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Essential Features of an Advance Hospital Management Software…

There are many companies develop useful software and applications for hospital management. However, these software are developed as per the need and usability of the customers, but it is very difficult to find all the required features at low-cost. And even few of the customers who don’t know what are essential features necessary to have in a Hospital Software which can help to manage all the day-to-day activities of any type of hospital. In hospitals multiple activities are performed during the patient’s treatment process and to keep the record of all the actions an expedient application or software require where user can insert, store and retrieve all the details of every patient, doctors and working staff members. So, user-wise the software should have multiple features and easy accessibility at various departments like discussed below.

Patients are the customers of the hospital and therefore they should be treated in a well-organized manner with best facilities at least effort and time. Apart from well attendant staff and qualified doctors, a computerized system like hospital management software required to mage day-to-day operation of entire hospital. The software should be capable to store multiple types of data as per the need and availability of the users. All the Patients needs printed copies of every proceedings while doctors requires reports on improvement in their patients’ health recovery. While on the other hand there are many other divisions and counters in a hospital where different type of information required to treat and cure patients. However, an efficient hospital software should have following features:

Patients Management: Out Patient Management. Billing and Customized Reports Generating. Payment and Receipt Control. Patient Registration and Admissions. Pathology Test Reports Generation. Availability and Current Status of Beds/Room. Appointments and Visiting Scheduling. Doctor Consulting and diagnosis. Devitalized Patients Disease and Prescriptions. Patient Medical History Recording.

Doctor’s Management: Doctors’ Appointments with Patients. Patients Info Accessibility to Doctors. Doctor Scheduling and Reporting. Patient Diagnosis and Reporting. Patients Admit, Treatment and Care. Pathology and Test Reports Status. Medicines and Medical Facilities to patients. Patient Consultation and Advisory. Doctor Appointment Scheduling. Doctor Accounting and Reporting. Report Generation, Print and Mailing Facility.

Other Staff and Operation Management: Beds and Room Management. Medicines and Pharmacy Management. Medical Equipment and Facility Records. Multiple Inventory Management. Price and Charges for Services. Nurse and Attendants Scheduling. Blood Bank and Donation Management. Laboratory and Pathology Management. Doctors Fee and Other Charges Management. Hospital Asset Management. Employee and Staff members’ payroll Management. Customer Relational Management Accounts Payable and Receivable Management. MIS of Various Departments.

Apart from above essential features, a well-equipped and efficient software should have facilities for every small activity which plays an important role in treatment process of patients. A Patient Management Software should be patient oriented and developed while considering the procedure followed by all the hospitals in the diagnosis and treatment of patients while making it user-friendly for end-users like working staff and doctors. Last but not the least, most factor of a software, the cost of software because a low-cost product with best features can only give advantage to all type of customers.

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Essential features of an advance hospital management software  
Essential features of an advance hospital management software  

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