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Spoken Boutique Belted outerwear

Belting your outerwear is both on trend and figure flattering. It cinches at the waist, offering an hourglass shape. Wide belts work great for belting a trench or a long car coat. It works on a coat that does not have a belt or if there is one, you can remove it and place the wide belt on top of the belt loops, clasp it and go. The belts featured here are from the Canadian-based company, Brave. The quality of leather and craftsmanship is impeccable. Go and check them out! You will not be able to leave without purchasing one.

Exposed socks – yes, please! Showing a small portion of your sock can go a long way. An exposed sock whether it is a thin trouser sock, a bold printed sock, or a wool calf sock can be stylish if paired with the right footwear. For this look, these nubby wool socks from Free People peek out over the top of the Pajar Winter boots. The exposed sock paired with the boots and casual sweat suit evokes this “Apres-ski” vibe. Keep in mind to pair like socks with like footwear. For instance, thick wool socks should be paired with chunky Winter boots whereas a thin trouser sock works well with patent oxfords.

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The exposed sock

The Ankle Boot

The black ankle boot is a wardrobe staple. Though this time of year, they start to look less than desirable. The waterproof sprays will hold up, to a degree, but we usually end the Winter with one or more pairs covered in the dreaded white salt stains. The boots featured here, from the brand Melissa offer both style and function. This black ankle boot is comprised of water resistant material with a treaded sole. You can throw them on with jeans or a dress, tights or socks, and trek through the rain and slush worry free.



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Simply Saratoga Holiday 2015