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General information As a EU citizen you have the right to work in another EU country, including the public sector When you have send a application to the authorites, they give you the decision inside 4 months.


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Different possibilities ď Ź

intership: Working abroad provides added value from the professional point of view as it allows to experience different and innovative working methods and models, important for your professional and personal growth. In intership you won't be paid,it's for studying.

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As an au pair, you get the unique opportunity to experience a different culture on a daily basis. An au pair is considered a temporary family member—you’ll participate in family activities, share meals and experience family life in another culture. As a au-pair your job is to take care of the children and do some housework.

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Voluntary work:

you can help other people by doing voluntary work, which you won't be paid. For example: Teaching English in Uganda


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