debate 22 They might swing 24 Chased away 26 __-El: Superman’s birth name 29 Canadian Thanksgiving mo. 30 Raven relative 31 Slezak with six Daytime Emmys 32 Leave 35 Figure on the ice 36 Placekicker’s target 37 Produce prolifically 39 Answer to a prob.

40 Ad starter? 43 Clock-setting std. 45 Almost half a glass? 47 Per 48 Microscopic alga 49 ESPN effect 53 Staggering 54 Went (with) 56 “Why not” 58 Give 59 Wasn’t guessing 60 Country runners: Abbr. 63 Hot air 64 Corner key

Neil are confronted by Norman’s estranged uncle, Mr. Penderghast, (voiced by John Goodman) who tells them that they must perform a ritual that evening to prevent the dead rising from the gave that evening. I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I expected to. Yes, the notion of a child who can see dead people is right out of “The Sixth Sense,” but that’s where the similarities end. Norman accepts his abilities, in spite of the scorn he receives as a result. Another difference between Norman and the character portrayed by Haley Joel Osment is that Norman is a very optimistic, upbeat individual who just doesn’t have any friends. The supporting cast is chock-full of talented people who add to the story. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, and judging from the box office you haven’t, please do. (7.2/10) For comments and questions, contact me at

Broom Hilda

Animal Crackers

WINNER’S circle


Saratoga TODAY’S Guide to the 2012 season at the Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, New York

Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

September 2 Fleece Blanket Giveaway

Final Stretch at the Saratoga Race Course

Brendan O’Meara The final week is underway at Saratoga Race Course. It has featured a historic Travers Stakes that saw the first official dead heat between Golden Ticket and Alpha—the long shot and the favorite. The filly Questing stunned the crowd in the Coaching Club American Oaks and more so in the Grade 1 Alabama Stakes where she set blistering fractions and finished the 1 ¼ mile event in 2:01 and

To Honor and Serve

change—faster than the Travers finishers. But there’s still one more weekend with the Grade 1 Woodward Stakes and the Grade 1 Forego, the Grade 1 Spinaway and the Grade 2 Hopeful Stakes. The Woodward is a $750,000race going 1 1/8 miles for older horses. Last year it was won by the filly Havre de Grace. Heading to the gate for this year’s renewal is the enigmatic To Honor and Serve. The 4-year-old son of Bernardini was an impressive winner of the $1 million Pennsylvania Derby and the Grade 1 Cigar Mile Handicap as a 3-year-old. He then followed those up with a third-place effort in the Grade 1 Metropolitan Handicap and a dismal fourth in the Grade 2 Suburban Handicap to Mucho Macho Man. To Honor and Serve turned in a four-furlong tune up in

49.83 seconds for the Woodward. “He worked easy over a fairly deep track,” said trainer Bill Mott after the 4-year-old son of Bernardini posted the ninth fastest of 22 works at the distance on the training track. “That seemed to be an OK time. We’re disappointed in his race in the Suburban, but given my excuse of the heat [and] the weather, I think he’ll run better if we get a decent day.” John Velazquez will have the mount. To Honor and Serve will face the Todd Pletcher-trained Stay Thirsty—last year’s Jim Dandy and Travers Stakes winner—and Rule. Rule finished dead last in the Grade 1 Whitney Invitational and Stay Thirsty last raced in the Grade 2 Suburban and finished fifth to Mucho Macho Man Both Rule and Stay Thirsty fired

Photo by

bullets over the main track at Saratoga: five furlongs in 1:00.03. “They both worked well; I’m happy with both of them,” said Pletcher. “It seemed Rule worked more along the lines of how he worked prior to [winning the Grade 2 Monmouth Cup] and the way he worked before he was third in the Woodward last year. It seems like he’s ready to go.” Ramon Dominguez will be aboard Rule and Javier Castellano will ride Stay Thirsty. And it will be Mucho Macho Man who may have all their numbers. Trained by Kathy Ritvo, Mucho Macho Man was an impressive winner of the Suburban winning the race by 2 ½ lengths over Hymn Book. Mucho Macho Man worked an easy five furlongs in 1:02 4/5 seconds on Sunday. He seeks his first Grade 1 win in the Woodward. “We haven’t run him in a Grade 1 stakes since the [2011] Belmont, but the last two races he’s run in were Grade 1-type fields, and he beat them,” said Ritvo. The Grade 1 Forego Stakes is run at seven furlongs and will feature Shackleford, who fired a dud in the Vanderbilt over an off-track back in

early August. The race may also feature Jackson Bend, the Nick Zitotrained horse who was recently collided into by another horse during training two weeks ago. Trainer Dale Romans wanted Shackleford to keep his legs good and fresh for this weekend. The hope will also be for good weather. “He just went really easy, just to let him stretch his legs a little bit,” said Romans of Shackleford, who is owned by Michael Lauffer, W.D. Cubbedge, and Phillips Racing Partnership. “He went good, came back good, and looked happy. It’s hard to get him to go that slow. You have to trick him [to make him think] he’s galloping. You just ease him into it, let him get a little closer all the time, and let him think he’s galloping. He’s done enough. It’s not a matter of fitness. Just keep him sharp. As long he comes back good tomorrow [we’ll run in the Forego]. He walked well this morning after the work. If everything goes well tomorrow, we’ll be in the entries [for the Forego].” Jackson Bend won this race a year ago. Zito worked him a half mile in 49.77 Monday morning in




an effort to gauge where he is physically. “Nine days ago, obviously, we never would have dreamed that he was working today,” Zito said. “Fitness-wise he’s there, and basically what I’m telling people now is that this is day-to-day, hour-tohour, minute-to-minute. Tomorrow, I’ll ultrasound him again. Not today. Check his ribs, check everything again. Even though we got a [clean] bill of health, we’ll do all the things again. “Even if we enter, everybody knows, [owner Robert LaPenta] knows, the horse is the main deal. His partner Fred Brei – I was just

Jackson Bend

Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

on the phone with him – knows the main thing. So even if we enter, it’s not a guarantee we’re running. As long as he trains good, and he’s doing good, I’ll give it a shot.” Jackson Bend was collided into the ribs by a horse named Little Nick. Jackson Bend was shaken, but his toughness shows. “I’ve had a lot of tough horses, but this guy…I think [it’s because] he’s so agile,” Zito said. “You see when he walks, he walks that way. So agile. I definitely never had one like that. One thing about racing…you never know when it’s your turn, it’s not your turn, and that’s it. We take precautions every

day; it doesn’t matter. You see what happens in racing. Every day there’s something new. Street Life stopped in front of [Fast Falcon] in the Travers, he got hurt. Yesterday, It’s Tricky falls on her face [in the Personal Ensign]. It’s racing.” Brendan O’Meara will be selling and signing copies of his book “Six Weeks in Saratoga” outside Impressions of Saratoga from 7-9 Friday night and 12-5 at Saratoga Race Course on Saturday, September 1. Follow him on Twitter @BrendanOMeara.

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Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012



A Big Horse Creates Big Waves

Marilyn Lane Ripples form when you toss a stone in a pool of water. The same thing happens when a horse steps in the winner’s circle, and the better the horse, the further the ripple reaches. It’s a magical thing when you pair the right horse with the right people, and you won’t find a better example than Mucho Macho Man. The big, charismatic colt (he stands 17.2 hands, as tall as Zenyatta) and his great connections have done more than form ripples – they’ve created waves. MMM (Mucho Macho Man) was foaled in a Florida field, stillborn and thought to be dead until he popped up and unexpectedly ran off. During this time, Kathy Ritvo suffered from heart disease, her condition worsening every year. By 2008, she was so gravely ill she found herself vacillating between wishing to live and wanting to die. In November, and not one moment too soon, a suitable donor was located. Kathy Ritvo’s heart is attached to racing every which way. She took out her trainer’s license when she was only 18. Her husband, Tim Ritvo, rode races when he was

younger and later moved into training. The two worked as a team and often ran split stables. That’s not an easy life for a family. In Florida, they met former NYRA CEO, Kenny Noe. Learning of Kathy’s heart disease, he introduced the couple to Jay Wise, who owned Southern Wine and Spirits. It was Wise who sent Kathy Ritvo to the chief of cardiology at the University of Miami for her transplant. Tim Ritvo said, “If any of those pieces is missing, who knows what happens.” While Ritvo worked to restore her health, MMM grew up. His racing career began at Calder as a 2year-old in 2010.

He finished second in his first start and there he attracted the attention of Dean Reeves. It took some negotiation but Reeves was finally able to purchase 70 percent of the colt. He transferred him to Tim Ritvo’s barn and MMM made his next start in Reeves silks in

Mucho Macho Man

Photo Provided by



Mucho Macho Man



Photo Provided by

Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Saratoga. He finished third and after the meet shipped to Monmouth to try two-turns. Paired with Elbar Coa, the next stop was the winner’s circle. Back in New York, MMM put in a strong fall campaign with seconds behind To Honor and Serve in both the G-ll Nashua and G-ll Remsen Stakes at Aqueduct. Tim Ritvo had become an executive at Gulfstream Park and Kathy picked up the reins - nothing new for the seasoned trainer. News travels fast around the race track, and soon Reeves’ phone was ringing off the hook with people offering to train his “big” horse.

He was not tempted, and in a move I hugely admire, stuck with Kathy Ritvo. The popular bay colt started his three-year-old campaign with a fourth-place finish in the Holy Bull Stakes. His regular rider, Elbar Coa, suffered a career-ending back injury a few weeks later, but here again Dean Reeves displayed his loyalty. When MMM won the G-ll Risen Star at the Fairgrounds, Reeves sent a check matching the winning jockey’s fee to Coa. Loyalty is obviously very important to Reeves – a trait which creates the right kind of image for this sport. In his next start, MMM managed to finish third in the Louisiana Derby in spite of losing a shoe right out of the gate. By this time, the colt was on everyone’s radar, and Reeves’ phone was ringing again – this time with people wanting to buy a Kentucky Derby starter. The offers climbed as entry time neared. “My nephew, 32-33 at the time, couldn’t believe I didn’t sell him,” said Reeves.

Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Next came Louisville and every horse owner’s dream, the Kentucky Derby. MMM became the media blitz. Reeves spoke of the experience, “My nephew was there and summed it up for all of us when he said, ‘Thank God you didn’t sell him. There’s no way money could buy experience like this – the parties, the people, the whole week, the excitement of the race – it’s just incredible!’” The roses went to Animal


Kingdom, but MMM served his camp proud with a third-place finish. The courageous colt ran hard but went unplaced in the next two legs of the Triple Crown. Not many horses hold up to such a rigorous racing schedule, and for MMM, an added amazement is his late birth date. He was foaled on June 15; he did all of this while still short of his third birthday. He was given a break after the Belmont while Tim Ritvo was handed a

heavier load, stepping up to president and general manager of Gulfstream Park. Kathy ran MMM once more as a 3-year-old. The well-suited pair added another win in an allowance race at the Big A. This year MMM has three wins from four starts. He began his 4year-old season with a win in the Florida Sunshine Millions Classic, followed by a win in the G-ll Gulfstream Handicap. He finished third in the Alysheba Stakes at

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Mucho Macho Man

Ride ‘Em’ Cowboy by Marilyn Lane

The noise by the winner’s circle kept getting louder as Mr. Cowboy drew near the wire. Most of his 25 owners were feeling for the first time the emotional high of having their horse in front at the eighth pole. The big chestnut gelding, sporting blinkers for the first time, was easy to spot. All through the race, he offered little doubt as to where he was headed. When he crossed the wire and the reality of a win set in, the entire crew erupted in cheer. Track photographer Adam Coglianese was challenged when it came time to capture the moment with so many parties crowding into the winner’s circle. It was obvious that both trainer, James Bond, and jockey, Ramon Dominguez, were especially delighted for having pleased so many. Most of Cowboy’s owners either volunteer or contribute in some way to the retired Thoroughbreds at the Cabin Creek division of Old Friends. A lot of close friendships have developed through their work and with the ownership of this horse. When Cowboy won on Sunday, he created good vibes not just for his owners and fans, but for all those retired horses back at the farm. Congratulations to each and every person in the Cabin Creek crew for having the courage to take a chance - to give yourselves an opportunity to be a winner. Kudos to JoAnn and Mark Pepper for making it all possible – for staying up all those nights to keep the struggling foal alive and to find a way to create such a beautiful memory for friends and supporters.

CORRECTION: In the August 24 - August 30 edition of Saratoga TODAY, we iddentified the subject in the picture below as “Ben Shaw.” In fact, it is Ben Shimkus who is pictured. Saratoga TODAY regrets this error.

circle Churchill. Reeves, in the interim, bought out his partners to become the sole owner. Back in New York, MMM ran lights out in the Suburban Handicap on July 7. Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith was aboard for the first time, and without ever having to feel the sting of the whip, the willing colt smoked to a scintillating victory in the prestigious race. Shipped back to Saratoga, MMM settled in. The plan was to wait for the Woodward. NYRA management must have encouraged Ritvo to enter in the Whitney. They would have wanted the ripples a good horse creates, but with a fifthgeneration horsemen as racing manager, a patient trainer and an owner who listens, they held to their plan. Smith will come in to ride the Woodward. “I’m tickled to death to come back and ride him. He ran an amazing race downstate.” Smith said. As the regular rider for Zenyatta, Smith knows a thing or two about creating new fans. Ritvo feels she’s found the pre-

23 fect rider for her colt. “He’s patient, strong and loves horses,” she said. Smith would like nothing better than to add another Woodward win to his long and impressive resume. Fans will remember when he won the race with MMM’s grandsire, Holy Bull, in 1994. The Woodward was run at Belmont then, but Horse of the Year Holy Bull was no stranger to Saratoga; he carried Smith to victory in the Travers that year. Everybody enjoys the ripple effect a good horse creates, but racing has its tensions, and as Ritvo admits, “I feel like I’m sending my boy to war when I lead him over there. He tries so hard; he’s such a willing horse and gives 100 percent every time.” Luckily, Mucho Macho Man is in a camp that carefully manages his career. They can’t remove the natural risks of racing, but they do make every effort to execute the safest trips possible for their horses and riders. This team is solid as a rock and the ripple effect they’ve created just keeps on growing.




31 - Sept 6 Aug

events Ongoing Events Oklahoma Training Track Tours The National Museum of Racing, 191 Union Ave., Saratoga Springs This walking tour covers approximately one mile and lasts for one and a half hours. $10; 8:30 a.m. June 2 - October 27 (518) 584-0400, ext. 120.

History Hikes Saratoga Battlefield From 9 - 11 a.m. tours guided by National Park Service volunteers Dick Farrell and Ray Palmer. For more information, call (518) 6702980.

Saturday, September 1 Tang Museum Family Saturdays Tang Museum, Skidmore College Programs include a brief tour of a current Tang exhibition followed by a hands-on art activity. Reservations are strongly suggested. 2 - 3:30 p.m. For more information, call (518) 580-8080.

Saratoga Springs Youth Orchestra Open Auditions Waldorf High School, Saratoga Springs The Saratoga Springs Youth Orchestra has openings for a few advanced string musicians (violin/viola/cello) ages 13 - 25, and is hosting open auditions at 1 p.m. For more information, call (229) 224-5672.

Saratoga Artisans and Crafters’ Market

Eagle Mills Big Squeeze Weekend

High Rock Pavillion Thursdays, June 21 - September 27 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. (518) 461-4893.

Eagle Mills, 383 County Hwy. 138, Broadalbin First cider pressing of the season. Free admission to mill tour and pressing demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m., 1 and 2 p.m. Fresh cider for sale. For more information, call (518) 8838700.

History, Legends, Lore and More Saratoga Springs Visitor Center, 297 Broadway This tour departs the Visitor Center daily at 10:30 a.m. rain or shine and is 90 minutes long. Tickets are $5 for adults and children under 12 are free. For more information, call (518) 587-3241.

Monthly Prayer Breakfast Meeting Longfellows Restaurant, 500 Union Ave. Saratoga Springs On Thursday, September 13, guest speaker, Joseph Bruchac, will focus on the spirit and spirituality of the American Indians. The meeting begins at 7:30 and concludes no later than 8:30 a.m. Sign-in and continental breakfast begins at 7:15 a.m. There are no charges or donations. For more information, call (518) 587-9104.

Friday, August 31 Guided Early Morning

Saratoga Final Stretch Downtown Saratoga Springs Music festival including R&B, bluegrass, cajun, folk, jazz, barbershop, rock, electric violin and more. For more information, call (518) 5878635.

Haunted History Ghostwalks


Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Wilton A portrayal of General Grant by Steve Trimm at 1 p.m. Cake will be served on the porch following the presentation. For more information, call (518) 584-4353.

Summer Stroll- A Campus and Queen Annes SE Corner of Union Ave. & Circular St., Saratoga Springs Linda Trela will tour the area, which was formally home to the Young Women’s Industrial Club of Saratoga. Later this would become Skidmore College. Learn more about Skidmore’s earlier days and about the Queen Anne architecture throughout this area. Tours are rain or shine, allow 90 minutes. To pre-register, call (518) 587-5030.

Monday, September 3 The "Saratoga Trunk" Walking Tour Saratoga Visitors Center, 297 Broadway The tour highlights Saratoga Springs in the 1880s and is based on the novel by Edna Ferber. This tour is being offered on Mondays and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. For more information, call (518) 5873241, ext 15.

Tuesday, September 4 Myers Dance Center Fall Registration Myers Dance Center / Myers School Register this week for your placement with Myers Dance Center in Saratoga or Myers Dance Studio in Schenectady. Classes are filling quickly. For more information, call (518) 374-0376.

Financial Peace University

Starbucks, 351 Broadway, Saratoga Springs 90-minute walking tour of downtown Saratoga Springs that touches on its history, mystery, architecture and parapsychology. Tours leave at 7 p.m. from Starbucks. For more information, call (518) 5844132.

Greenfield Center Baptist Church Financial Peace University is a 13week consumer information and personal finance course which transforms the lives of people and how they handle their money. Course is from 6 - 8:15 p.m. For more information, call (518) 5844847.

Sunday, September 2

Wednesday, September 5

General Grant's Last Meeting with Lincoln

Family Bird Feeder Building

Grant Cottage, Mount McGregor,

Saratoga Spa State Park

You'll measure, mark and hammer together your own standard bird feeder, which will help attract feathered friends to your yard. Registration is required. Fee is $10 per family. Call (518) 584-2000, ext. 150 to register.

Congregation Shaara Tfille Celebrates Veterans 84 Weibel Ave., Saratoga Springs Congregation Shaara Tfille will be hosting the opening of a special exhibit to honor WWII and Korean War conflict veterans. Call Carole to RSVP or for more information at (518) 584-2370.

Thursday, September 6 Steak Night VFW Post 420, 190 Excelsior Ave., Saratoga Springs Grilled Steak dinner will consist of rib steak, baked potato, corn on the cob, and salad. Come enjoy our air conditioned hall. For more information, call (518) 884-1235.

Alex and Ani Fashion's Night Out Celebrate the evening with hors d'oeuvres, refreshments and a complimentary gift with your purchase of $100 or more. Don't forget that one lucky attendee will win a beautiful bangle set of five! For more information, call (518) 871-1638.

Upcoming Events Friday, September 7 Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival The 12th Annual Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival is a global compilation of all things fine: fine food, fine wine, and fine cars.For more information, visit TugBoat Roundup Tugboats gather in Waterford, the weekend after Labor Day, to illustrate the maritime history of interior New York State. With tugboat parades, tours, boat rides, kids’ activities, arts and crafts, there is something for everyone all weekend long. For more information, call (518) 233-9123. Saturday, September 8 The 20th Annual Town of Greenfield Town-Wide Garage Sale With more than 100 Garage Sales


and Crafters/Vendors/Silent Auction in the town's Center there is definitely something for everyone! Stop at the town's center or either Stewart's Shop for the garage sale map! For more information, call (518) 368-7803 or (518) 858-1706. Volkswalk Caroga Lake A ‘volkswalk’ is a leisurely walk (typically 10K or 6.2 miles. A threemile route is also offered) through a scenic and or historic area over a pre-marked trail. Walk begins 9:30 a.m. at the Town of Caroga Municipal Building. For more information, visit

Farmers’ Markets Saratoga Springs High Rock Park Wednesdays 3 - 6 p.m. Saturdays 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Greenfield Center Middle Grove Park on Middle Grove Rd. Fridays 4 - 7 p.m.

Ballston Spa Wiswall Park on Front St. Thursdays 3 - 6 p.m. Saturdays 9 a.m. noon

Burnt Hills / Ballston Lake Corner of Lake Hill Rd. and Route 50 Saturdays 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Malta Community Center Tuesdays 3 - 6 p.m.

Send Sendyour yourcalendar calendaritems itemsto toEric Emily Havens efowler@saratogapublishing.combefore before55p.m. pm on onMonday Mondayfor forFriday Fridaypublication. publication.



L A LOC fs brie

Saratoga Arts Volunteers


Pick up an application to volunteer online at or stop by The Arts Center at 320 Broadway, Saratoga Springs.

From Scratch Club Academy Classes at Brookside Brookside, home of the Saratoga County Historical Society, is very excited to announce that the From Scratch Club Academy will be offering a variety of classes on food preparation and preservation. The class Makin' Bacon will be held Tuesday, September 11 from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Learn how to process and cure your own bacon at home in just one week. For more information, visit

Vendors, Crafters and Artisans Needed for Town Center The GCBA is currently looking for vendors, crafters and artisian's for Town Center on Saturday, September 8, from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Contact Dominique Rowland at (518) 368-7803 or Kayla Davis at (518) 858 - 1706.

4th Annual Saratoga Stroll for Epilepsy The Epilepsy Foundation of Northeastern New York’s 4th Annual Saratoga Stroll for Epilepsy will be held Sunday, September 9, at the Saratoga Spa State Park at the Columbia Pavilion. Over the past three years the event attracted 1,650 “strollers” and raised $180,000. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Donate, register and fundraise online at

Waterford Roundup


Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


Usually held the weekend after Labor Day, the festival has grown steadily and attracts approximately 25,000 people to this sleepy canal town of Waterford in the heart of upstate New York’s Capital Region.

In addition to tours of the vessels and other displays, there is an ample supply of music, food, children’s activities, vendors, boat rides, fireworks and family fun. For more information, visit

CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services Needs Your Help The Southern Saratoga YMCA and CAPTAIN Youth and Family Services are partnering for a cause and need your energy and creativity. There will be an informational meeting at the Southern Saratoga YMCA on September 7 at 3:30 or 6 p.m. or Saturday, September 8 at 11 a.m. for pizza and details. For more information, call (518) 371-1185.

1st Annual Saratoga Water Garden Tour Chip’s Landscaping will be hosting a unique self-guided Saratoga County Water Garden Tour on September 9. With the intent of making the event beneficial to a local nonprofit organization, 100 percent of all ticket sales will benefit the Brookside Museum, home of the Saratoga County Historical Museum in Ballston Spa. An after tour barbeque will take place one mile from the final water garden site. Tickets are $10 a person, kids under the age of 12 are free. This is a rain or shine event. For more information, call (518) 885-4000.

Inaugural “Steeplechase Festival at Saratoga” Launches Website, Offers Online Ticket Sales The inaugural Steeplechase Festival at Saratoga has launched its website. The exciting online destination offers the opportunity to purchase tickets in advance for this extraordinary event at historic Saratoga Race Course on Saturday, September 15. The latest news about the Steeplechase Festival at Saratoga and the ticketing capability can be accessed at

Retired Teachers’ Meeting The Saratoga Springs Retired Teachers Association will meet Monday, September 10, at noon, at Longfellows Restaurant, 500 Union Ave. (Route 9P), Saratoga Springs. Membership is open to retired educators who taught and/or live in Saratoga County. For membership information, call (518) 587-5356.

Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York Invites all to

Celebrate Anniversary Alumnae, friends and fans of Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York are invited to celebrate its iconic history at the organization's 100th anniversary festivities, "Journey of a Lifetime: A Celebration of 100 Years" to be held Friday, September 14, from 6:30 - 10:30 p.m. at The National Museum of Dance & Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs. Sophie Clarke, winner of CBS's "SurvivorSouth Pacific" and a former Gold Award-achieving Girl Scout in the council, will be the honored guest. Reservations can be made online at, by calling (518) 563-1560, ext. 305; or emailing

Youth Appreciation Sunday Songs, stories and drama with a free barbeque following the service at Highway Tabernacle Church, 235 Hudson Ave., Mechanicville.. The fun starts at 10:30 a.m. on September 9. Children and youth of all ages are invited (you can even bring your parents!). For more information, call (518) 664-4442.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous is a program based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are no dues, fees or weigh-ins. FA is a fellowship of men and women who are recovering from the disease of food addiction. FA members have tried any number of solutions to their problems with food, including years of diets or exercise. Weekly meetings are on Monday at 7 p.m. at United Methodist Church, 175 Fifth Ave., Saratoga Springs, beginning September 10. For more information, call (518) 605-3090 or (408) 893-8075.

Melanie Merola O’Donnell Memorial Race Half Marathon Launches Goal to Attract Elite Runners Call to all elite, competitive and devoted runners – showcase your talent in The Saratoga Palio: Melanie Merola O’Donnell Memorial Race. This year the region’s seventh annual premier race will be held Sunday, September 16. Participate in the half marathon or 5K run/walk dedicated to raising money for The Melanie Foundation, Inc. to support graduate-level students in the mental health field and other nonprofit community organizations. For more information or to register, visit

DIY Marketing Strategies With Overit Media Overit Media will take you through the current marketing landscape as reflected in everything from web to pay per click to content development and social media/public relations. You will learn about 10 DIY marketing practices that embrace new, integrated forms of marketing. Event to be held September 18 from 9:30 a.m. - noon in the Saratoga County Chamber Conference Room, 28 Clinton Street, Saratoga Springs. $25 per member. Space limited to 25. For more information, visit

Craft / Garage Sale Vendors Wanted The Saratoga-Wilton Elks Ladies Auxiliary is looking for market vendors for their indoor market to be held once a month at the Lodge, 1 Elks Lane, off Rte.9 Maple Avenue, Saratoga, on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Admission is free and the cost for an eight-foot table space is $15 each paid in advance. Doors will open to set up at 9:30 a.m. The dates are September 23, October 28, November 11, and November 25, 2012. For more information, call (518) 289-5470 or (518) 885-6506.

Love Without Strings Meditation Classes Learn how to cut free from the strings that are holding back the ability to love and develop the caring and positive relationships wanted. Each class includes a guided meditation, teaching, and discussion. With Buddhist teacher Karen Bauer. Classes are self-contained; drop in any week. Everyone welcome. Class fee: $10. The classes are Tuesdays, 7 – 8:30 p.m., September 11 – October 2 and located at 79 Beekman St., 2nd floor, Saratoga Springs. For more information, visit

Special Presentation “Building Innovation Ecosystems” Saratoga Economic Development Corp (SEDC), National Grid and SEFCU present “Building Innovation Ecosystems” a special presentation by innovation expert and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Victor Hwang, author of "The Rainforest, The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley." Presentation is September 12, from 8 - 10 a.m. at the Saratoga Springs City Center. For more information, call (518) 587-0945.

upcoming town meetings Town of Ballston: Ballston Town Hall 323 Charlton Road 885-8502 9/4: Town Board, 7:30 p.m. 9/5: Town Board, 7:00 p.m. 9/5: Zoning Board, 7:30 p.m. Village of Ballston Spa: 66 Front Street 885-5711 Town of Greenfield: 7 Wilton Road 893-7432 9/4: Zoning Board of Appeals, 7:30 p.m. 9/6: Town Board Agenda, 7:30 p.m. Town of Malta: 2540 Route 9 899-2818 9/4: Town Board, 6:30 p.m. Town of Milton: 503 Geyser Road 885-9220 City of Saratoga Springs: 474 Broadway 587-3550 9/4: City Council, 7 p.m. Town of Saratoga: 12 Spring Street, Schuylerville 695-3644 Village of Schuylerville: 35 Spring Street 695-3881 9/5: Water Management, 7 p.m. Town of Stillwater: 66 East St., Riverside Mechanicville, NY 12118 9/6: Town Board Agenda, 7 p.m. Town of Wilton: 22 Traver Road 587-1939 9/3: Park & Rec., 7 p.m. 9/6: Town Board, 7 p.m. Saratoga County Board of Supervisors 40 McMaster St., # 1 Ballston Spa, NY 12020-1985 (518) 885-2240 9/4: Research Committee, 4 p.m. 9/5: Personnel and Insurance Committee, 3 p.m. 9/5: Public Safety Committee 3:30 p.m. 9/5: Economic Development Committee, 4 p.m. 9/6: Technology Committee, 4 p.m.

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Community Corner


Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Alex Gailor Celebrates Eagle Courtney Losaw Receives Tuition Scout Honor Reimbursement from FASNY The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) is offering its historic educational initiative called the FASNY Higher Education Learning Plan (HELP), a statewide community college tuition reimbursement program geared toward recruiting and retaining volunteer firefighters throughout New York, for the third semester. The deadline to apply for tuition reimbursement for the fall semester is October 1. Courtney Losaw, 19, of Glens Falls, is one of several students in the region who applied for tuition reimbursement for the spring 2012 semester, as part of the FASNY HELP initiative. A member of the South Glens Falls Fire Company, Courtney is a student at Adirondack Community College and will soon major in forensic science. Courtney decided to become a volunteer firefighter at age 16 because her parents have both been in the volunteer service for many years. She says that the tuition reimbursement is exciting and is a great help. For more information about FASNY HELP, please visit or

Amy Picard Awarded Service Star at Saratoga Hospital Saratoga Hospital named Amy Picard of Ballston Spa the Service Star of the Month for June. Amy has committed four years of service to the hospital and works as a program assistant for the Child and Family Health Plus program. The Service Star of the Month program recognizes employees and volunteers who go above and beyond the call of duty to provide great service to our patients, visitors and staff. A hospitalwide celebration was held in her honor.

An Eagle Scout ceremony was held Saturday, August 18, for troop #7’s Alex Gailor. A graduate of Saratoga Springs High School, Gailor constructed and installed three kiosks for the Boy Scout camp at Camp Saratoga in Wilton. The kiosks included information about the campgrounds, the history of Camp Saratoga, general directions and emergency procedures.



Tooth fairy club Take a look at this week’s new club members

Gailor, pictured with his parents, Ernie and Cail Gailor and Elks’ Lodge #161 Exalted Ruler Tom Klotz, plans to attend the University of Buffalo in the fall


Holtz-McGuirk Engaged Ellen and Al Holtz, of Saratoga Springs, are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Sara Holtz, to Shawn McGuirk of Saratoga Springs. Parents of the groom are Tammy Hayden of Tupper Lake and Harold McGuirk of Cocoa, Florida. Shawn and Sara are planning a July, 2013 wedding.

It’s a Boy! Mariann and James Zeigler are proud to announce the birth of their son Austin James Zeigler. Austin made his debut at 8:15 a.m. August 12, 2012, and weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. and was 21 inches long. The proud grandparents are Frieda Grimes and the late Gerald F. Frimes of Greenwich, NY, and Perry and Janet Zeigler of Clarion, Penn. Austin joins a sister, Alivia, at home. Congratulations to the Zeigler family!


Shelters of Saratoga Receives Check from Saratoga Horseshow On Tuesday, August 21, the president of Saratoga Horseshow, Tom Fueston, presented Shelters of Saratoga with a $4,000 check, the proceeds of the horseshow’s May 2012 show. This timely donation enables SOS to enhance the recent conversion of a neighboring two-family house into a 13bed emergency shelter.

Olivia The tooth fairy club is sponsored by:

Stephen Towne - President , Shelters of Saratoga Board of Directors; Thomas Fueston – President, Capital Fund of Saratoga County, Inc.; Peter Whitten – Executive Director, Shelters of Saratoga

659 Saratoga Rd. Gansevoort, NY 12831 (518) 226-6010


TODAY Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Local Gigs Week of 8.31-9.6:

Send listings to

Friday, 8.31:

•Mike Jessup, 9 pm

•E.W. Quartet, 9 pm

•Pipekings, 6:30 pm

@ 9 maple avenue - 587.7759

•Swade, 9 pm @ bailey’s - 583.6060

•Jeanne O'Connor & the New Standard, 8 pm @ caffè lena - 583.0022

•Funk Evolution, 9 pm @ dango’s - 587.2022

•Tim Wechgelear Band, 9 pm @ gaffney’s - 587.7359

•Rich Ortiz, 9 pm @ irish times - 583.0003

•The Vibratones, 10:30 pm @ jp bruno’s - 745.1180

•Forthlin Road, 9 pm @ the parting glass - 583.1916

•Just Nate, 6:30 pm @ primelive ultra lounge - 583.4563

•The Garcia Project, 9 pm @ putnam den - 584.8066

•Grand Central Station, 7:30 pm @ siro’s - 584.4030

•The Refrigerators, 8 pm @ vapor - 581.5772

•The Tony Jenkins Jazz Trip, 8:30 pm @ wallabee’s - 792.8282

Saturday, 9.1: •John Savage Quartet, 9 pm @ 9 maple avenue - 587.7759

•Four Down, 9 pm @ bailey’s - 583.6060

•The Tequila Mockingbirds, 8 pm @ caffè lena - 583.0022

•Groove Therapy, 9 pm @ dango’s - 587.2022

•Rich Ortiz, 9 pm @ gaffney’s - 587.7359

•Harmony Rocks, 9:30 pm @ irish times - 583.0003

•Kings of Stupid Mountain, 10 pm @ jp bruno’s - 745.1180

@ the mill - 899.5253 @ primelive ultra lounge - 583.4563

•Farewell to Summer Party, 7 pm @ putnam den - 584.8066

•Frank Chase, 7 pm @ seven horse pub - 581.0777

•Bluz House Rockers, 6:45 pm @ siro’s - 584.4030

•DVDJ Dread, 9 pm @ vapor - 581.5772

Sunday, 9.2: •Baby States, 7 pm @ caffè lena - 583.0022

•Rick Bolton & The Dwyer Sisters, 8 pm @ gaffney’s - 587.7359

Thursday, 9.6: •Matt McCabe & Rick Bolton, 6 pm @ olde bryan inn - 587.2990

•Irish Celtic Session, 7 pm @ the parting glass - 583.1916

•Trans World Entertainment, 10 pm @ putnam den - 584.8066

•Al Bruno, 8 pm @ seven horse pub - 581.0777

•Country Nights, 7 pm @ vapor - 581.5772

Open Mics: •Sun. Open Mic, 7 pm @ bailey’s - 583.6060

•Mon. w/Steve Candlen, 8 pm @ irish times - 583.0003

•Tue. w/Rick Bolton, 8 pm @ gaffney’s - 587.7359

•Wed. Open Mic, 8 pm @ putnam den - 584.8066

•Thur. Open Mic, 7 pm @ caffè lena - 583.0022

•Thur. Open Mic, 10 pm @ circus café - 583.1106






Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

Elvis Fights Against Cancer in Lake George LAKE GEORGE - Donny “Elvis” Romines is teaming up with the American Cancer Society for their fundraising benefit Saturday, September 8 from 7 - 10:30 p.m. at the Tiki Resort in Lake George. Romines will be the main feature at the event, a wellknown local Elvis impersonator whose likeness has captured audiences during his

many live performances. The benefit will also feature raffles, a 50/50 drawing and a cash bar. Food and refreshments will also be available. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door. Doors open at 6 p.m. For more information or to make reservations, call Helen at (518) 745-7821.

photo provided

Donny “Elvis” Romines


National Museum of Dance School of the Arts Fall Class Schedule Announced open house SARATOGA SPRINGS - school’s Fall classes begin September September 8 – 9 from noon – 5 10 at the School of Arts at the p.m. for both days. For more information, National Museum of Dance. please visit www.dancemuseA full schedule of classes can be viewed at or call (518), as well as 584-2225, ext. 3008. all online registration forms. This fall, the school will offer instruction in a variety of dance forms, including ballet, pre-ballet, creative movement, Zumba, ballroom dancing, jazz, hip-hop, belly dancing and modern dance. The School of the Arts teaches professional-quality dance technique in a comfortable, low pressure environment, and is an ideal setting for dancers of all ages – from kids to teens to adults. Online registration is now photo by Steve Bertone open. In person registration School of the Arts students will take place during the



Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

U.S. Grant: Saratoga’s Greatest Horseman WILTON – Local historian, author and cottage tour guide Steve Trimm is set to portray Ulysses S. Grant at his historic cottage September 2 at 1 p.m. Grant spent his final days at the local cottage, located just north of Saratoga Springs along Mt. McGregor Road. Trimm will appear dressed as General Grant, and will discuss his last meeting with President Abraham Lincoln before his death. Grant’s Cottage is open Friday – Monday for the Labor Day Weekend. Tim Welch, president of the Grant Cottage's Board of Trustees, has long been fascinated with Grant, not to mention the home he spent his final days in. Below he shares his thoughts and knowledge on this local historic treasure.

by Tim Welch Over 127 years ago, the hero of the American Civil War and the 18th president of the United States died in a rustic house on a mountain a few miles north of Saratoga Springs. Ulysses Simpson Grant had come to Saratoga Springs at least three times before the summer of 1885 because he loved horses, and was a friend of William Vanderbilt, who frequented the Spa City (the richest man in America at the time with assets estimated to be $193 million), and because everybody who was anybody in 19th century America wanted to be a part of Saratoga society. General Grant had special reasons to come back to Saratoga Springs: he was broke, he was dying and he was having a tough time finishing his wartime memoirs. Mt. McGregor is a high point north of Saratoga Springs that had cool, clear air and a magnificent view of the mountains and river valleys to the east and south. Nine months earlier, Grant was diagnosed with tongue and throat cancer, and his doctor recommended that he leave his sweltering townhouse in New York City and breathe fresher air farther north. A friend and admirer, Joseph Drexel, had developed a resort hotel called The Balmoral on the summit of Mt. McGregor, and he offered Grant and his family a 12-room cottage on the property to spend the summer. The general was struggling with the final chapters of his Civil War memoirs that he had begun to write after the famous author Mark Twain offered Grant 70 percent of the publishing profits. This was an uncommonly generous offer in the book business, where the writer often got only 10 percent of the profits. Grant was not only trying to outrun an incurable cancer, he was also trying to overcome poverty. Grant’s son, Frederick, had gotten the general to invest his life’s savings into a Wall Street firm called Grant & Ward. It turned out that Ferdinand Ward was running what today would be called a Ponzi scheme. In 1884, the stock fund collapsed and Grant was left penniless, just a few months before he contracted cancer. By the spring of 1885, Grant could barely eat or talk. He arrived at Mt. McGregor by train on June 16 and spent the next five weeks finishing the second of his two-volume memoirs. While he was at the cottage, thousands of people traveled up the mountain to catch a glimpse of this great man, and, if possible, pay their respects to the general. Between writing on scraps of paper and whispering directions to a secretary, the two-term president made his

final edits and died just a few days after completing the manuscript. Within the next year, Grant’s wife, Julia, received royalty checks totaling $450,000, equivalent to $18 million by today’s standards. That’s why historians call Grant’s stay at Mt. McGregor his “Final Victory.” He beat a race with death to provide financial security for his family. Even today, Grant’s personal memoirs remain a best seller. In 2011, 50,000 copies of Grant’s writings on the Civil War were sold, perhaps because they remain one of the finest examples of military chronicles - still quite readable in the 21st century. Thousands of people visit Grant Cottage each year to see how the general lived the last chapter of his remarkable life. This is especially true this year as historians revisit Grant's 1862 victories at Forts Henry and Donelson and at Shiloh. Visitors will see the two opposing chairs in the Sick Room, as it was called, where Grant wrote, and attempted, usually unsuccessfully, to eat and sleep. They will see the parlor with the actual bed on which he died. They can see the French clock he received as a gift on his world tour that was stopped by his doctor at 8:08 a.m., the moment of his death on the morning of July 23, 1885. They will see his top hat and gloves. The night-clothes that he often wore at the cottage are in a special case and there’s even a vessel of cocaine-laced water which his doctors used to bathe his tongue and throat to lessen the pain. Everything has been kept exactly the way it was in the summer of 1885, including the floral arrangements that were sent by Civil War veterans of both sides seeking to pay their respects to the victorious hero. Grant Cottage is unique among the nearly 50 official historic sites managed by the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation. There are no state workers employed here. All of the tour guides are volunteers and the three part-time employees are paid from the proceeds of admission receipts and gift shop sales. Grant Cottage is kept open to preserve the memory of U.S. Grant by a not-for-profit organization called the Friends of Grant Cottage

which was formed in 1987 when the state considered shutting the cottage in an austerity move. Ulysses S. Grant distinguished himself as a cadet at West Point, not by his academic performance, which was unremarkable, but with his ability to ride and handle horses and by the personal discipline he exercised when he fought and when he died. The Friends of Grant Cottage encourage you to join with us as we honor U.S. Grant as Saratoga’s most famous horseman. To learn more about the Grant Cottage, visit






Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival, Featuring Celebrity Chefs, Fine Wines and Fast Cars SARATOGA SPRINGS - A superstar chef challenge juried by celebrity chef Suvir Saran and the award-winning wines of Italy’s famed Piedmont Region will be among the highlights of the 2012 Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival, September 7 – 9. Presented by Cantina Sociale di Canelli in collaboration with the Italian Trade Commission, this year’s festival expands its lifestyle focus with new couture fashion elements,

including a Haute Style Fashion Tent and Lounge at the Grand Tasting, and an exhibition polo match and tasting events at Saratoga Polo. Tickets and more information are available at The festival, a fundraiser for Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), features a first-ever partnership with Saratoga Polo Association. Proceeds from the three-day festival benefit SPAC’s classical season and

its performing arts education programs. “In the past 11 years, this festival has grown beyond our grandest dreams. While world-class wines and fabulous food are the signature attractions of the weekend, guests can now enjoy a multitude of lifestyle elements, from Italian autos and couture fashions, to polo matches and celebrity chef competitions. Our festival is an epicurean adventure in the very best sense,” said Marcia J. White, SPAC’s president and executive director. “At the heart of the festival’s evergrowing scope and success are rich partnerships at every level. We are especially proud to welcome for the first time, new sponsor Cantina di Canelli whose award-winning wines have given Italy’s Piedmont region its reputation as the country’s ‘culinary star.’ Together with the wonderful ‘Made in Italy’ products and presence of the Italian Trade Commission, Italy’s legendary commitment to quality and vibrant spirit will be celebrated,” said White.

Cantina Sociale di Canelli Cantina Sociale di Canelli joins the festival for the first time as the official wine sponsor, in collaboration with Italian Trade Commission. The Canelli cooperative, established in 1933, is comprised of over 200 quality vine-growers from Italy’s famed Piedmont region, the geographic area that is Italy’s top producer of fine and award-winning wines. The superior wines of Cantina di Canelli will be featured at festival events throughout the weekend.

Italian Trade Commission A presenting sponsor of the

Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival since 2009, the Italian Trade Commission has been instrumental in expanding the scope of the festival to include upscale Italian wines, cheeses, specialty foods and couture fashions as well as raising its global profile. "As part of our mission to promote Italian made food and wine products in the United States and all over the world, we can unequivocally state that the Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival is one of our greatest successes,” said Aniello Musella, Italian trade commissioner and executive director for the USA. “An elegant and welcoming event featuring authentic Italian foods and the exquisite wines of Cantina di Canelli from Italy’s Piedmont region, we're thrilled to be back for this year's festival, which promises to be the perfect way to toast summer's end." The ITC will host an Italian Pavilion at the Grand Tasting, featuring exquisite Italian wines and spirits, authentic Italian gourmet items as well as delicacies prepared by the region’s top chefs. Many of these signature products will be featured on the menus of events taking place throughout the weekend, including the Live on Stage Gala, seminars and Sunday brunch.

Chef Suvir Saran and the Cast Iron Invitational New York superstar chef Suvir Saran, a featured chef on the Bravo TV series “Top Chef Masters” and founding chef of famed New York restaurant, Dévi, headlines the 2012 festival, appearing at events throughout the weekend, including a cooking demonstration, book signings and serving as the judge for the final


Guests sample the many fine wines at last year’s festival.

round of the CDPHP “Cast Iron Chef Invitational,” a summer cooking tournament hosted by Adirondack Appliance and Blue Star. “I am thrilled to be part of The Saratoga Wine & Food and Fall Ferrari Festival, one of the premier tasting events in the Northeast,” said Chef Saran. “As a chef dedicated to expanding the culinary landscape and educator who understands that enjoyment of our food begins and ends with quality ingredients, I believe this festival truly stands apart. I am looking forward to a spectacular weekend.” Chef Saran will serve as the judge for the final competition of the “Cast Iron Chef Invitational” a summer long cooking challenge sponsored by Adirondack Appliance and Blue Star. Beginning with 13 restaurants, the invitational has progressed down to two finalists: Jaime Ortiz, the corporate executive chef of Mazzone Hospitality, against Patrick Longton, executive chef of The Wishing Well. Stocked with Agriform SGA cheeses from the Veneto region and wine from Official Wine Title Sponsor Cantina di Canelli, Chefs Ortiz and Longton will be given a mystery basket and asked to create a signature dish that defines their unique style and cuisine. They will be judged on creativity, use of ingredients, appearance and taste. The winner of the contest will receive an EVO Affinity Grill valued at $3,500, courtesy of Adirondack Appliance, as well as the title “Capital Region Cast Iron Chef.”

Kevin Zraly, Master Wine Connoisseur Famed wine connoisseur, educator and best-selling author Kevin Zraly

Photo by Ben Sink

Celebrity Chef Survir Saran




Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

who has been described as “America’s most famous and entertaining wine teacher,” will be highlighted at events throughout the festival weekend. He’ll also lead a seminar on Cantina di Canelli wines at the Saturday Grand Tasting. Zraly, winner of the 2011 James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award, is the author of “Windows on the World Complete Wine Course,” the best-selling wine book in U.S. history. He also leads the Windows on the World Wine Class, which has been recognized as one of the top wine schools in the country by Food and Wine magazine.

Saratoga Polo Association Marking its first year as a festival partner is Saratoga Polo Association, which will participate throughout the weekend as well as host both the first and the final events of the festival at its Clubhouse overlooking the polo fields. On Friday, September 7 the Italian Road Tour ends at Saratoga Polo, which will host the Men’s Made-toMeasure Gourmet Luncheon. With celebrated men’s clothiers Martin Greenfield and Ike Behar in attendance to greet guests, the luncheon will feature library-quality wines from Cantina di Canelli, specialty cocktails by Solerno, a cigar tasting and a gourmet luncheon catered by the Hall of Springs/Mazzone Management. Master wine connoisseur Kevin Zraly will share insights on the wine and food pairings for the luncheon. Saratoga Polo will also host the Sunday, September 9 “Sparkle for



After party at Aperitivo

SPAC” Brunch. Highlights include live jazz music, wines by Cantina di Canelli, pop-up gourmet food shop by I-Gourmet and Agriform, and a showcase of couture fashions and accessories. The brunch will culminate with an Exhibition Polo Match sponsored by the U.S. Polo Association.

Grand Tasting, Concours D’Italia & Luxury Auction The centerpiece of the festival is the Grand Tasting Saturday, September 8. Under large, elegant tents, guests can sample exquisite international wines, savor delicacies prepared by the region’s top chefs, participate in seminars and bid on rare wines, couture fashion, exotic travel and other luxuries at an extensive silent auction. The day also features a Concours d’Italia of collector Ferraris and other Italian automobiles, and concludes with a live auction. Master wine connoisseur Kevin Zraly serves as auctioneer. New features of this year’s Grand Tasting include:

• The Haute Style Fashion Tent & Lounge featuring apparel and accessories from top designers including Max Mara, Ike Behar, Badgley Mischka, Salvatore Ferragamo, John Varvatos, Georg Jensen, Tory Burch and Donna Karan. Guests will be able to stroll these dazzling displays and bid on items as part of the Auction of Luxuries. • La Cucina Italiana Wine & Cheese Seminar led by Lou Di Palo and La Cucina’s Editor Ian Wolff. A seminar on Wine Metodo Classico a vibrant sparkling Italian wine made using the same technique as champagne. • Steak & Wine Seminar sponsored by Certified Angus Beef offers guests insights on the finer points of pairing red wine varietals and various cuts of steak. Cantina di Canelli wines and Certified Angus Beef will be featured. For tickets to the festival and more information, visit


Chef inside the Grand Tasting Tent



Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012




Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

The price is right for–

Lots of Salsa This hasn’t been an easy year for farmers in our area as they’ve struggled with the heat and drought. But one vegetable that thrives in hot sunny weather is the tomato, and right now they are at their peak. If you love fresh tomato-based sauces, this is the time to head to the farmers’ market to stock up! Many vegetable growers will be offering bulk pricing or lower prices for their tomatoes this week and next. There is not a better time to make large quantities of tomato

sauces or salsas. Canning is often the preferred method to store sauces for use later, but freezing is also an option which many prefer—especially those who have large freezer space. Salsa is popular and versatile, is easy to make, and freezes well. Use it plain with chips or as a sauce for many Mexican dishes. The biggest issue in making good freezer salsa is being sure you have boiled off most of the tomato water; otherwise your salsa when thawed will be way too runny. Don’t shorten the cooking time and be sure to let the salsa cool prior to freezing to avoid excess water from condensation. There is nothing better than the flavor of homemade salsa in the middle of winter to bring back memories of summer. This recipe

Pour Some Syrup on It!

John Reardon Compliments to the Chef Hello my Foodie Friends! We saw Will Ferrell carry some of it up his sleeve in “Elf” and could not believe he put it on spaghetti. This week, we’re talking about maple syrup! Locally made, right out of Christie Valley Farm Sugarhouse in Greenwich, New York. There’s nothing like freshly made maple syrup! It was still warm when I recently received my latest shipment. My dad grew up in Rochester, Vt., and one of his fondest memories was tapping the trees and making maple syrup. He didn’t put it on his spaghetti, but he used it with many different food items. My dad, who grew up during the Great Depression, said that tapping trees was a popular job amongst young men in the 1930s. I’ve been told that there was a sugar shortage during the

Depression and that maple sugar was used as an alternative. I asked my dad in the last year of his life if there was anything that he missed from his younger days, and he said that tapping the trees for syrup was the thing he missed most. He took his grandchildren to maple syrup farms in Vermont as often as possible to teach them about the different grades of syrup. The pure and natural old-fashioned syrup that we sell at Compliments to the Chef is made from sap of the sugar maple tree. Approximately 40 gallons of maple sap are boiled down to produce the correct density of one gallon of this pure maple syrup. Did you know, that pure maple syrup is nature’s healthful sweetener? It contains vitamins, minerals and necessary amino acids. Why not try it on grapefruit, hot cereal, granola, plain yogurt, winter squash or sweet potatoes? Use it as a glaze on meat and over ice cream. Put it in coffee, milk or a milkshake. And as always, pour

has been adapted from “Diner’s Freezer Salsa” by Diann Godbey from and is a real winner for its ease and flavorful result. Make your Lots of Salsa Day fun by inviting your friends to join in on the preparation, and reward them with containers to take home and freeze. While everyone is chopping and stirring, definitely turn on some contra music for added fun! Ingredients (Yields six, three-cup containers.) Find the ingredients marked * at the Saratoga Farmers’ Market. • 20 lbs. tomatoes * (Paste or sauce tomatoes contain less liquid, but any tomato should work.) • 2 cups fresh cilantro * • 2 large onions * • 10 garlic cloves * • 10 medium jalapeno peppers (for medium-hot salsa) * • 6 habaneros (very, very hot) it on pancakes, waffles and French toast (and if you like, maybe your spaghetti too!). To keep your maple syrup fresh, once the container is opened, syrup should be kept in the refrigerator or freezer (the freezer is best as maple syrup becomes thick, but will not freeze). If mold does happen to form on the top of the syrup, it can be restored to nearly its original flavor by reheating it to its boiling point and skimming. But, as I always say – “If you are in doubt, throw it out!” So stop in and pick up a half-pint or a halfgallon, and maybe some maple sugar candy too! As always, remember, “Life happens in the kitchen!” Take care, John and Paula

FOOD peppers, or to taste * • 2 cups chopped green bell peppers * • 2 tablespoons cumin • ¼ cup sea salt • ¼ cup vinegar • 6 large limes, juice of (or 6 tablespoons of juice) Directions 1. Peel and chop tomatoes in a food processor briefly, or by hand, so you have a mixture of part liquid and part pieces. 2. Put the tomatoes in a 10-quart stockpot. 2. Chop cilantro, onion, garlic and add to the tomatoes. 3. Chop jalapenos and habeneros with their seeds and add to the stockpot. (For a milder salsa, removed the seeds and membranes from all or some of these hot peppers.) 4. Add cumin, salt and vinegar


and stir all together. 5. Bring to a boil and lower the temperature to keep at a low boil for 2-3 hours, stirring to prevent the mixture from sticking to the bottom of the pot. (Use a metal spacer if the salsa begins to stick to the bottom of the pot.) 6. Boil down to about half to get rid of all the extra tomato water. 8. Fill your containers and leave a ½-inch of head space. Let cool before capping to avoid condensation which will form ice on top of the salsa. 9. Place lids on and freeze. Note: This recipe works very well for canning too. Follow through step 6, and then follow your canning instruction booklet. Also, add even more hot peppers if you like your salsa really hot.



Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

classified TODAY’s


Call (518) 581-2480 x 204

Publication day Friday


Ad Copy Due Wednesday 12:00 p.m.

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Ragtime Stuff for Sale. 4084 Route 9N. Month of August, Mon.-Wed. 10-? Antiques, collectibles, funky stuff, cast iron. Check it out! Watch for signs. Garage Sale: Aug 31, Sept. 1st &2nd, 8am-2pm 1049 Laural Lane Ballston Spa, girls clothing all seasons newborn-size 6, toys, household items, and so much more.


MERCHANDISE FOR SALE STOVE: 30" FRIGIDAIRE, ELEC, BEIGE, GLASS TOP, IMMACULATE, PIGTAIL INC., LARGE OVEN. $250. [ SARATOGA ] CALL 583-3408 or 5842276 BEDROOM FURNITURE - 5 drawer dresser, solid maple, wood framed mirrors, night stands & lamps. Desk - 5 drawer, glass top 24"W x 54" L x 29 1/2" H. Antique hand-painted serving trays. All mint cond. Call 383-3617 CANADA DRUG CENTER. Safe and affordable medications. Save up to 90% on your medication needs. Call 1-888-432-1479 ($25.00 off your first prescription and free shipping)


MERCHANDISE Privacy Hedge, Windbreak, Cedar Tree, Evergreen Mail Order $7.50, Delivery, Installation Other Species Available! Services Available in NY, NJ, & New England. CALL 1-800-889-8238 or 518-314-1446 ANTIQUE Hand Painted Trays, $50/ea. Wood framed mirrors - $75/ea. 1930's Wildwood Cherry Breakfront, 7 drawer, 3 glass drawers, 72. 1/2" x4 3 3/4". $800. Antique desk, glass top, 24" (w) x 54" (l) x 29 1/2" (h) $175. All in mint condition. Call 383-3617

AUTOMOTIVE DONATE A CAR- HELP HOMELESS PETS! Free Next-Day Towing. Tax Deductible. Non- Runners OK. Receive $1,000 Grocery Coupons. Call National Animal Welfare Foundation 1-888-333-3848

Business Service Directory cleaning Saratoga Cleaners FT/PT Counter Help, Assembly/Presser. Year Round. Apply 228 Washington St. Saratoga Springs. or Call 587-3047

AIRLINES ARE HIRING –Train for hands on Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified -Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-296-7093

Albany, NY Area Athletic Republic Training Franchise! Turnkey business includes: equipment, build-out, established customer base, protected territory. Perfect for sports medicine pros. Call 518-879-4002,

CLASS A DRIVERS: SIGN ON BONUS Paid Holidays, Vacation, & More. Weekly Pay. Direct Deposit. REGIONAL with Home Time. 2 Years T/T EXP. 800-524-5051

Clean As A Whistle Professional Residential Cleaning From our shining customer service, to your sparkling clean home, you can count on Clean As A Whistle! Reliable. Insured. Bonded 518-894-4476 Reach the most readers with Saratoga TODAY Classifieds! Call 5812480 TODAY!!

decorating ELEGANT INTERIORS Custom painting and wallpapering. Residential/ light commercial. Faux finishes. Custom Molding. Free estimates fully insured/ ref. Evenings & weekend schedules avail. When attention to detail matters. Greg Perreault (518)366-5743

handyman services Dry wall repair, Painting, Cleaning Services, Junk Removal, Dump runs, Clean Outs. 495-5539 or 421-5938

small engine repair Adirondack Equipment Repair Snowblowers, Chain Saws, Lawn Equipment. Pick up & Delivery 581-3809 87 Old Schuylerville Rd, Saratoga Springs, 12866

Tree Service Residential Tree Service Tree Removal & Cabeling Iron Horse Tree Service 518-677-5878

Real Estate Auctions, 151+/ - Acre Farm, Executive Home w/ Pool, Outbuildings, & Pasture, Divided, Hamptonville, NC, 8/7/12 at 11am, On Site, Also on 9/8 at 2pm, Executive Mountain Home w/ Guest House & Lake on 229+/ - Acres, Grayson County, VA, On Site, Iron Horse Auction Company, 800-9972248. NCAL3936. VAAL580.

CRAFT/GARAGE SALE VENDORS WANTED The Saratoga-Wilton Elks Ladies Auxiliary is looking for market vendors for their indoor market to be held once a month at the Lodge, 1 Elks Lane, off Rte.9 Maple Avenue, Saratoga, on Sundays from 11 to 3:30 pm. Admission is free and the cost for an 8 foot table space is $15 each paid in advance. Doors will open to set up at 9:30 am. The dates are September 23, October 28, November 11, and November 25, 2012. Come and enjoy; for an application or to answer any questions please call Linda at 289-5470 or Debbie at 885-6506. The money is used for our ongoing community donations.



Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012



Jenn Johnson (518) 581-8871

WILTON McGregor Village Apts. SUMMER SPECIAL - 1ST MONTH FREE 2 bdrm, 1 bath. Cats only. (A/C avail) 518-886-8013 All 1st flr. units includes features for persons w/disabilities required by the Fair Housing Act. Now $775/month.





OPEN SUNDAY 9/2, 12-3P

An inviting front porch welcomes you to this immaculate, move in ready home with an open floor plan that is bright and cheery. There is a first floor bedroom/den, vaulted living room, hardwoods in the kitchen, dr and foyer, and stainless steel appliances. Great finished basement with plenty of storage. Wooded backyard affords privacy for those nights grilling on the deck! Located in a fantastic newer neighborhood in Saratoga schools. Listed at $359,000. This is a great value and a must see!

OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND. Best selection of affordable rentals. Full/ partial weeks. Call for FREE brochure. Open daily. Holiday Real Estate. 1-800-638-2102. Online reservations:




ADOPT: A wonderful life awaits your baby! We'll provide warmth, security, devoted extended family, opportunities and endless love. Expenses Paid. Anne & Marc 1-877-977-5411.



BUILDING LOTS - 2 Residential waterfront lots. Mariaville Lake. Public Sewer. Commute to Albany/Saratoga. Call for details 518-372-5251 or 518-669-3543.

ADOPT: A happily married couple seeks to aopt. We'll provide your baby with love, laughter, education, security. Wonderful extended family nearby. EXPENSES PAID. 888-964-4269

ADOPT:†A financially secure, energetic, happily married couple will cherish your child forever. Little one, we love you already! Expenses Paid: Lisa/Brian 1-888-939-8399



You must see to appreciate! 4 bed, 2.5 bath, a true gourmet kitchen First floor Master, lower level walkout with kitchen. An ADDITIONAL 4000+ square feet available for your expansion plans & 10+ car garage. 15 Minutes to Saratoga. Bethe Reynolds Keller Williams Luxury Homes 518-222-3097




Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


Headline Community Sports Bulletin Saratoga Springs Cross-Country Runner Boutelle Helps SMC Earn Top 10 Preseason Ranking

What’s going on at Wilton’s Gavin Park?

COLCHESTER, Vt. - The Northeast-10 Conference released its cross-country preseason polls today, as the Saint Michael's College women were sixth and the men 13th based on voting conducted by the member institutions' head coaches. The Purple Knight women totaled 155 points toward the 16-team poll, narrowly trailing third-place Southern Connecticut State University by 11 points. Stonehill College topped all programs with 225 points. In the men's voting, Saint Michael's accumulated 75 points, coming within 12 of 10thplace Franklin Pierce University. The University of Massachusetts at Lowell paced the 16 men's squads with 216 points. In 2011, the Purple and Gold women turned in a historic finish at the NE-10 Championship, tying a program record by taking third, its best showing since 1993, after placing 13th in the preseason poll. Sophomore Chloe Boutelle of Saratoga Photo Provided Springs, who earned an all-conference citation by taking fifth at the league meet, was the second Purple Knight to cross the finish line during all five of her races.

Fall Gorilla Basketball Program

WMML 1230 AM’s 2012 High School Football Game of the Week Schedule Saturday, 9/1 Shaker @ Queensbury, 1:30 p.m. Saturday, 9/8 Cobleskill-Richmondville@ Hudson Falls, 1:30 p.m.

Get ready for another exciting season of Gavin Park’s fun-filled Gorilla Basketball program! Don’t miss the fun! This program is designed for children ages 4 through 6 who have little or no playing experience. Children learn the fundamentals of the game including dribbling, passing and shooting in a fun and relaxed environment. Coaches teach the basics of the game by utilizing drills and small scrimmages. Program runs Sundays, November 4 through December 16, from 9 - 10 a.m. Registration is limited to 20 participants, and registration ends November 1.

Fall Gorilla Soccer Program The summer sun is fading and wouldn’t you know it, autumn is just around the corner. Now’s the time to enroll your child in Gavin Park’s fall Gorilla Soccer program! This program is designed for children, ages 4 through 6, who have little or no playing experience and want to learn the fundamentals of the game in a fun and relaxed environment. Coaches teach the basics by utilizing drills and small scrimmages. Program meets each Sunday from November 4 through December 16, from 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. Registration is limited to 20 participants, and registration ends November 1.

Babysitting Course Do you enjoy working with children? Want to learn some valuable babysitting basics along with CPR and first aid? Then come join the staff at Gavin Park for the Child and babysitting safety course, scheduled for Saturday, October 6, from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Preregistration is required and is recommended for ages 10 and up. Certification will be awarded upon completion. Registration is limited to 20 participants and registration ends October 4. Register now by going online through the parks and recreation link at or stop in at the park office weekdays, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. For more information, call (518) 584-9455.

Saturday, 9/15 Bishop Gibbons @ Warrensburg, 1:30 p.m.

Join the Zumba Party!

Saturday, 9/22 Johnstown @ Glens Falls, 1:30 p.m. Saturday, 9/29 Salem @ Fort Edward, 1:30 p.m. Friday, 10/5

Whitehall @ Lake George, 7 p.m.

Friday, 10/12 Amsterdam @ South Glens Falls, 7 p.m. Saturday, 10/20 - Playoff Game - TBA

Send your sports stories or briefs to Andrew Marshall, Sports Editor at amarshall@saratoga

Ditch the workout and come join the Zumba craze down at Gavin Park. Registration is currently ongoing and ends September 4. Classes are designed for participants ages 15 and up. Two sessions are available: Mondays beginning September 10 and running through October 22, from 5:45-6:45 p.m. Wednesdays beginning September 5 and running through October 10, from 6-7 p.m. You can register online at, in person at the Wilton Parks & Recreation Department or at the Gavin Park office, weekdays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012



Skidmore Field Hockey Ranked 8th in Preseason Liberty League Coaches’ Poll

Skidmore Volleyball Beginning to Gain Votes in AVCA Coaches’ Poll SARATOGA SPRINGS - For the first time in program history, the Skidmore College volleyball team has received votes in the AVCA Division III coaches' national preseason poll. The Thoroughbreds received a total of six votes and are one of only two teams in the New York region to be featured in the poll. SUNY Cortland was the other, ranked 13th. The 2011 Liberty League champions return 11 players from last season's team that finished 28-9 and reached the second round of the NCAA Tournament. They have also been selected to repeat as league champions in the Liberty League preseason coaches' poll.

Skidmore is led by senior Sam Friedman and junior Corinne Palmer who were selected to the All-Liberty League Second Team last season. Christopher Newport is ranked first, 23 points ahead of secondranked Washington-St. Louis, while Calvin, Emory and defending national champion Wittenberg round out the top five. The Thoroughbreds open their season August 31 when they face Nazareth College and Baruch on day one of the Cortland Red Dragon Classic. From there, it’s off to the Union Invitation hosted by Union College scheduled for September 14-15. They will return September 18 for

their first regular season match with Union College. The team heads east to Amherst, Mass. September 22 for two back-to-back games against Trinity College at noon before turning around and facing their host Amherst College at 2 p.m. The team will play their first home games of the 2012 season September 28, as they’ll play Bard College at 4 p.m. and Clarkson University at 8 p.m. right here in Saratoga Springs. The month closes with another back-to-back set of games in Schenectady September 29. Skidmore will play Vassar College at 1 p.m. before facing St. Lawrence University at 3 p.m.

SARATOGA SPRINGS - The Skidmore College field hockey team begins the 2012 season ranked number eight in the Division III Kookaburra/NFHCA preseason coaches' poll. The Thoroughbreds return 18 players from last season's 18-2 team, which won a fourth straight Liberty League title and earned a fifth consecutive NCAA Division III tournament bid. Leading this group of veterans is junior AllAmerican Kelly Blackhurst. The 2011 Liberty League Player of the Year scored 25 goals and tallied 16 assists for 66 points. Also returning for the Thoroughbreds is sophomore goalie Haley McDougall. The 2011 Liberty League

Tournament MVP had a 0.80 goals against average and .833 save percentage, while posting a 17-2 record. Defending NCAA champion, The College of New Jersey, leads the way in the poll, followed by NCAA runner-up Bowdoin. The colleges of Middlebury, Salisbury and Messiah respectively, round out the top five teams in Division III preseason. Skidmore opens its 2012 season at home August 31, at 4:30 p.m. against Castleton.




Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012


Lance Armstrong Deserves the Benefit of the Doubt - For Now

Damian Fantauzzi Well, here we go again! I find it very disheartening that Lance Armstrong lost everything that he worked for, due to the accusations of former teammates who said he was guilty of doping as a preparation to race. The question is, did he or did he not use illegal performance-enhancing drugs? The U. S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) erased 14 years from Armstrong's career, including his seven Tour de France titles and banned him for life from the sport - a sport that made him a hero to millions of cancer survivors. The USADA expects cycling’s governing body, the International Cycling Union (UCI), to take similar action. But, the UCI was not convinced and wants more information on why Lance should give up his Tour de France titles. Armstrong, who officially retired last year, said that he would no longer challenge the USADA and declined to exercise his last option by entering arbitration. He still denies that he took banned substances

during his career, calling the investigation a "witch hunt" without any physical evidence against him. The International Olympic Committee said it will await decisions by USADA and UCI before taking steps against Armstrong (who also won a bronze medal in the 2000 Olympic Games). The U.S. AntiDoping Agency said up to 10 of Armstrong’s former teammates were set to testify against him, including emails from Floyd Landis, (who was stripped of the 2006 Tour de France title for doping) who described an elaborate doping program on Lance's U.S. Postal Service teams, and Tyler Hamilton's interview with "60 Minutes" claiming he had personal knowledge of Armstrong's usage. Three of Lance's associates will also get lifetime bans: team physician Luis Garcia del Moral; Michele Ferrari, consulting doctor; and team trainer Jose "Pepe" Marti. All of whom had been accused by USADA of participating in a vast doping conspiracy on those teams. Is it a "witch hunt" like Armstrong is claiming, a vendetta to hit back at the cyclist? If that is the case, then why now? Here are some of the criticisms against the USADA. The agency's rules are Gestapo-ish in their thinking: the rules are designed to find athletes guilty and the athletes are not allowed to subpoena documents or compel witnesses to testify in a hearing. The organization's witnesses are nameless to supposedly pro-

tect their anonymity to prevent intimidation. Shouldn't the UCI, the governing body which licensed Armstrong to ride professionally, have jurisdiction over the allegations? All the testing that was done that related to Lance came back negative. Did the USADA coerce witness testimony against him with deals of reduction of punishment if the witnesses themselves were facing doping charges? Last month, a statement by Armstrong's legal team said that both Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton, former teammates who have admitted using performance-enhancing drugs, are part of the USADA's efforts to prove Lance's use of doping. After a two-year probe of Armstrong, when Landis emailed USA Cycling chief Steve Johnson stating that he participated with Lance in a doping scheme no charges were filed. Lance has been tested, literally, hundreds of times and to no avail – the results consistently came back indicating Lance was clean. Can this be an unjust accusation against Lance Armstrong? It sounds like it might be, but on the other hand, it seems that the use of performance-enhancing drugs is rampant in the cycling world. Why go after just one individual? For instance, let's look at baseball, where steroids and other substances produce out-of-control stories about being able to perform superhuman feats. Isn't all of this about fame and money? I guess there is no easy answer here. It's an obvious

motive for the use of performance-enhancing supplements or drugs. Not pointing at Lance or accusing him of using illegal substances or techniques does enforce his role as “Superman”, but it does make people look at professional athletes with a more critical eye. This is becoming a never-ending story in professional athletics and frankly, I know that I'm totally fed up with it. Stories in baseball seem to pop up every week, the tip of the iceberg is the Melky Cabrera of the San Francisco Giants (and formerly the New York Yankees) and Bartolo Colon of the Oakland A's. They are the latest two to receive 50 game suspensions by Major League Baseball for using HGH. (Both tested positive.) To name a few historically; Mark McGwire (St. Louis Cardinals), Manny Ramirez (Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers), Andy Pettitte (Yankees), Jose Canseco (Oakland), and Sammy Sosa (Chicago Cubs), all who either tested positive or admitted using enhancement drugs. There were accusations against Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds of using but neither was charged because they won their battles. [Editor’s note: Bonds admitted to unknowingly taking performance enhancers, and was acquitted on perjury charges relating to a Grand Jury testimony in the BALCO case.] It's about that the desire to win is, naturally, everpresent while, at the same time, new research and technologies have expanded the number of

options for cheating on a possible pathway to the podium. I think there is more skepticism about outstanding performances in sports now than there has ever been. I'm 68 years old; I played college basketball at a level that few can say they have, and I can say that in no way was there any artificial method used to enhance our abilities. We worked at our games, generally ate the right kinds of food and took our vitamins. I still workout because it makes me feel healthy and thank goodness I am still pretty healthy. We used to think adding more sugar or salt to what you ate helped energize the body but that's all been proven to be wrong and in no way was what we did an immediate threat to our lives. These new performance enhancing drugs and steroids could have an adverse effect on the body, such as certain steroids could stop the beating of the heart inducing cardiac arrest. Generally speaking, I think that most athletes prepare themselves physically and nutritiously in the 21st century, more than ever before and the use of performanceenhancing drugs is not part of their plan. There are a small percentage of athletes, professional and amateur, who are users and with more monitoring maybe that will someday be part of sports history. We can only hope!


Week of August 31 - September 6, 2012

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