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The Louisville Declaration of Health

We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

All Louisvillans desire a long, disease-free, robust life for all citizens regardless of race, gender, or socio-economic status.


It is incompatible with the best interest of individuals and our city to accept an ever expanding number of people living with preventable chronic diseases that require treatment in an ever more expensive healthcare delivery system.

The health of our citizens depends upon the engagement of many social stakeholders focused on the prevention of disease and the promotion of health.

Urgent Attention Is Warranted

States in the Central US including Kentucky, and our neighbors Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Missouri are at risk.


Residents of the inner city and rural areas lack the conditions to improve the basic determinants of health.

Disparities in preventative services and access to care exist across our city and our state.

Louisville Will Lead

We The Co-Signers Declare that Louisville will be the healthiest city in America. Together we will…

Reduce the illness burden Reduce the chance of becoming ill Make healthy choices easy - with easier access Reduce Waste by delivering clinical preventative services efficiently in multiple settings

Reduce the Illness Burden

Eliminating the major chronic diseases from our city starts by tackling our lifestyle disease risk factors such as our persistently high level of tobacco use and dramatic escalation in obesity and diabetes.

We challenge... Louisville to have a shared commitment on the part of all its citizenry to achieve the Heuser Core Pillars of Health: 1.  Stop smoking and keep our next generation from smoking 2.  Eliminate diets filled with sugar 3.  Eliminate the processed food, hydrogenated oils, and trans-fats from our food system 4.  Keep Moving and do not let friends or loved ones lead a sedentary life

Reduce the Chance of Becoming Ill We can not be healthy in isolation, nor can our friends and relatives. Health and protection from disease is fundamentally connected to warm, vital relationships with loved ones and friends.

We challenge‌ Louisville to break the generational cycles of

illness. We ask that every Louisville citizen bring a friend or a loved one and participate in a least one of our community health events. Heuser Health will invest in and work with the Mayor on expansion of our programs and services throughout the city.

Reduce the Chance of Becoming Ill This Generation has a Choice This generation can be the ďŹ rst to live a shorter life span than their parents, or we can choose to live a longer and healthier life span, with longer functional independence. It starts with education at the primary school level and presents an opportunity for many innovative Medical and Community partnerships.

We challenge‌ The Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) to

include new and inspiring Preventative Healthcare programming in every JCPS elementary school by 2018. Heuser Health will provide professional guidance and support to initiate a new movement in the schools to achieve preventative healthcare for all.

Make Healthy Choices Easy

Louisville is vastly underserved in the area of quality, efficient, clinically based preventative health. The engagement of many stakeholders; Government, Healthcare, Business, Faith-Based, and Media is needed to ring every citizen in our city with relational support, green-space, access to healthy food, and easy access to preventative healthcare and fitness support.

 We challenge Louisville‌ to invest in doubling the number of

clinically based preventative healthcare programs by 2020. Heuser Health is committed to providing leadership and investment to establish the best preventative health centers in the country.

Make Healthy Choices Easy Knowledge is Power

And Technology Is Access to that Power. The average adult

gains three to five pounds per year and our exercise and eating habits are neither structured or intelligent. We don’t need multiple Doctor visits when at our fingertips is the technology to continually track the relationship between our diagnostics, exercise, and dietary needs.

We challenge‌ every citizen in Louisville to get a preventative health diagnostic once a year and track their result with their Ap. Heuser Health is committing resources to develop the most trusted, robust Ap available for tracking health goals individually and city- wide.

Are you in? _____________

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