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NLP Practitioner Certification Course (7 days) 21-27 August 2013 Rabac, Croatia

“Explore your mind, life experiences and learn the tools to achieve your goals. In a stunning coast.�

Life Coaching & NLP



NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) offers a set of tools and

NLP Practitioner consists of seven full days of intensive training

techniques to explore and put in motion the power of the

in a small group (max 14 participants) to ensure maximum

unconscious. It creates opportunities to dive into the manual of your mind; develop new ways of thinking; learn how to give a

The learning is through the trainer’s presentations on the

different meaning to events and circumstances.

modules combined with practical & interactive exercises and

Master how to build an environment

moderated group discussions.

of trust and understanding with those

Throughout the course, participants will take on several

around you easily and effortlessly;

assignments to practice and demonstrate their acquired

recognise verbal and non verbal communication and use the elegance

NLP provides the steps to identify practice the ability to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

CERTIFICATION Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will receive the Life Spheres NLP Practitioner

Give yourself the opportunity to connect with people in deeper, more meaningful ways; raise your awareness about your own

the Association of NLP and Time

priorities in life and perceptions of others. Explore your purpose, mission and identity.

and recognized by the Time Line Therapy Association.

You will get to explore your purpose, mission and identity and set compelling outcomes for yourself. Challenge your ways of thinking, reprogram new habits and shape new behaviors. Install


new strategies to reach goals easier and quicker. Learn how to model other people’s excellence, anchor positive emotional

NLP Trainer and Life Coach with

states when you need them and resolve internal and external

a wealth of experience in multicultural environments, running NLP based programs in several countries. She gets up close

TARGET GROUP An essential course for those in areas like Management, Training, Sales, Psychology, Human Resources, Coaching, Counseling, Leadership, Teaching, Parenting. Everyone who wants to be the difference that makes the difference.

and personal by sharing her own experiences and combines different




behaviors and patterns. Her mission is to facilitate momentum and focus on what is important in an enjoyable atmosphere and inspiring setting.




It is a combination of views and unusual relationship between the Enveloped



natural elements is what makes Rabac and its bay so unique, as

cloak of pines, the

well as the surrounding areas and Labin that are also part of this

Hotel occupies an

This combination

area of true natural beauty the

beside aquamarine

waters Bay.

of A

Rabac mouth-

watering selection



has ensured the development of a variety of facilities




the development of tourism.

Mediterranean fare and international favorites. Today, Rabac is one the most famous destination on the eastern

EAST INSPIRED BONUS - Optional Stretching and Meditation sessions for those who want to take advantage of nature whispers every morning before the course starts. - Join us for a one evening Feng Shui presentation. Explore Feng Shui as well as the common ground with NLP.

ACCOMODATION – GETTING THERE There are plenty of places to stay in Rabac. Recommendations in the Life Spheres website.

Istrian coast. The well-kept beaches, wide range of facilities for tourists, as well as tourism itself, are what make Rabac so notable today.



- Be at least 18 years old Before May 20th 2013

EUR 1,600

Before July 1st 2013

EUR 1,750

On/After July 1st 2013

EUR 1,950

- Complete and sign all the relevant pre-course forms (Registration, Questionnaire, Policies etc)

HOW DO I REGISTER? Bring-a-Friend-Policy! email at your friend will receive a 10% discount on the course fee. Bring

Course fee includes 7-day training, all training materials (NLP Manual, “NLP at Work” by Sue Knight, handouts), coffee/tea/

“Action is the measure of intelligence” Napoleon Hill

month ANLP membership. Travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of the participant and not included in the course fee.

Life Coaching & NLP

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Tel: 00 60 16 655 1728

NLP Practitioner Certification Course in Rabac  

NLP Practitioner Certification Course (7 days)21-27 August 2013Rabac, Croatia

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