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Bobby is trying to help families get justice for the ones who are dead.

Today we are here viewing the Court battle between Frank and the family’s who are prosecuting him for the mass murder of 15 loved ones.

I would like to have frank sentenced to death for the killing of 15 people and charged for 1st degree murder.

I would like this punishment because he needs to pay for what he did and the punishment should fit the crime.

Why the death penalty? The worst punishment of them all.

I have witnesses, pictures, videos, fingerprints I think that all this evidence is enough to prove him as guilty, to deserve the death penalty.

But don't you think that it’s inhumane to take the life of a human being?

Well then, let the case of frank and the killing of 15 People begin!

Thank you, bobby what’s your argument?

I think it's inhumane to take the life of 15 people for no reason whatsoever, to walking into a building and kill them is against god’s will.

I think that my client frank was insane when he went and killed all these people, therefore he should not get the death penalty and get life in prison.

I am trying to get justice for the victims’ families, since he killed 15 people.

If we give him life in prison we are taking the chance of another death happening, to another inmate so we are putting more people at risk with him in the prison for the rest of his life.


I have all the evidence why we should have him killed. Would you like to see?

Okay then show me the evidence.

I would like this evidence to be shown in this court room right now

Gladly look up at the TV please (Tape shown) (Pictures shown) (Witnesses plead him as guilty) (Fingerprints shown)

Even though you have all this evidence I do not agree with giving this man the death penalty I don’t think he deserves it.

This man Frank killed 15 people and we have all of the evidence proving what he did. What reasons are there to not give him the death penalty?

But the death penalty is wrong.

Bobby has great evidence to have frank sentence to death, although frank has no evidence proving him innocent Bobby I am most certain you already know you won.

Scene Two

Frank has disappeared ! Let’s go find him!

What is happening! Don’t Let frank get away.

I’ll go check the safe room.


Who’s in here!

Bobby comes to the back off the room

You have put me through hell Bobby!! Now you're going to pay!


No please don’t do this I have a family please don’t do this!!

Stop Frank don’t you take another step near that Man!

Look man what good will it do when you kill us both I mean really think about it!

I have already killed 15 people and you think I am afraid to kill you?

I’ll kill you to I am not afraid of anyone!

You two men are the ones promoting the judges to say yes to the death penalty for me so give me a reason why I should not kill you both right now?

See you in hell!


Well I will be seeing you I’m out of here.

(Cops enter the safe room.) Is everything okay?

(Frank Attempts to run out of the safe room when he gets stunned it happens to be a bullet he gets hit again and again until he finally drops dead)

No Frank has killed Bobby!! I am so thankful you guys showed up otherwise I would be dead also. He killed Bobby I guess I’m happy frank got his death penalty after all.

After this tragic accident it will leave everyone wondering why frank killed Bobby. The judge will never forget this day if he would have just sentenced Frank to death from the start Bobby would still be alive! Both Bobby and frank got their wish they both are now dead!!

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