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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Exceptional Experiences Exceptional experiences is Truly India’s initiative to take the tourism in India to whole new level of experiences which are not availed by clients in the conventional kind of program. These experience give you an insight to the country in completely new perspective and is a great way to know the destination even better. Our experiences includes activities from ‘Biking to Ladakh’ till ‘Horseback in South India’. From ‘Open Sky nights’ in Jaisalmer till ‘Country Boat Sailing’ in River Ganges. At Truly India we feel that this initiative can really bring a change in the way you see India and get a whole lot new experience of travelling and not just be tourist at the destination.

Pristine Passages Yoga & Ayurveda Journeys

Gift yourself the miracle of renewal at some of the most indulgent yoga retreats, spas & Ayurveda centers in the idyllic locations of the Indian Subcontinent. In India’s wellness capital, Kerala, treatments are mostly rooted in the thousands of years old traditional Ayurveda ethos and complemented by intense Yogic healing therapies – all under meticulous supervision and guidance. Even the food that you consume during this period is customised to the treatment and body type. These are further integrated with International practices, holistic massage treatments, personalised fitness programmes and a blend of unique contemporary therapies that are sure to help you unwind and reconnect with yourself.

Create your own retreat event. You can create an event specially designed as per your own needs and ethos. This is a great opportunity for companies and organisations wanting to send their employees and giving them an experience which aligns by their company values and missions. We at Truly India organise such events fulfilling all your demands having a mix of Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Motivational Speakers & Culture Mix.

Golf Getaways Impeccable golfing in addition to fine travel experience to golf connoisseurs.

Truly India Golf division endeavours to design and host custom-made luxury golf trips for individual golfers, groups, business organisations and prestigious golf clubs in India. We take pride in crafting bespoke golf tours at the most coveted golf courses intertwined with stays at distinguished properties while travelling in comfort and luxury. In addition, we have thoughtfully developed readymade itineraries to match our clients’ needs that are available as-is or can be tweaked to suit individual preferences.

To begin with, our Golf Travel Consultants assist you in chalking out an overall plan comprising your choice of golf courses. Based on these inputs, we work out the most suitable alternatives for accommodation and transport. This information is put together and presented in a Golf Travel Proposal based on your feedback. If required, we go back to the drawing board and work passionately until your perfect voyage is sketched out. Subsequently, we secure tee times, request caddies or carts, reserve accommodation, book restaurants and arrange for transport.

Select Designer Golf Courses in India • • • • • • • • • • •

Delhi Golf Course by Peter Thompson Jaypee Greens by Greg Norman Classic Golf Course by Jack Nicklaus Golden Greens Golf & Country Club by Dr. Martin Hawtree The Royal Spring Golf Club by Robert Trent Jones JR II Presidency Golf Club by Peter Thompson Bangalore Golf Club by Peter Thompson Eagleton Golf Village by Pacific Coast Designs Australia Karnataka Golf Association by Peter Thompson Ottacamand Gymkhana Club by Ross Thompson Cosmopoliton Club Golf Annexe by Peter Thompson

Golfing & Rejuvenation At Truly India holidaying is just not about hopping places and for that matter Golf is just not about hitting a ball holidaying and golf play is all about a complete relaxation of the mind and body - "rejuvenation". Bring the mind and body into a mutual state of well-being, balance, ease and vibrant alertness. In this pursuit we build our Golf vacation in India around a life time experience with the help of our trained golfers and yoga teachers.

On the Wheels Your view of India on wheels. India’s finest tours on bikes & motorbikes.

BIKE TOURS Truly India offers a wide selection of Cycling holidays for people of all ages and ability. Whether you are cycling in Rajasthan or mountain biking in remote Ladakh, you are assured the experience of real India, the one beyond the guidebooks and off the busy tourist trails. Our cycling tour leaders are extremely welltraveled and experienced and go that extra mile to make your bike trips memorable. Pedal into Rajasthan, tropical forests, coconut and coffee plantations, backwaters and lush green hills in southern India. Cycle through the remote Himalayan villages or bike through the high mountain passess in majestic Ladakh.

MOTORBIKE TOURS Whether you're a serious adventurer or a lazier kind of biker, you can choose the motorcycle trip to fit your level and hit the spot. From the Himalaya to Western Ghats, from rugged raid to smooth cruise - there's an itinerary to suit every taste. Give our motorbike tour experts a few pointers, and they'll find the package for you!

Floating Pleasures Your gateway to the best sailing tours in India. Starting from Honeymooners to the adventure loving group of friends. All who love water this is for you.

Ganga & Brahmaputra River Cruise Ganga & Brahmaputra cruises feature visits and attractions such as wildlife viewing (both by jeep and on elephant back), village walks, visits to tea gardens, exploring country towns in cycle rickshaws, barbecues on deserted river islands, dance performances, and visits to craft workshops.

Houseboat in Backwaters A self supporting eco-system vibrant with aquatic, plant and bird life, the backwaters of Kerala is a totally unique network that meanders past palm tree-fringed rice paddies and villages, before flowing into the Arabian Sea. Luxury Houseboat cruises in Kerala take guests through the largest backwater stretch: Vembanad Lake, the vibrant waterways of Allepey: "Venice of the East", and include nightly, traditional, cultural performances.

Country-boat Sailing from Allahabad - Varanasi One of the most unique experiences. A county boat sailing tour between Allahabad & Varanasi, one of the most lively and beautiful stretch of river Ganga in plains. Beautiful landscape, simple country-side, ancient temples, people religiously flocking the river banks, migratory birds flying high like a lonely albatross and above all camping on the virgin river islands with no body around surely makes for a memorable experience. Relax on the cozy cushions and comfortable mattresses under the canvas roof, and you can savour delicious snacks while enjoying the magnificent vista that line the shifting banks of the Ganges. A back up boat with all cooking and camping stuff is with you always.

Magical Thar India’s Desert in Rajasthan is truly magical experience when you are with the expert team of Truly India Tours.

Do you still think sleeping in the swiss tents is the most authentic way of spending a night in the Desert. Well, not really. Come and experience the open sky, under the stars night with us in our unique night campsite in Jaisalmer. This starts with a Safari to the the abandoned villages followed by the sunset Camel ride and then camp under the stars.

Odisha Tribal Tour Get into the wild and deep to live the local life of the Indian Tribal people. No staged performance, only real forests and tribes. Get to know not just India but about a whole new different world.

Exploring Odisha in a completely new way. Join hands with one of India’s most successful Social Service project in Odisha. Set amidst numerous pockets of a rugged hilly terrain and an extensive reservoir , a conglomeration of several hamlets inhabited primarily by a tribal populace is this project. Experience the unexpected and come out as a new person all together.

Rural India Rural India = Real India There is nothing that defines India better than this. Take the road less taken and leave a part of your life there and take a big part of that experience with you.

Rural Tourism is our quest to help travellers discover a side of India that not many people have experienced before. Our destinations lie in rural parts of India with untouched natural beauty, where hospitality comes innately to the people and a traditional, earthy way of life can still be experienced. As you set off the beaten path, our rural homestays & farmstays let you discover the vibrant culture of India’s villages, indulge in delectable local cuisines, uncover ancient traditions, rejuvenate your spirit with the region’s folk music & dances, discuss local legends & stories around a bonfire, and explore centuries old indigenous art forms.

At many of our destinations, you might be one of the few tourists in the region, and will get a chance to interact closely with the local communities, hosts, cooks and craftspeople. You'll love getting away from the crowds of the cities, and unwinding amid nature, in a safe & comfortable environment. At the same time, the revenue that your visits generate will help support and sustain the local communities, their heritage, culture, traditions and art forms.

Gandhi Circuit In the footsteps of Gandhi

The journey of thousand miles begin with single step

Of course the mahatma needs no introduction anywhere in the world. His doctrine and practice of non-violent struggle shook the foundations of British Colonialism and paved way to India’s Independence. Satyagraha or truthful non-violent resistance was his contribution to mankind’s fight against oppression as echoed in Martin Luther Kings’s Civil Rights movement in the USA and Nelson Mandela’s apartheid fight in South Africa. Trace the unusual journey of the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Get awed and inspired. The Gandhi Circuit takes you to the major destinations of Gandhi’s life. From his birthplace to his various adobes at different times where life’s philosophy was formed and put into practice. They also include his memorials and he Dandi the stage of Salt Agitation. Each destination in the Gandhi Circuit is special in its own way. Whether it is the room in which Gandhi was born in 1869, or his first hermitage at Kochrab where his famously stringent 11 vows were introduced, or the spot of his very first public experiment in Satyagraha the truthful and fearless non-violent resistance, the Gandhi Circuit offers a mesmerising experience to visitors.

Lake Palace Unplugged An insight to the rural life with a pinch of Royal life

Set in the middle of a private lake and surrounded by eighty acres of land and abundant wildlife, this palce, was originally a hunting lodge made by the royal family of Salumber & Parsoli. It was then bought over by late Maharaj Nahar Singh ji of Ralavata and developed by his son Raja Jitendra Singh Rathore of Ralavata into a magnificent palace. The Resort is surrounded by the Aravalli Hills and a dense forest. The lush landscape and the stunning backdrop of the lake make the property one of the best locations for rural tourism; it is the ideal setting for the most memorable day of one's life. Apart from being in this ambience and environment, enjoy Horse Riding, Cooking Classes, Rural Visit and much more.

Exceptional Experiences  

Some of our off-beat experiences curated just for you. Let us know for many more such experiences.