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A Truly India Experience

Cruising Experience on Ganges 
 Journey to Eternity

“The Ganga, especially, is the river of India, beloved of her people, round which are intertwined her memories, her hopes and fears, her songs of triumph, her victories and her defeats. She has been a symbol of India’s age-long culture and civilisation, ever changing, ever flowing, and yet ever the same Ganga.” – Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India

Mother Ganga They say nothing is constant except change. But over thousands of years Ganga hasn't changed at all. 'Ganga Maiya' or Mother Ganges is a silent testimony to the immutable undercurrent of Indian thought, spirituality and philosophy. From its source glacier at Gaumukh to the magnanimous delta of Sunderbans‌ no river plays a more important religious, economic, social and cultural role in the lives of the people than the Ganges. Shimmering through its mesmerising course, the holy Ganges beckons pilgrims from India and the entire world. Thousands of devotees throng her sun-kissed banks at holy Ghats to perform the ritual bath and 'pujas'. Every evening, at sunset, fairs of fire lamps are set afloat on the river in obeisance to the celebrated waters, that create a grand vista. Take a journey along its wonderful and generous waters that bathe the earth and foster the hearts of earnest men, to experience the true definition of Ganga.

Ganga Cruise A lot of cruise options are available for the tourists to choose from, depending on their budgets and pockets. These may range from a few hour cruise to 4-5 days experience on Ganga waters. One of the most favoured cruise in Uttar Pradesh is that from Allahabad to Varanasi (both important pilgrimage sites in India with an ancient civilization of over 2000 years). This is the most colorful and interesting stretch of this legendary river. Beautiful landscape, simple country-side, ancient temples, people religiously flocking the river banks, migratory birds flying high like a lonely albatross and above all camping on the virgin river islands with no body around surely makes for a memorable experience. Get into a wooden country boat for a leisurely trip through a part of picturesque India. Relax on the cozy cushions and comfortable mattresses under the canvas roof, and you can savour delicious snacks while enjoying the magnificent vista that line the shifting banks of the Ganges. Slowly and swiftly you will reach 'Sangam' in Allahabad. Nestling on the wide flood plains and muddy banks overlooking the eastern ramparts of the colossal Allahabad fort, the sacred Sangam sees the confluence of three of the holiest rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. Here you can actually see the muddy and pale yellow water of Ganges merging with emerald water of Yamuna. Get down for a holy bath and fervent tourists can even indulge into religious activities conducted on boat. You will be amazed to see how abundance of offerings fill the heart of the abundant river. Baskets of a million flowers red, yellow, vermillion and white colours all of radiant delight make for a pretty picture floating away into the great and mighty waters.

Enroute you can step down to explore many serene villages and their virgin lifestyle. Interact with the village folks, go with them to the fields, or sit with the village women to learn how they make their food so delicious..even the fresh aroma is mouth-watering! Cheer up your evening with a grand folkshow, wherein you can behold extraordinary dance performances with the beats of euphonic musical instruments and vocals. Staying in camps on the banks of chill Ganga also makes for a memorable experience. One fine morning, you might find yourself sailing towards a crowded bank, pulsating with the realms of divinity. At once you know that you are in Varanasi, caressing the oldest living civilization in the world. On the many Ghats, you can see pilgrims descending down the steps for a ritual bath and performing sacred oblations and rites in the most picturesque enirons. ...the enchantment of a vibrating river, the amber rays of dawn playing with its waters and in the evening the crystalline sound of the lamp fire and water... In the evening, you can be a part of the famous 'aarti' at Dashashwamedha Ghat. The whole place pulsates with the shimmering light of earthen lamps and the unsurpassable aroma of camphor and incense sticks, a real enchantment to behold. From around the world, enthusiastic men and women join together in a collective homage to the Ganges.

The Journey • Beautiful landscapes, simple & authentic country-side, migratory birds & old temples and ashrams • People religiously flocking the river banks, and camping on River Island or bank of river Ganges. • Boats are made of wooden with couple of rows and two boat men on each boat. Different size of boats can accommodate 04-10 persons can easily sit in relaxed position while sailing. • We camp on a deserted beach or river island. Small mountain dome-tents with carry-mattress are used. • Breakfast and dinner are served at camp and lunch & evening tea-snacks are served on boat. • For toilet, at camp-site we pitch tents with a dig-in pit. • Best period for sailing from Nov to 20th Dec. & from 10th Jan to 15th Mar. (mostly there is a thick fog during end Dec & beginning Jan in North India).

Programs Program 01
 • Duration: • Places Covered:

05 nights & 06 days (Camping only)
 Allahabad, Sirsa, Manda, Ibrahimpur, Mirzapur, Chunar & Varanasi

Program 02
 • Duration: • Places Covered:

04 nights & 05 days (Camping only)
 Sirsa, Manda, Ibrahimpur, Mirzapur, Chunar & Varanasi

Program 03
 • Duration: • Places Covered:

03 nights & 04 days (Camping only)
 Sitamarhi, Ibrahimpur, Mirzapur, Chunar & Varanasi

Program 04
 • Duration: • Places Covered:

03 nights & 03 days (Both Camping and hotel possible)
 Allahabad, Sirsa, Sitamarhi, Mirzapur, Chunar & Varanasi

Program 04
 • Duration: • Places Covered:

05 nights & 06 days 
 Allahabad, Sirsa, Manda, Ibrahimpur, Mirzapur, Chunar & Varanasi

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