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make sure you know where you are saving too – select the right path/folder on the pull down. With that, create good folders to put files into on your C drive; very specific is best! It is better to have more folders that are specific then hundreds of files in one large folder. When creating a file name, be clear. “Mom Birthday Party 2015” is better than “Party” or if you generate the same type over and over like a newsletter, do Newsletter 02.15. That way they are easy to sort and find. Pick a time monthly to back up your files, or pay for a service that does this for you. Monthly or every other month, look at your files and just see what you have. Move files between folders, rename or just delete those that you no longer need. Think of this as shuffling papers on your desk, it is the same principle – move, file or trash.

Digital Photos Photos are invaluable and now we are generating tons with the ease of a click on our phone. Decide where you want them to “live” – computer, thumb drive, photo site or cloud storage. Set up good folders for them, such as “Feb 2015” or “FL trip 2015”. This helps with finding them when you want, knowing when the picture was from and with any projects such as scrapbooks or gifts. Decide how often you want to get them there – weekly, monthly, when you have 800! Whatever it is, that will be your system. I suggest monthly and setting up a reminder that is on a set day – the first Sunday of the month, etc. That way the details stay fresh and you can print ones you love or just free up space on your devices. Do this with all sources of photos – phone, camera, etc (remember the kid’s iPods! - give them their own folder/thumb drive, etc for their photos); that way you know you have grabbed all the latest or all for that event.

“I hope this helps work through some digital clutter! Like clearing out actual clutter, the stress lifted by managing it consistently will save time and energy daily.”

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