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Is Bankruptcy Really a Solution?

Due to the problems with the economy, many people are having trouble paying their bills. Sometimes, through no fault of your own, you may find that there is simply no way you can keep up with your bills.

If you live in Florida and find yourself in this difficult situation, you may want to contact a Florida bankruptcy lawyer.

There are different types of bankruptcies, so be sure to have a Florida bankruptcy attorney explain the differences. Discussing your options will help you in making an informed, confident decision about the best solution for your unique situation.

For example, if you own a business, your bankruptcy will be very different from a person who needs to declare bankruptcy, but does not own a business.

If you are having financial problems, you may wonder how you can afford to consult with a Florida bankruptcy attorney. The truth is that there are many bankruptcy lawyers that offer free consultations.

In order to find a bankruptcy lawyer that offers free consultations, you can do a search on the internet or look in your phone book. Chances are that you may find several lawyers that offer free consultations.

Don’t feel obligated to hire the first lawyer that you see, even if you receive a free consultation. Instead, take your time and do some research. Lawyer fees vary widely, so be sure that you’re looking for one that fits into your budget.

Check to see how much each lawyer will charge you in order to file your bankruptcy. Even after your consultation, you may worry about hiring a lawyer to help with your bankruptcy.

Although you may be tempted to file your own bankruptcy, you really need to think twice about doing this. Since bankruptcy laws can change quickly, you can’t be sure that you will know about the latest laws when filing yourself.

In addition, bankruptcy laws in Florida can be very complex. This is why many people elect to have a lawyer fill out the paperwork and process the bankruptcy for them.

Probably the best part about hiring a lawyer to file your bankruptcy is the fact that creditors will be instructed to deal with your lawyer and to stop harassing you. This peace of mind is well worth the cost of an attorney.

Finally, when you hire a bankruptcy lawyer, you will have someone to represent you before a judge during bankruptcy court. Having a lawyer significantly increases your chances of having your bankruptcy petition accepted by the court.

Once your bankruptcy petition has been approved, you can start to get your life back on track. It’s important to prepare yourself for some of the ways a bankruptcy will affect your life.

For example, a bankruptcy will affect your credit rating and your ability to get credit. This can be a challenge and make purchasing a house or a car more difficult.

Even if you can get credit, you may have to pay a very high interest rate. Your bankruptcy will affect your credit for about 7 years.

Take some time to schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney to evaluate your options. A new financial start may be just around the corner!


Is Bankruptcy Really a Solution - Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer  

Due to the problems with the economy, many people are having trouble paying their bills. Sometimes, through no fault of your own, you may f...