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JOY TRULY INDIA BUDGET JOURNEYS Nobody travels because of what he pays 
 & cannot pay for what he travels

Mr. Saransh Gupta
 Director - Business Development

Message from Director’s Desk! Truly India’s service and reputation are tested every day against the most discerning critics: our guests. And time and again, we pass the test. We conceptualise and design through flawless operation and we give you full support to the best that destination India has to offer! Truly India Tours is a leading DMC and receptive tour operator based in India. Our excellent reputation is built on the expertise of a dynamic team, our product knowledge, enthusiasm, innovative ideas and commitment to customer satisfaction, uniquely qualified to perform tour operations in a timely, comprehensive and cost-effective manner. Our vast resources include extensive research capabilities coupled with multiple offices all over India with staff members who possess a rich experience in travel management methodology and techniques. We would like to invite you to join us on a sensory experience of a lifetime - a journey suffused with anticipation, meaningful moments, riotous colours, mouthwatering cuisine, warmth, friendliness, spirituality and much more truly a celebration of life!


We at Truly India believe that except the person’s own will, nothing should stop him/her from travelling. JOY - Truly India’s Budget Journeys focus on the potenDal of travel for the modern man to inspire, to regenerate & for his personal development. Modern challenges of daly life have dictated an upgraded way of survival. Beings of 21st century require lot more mental health, efficiency and inspiraDon, hence we believe that money should never be a hindrance in that. At JOY we keep the passenger and the journey on the foreground, They are not the main pyramids, but our experiencing pyramids. In our experience of pyramids, the pyramids are merely an incenDve, and the whole experience is a personal story, which also depends on the condiDon of the traveler, from the events before the visit of the pyramids, and from many other details that the we deal with. Be or become part of a tense story of exploraDon and discovery. Discover the world and yourself in contact with him. Share your experiences, insights and enthusiasm on our Blog. Become a co-author of the Idea, when we change the world through the change of ourselves!

Focus on Experiences India’s vast cultural diversity & history has resulted in a treasure trove of experiences for the discerning traveller. The travelling experience runs the gamut from Qutub Minar to Hampi, Thar Desert to Goa, & Himalayas to Andamans. We believe its the time you spent experiencing is the most precious part of your travel, hence we make it enjoyable, knowledgeable & affordable. Experience the specially curated programs for you only with us at JOY.

Importance to Festivals India is the land of fun and frolic. The Indians celebrate the various fairs and festivals to the extent that there are more number of fairs and festivals in a year than the total number of days. The rites and the rituals followed by the Indians, the enthusiasm and faith that are constant features add to the charm of the fairs and festivals. These tours adds a lot to your travel experiences and the way you see the world, each festivals leaves a major footprint on your heart.

Comfortable Accommodation Affordable travel by no means suggests to be uncomfortable. JOY also assures you with clean, hygienic and comfortable stay. All our hotel stays provide breakfast, have clean & tidy rooms, decent sized bed & rooms. Most hotels are located in a good area of the city and of course the most of them have Wifi which acts as a plus. Many of our tours feature special & boutique hotels giving you and added experience. Nevertheless we give you options to upgrade in all cities.

Flexible Transport If you are travelling anywhere in the Indian Sub-Continent, transport can be the reason of major concern given the distances between any destination you pick or at times the quality of roads and infrastructure. Hence at Truly India we give you the best way to travel between any given destinations. Train travel, bus travel or maybe boats as well, each travel will include amazing experiences that you can cherish for life.

Affordable Not Cheap Truly India stands proud for serving its guests with the best of travel and service with the certain quality standards that we follow. We do not encourage any cheap tricks or manipulations to your tour. We with pride offer you ‘affordable travel’ not the ‘cheapest travel’. For us its not about giving you cheapest price but to give you best experience in lower price offering value for money travel. Our quality of travel and standard of tours are most important to us.

We Travel in Numbers Though all our tours are ready and in can be organised from one person. We encourage all our patrons to organise the tours with at least ten-fifteen guests. It gives a lot of leverage to you to get the best offer from us and also to enhance the feel of the program. Most activities in India are fun to enjoy with your travel mates, even if you meet them for the first time.

Golden Triangle with Varanasi
 07 nights

 Starts at €

Golden Triangle

06 nights

Starts at € 144 pp.


Mumbai, Caves & Triangle

10 nights

Karnatic Escape

11 nights

Starts at €

Starts at €

Classical India

07 nights

Start at €

Deccan India Tour

14 nights

Delhi to Varanasi

On road

11 nights

Starts at €

Starts at €

South India Delight

11 nights

South India Delight Extended

15 nights

Starts at €

Starts at €

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Golden Triangle with Lakes

08 nights

*Prices mentioned here are subject to T&Cs

Starst at €

Majestic Rajasthan

12 nights

Central India Tour

11 nights

Starts at €

Starts at €

Karnatic Golden Triangle

06 nights

Scenic Kerala

07 nights

Stars at €

Starts at €


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At Truly India, believe that except the person’s own will, nothing should stop him/her from traveling. JOY - Truly India’s Budget Journeys f...