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Cash Collection Solutions

Payment at your reach


Benefits Customers

- Convenience - Time Effective - Cost Savings - One Step Solution - Reliability - Trustworthy

Retailers - Access Data - Technical Support & Training - Increased Productivity & Profitability - Boost in Sales - Attract different categories of Consumers

Express One is an emerging provider of convenient payment and value added services to the utility, telecoms, financial, and public sectors, delivered through a unique combination of local shops and large size supermarkets.

Welcome We work

for your convenience

Our Vision To be the leader in providing Payment

Our Mission With advanced payment techniques and latest software develoments, Express

Solutions to Middle Eastern and all Islamic Countries and to have our payment devices in all major retailers of maintenance and support.

One’s aim is to convince retailers to adopt our payment solution while supplying with the most efficient hardware and software, low cost, high service quality and ease of maintenance and support.

Our Values We as an organisation have the flexibility to translate and implement innovative business ideas thus making a difference to the consumer. Our Ethics and customer oriented approach adds value to business at every stop of delivery.

what we do

Our Work A continous approach of high productive work results, striving to ensure unlimited success and creating a great culture and environment of accomplishments.

Advantages for BILLER: Less queuing within Utility companies offices Ease of Payment for Utility companies users To add multiple Cash Collection Locations No Implementation fee Quick Settlement / BILLER get the Bill payment quicker Online reporting Speed of transaction To improve Dubai Governmental services No setup fee / No investment required / No Risk Benefits for Express One partner merchants: New services for merchant’s customers To attract new customers To increase their floating / turnover No setup fee / No investment required / No Risk Free staff training Speed of transaction To add more services time to time on the same device

We are a Team New model of cooperation We are a dedicated team of proffessional and knowledgeable experts to the payment industry with focus on up to date technology and services with continuous innovation and realiability. Express One’s aim is to provide a Cash Collection Service based on POS terminals to the largest brand of Supermarkets in the UAE. Express One‘s advantage is to collect bill payments within multiple high traffic locations. Express One LLC is currently partnering with different UAE governmental entities such as the major utilities and Dubai Police.

unique service

Express One Experience An Express one experience, you will find it easy to use as it is based on one to one human interaction with a 3 step procedure, with no fuss that provides you with not only cost savings but speed of service and ensured results when and wherever you need it EXPRESS ONE intends to set up a payment system in the UAE that will greatly facilitate UAE residents to pay by cash their utility bills and traffic fines through POS terminals installed at strategic locations all over the country. The business case for such a facility is extremely strong considering the current cash based transaction ratio is 74% of all transaction made by cash and 26% by card. EXPRESS ONE bill payment facility adds another extremely important, easy to navigate payment method that has the potential to revolutionize the bill payment culture in the UAE. The population of the UAE has shown significant growth in the past decade due to strong economic growth in the country.

Payment at your reach

Payment Statistics

74% 74% of Cash Transactions in UAE

26% 26% of Card Transactions in UAE

Transactions in United Arab Emirates The Middle East is a truly interesting place for the payment industry as there is 26% card / 74% cash transaction. Retailers are welcoming new payment methods in order to get more clients, decrease their acquiring fee, retain their customers and make their outlets more efficient.

Express One Protocol 1. Insert Your Utility/car plate number or biller I.D 2. Ente the amount 3.Press Enter 4.Get a receipt

Value added services Possibility to void the transaction Check your bill balance Direct top up

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Expressone service provider LLC

7th Floor, Rashid Building, DWTC, PO Box : 9366, Dubai , United Arab Emirates Phone :+971 309 7936, Fax : +971 4 3940 095, Email :, Website :

Cash Collection Solutions

Payment at your reach

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