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Here’s a good list to get you started: • Get your driveway cleaned and sealed • Edge the driveway • Remove all lawn ornaments that you no longer like/are broken/cluttering the space • Clear and clean sidewalks to all doors • Trim all trees and shrubs and prune perennials • Power wash siding •Touch up paint – siding, trim, door • Repair roof / gutters if needed • Remember the entry – you may not use it but this is the door visitors will try to use (clean, freshly painted if needed, new welcome mat) • Make sure door bell is working • Make sure your house number is clearly visible good safety measure in case of an emergency •Mailbox in good shape and labeled with house number • All lighting has working bulbs • Add fresh, bright flowers to pots and grounds • Go through and organize outdoor toys that are visible – store in the shed or in areas not seen from road • Tidy up pool area – do you have chemicals safely stored? Do you have bins for hoses/cover?

There are great storage solutions for yard and outdoor items. If you have a shed, set it up like your garage and use similar solutions such as wall hooks, shelving and item specific bins to organize it. Consider what zones you need in there and only have items that fit in those categories; gardening, lawn tools, etc. Consider the type of outdoor item and if it can handle the weather. This should determine if you need item specific storage; outdoor cushions that are not waterproof need a container, hoses left out should have a wall mount or wheel for wrapping up, tools that can rust should be hung in the garage or shed, toys should have something to be corralled in and those larger kid items need a “park them here” zone.

And don’t forget about entertaining! Entertaining items should be easy to pull out when needed – think portable and easy to clean such as handled plastic caddies and trays. Stock them and tuck them in a cabinet or closet ready to go. And then the bug control; create a caddy for citronella candles, bug spray, wipes, sun tan lotion and more and place on the back porch or close to the exit door to easily pull out when heading outdoors. Nothing feels better than driving up to your own house and loving how it looks! Pick a date to have it all done by and map out a few outdoor work sessions to clean, prune, purge and sort out the great outdoors. And then you will have the rest of the season to enjoy the results. 4

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