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the Segway and become the star of our class. After we watched a safety and demonstration video, our small group of tour participants was given a hands-on training session in the parking lot led by our tour leader and Segway expert, Rick Sharp, with the help of our other guide, Claire. We all started off a little shaky, but the Segway is actually pretty manageable once you get the hang of balancing! We zig-zagged throughout the lot until we were all comfortable enough to roam the streets of downtown Burlington. “Let’s form a single file line as we leave,” Rick said. “Chelsea, you can be in the front.” “I did it!” I thought to myself. “I’m the star pupil!” As I gloated to the secondbest Jess, we took off on the streets to the waterfront of Lake Champlain, where our extremely knowledgeable guide Rick told us the history of how Burlington came to be due to commerce on the waterfront. Rick himself actually spent years working to preserve the waterfront from being taken over by hotels, and his stories are interesting and will surely make you appreciate the value of the waterfront. We continued to glide through the waterfront park and bike path as Rick and Claire pointed out historical structures and sites. We also got to hear about Champ, the mythical creature of Loch Ness fame in Lake Champlain! We rode by a statue of “Champ”, and saw plenty of drawings and other “sightings” of Champ throughout the tour. We got to take a break at a dock on the lake—turns out, all that balancing is actually a bit of a leg workout! Jess and I had to take a picture with the beautiful

scenery and she got some great shots on her own of the lake and mountains. We headed back to the headquarters through Old Town Burlington, which was a fun ride. The city of Burlington is beautiful and historic, and the Segway tour was a fantastic way to see it all in a timely fashion and great guides. Rick and Claire both proved their knowledge of Burlington and were helpful in training us to use the Segways and guiding us through downtown. The tour was so much fun, and by the end of it I felt I had a grasp on both the Segway and downtown Burlington! If you’re a history buff or just want to try out the Segway while checking out some great views, be sure to reserve a spot on a tour by Burlington Segways on your next visit. They offer one-hour or two-hour tours, both of which begin at the office located at 277 Pine Street. The one-hour tour begins at Perkins Pier, the birthplace of Burlington, and proceeds up the bike path to ECHO and the boathouse, Waterfront Park and the fishing pier. The two-hour tour begins with all of the one-hour tour activities but also proceeds into downtown Burlington, visiting the birthplace of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, the Church Street Marketplace and University of Vermont before returning to the Segway shop via Main Street. One-hour tours are available at: 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and two-hour tours are available at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. To reserve a spot, call (802) 489-5113 or email You can also visit their website at

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Simply Saratoga – Fall 2014  
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