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The front and inside back covers feature shots captured by Tracey Buyce Photography during the Enchanted Wedding shoot in November 2012. (See page 6 for more photos from the Historic Barns at Nipmoose). •••

Front Cover Model: Becky Kendall Inside Back Cover Model: Katie Ostrowski Dresses and Accessories: Something Bleu Bridal Bouquets: Dehn’s Flowers Hair: Hair Creations Makeup: Polina Special Events Makeup Dog: Cassidy Buyce

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n ig s e D it ra rt o P rn u Blackb Susan Blackburn

phy a r g to o h P e c y u B y e c a Tr Tracey Buyce “I create a visual family legacy.”

n a m d l o G l e a Y “Not only fairytales have happy endings.”

Matt Ramos Photography Matt Ramos

Heather Bohm-Tallman Photography Heather Bohm-Tallman “Great resource for brides-to-be!”

Two Cooks Photography Barbara Cook

“Two hearts joined forever as one.”

Katie O’ Weddings & Events Katie O’Malley

“Surrounded by sparkle, family and love.”

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Historic Barns at Nipmoose

Photos by Tracey Buyce Photography Enchanted Wedding | 7

Malis Henderson Veil; Jewelry, Tess a Originals Something Bleu Bridal

Augusta Jones Lily-Saratoga

ndon, England Ellis Bridals, Lo Bridal Something Bleu 8 | Enchanted Wedding

Augusta Jones, Lily-Saratoga Louise M Jewelry; Wrap, Fabulous Furs

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e hosted by th Photo shoot se o o s at Nipm Historic Barn vided by Bouquets pro rs e Dehn’s Flow d by kie bar create Custom coo te Spoon The Chocola liments of Lunch comp Spot The Hungry

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Modern Trousseau, Lily-Saratoga Brides Head Revisited Veil Louise M Jewelry

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Cymbeline Paris- Som et

thing Bleu Bridal

Cymbeline Paris- Some

hing Bleu B ridal


Models Krystina Didio Becky Kendall Katie Ostrowski

Dresses and accessories courtesy of Lily-Saratoga and Something Bleu Bridal Makeup by Polina Special Events Makeup Hair styled by Hair Creations

Behind-the-Scenes Video Nuvue Cinema

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Photog raphed by Tracey Buyce Photography

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Wed in a

Winter Wonderland

Photos by Matt Ramos Photography

y l l o n o C Lizzy t e l s i a H f f e J and

r e b m Dece 2 1 0 2 , 9 2

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Enchanted Wedding | 21

Details Venue: Hall of Springs Catering: Mazzone Hospitality Flowers and DĂŠcor: Kris Ann/ Fleurtacions Designs Hair and Makeup: Alayne Curtis/Make Me Fabulous Enter tainment: New York Players

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Spring down the Aisle

24 | Enchanted Wedding Photos by Matt Ramos Photography

ttie a e B a r d n a S and zo n u r T l e a h c i M

r i1 2l Ap 7, 20 2

Enchanted Wedding | 25

Details Venue: Canfield Cas Catering: Mazzone


Dress: Something Bl F lowers and DĂŠcor

eu Bridal

: Central Market Flo

Hair and Makeup:


Make Me Fabulous

Enter tainment: City

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“I do” Summer to

Photos by Heather Bohm-Tallman Photography

Meredith Mc



Paul von Sch

m Se pte



2, 2012

Enchanted Wedding | 31

Photos by Blackburn Portrait Design

Carey Ann



Timothy Lyst


y a M 2 26, 201

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Enchanted Wedding | 33

vasio Corrine Cer and s Trevor Micklo

E N J2U , 2012

Photos byTracey Buyce Photography 34 | Enchanted Wedding

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Lea& nn Eddie


Leann Driscoll and Eddie Fyvie by Trina Lucas; photos by Rob Spring Photography

n the summer of 2008, Leann Driscoll created a new file on her computer desktop. She put ideas there, and it became her scrapbook, a Pinterest board of sorts, for the wedding of her dreams. On any given day, there could have been five dresses, seven bouquets, three hairstyles and ten different menus. However, there was only one groom, one very specific groom. That May, Leann had graduated from Coastal Carolina University. Despite the fact that her rent was paid through the month and

36 | Enchanted Wedding

she’d planned to stick around with friends, she picked up and packed up to return to her hometown of Edinburg for a job interview in the Capital Region. Just four days after graduation, she found herself meeting friends for a post-interview celebration on the patio at Gaffney’s in Saratoga. Earlier that same day, Eddie Fyvie had attended a friend’s wedding. He didn’t really feel like going out, but fate convinced him to listen to friends’ pleas, and he too ended up on Gaffney’s patio,

where boy met girl. Within the week, Leann Driscoll told her mom “this one is different,” and less than a month after meeting, Eddie told Leann that he loved her. The next morning, as he walked away from the condo where they had stayed with friends following a Dave Matthews concert the night before, Leann called down the hall, “You’re gonna marry me someday.” The couple moved in together two months later, and in 2010, bought a house to make their own.

The special education teacher and Spa City Jiu-Jitsu instructor were happily committed to each other. Leann’s computer file grew, yet regardless of its prominent place on her desktop, Eddie never peeked. “I think he feared the file,” Leann guesses. Four years to the day of their first date, after endless hints from Leann and relentless jabs from family and friends (and even random people they met in passing), Eddie decided to stop by Frank Adams Jewelers on a whim. Jeff Russell asked him what Leann might like. (That file could have come in handy!) Eddie shrugged, picked one of the designs Russell presented, and made plans to surprise the love of his life. Not an easy feat when she’d been planning the moment since they met. That weekend, Eddie and Leann escaped to Lake Placid. Since October of 2008, the couple had spent frequent weekends at the High Peaks Hotel there. When training for a fight, Eddie kept a crazy schedule, completely out of sync with Leann. Early on, the two found that having a weekend getaway on the calendar helped them get through the hectic weeks and reconnect afterward. Lake Placid became ‘their place,’ and each time they visited, they spent the first morning in a rowboat on Mirror Lake. May 20, 2012, started like so many High Peaks days for them. At 6 a.m., Eddie rose, quickly showered and left to get tea for Leann. An hour later, he returned and she crawled out of bed,

suggesting they throw on suits to swim after rowing. It was sunny and warmer than usual for late May in the Adirondacks. Eddie was adamant they wear street clothes. This seemed odd, as did his hourlong search for hot tea, but for some reason, Leann dismissed both. The couple set out in their rowboat with Eddie at the helm, sweating and smiling and rowing as fast as he could, all the while staying close to the shore. As they came to a grassy spot on the lake, Eddie asked, “Did you hear that?”

Last summer, Leann Driscoll created another file on her computer. But Eddie doesn’t fear this one. In fact, he checks it quite frequently. Inside are all of the plans for their next big day, the one in 2015 when Eddie and Leann will become Mr. and Mrs. Fyvie. It will be another perfect day in Lake Placid. •

“Hear what?” replied Leann. “I think I hear Dave (Matthews) music,” he said. Leann didn’t hear it at first, until they rounded a curve on the shore and she saw Eddie’s close friend, guitarist Tim Ortiz, playing “You and Me,” one of their favorite songs. Before she knew it, Eddie had pulled the boat over and was on his knee proposing to Leann, careful not to rock the boat. Though he’d already rocked her world the night they met four years earlier. So, needless to say, she said, “Yes!”

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I have the ring….now what?


by Katie O’Malley t is officially ‘ring season’! Most engagements start between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, so in the wedding industry, this is the time of year when the phone doesn’t stop ringing. It really is the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ for wedding professionals. Sometimes it is just as exciting for brides-to-be, but more often, it can be stressful. Take some tips from a pro on how to enjoy the process. Getting engaged is certainly one of life’s most exciting moments. It should be celebrated and the engagement period treasured for the magic it can bring. Relish every text message, phone

38 | Enchanted Wedding

call and Facebook post, and save those cards. They will be special reminders of this time. Getting engaged can also be a stressful life-changing moment.

Suddenly, ‘Jennifer’ is ‘Jennifer-justgot-engaged’ and everyone is ready to talk about the big day. One of the best ways to deal with this is to adopt the “we are just going to enjoy this time” philosophy. Take 2-3 weeks and put any decisionmaking on hold. Embrace the newness and avoid wedding planning to truly experience the moment. When the time comes to start making some plans, everyone is going to have an opinion, often

masked by excitement. It typically goes like this: “Ohmigoodness! Congratulations on your engagement, we are so happy for you. Where are you getting married? We got married at this venue and it is the best in the area. Who is doing your flowers? We used this florist and our flowers were the most beautiful. Where are you getting your dress? I got my dress here and it was so much fun!” All of this is perfectly fine, for them. Graciously accept opinions with a smile and a “thank you” and remember that ultimately, every wedding day belongs to the couple marrying. It is a reflection of their love, no one else’s. After hearing all of those opinions, it’s no wonder that bridesto-be feel so overwhelmed. Within a few short weeks of the engagement, they have flipped through every recent wedding magazine, stayed up late stalking blogs, watched too many reruns of “Say Yes to Dress” and may have reached the point of eloping. Don’t do it – not yet! Contact a wedding professional to help, if even just to get started. Many will offer couples a complimentary consultation to talk through everything from timing and budget, to vendors and venues. In the end, eloping may still seem like the best option, but not the only option. And either way, the planning will have begun! •

Just off the Beaten Track by Katie O’Malley


aratoga is a top spot for destination weddings, filled with places where couples can host their own distinct celebrations. There are well-known locations, but memorable events can also take place in non-traditional spaces. Brides and grooms can surprise their guests with unique venues, and Saratoga has some gems that create a one-of-a-kind wedding. Fasig-Tipton, the National Museum of Racing, Siro’s Trattoria at the Lodge and yes, the Saratoga Springs City Center are all spots worth a second glance.

Rob Spring Photography

Enchanted Wedding | 39

Siro’s Trattoria Siro’s Trattoria at The Lodge provides a beautiful wedding setting, an ideal spot for couples searching for a unique Saratoga landmark. Brides and grooms can opt for an indoor celebration that will be elegant, charming and comfortable. For larger groups, Siro’s Trattoria takes the party outside. Finding an outdoor space particularly with a tent in place for unexpected weather. The Lodge provides a classic set-up for those wanting a tented celebration at this historic location.

40 | Enchanted Wedding

Fasig - Tipton me alive in August for Fasig-Tipton, known to co is now available to rent for Thoroughbred horse sales, itality as nts. With Mazzone Hosp weddings and special eve s. uth-watering menu option world-class service and mo , ting set ed ect exp un mfortable, The venue provides a co bles, natural feel of Saratoga sta whether kept simple for the nding on formal atmosphere. Depe or dressed up for a more for a also some great options the wedding size, there are can be so the whole celebration ceremony on the property, and convenience. held in one spot for ease

Enchanted Wedding | 41

m u e s u M g n i c a R NY The National Museum of Racing is a creative space that showcases the history of one of the most popular elements plan, couples can design the layo ut for their special day. It is a perfect location for a true “destination Saratoga� wedding, offe ring the added entertainment of a museum experience with history and horses. Guests can sip their cocktails while wandering thro ugh the Sculpture Gallery, or enjoy dinner in the Hall of Fame room surrounded by the silks of some of Racing can accommodate up to 400 depending on set-up and couples can select from almost a dozen approved cate rers, a nice option when trying to create a truly unique wedding.

Photos by Rob Spring Photography

42 | Enchanted Wedding

r te n e C ty i C a g Sarato Springs City The renovated Saratoga ique vantage Center offers couples a un ebration. With point for their wedding cel way, the new, sweeping views of Broad mately combine glass-enclosed spaces ulti wntown with the Victorian charm of do t look. The a bride and groom’s distinc themselves simple, clean rooms lend s and to countless interpretation modern dÊcor personalization, from chic, tings. Each to elaborate, traditional set ted dinner, or can seat 280-300 for a pla at a reception. accommodate 450-550 ing and photos.

mezzanine area for loung aphy

togr Photos by Rob Spring Pho

Enchanted Wedding | 43





Meredith & Paul 44 | Enchanted Wedding

Their Story

by Yael Goldman Photos by Heather Bohm-Tallman Photography


ast year’s Enchanted Wedding magazine told the story of how Paul and Meredith von Schenk (née McClain) decided to spend the rest of their lives together. How they met – as seniors at Shenendehowa High School and fell in love just before he went off to Duke and she enrolled in RIT. How Paul proposed after eight years together – he took her on a Valentine’s weekend getaway and surprised her with the ring. And looked ahead to their wedding, which in the end, turned out just as Meredith had

dreamed. Married Sunday, September 2, 2012, during a full mass at St. Edward the Confessor in Clifton Park (her childhood congregation), Paul and Meredith said ‘I do’ before a crowd of 165 doting family, friends and neighbors. She wore a delicate lace trumpet gown paired with a stylish

cape. Natalie, her younger sister and Maid of Honor, and Brian, Paul’s brother and

Man of Honor, guarded them lovingly at the pulpit. A dear friend, St. Edwards’ deacon Gene Kelenski, gave the blessing. It was perfectly sunny and 72 degrees. With a wedding party trolley ride up Route 9, Paul and Meredith’s beautiful ceremony transitioned to a cocktail hour and elegant, English garden-inspired reception at Canfield Casino. Congress Park glowed that day with hints of fall and the historic hall beamed with artful, yet graceful, touches. From the soft gray of the bridesmaid dresses to the earthy bouquets of delicate ivory rose, white hydrangea, seeded eucalyptus, dusty miller and hypericum berries, the atmosphere was a reflection of Meredith’s signature: effortless chic. The bride designed the invitations, programs and centerpieces, and created the most unique seating

Enchanted Wedding | 45

Details Park Church: St. Edward the Confessor, Clifton Reception: Canfield Casino Dress: La Reine Bride, Boston, Mass. Bridesmaids: Lily ~ Saratoga Flowers: Dehn’s Flowers es Coordinator: Carol Quirk, Blooms & Vin tography Photog rapher: Heather Bohm-Tallman Pho Hair and Makeup: Make Me Fabulous Jewelry : Something Bleu Bridal Invitations: handmade by Meredith, printed by Paper Dolls Catering: Nicole’s Catering Cake: J.S. Watkins DJ: Andy Pratt es First Dance: Wild Horses by The Rolling Ston co Honeymoon: the couple flew to San Francis for an extended Napa Valley wine tour

46 | Enchanted Wedding

arrangement chart from an accordion of antique windowpanes. She selected French buckets of brilliant green ferns and the subtle, creamy pink ribbons that ran the length of the tables, each topped with exquisite arrangements and twinkling tea lights. The menu was a fresh spin on new Italian-American, featuring filet mignon, vegetarian stuffed eggplant and a delicious sea bass. The cake was melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake, adorned with a crown of hydrangea. Guests danced, mingled and laughed until long past the last song, when close friends Niall and Nikki Roche invited everyone to The Irish Times Pub & Restaurant for an impromptu after party. Looking back on their special day – from the setting to the experience – it was just as lovely as Meredith had envisioned, although not exactly as she had planned. Unfortunately, the wedding weekend had begun with a family emergency. Meredith’s father, Thomas McClain, an avid cyclist, had taken Friday off from work to help with last-minute preparations. That morning, he went for a ride while Meredith was out running errands. She had gone to a friend’s house to drop off the ceremony programs and was on her way home, driving down Grooms Road, when she was stopped by an accident ahead. She saw an ambulance, a truck

pulled over, and her father unconscious on the ground. Running out from her car and into her mother Cecilia’s arms, Meredith was in shock –Would he be alright? Thomas suffered a severe compound fracture and was immediately sent to Ellis Hospital, where the family learned he needed urgent surgery. “We can operate, but you are going to miss your daughter’s wedding,” the doctor said. For the second time that day Meredith’s stomach dropped. How could she get married without her father?Thankfully, this story has a happy ending – just look at the photos! They delayed the surgery. And although Meredith walked herself down the aisle and postponed her father-daughter dance until Natalie’s wedding, she wouldn’t have it any other way. “I was so thankful he was there and alive,” she said, replaying the scenes in her mind. “You get into that bride mode and become concerned

about the littlest things, but this really put everything into perspective.” Meredith’s wedding day vision may have been eight years in the making (she knew Paul was the one the moment they met), but when the big day finally arrived she found it was the people – not the theme, the flowers or the decorations – that made it so truly special. “It was perfect,” she said. •

Enchanted Wedding | 47

With This Ring...

Photos Provided

nt ring gageme n e m u n ssPlati ct prince ¾ a g in featur in dJ ond set cut diam ed wraps rv hand-ca

Palladium engagement ring featuring a ¾ ct round diamond set in dJ wraps

/ening band d d e w ct Palladium g featuring a ½ nt rin d with gageme ; accente d n o m ia ds round d t diamon pavé-se

48 | Enchanted Wedding

ring a old featu g w o ll e in a 14k y ond set m ia d d n 1ct rou d with 3 ; accente s p a r w J d mond round dia

Asymmetric al Palladium ring with pri ncess-cut diamond

Platinum engagement ring featuring a 1ct round diamond set in 4 prongs; accented with pavĂŠ-set round diamonds

Enchanted Wedding | 49



Paul & Antionette


Celebrating 25 Years – Paul & Antoinette O’Donnell


or Paul O’Donnell, it was love at first sight when he met fellow SUNY Plattsburgh student Antoinette in 1983. “I went back to my dorm and told my roommate I was going to marry that girl,” he explained. “It took a few years to convince her, but I knew at first sight.” Antoinette’s hesitation was justified. Her heart had been badly broken and she was in a relationship when she met Paul, who was also already dating someone. But his persistence paid off when she finally commented, “I don’t know what is going on. This is either a test of the relationships we’re in, or it’s fate bringing us together.” And he just said, without any hesitation, “It’s fate bringing us together.” It was two years before they were engaged, and even that wasn’t easy. Paul

50 | Enchanted Wedding

by Barbara Cook; photos provided

had taken his beloved to Ireland after her 1985 graduation, and they were at his grandparent’s farm. He got down on one knee and proposed, but he didn’t have a ring. Although the engagement wasn’t “official,” Antoinette realized then how much he loved her. “I was suffering from a flu that I’d gotten from being over there in the damp homes of Ireland. I was not feeling well at all and was sipping hot toddies, which are tea with whiskey in them. I did not look very pretty or attractive.” Nevertheless, Paul knelt down and told her how much he loved her and wanted to marry her. The next time he proposed was in a fancy French restaurant in the Hudson Valley. He had the waiter bring out the ring on a silver tray with a note that

said, “Will you marry me?” “I read the note and just nodded,” said Antoinette. “The maître’d said, ‘Didn’t you read the note?’ So I had to say, ‘Yes!’ Yes!’” Not one to rush into things, it was another two years before the couple wed. “I’m more of a calculated risk-taker and preferred a long engagement to make sure it was the right thing, the right match,” said Antoinette. They exchanged vows in Albany’s historic St. Mary’s Church before about 150 friends and family. Both of Paul’s grandmothers were in attendance; it was only his Irish grandmother’s second time in America. Antoinette, the youngest of 10 children, wore her mother’s wedding gown. The couple described their wedding as traditional and affordable, and “a whopping good time,” according to

Antoinette. The reception, at the University Club, included a keg of Guinness and an Irish trio as well as a DJ. Since Plattsburgh graduates are known to enjoy a good time, her father rented a second room for her college friends. Paul kept their honeymoon destination a mystery until the day they left. “He told me to bring a bathing suit, a sweater, a ski coat and suntan lotion,” laughed Antoinette. “So I had no idea where I was going.” Their first two days were spent in Fiji, with their ultimate destination New Zealand. On the way back they stopped in Hawaii, where they had a surprise when Paul called his parents. “When we were in Fiji,” he said, “the morning we were leaving, there was a coup d’état and the flight right after ours was hijacked. So my father and mother were panicking and convinced that we were in the center of all this.” “But the luck of the Irish prevailed,” Antoinette finished, “and we were safe.” They have had a business for the last 20 years, Celtic Treasures on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. Although they are co-owners, Paul runs the store on a day-to-day basis, while Antoinette works for CDPHP. Paul’s father is the bookkeeper and their son, Eamonn, a sophomore at Siena College, also works there. For their 28 nieces and nephews, working at the store has become a family rite of passage as each grows old enough for a job. Although the store and Antoinette’s job keep them busy, the two cherish time spent together outdoors. They have a sailboat at Bolton Landing, where they escape to have dinner onboard during the busy Saratoga summers. “So we have a

slice of Lake George but we don’t have to worry about managing a home or a camp, and all the worries that go with that,” Paul observed. They also enjoy hiking and skiing. “We embrace the winter, we don’t run

away from i t ,” Paul said. “Antoinette is a ski patroller at Gore Mountain.” Through 25 years of marriage, the couple’s love for, and understanding of, each other have grown deeper. “We’ve learned a lot of patience through our relationship,” said Antoinette, “and you really learn a lot about yourself.” “There’s that sense that I married my best friend,” said Paul, “and we really enjoy each other’s company.” Antoinette continued, “Paul has an expression that came out a while ago in error but we still laugh about it. ‘Good times, bad times, they

always seem the same with you.’ Basically, even through the bad times, our love for each other helps us persevere in that situation and really gain strength.” “If you have love and commitment and devotion,” Paul added, “you can get through any rough seas.” The two agreed that marriage is about finding peace and contentment through accepting the other person in spite of their quirks. “It’s contentment,” Antoinette explained, “not in a settling for something that could be better, but contentment that you have the best, and you are in the best situation.” “The dream of a perfect wedding and perfect marriage, that whole concept of ‘perfect’ is a moment in time, it’s not a continuum,” she continued. “The continuum is that ongoing love and trust and friendship.” “Well said,” Paul affirmed. •

Enchanted Wedding | 51



y h t a K & Michael


hte g u a l


Celebrating 50 Years – Michael & Kathy Slaughter


daptability to change, stubbornness and respect are some of the keys to a long and healthy marriage, according to Michael and Kathy Slaughter. The couple will be celebrating their golden anniversary in 2013. “We really have made a lot of changes,” explained Michael, “moving from one place to another. But each time it’s been an adventure which gets us more and more engaged with where we’re going. We feel as though we’ve been propelled forward all these years, doing something new and different.” Both readily describe themselves as stubborn. However, they believe that characteristic is what carried them through the first year of their marriage, because they didn’t want anyone saying ‘I told you so.’ “Whenever things were tough we both were like, ‘Well, I’m not going to let

52 | Enchanted Wedding

by Barbara Cook; photos provided

this get me down or defeat me,’” Kathy explained. “Neither one of us was willing to give up.” “But the key to a relationship is that you have that core respect for each other,” said Michael. “So when you are inevitably stressed and have some of the tragedies that you experience as you go through your life, you have the resilience to work through them.” “It’s nice, too,” Kathy observed, “that when difficult things happen you don’t have to explain yourself to the other person.” She described a year that involved many trips to the emergency room with one of their children. “I really liked knowing that the hand I reached out for was an old familiar hand.” The two have known each other almost their entire lives. Originally from Amsterdam, NY, Kathy’s family moved to southern California when she was a

baby. At three years old, she lived next door to Michael’s aunt and uncle. Michael and his family would visit for holidays and Kathy’s father “thought Michael was the cutest little boy.” As high school freshmen the two went out a few times, but it wasn’t until their junior year that they started dating. Kathy didn’t recall whether Michael had ever proposed, but he remembered. “I used to play in the high school band. She was going to all the football games because I was going to all the football games. We were on a bus going up to the football game, we had a great time. We came back and I asked her if she’d marry me.” “What did I say?” Kathy inquired. “Yes,” he answered, then continued his story, “And what I realized years later was that when she was riding along like that she was probably half asleep and didn’t know what she was

saying. I just took that as, well, OK, and we made plans to do it.” “So I guess he did propose,” Kathy laughed. She went away to college for two years and when she returned they resumed their relationship. During their senior year they eloped. They took a couple of friends with them to the Pasadena City Hall, where a “really sweet judge” performed the ceremony, Kathy recalled. “He said, what are you so nervous about? And I said, I don’t ever want to do this again. And he said that’s a good beginning.” Michael, an asthma and allergy specialist, was one of the last of the Doctor Draft in 1972, so the young family moved to Belgium for three years while he served in the Army. Upon returning to the United States they settled in southern Oregon for eight years. Finally admitting to each other that they hated it, they began considering new places to live. Kathy’s sister lived in Manhattan, and since New York was only half as far away as Belgium, they decided to look there. With three children, they agreed New York City would be out of the question. They considered Albany, but didn’t like it. Then they headed further north, Kathy said. “We came up to Glens Falls, saw the lake and said, yeah. We’ve got these kids, we can ski together, sail together, all this stuff. So he opened his practice in Glens Falls.” Their friends took bets on how long they would stay since they had moved so many times. Thirty years later, Kathy said, “We love it here. I have no desire to leave.” “No,” Michael agreed, “we like it very much. We’re lucky in that the two of us have the same sort of sensibilities about things. We like the same kinds of areas, kinds of people and such.” They take the train to Manhattan about every six weeks, partly to shop for their store, Next Summer, and partly because they

enjoy it. Their birthdays are only four days apart so they celebrate them together in the city. The two love traveling, sailing and shopping together. “I think that’s one of the reasons we slipped into retail,”

Michael said, “because we enjoy shopping so much.” “Honestly,” he continued, “we’ve spent some very pleasant evenings just sitting and talking or reading together.” Kathy and their son, Matthew, are co-owners of Next Summer, but Michael puts in his share of time there as well. “I come down here on Sundays because she’s got the Sunday

shift and I’d rather be here in the store with her than be at home by myself working on things.” The couple agrees that marriage is not as easy as newlyweds might think. “Expect that it’s going to be a lot more difficult than you ever imagined,” advised Michael. “But it’s the difficulties that forge the relationship.” “Yeah,” said Kathy, “you’ve really got to tough it out, I think.” “Over fifty years the person that you marry is going to go through a succession of changes,” Michael observed. “And if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be quite so interesting.” “And you hope that you grow and change over fifty years,” Kathy concluded. She said the number is a shock for her. “I’ve been struck a lot lately by that. I’ll see something and realize I bought it 35 years ago and think, where did 35 years go?” “It’s funny how the middle years go the fastest,” Michael mused. “We were so busy during that time that it’s a tumble of years as you look back. You can certainly remember important and moving moments in your life, but on the other hand when you look back at it, it’s like a kaleidoscope of experiences.” •

Enchanted Wedding | 53

r e p a P o t t i g Puttin

Photos Provided by Southern Charm Weddings 54 | Enchanted Wedding

Enchanted Wedding | 55

Photos provided by Paper Dolls of Saratoga 56 | Enchanted Wedding

Enchanted Wedding | 57


Perfect Fit

So much of an enchanted wedding is about the dress. It influences the mood and theme, and everyone else’s attire as well. It is the first thing a newly engaged woman shops for, sometimes even saying “yes” to the dress before saying it to her fiancée. Finding the right dress can be just as magical as finding the right partner – a perfect fit! Photos by Rob Spring Photography in the newly opened bridal boutique at Saratoga Trunk

Style Sheet A-Line or Princess A-line dresses are also referred to as ‘Princess’ styles, cutting close past the waistline through the hip, and then flaring slightly to the hem, shaped much like the letter ‘A’. This is an excellent silhouette for a pear-shaped bride.

Mermaid This silhouette hugs the body, faring just below the knee. Mermaid and Trumpet dresses are very flattering for women with curves, equally voluptuous on both the top and bottom.

Ball Gown A traditional dress, the ball gown is fitted through the bodice and waist with a very full skirt. Like the A-line, this is a good style for ladies who are larger on the bottom than top. Ball gowns can also add definition and curves to a bony figure, short or tall.

Sheath Sheath dresses are straight, closely following the lines of the body. They are stunning on tall, slender brides, and a great choice for petites as the sheath elongates a woman’s silhouette.

Empire This gown boasts a high waistline, cutting right under the bust to a slimmer skirt. The Empire style is ideal for boxy, athletic brides who lack a defined waistline. It’s a flattering dress for expectant bridesmaids too.

Trumpet The understated trumpet skirt gradually flares at midthigh, lower than the A-line, yet higher than a Mermaid.

“In 1996, a year or so after I opened Saratoga Trunk in its former location at 487 Broadway, I featured Nicole Miller Bridal in The Salon at the Trunk upstairs. Along with the simple, yet chic, gowns, I dressed many young ladies in the Nicole Miller brand for bridesmaids. I would have anywhere from 3 to 7 women in a party, all different shapes and sizes, some even expecting to be quite pregnant for their friend’s special day.” Trying to make the bride-to-be’s vision a reality, while accommodating several attractive ladies of varying sizes, I proposed something ‘new’ to them. Why not select a fabric and color for the entire party, but let each bridesmaid choose a different style, one that reflects her unique attitude and fits her shape? Well, once word spread about how this approach could be both appropriate and elegant, I had people’s attention. Sometimes, back then even more so, one needs to ‘step out, and step it up’ to engender fabulous change, and approval with applause! That is how trends are born, and grow to become mainstream.”

Natalie Sillery Owner, Saratoga Trunk

Enchanted Wedding | 59

60 | Enchanted Wedding

Dresses for breakfasts, and dinners, and balls; Dresses to sit in, and stand in, and walk in; Dresses to dance in, and flirt in, and talk in; Dresses in which to do nothing at all; Dresses for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

William Allen Butler, “Nothing to Wear” •••••

Featured dresses designed by Don O’Neill of Theia, exclusively at Saratoga Trunk

Interesting Fact... According to the industry research company, The Wedding Report, the average bride spent $1,187 on her dress in 2012, $1 more than the average spent on wedding bands for the couple.

Enchanted Wedding | 61

Getting There!

Photos by Rob Spring Photography 62 | Enchanted Wedding

Photos by Matt Ramos Photography

Enchanted Wedding | 63

Photos by Heather Bohm-Tallman Photography

Just as Cinderella had her glass coach, brides want to arrive in style on their wedding day. The vehicle a couple uses will play a part in their memories, and provide the backdrop for many of their photographs. It should be a mode of transportation that reflects them.Whether by car, carriage or trolley, local options allow couples to sit back and enjoy a smooth ride through their wedding day. …by Vintage Car or Limousine Many car companies, like Royale Limousine, offer traditional stretch limos as well as classic town cars and vintage autos, allowing couples to select whichever best suits their wedding style. Limousines and stretch SUVs can carry entire wedding parties, while individual cars provide special transportation for a bride and her father, or maid of honor, driving to the ceremony, and for the couple afterward. All are driven by tuxedoclad chauffeurs, and promise red carpet service with a champagne toast. ( …by Horse and Carriage Nothing says “enchanted” quite like a horse-drawn carriage. The intimate seating, the sound of hooves on the pavement and the feel of open air truly enhance this one-in-a-lifetime moment. Saratoga Horse and Carriage provides an unforgettable experience for couples, from engagements to weddings. They have two carriages to choose from, black or white. Both are pulled by majestic Percheron horses, and can be canopied for style or weather. The company also offers a horse and trolley combination, and now has traditional Baraat horse services for Indian and other South Asian celebrations. ( …by Trolley Trolleys combine the fun and festive with the vintage, while accommodating larger groups. They are an ideal way to transport the bridal party throughout the day, or to shuttle guests from hotels to the ceremony and reception. In Saratoga, Horsin’ Around Trolley has San Francisco-style, open-air trolleys that can be chartered for a couple hours or a couple days. ( 64 | Enchanted Wedding

From Mendelssohn to Lady GaGa:

Ceremony Music Today by Katie O’Malley


ouples are adding a personal touch to their wedding ceremony by selecting fun, contemporary and meaningful musical selections. Customizing the wedding ‘score’ can be a special way to enhance the day, reflecting the unique personalities of the bride and groom. For some, the classic strains of Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” may have played in every dream since childhood. But more and more, couples want to set the tune for their marriage with something different. At one recent wedding, the bride’s father was a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, so she and her dad came down the aisle to a classical string arrangement of “Thunder Road.” Another couple surprised their guests, starting out with a traditional song for their recessional before the quartet broke into Lady GaGa’s “Just Dance,” as they exited the ceremony. Other popular selections include Train’s “Marry Me,” Florence and the Machine’s “Cosmic Love,” and Michael Buble’s “Everything.” The possibilities are as endless as the number of weddings. It is important to remember that it can be simple for a couple to dictate the tone, and tune, at some ceremony locations. However, in a traditional church or synagogue, the officiate or musical director may need to be consulted, and certain selections may have to be saved for religiously appropriate places in the ceremony, or even for the reception. In most cases, though, they will work closely with the bride and groom to ensure their wedding truly celebrates their unique love.

Enchanted Wedding | 65

Fabulous Floral A bouquet of ideas from Deb Converse, Dehn’s Flowers

ct the couple: Flowers should refle ue bold and playful, tr soft and romantic, o weddings are the to one color. No tw are the flowers. same, and neither

Photos by Tracey Buyce Photography 66 | Enchanted Wedding

Tracey Buyce Photograph y

Blackburn Portrait Design

Help the relations hip bloss Grooms om. can have delivered flowers on their wedding to the br day‌ ide’s mot her!

Enchanted Wedding | 67

Looking for something different? Add flowers where they’re least expected. A swag of seeded eucalyptus and spray roses can join chairs for the bride and groom, while miniature wreaths dress up wine and water bottles. Or, use individual vases with single stems to hold place cards. Blackburn Portrait Design

Tracey Buyce Photography

68 | Enchanted Wedding

Tracey Buyce Photograph y

Blackburn Portrait Design

Blackburn Portrait


Choose one flower to use exclusively in the br ide’s bouquet and the groom’s bo utonniere.

Tracey Buyce P hotography

Enchanted Wedding | 69

mix hot For petals that pop, grass green pink with orange or with purple.

Tracey Buyce Photography

Enchanted Wedding | 71

Flowers by the Seasons


Dahlias, Sunflowers, Mums, Kangaroo Paw , Montbretia, Safflower


Amaryllis, Anemones, Freesia, Lisianthus


Tulips, Daffodils, Iris, Peonies (May - June ), Sweet Peas, Lilacs, Hyacinths, Lily of the Vall ey


Garden flowers, including Hybrid Delphinu m, Gladiolas, Batchelor Buttons, Calandula, Celo sia Many popular flowers are available year -round. Fill in with orchids, calla lilies, garden rose s, hydrangeas, gerbera daisies and stargaze r lilies. While seasonal flowers are most economical at certain times of year, many, like tulips and sunflowers, can still be found almost any month.

Rob Spring Photography

72 | Enchanted Wedding

Rob Spring Photography

Enchanted Wedding | 73

Be on Y our Guest B ehavior

by Katie O’Malley

1. RSVP when the invitation arrives, even if it’s the same day.

In addition to all of the planning

There is no reason to wait, espe-

2. Please be seated. When asked to be seated for dinner, don’t hesitate. Find your seat!

that goes into a couple’s wedding cel-

cially if a save-the-date card already

Many couples only have the venue

ebration, guests play a big part in the

cleared the calendar. The bride and

and vendors (band, DJ, etc…) for a

overall success of the day. The bride

groom will love the early reply. So

specific amount of time. If the cocktail

and groom have carefully chosen their

many details rest on the number of

hour is fun and the hors d’oeuvres

invitees to share the occasion and the

people who check the “Yes, we are

delicious, imagine how amazing the

best guests appreciate this. Following

attending” box, so having a final

main course will be…seated…in the

a few simple rules can help things run

count in a timely fashion helps put the

dining room.


bride’s mind at ease.

74 | Enchanted Wedding

3. Step away from the liquor shots. Weddings often bring together people who haven’t seen each other in a while, like college or childhood friends and distant family. But this is not a frat party or the local bar. This is one of the most special days the bride and groom will ever celebrate with family and friends. They shouldn’t have to worry about a guest getting up on the bar and dancing after a fifth shot of Patron, or someone taking clothes off on the dance floor. Many venues have a strict “no shots” policy, but there are some that don’t. It shouldn’t matter. Save the crazy antics for the after party that is at a local bar. 4. Put the iPhone or iPad down. The bride and groom have invested in a professional photographer for their wedding celebration. Without a doubt, that expert will get the shot. The couple doesn’t need a photo of Aunt Millie standing in the middle of the aisle with her iPhone or iPad raised high. Facebook can wait. Everyone is in such a hurry to capture a picture and get it posted that the vows, the single most important moment of the wedding day, can easily be missed. (If it is impossible to resist temptation, at least check to make sure the photographer isn’t in the aisle before jumping up.)


Enchanted Wedding | 75

Sweet Nothings

Wedding in win ter, spring, summer or fall? These seasonal ca kes will please one and all. (Cre ations by Cake)

Photos provided 76 | Enchanted Wedding

note: ntics take a m o r d ers an ut rote. City slick nything b a e r a s n s) sig ach Cake These de m to S y b s (Creation

Photos provided

Enchanted Wedding | 77

Margie Place of The Chocolate Spoon offe


some sweet tips‌

Homemade cookies or cupcakes with a personalized message from the bride and groom make great gifts on a hotel pillow or nightstand. A Cookie Bar filled with mini homema de treats allows guests to take home a special gift that reflects the wedding theme. Variety is key. Bridal showers can also be enhanced with tea cookies. Citrus-Basil, Rosemary Butt er, Iced Lemon Shortbreads and Sage-Almond Squares are just a few unexpected, delicious flavo rs. The Chocolate Spoon - (518)275-958


Photos provided

78 | Enchanted Wedding

and cookies , s e k a c Cup h my! candy, o tastes o many s e r a e r . The ts to try for gues

Photos by Matt Ramos Photography

Enchanted Wedding | 79

Defining Details Blackburn Portrait Design

Blackburn Portrait


Heather Bohm-Tallman Photograph y

Blackbu rn

Portrait De


e rehearsal ivate moment after th Exchange gifts in a pr re the rise to be found befo dinner, or leave a surp bride and presents between the ceremony. Either way, become a touch to the day, and groom add a special uple’s love. lasting treasure of a co with super to the formal, whether Mix a splash of fun in create hing dresses and suits atc M . es to g in kl ar sp socks or ique spirit otos. Let everyone’s un a cohesive look for ph wear. er with frivolous foot shine from undercov

Blackburn Portrait Design 80 | Enchanted Wedding

e’ with an unexpected Bring ‘something blu ndbag, a vintage accessory : a beaded ha . sash or even blue heels handkerchief, a satin

Blackburn Portrait Design

Keep loved ones close with a family heirloo m pinned to th e bridal bouquet or underside of a dress. Photogra phs of deceased or absent grandp arents, parents , siblings and frie nds can also be tucked in a lock et.

phy Matt Ramos Photogra

Enchanted Wedding | 81

Make it Fun!

Rob Spring Photography

Rob Spring Photography

Add playtime with personalized carnival games. Instead of a traditio nal guest book, ha ve attendees jot wishes , advice and amusin g anecdotes on game pieces, building bl ocks or the backs of play ing cards.

fun with unlimited Photo booths offer favors and Pictures are backgrounds, props and poses. eth wh er photo strips available within minutes and tomized with the or larger prints, they can be cus a n personal message wedding date, colors and eve gnets are another from the bride and groom. Ma a g practical memento picture perfect option, creatin to & Events (above); of the special day. Image Pho The Magnet Man (right)

hotography Tracey Buyce P

e with the guests. Don’t send all the memories hom spot and let friends Have doubles printed on the apbook with fun and family add theirs to a scr photo guestbook! a stickers and special wishes. It’s

82 | Enchanted Wedding

h, For a cool touc in es ur use ice sculpt s. ay w unexpected (The Ice Man) Photos provided

Enchanted Wedding | 83

Flavor for Favors

Tracey Buyce Photography

mbles Oil asse e v li O r a skets fo Saratog l gift ba u if tment t r n o u s bo ple as im s r o arties guests. bridal p of-town t u o r .com) boxes fo aoliveoil g o t a r a (www.s

The Saratoga Olive Oil Com pany can create 60ml bo ttles labeled w ith the name and des cription of a co uple’s favorite extra virgin olive oi l or balsamic condimento fr om among 26 varieties. Each bottle is decorated wit h flowers and ribbon co mplementing th e wedding theme, and per sonalized wit h custom tags celebratin g the bride an d groom. Rob Spri ng Photograph y

Candy is Have fun a classic favor. with the packagin g!

Blackburn Portrait Design 84 | Enchanted Wedding

BRACE al party in EM Dress the brid l day, or for the specia es ti ® E C A R THE at, polo or smen with a h present groom hank you.” fleece to say “t

Planning the quintessential Saratoga wedding? EMBRACE THE RACE®, The Apparel for the Horse Racing Lifestyle® is the sports’ worldwide brand with hometown roots. Bridesmaids will love the Pashmina scarves, and the stainless travel mugs make great wedding favors or, filled with a coffee shop gift card, welcoming gifts for out-of-town guests. All of the items highlight the iconic logo and can be color-coordinated to match a wedding theme. (

Enchanted Wedding | 85

35 awards more than er ff o . y er in W their facility Adirondack dcrafted in e an h m ll co a el , w es es, winning win orette packag ing or el h ac b er h d get guests, wed They put to out-of-town kers and r ar fo m s et le k b as ta b rpieces, te n ce er n el b s. rehearsal din fit with customized la ll a favors, ed id Photos prov

Tracey Buyce Photography

to a make a donation In lieu of favors, will The organization favorite charity. ests e support, and gu be grateful for th ure e thoughtful gest will appreciate th in their honor.

86 | Enchanted Wedding

Photos by Rob Spring Photography

thing bouquets are Bloomers exquisite clo s for the bride-tobeautiful, practical gift ery arrangement be or her attendees. Ev customized to is unique and can be favorite colors and showcase the bride’s ssom unravels into a distinct taste. Each blo derwear, cozy socks silky camisole, sexy un for the recipient. or soft scarf, all sized fun centerpieces for Bloomers also make chelorette parties. bridal showers and ba (518)312-8405

Enchanted Wedding | 87

IN by Katie O’Malley

Every wedding season brings a whole new round of amazing couples with their own style, vision and energy. It’s fun to see the new trends taking shape! Here are some favorites to watch for this year. Rob Spring Photog raphy Rob Spring Photog raphy phy Rob Spring Photogra


Emerald Green the Pantone has named it certainly makes a color for 2013, and s ing day. Jewel tone statement on wedd nt affair, no matter create a warm, elega an ess bridesmaids in how they’re used. Dr e ad sh g nin d this stun easy neutral and ad s. oe sh es and fun with chunky necklac mplement the ladies Groomsmen can co squares and socks. with splashy pocket ways to incorporate There are numerous ur day, from attire to this perfect hue in yo If lighter hues excite

the bride, Pantone

Tender shoots blooming this spring. nectarine, linen and (green), lemon zest, r a refreshing touch. African violet all offe

88 | Enchanted Wedding


Instant Photo Sharing On wedding day, photo sharing stric tly among guests can be a lot of fun. A very simple app to check out is www. weddingpartyapp. com. Guests create a lo gin and password, and can start uploading ph otos immediately , preserving aspects of the wed ding weekend that the bride and groom may m iss. The app keep s events private too, so on ly those permitted to view the images can post, comment and sh are.

Enchanted Wedding | 89


into the overall Weaving patterns and prints in popularity wedding design will increase and even polka this year. Chevrons, stripes both fun dots are patterns that can be up co le’s own and sophisticated, adding a personality to the day. o create a Many brides and grooms als help set the to custom monogram or logo stand alone as stage for the entire event, or n add whimsical a signature mark. Some eve plays and more.

printed materials, events dis

Rob Spring Photog raphy

Rob Spring Photography


Blackburn Portrait De

90 | Enchanted Wedding


guests, the “wow” factor for Food trucks provide cocktail the g rin du d surprise cte pe ex un an ng eri off ual of a reception. Individ hour or at the close re and themed carts, but mo vendors specialize in cks tru o incorporating food . more caterers are als es oic menu of wedding ch and carts into their cream the old-fashioned ice outdoor wedding as the er mb tnu ou s n the adult truck pulls up. Whe for are ats tre ol co t clear tha kids in line, it will be g-at-heart! the young and youn ing the d Fired Pizza will br truck. Orapello’s Woo nation sti de y d from Italy, to an brick oven, importe hot from are delicious pizza, Wheels will also prep m). Both the traveling oven (w e-night after party! are fun starts to a lat

Enchanted Wedding | 91

Couple Time Photos by Rob Spring Photography

acks, to the Adirond From Saratoga come el w y to tless inns read om fr there are coun pe ca provide an es double newlyweds, or e re th day. These g bi e th re fo planning be r weddings. ect settings fo as picture perf

Union Gables Bed and Breakfast Located just two blocks from the historic Saratoga Race Course, Union Gables is a quintessential Victorian Inn within walking distance of downtown Saratoga Springs. Built in 1901, with windows strategically placed to allow sunlight in from dawn to dusk, the mansion earned the nickname of ‘Sunnyside House.’ After initially serving as a private residence, the house became a Skidmore College dorm for thirty years, and was then state-owned before it opened to the public as a Bed and Breakfast in 1992. Union Gables was renovated in 2004, and the grounds landscaped with romantic roses, perennials, herbs, fountains and sitting areas. The wrap-around porch boasts a quiet haven and the opportunity for people-watching when the track is open. Couples can relax in one of the spacious guest rooms, each uniquely decorated with antique touches. Amenities include private baths, cable television, refrigerators and high speed wireless internet. Common areas feature comfortable furnishings, inviting fireplaces and a billiard table. Breakfast is served daily, and cooked fresh to order. To learn more, visit, or contact proprietors Tom and Barbara Fox at (518)584-1558.

The Mansion Inn of Saratoga Step back in time and experience nineteenth-century romance. The Mansion Inn offers guests the refined elegance of Saratoga with acres of private grounds. Recognized by The National Register of Historic Places, the estate is a luxurious country retreat for intimate weekends. Individually decorated guest rooms combine classic features like 14’ ceilings, detailed molding, antique furnishings and original gas lighting fixtures with the best of modern linens and amenities. Overnight stays include a full gourmet breakfast and innkeepers afternoon reception. The romantic style and grace of this 1866 mansion provides an ideal setting for weddings as the Victorian public rooms and colorful gardens are a beautiful backdrop for both ceremony and celebration, while the warmth of the inn’s bedrooms welcome family and friends. To view a slideshow of all of The Mansion can offer for showers, bachelorette parties and weddings, visit www. 92 | Enchanted Wedding

Longfellows Hotel

Longfellows Hotel is nestled in the rolling hills between downtown Saratoga Springs and Saratoga Lake. Originally a 1915 dairy barn, the exceptionally charming hotel exudes all the conveniences of a modern facility and the ambiance matching nearby historic inns. From spacious guestrooms to executive suites, the hotel focuses on relaxation with luxury baths, glass-enclosed showers and classic furnishings. Conveniently located adjacent to the hotel is Longfellows Restaurant, a delightful venue for any celebration, whether an engagement party, shower or wedding. Events can be held in the indoor courtyard, or outside, complete with white tent, fresh flowers and a magnificent view of the Adirondack Mountains. For services, amenities and availability, visit •••••

Enchanted Wedding | 93

Enchanted Wedding 2013 Resource Guide


Cake by Alissa (518) 727-7157 Lake George Baking Co. (518) 668-2002

Caterers/Venues Boathouse Restaurant The Lodges at Cresthaven (518) 668-3332

Catherine’s in the Park (518) 583-4657 Excelsior Springs (518) 226-0538 Fort William Henry Resort (518) 668-3081 Holiday Inn Resort at Lake George (518) 668-5781 Lake George Steamboat Company (518) 668-5777 Lake George Shoreline Cruises (518) 668-4644 Lily & The Rose (518) 587-1953 Longfellows (518) 587-0108 Nicole’s Catering (518) 436-4952 94 | Enchanted Wedding

Old Daley Inn (518) 235-2656 Pig ‘N Whistle (518) 280-5439 Saratoga Polo (518) 584-8108 The Inn at Erlowest (518) 668-5777 The Inn at Saratoga (518) 583-1890 The Mansion Inn (518) 885-1607 The Queensbury Hotel (518) 792-4453 The Saratoga Hilton (518) 693-1004 The Wishing Well (518) 584-7640

Entertainment The Magique Flute (518) 288-3096

Cool Cat Entertainment (518) 384-2288 Jazz 4 U / Jazz Quartet & DJ Service (518) 355-4839


Saratoga Winery (518) 584-9463 Saratoga Olive Oil Company (518) 450-1308 Village Sweet Shop (518) 885-4165


Blooms (518) 232-3317 / (518) 321-6840 Dehn’s Flowers (518) 584-1880 Native Farm Flowers (518) 369-8713

Gowns/Formal Attire Lily Saratoga (518) 587-5017

Saratoga Trunk (518) 584-3543 Something Bleu Bridal (518) 584-0962


de Jonghe Original Jewelry (518) 587-6422 Frenchy’s (518) 461-4893

Lily and David Fine Jewelers (518) 583-1672


Allstate Insurance Company Richard Hill (518) 583-9457 richard-hill-saratoga-springs-ny Fenimore Asset Management (518) 234-4393 Ice Man Custom Ice Sculptures (518) 747-5221


21 West Photography (315) 297-7355 All Occasions Photography (518) 986-3440 Blackburn Portrait Design (518) 584-4237 Camera Famosa Photography (518) 577-8476

Party Rentals

PJN Photography (518) 683-1701

Stone Industries (800) 446-6331

RMH Photography (315) 729-8753

Allerdice Party Rent-All (518) 584-1412

Rob Spring Photography (518) 584-0596


Dr. Jeffrey Ridha / Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (518) 306-5466

Photo Booth Rentals Overtime Photography Saratoga Photobooth Company (518) 584-6473 Time Capsule Photo Booth (518) 326-2093

Studio di Luce (315) 525-8184 Tracey Buyce Photography (518) 441-2704


Debbie McNairy Wedding & Event Planning (518) 798-6228 Katie O’ Weddings & Events (518) 275-6813


Celtic Treasures (518) 583-9452

Silverwood (518) 583-3600


Southern Charm Weddings (518) 490-1775 Paper Dolls of Saratoga (518) 583-4084


Royale Limousine (518) 286-4444


Silverleaf Resorts (518) 785-4083 Liberty Travel Saratoga at Wilton Mall (518) 587-1600


Tuxego (518) 783-0260 Jonathan Reid (518) 581-9173

Videography/Filmmaking Nuvue Cinema (518) 966-2463 Enchanted Wedding | 95


Wisdom Mary and Rich Ferguson

, to 40 years Married 4 uples share Saratoga co e for an their advic ay, wedding d enchanted after. ppily ever and the ha •••

Married 18½ years

“My advice to a bride…as things go wrong, and typically they will (my dress tore, the limo showed up big and white when I had asked for classic and black, a guest had a heart attack and was escorted to the hospital by 7 other guests, and one of my bridesmaids left early), don’t get upset. Move on and enjoy the day anyway. Spending time being upset won’t change the problems, it will only ruin your special day.”

Patricia and Jeffrey Novo Married 4 years

“Our wedding and reception, held at Siro’s, were a snapshot of our lives. We included all our favorite things and the whole day truly reflected our personalities and life together, from the herb pots as the wine-themed color naming each table after our favorite thoroughbreds. That’s my best advice...when all is said and done...this day is about YOU and your commitment to each what makes you happy, and the rest will fall into place!”

Chris and Dave Harmon Married 36 years

“Be sure to let your partner know every day how important he/she is to you, in actions as well as in words.”

96 | Enchanted Wedding

Heather and Brian Straughter Married 8½ years

“It is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is important to make time to just enjoy each other and laugh. Life gets so busy and everything else can seem more important, but in truth there isn’t much that is more important than your marriage. A strong, happy marriage makes most of the other things in life a lot easier!”

Colleen and Skip Carlson Married 26 years

“The first piece of advice that comes to mind is ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.’ Be flexible, open-minded and adaptable. Spend time with each other but also spend time with your friends. Keep your own identity and interests but work extra hard at maintaining and building shared interests.”

Enchanted Wedding | 97

Jenn and Mike Ginley Married 12½ years

“Our advice is to block out a couple hours a day to be alone together. With four children, we are not a couple who have a regular date night. But with no exceptions, our kids go upstairs at the same time each night and we spend time together. Even if we’re reading a book or watching television, we look forward to this time every single day.”

Julie and Scott Johnson Married 27 years

“Our success in marriage is not to take everything so seriously. Life is full of ups and downs. Enjoy the simple moments and remember to always hold hands!”

Michele and Dieter Funiciello Married 19 years

“This photograph always makes us smile. Just before it was taken we were exchanging vows and our wedding bands bounced off the bible of our minister (my Uncle Jim). I was on my hands and knees in my vintage Victorian gown, along with my husband, searching for the elusive gold bands. This photo shows me triumphantly holding the found rings (unbeknownst to Uncle Jim who continues searching behind us!). I hold this picture dear because it brought beautiful laughter to our ceremony. Some of the greatest joys in life are totally unexpected so try to relax and really enjoy your special day and life together!”

98 | Enchanted Wedding

Enchanted Wedding | 99

EW 2013  

Enchanted Wedding for 2013

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