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t G y m a stic ! Love getting bendy ? make a brillian Then you’d t gym nast!

Find out all about gymnastics!

Tick what you love!

Happy handstand!

❤ Jumping and dancing to music at home ❤ Hanging upside down on the bars at the park ❤Running and skipping If you ticked any box, you’ll love gymnastics!

Cool cartwheel

Stretch your arms high as you can. Now, put your hands to the floor and kick your legs straight up in the air!

an XMake yourself into ep and shape. Take a big st h for turn sideways. Reac your the floor and swing ! legs over your head

Jake’s top tips! 1


Be safe! Warm up by stretching. Practice your handstand against a wall.

Learn your moves! Visit or call 0845 129 7129 to find a club near you.


Look like a pro! Put your arms in the air, hold your head high to make yourself tall before every move.

Fun forward roll Place your hands on the floor. Push your bottom up and bring your nose to your knees. Now roll forward in a ball shape. Catch Sportsround 2152 on Saturdays at 11.45am on BBC2.

Amy magazine  

Sportsround Gymnastics feature

Amy magazine  

Sportsround Gymnastics feature