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Tom Roohan


recalls Tom Roohan as he remembers the countless business leaders and volunteers that came together to build Mary’s Haven, a home managed by Catholic Charities for people in the last months of their lives. “When it comes to philanthropy, people often stop because they think, ‘I don’t have any money.’ Mary’s Haven wasn’t built with money,” shares Tom. “It was built with time, effort, and a little sweat equity. I called on plumbers, electricians, architects, builders, landscapers, and more…together we built something special through service.” Tom Roohan’s community service closely reflects the history of Saratoga Springs. Organizations he has touched range from NYRA, The YMCA, and AAA, to Saratoga Central Catholic, the Saratoga County Chamber of

Commerce, the Saratoga Special Assessment District, the Saratoga Hospital Foundation, and more. But the roles he has played – director, trustee, advisor, president – aren’t what he talks about. “It’s not a flashy title that helps move a community forward,” said Tom, “it’s hard, hands-on work. Writing a check is generous and thoughtful. But, that’s not how we grow together. Everyone has to step out and be visible for Saratoga to flourish.” Tom is the owner of Roohan Realty, one of the most successful real estate companies in Saratoga. From the adaptive reuse of historic properties, to mixed-use development and residential real estate sales of all shapes and sizes, the team at Roohan Realty has contributed significantly to the growth of this community. But, despite the hundreds of properties that come through the office every year, those that make Tom proud are a little different.


was blessed by their support,”

“Everyone has to step out and be visible for Saratoga to flourish.”

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Saratoga Christmas 2015  
Saratoga Christmas 2015