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Douchebag You think you’re so clever Some kind of smooth talker But you can barely walk the walk without the crutches of your friends You’re fuckin’ high fashion Covered up in false pretense Dressin’ up your rationale cuz you make no fuckin’ sense PRE – CHORUS You make me lose my faith in people You make me lose my faith CHORUS All hail the almighty alpha male You’re doing everything wrong All hail the almighty alpha male Nowhere else to get but gone

Center of attention. I call this into question. What else have you got going for you Except what you were given? You never act like you’re grateful No, you never give back what you take If that’s what a real man’s supposed to be, Then I guess I’m fuckin’ fake PRE – CHORUS CHORUS CHORUS

Great Wall Your folks are livin’ in a different age Afraid to face a new reality Your folks are livin’ in a different time They treat you so unfairly, so unkind CHORUS You underestimate me I’ve gone, I’ve gone, over the great wall You underestimate me I’ve gone, I’ve gone, over the great wall Your father disapproves, you’ve got nothing else to lose Though you may gain a brand new kind of shame You try to fill the void with a no good vagrant boy You know will leave as quickly as he came CHORUS CHORUS

Isabela She’s got a line of suitors Buttoned up and drenched in cologne Yeah, she’s got a line of suitors Dressed in coats made of herringbone But she don’t know that the men dressed the sharpest Are the men most alone Yeah, she’s in a den of lions Bloody teeth and sharpened claws Yeah, she’s in a den of lions Staring down three gaping maws She makes the animals tame Like her name was the word of the law He’s got a new obsession Of never letting you down Yeah, he’s got a new obsession Of never comin’ around He’s made a habit of detaching himself

So you don’t ever find out If he leaves He plays the jealous lover So you get someone to blame Yeah, he plays the jealous lover Another pawn in a losing game It’s the same kind of love that you know But with a different name And you don’t know what to call it

Selfish Woman Selfish woman Oh, you got no soul In the night you let the lower half of your body go One night I had you tethered to the bed I held a cross over you I knew you were possessed CHORUS Woah, selfish woman You got me again Woah, selfish woman You got me again Selfish woman You cause me nothing but pain Committed to the iron ball and chain Oh baby, I don’t tell you where I go ‘Cause I don’t want you to worry No, I don’t want you around me

CHORUS Woah, selfish woman Yeah, you better stop Woah, selfish woman You just won’t give up Woah, selfish woman Woah, selfish woman

Mass Graves Low groan from the edge of the pulpit To drones in an assembly line Promise you’ll pay them back in kind And forgiveness, Father Is a little heavy – handed Condemnation’s a pretty big word From the unreprimanded CHORUS You gotta be kidding me Gotta be kidding me Out of your fucking mind You gotta be leading me on You’re deceiving me Like a thief in the night Your god must be smaller than reason How else could he fit in your narrow mind? But you disagree You believe it so easily

Out of your fucking mind I know it’s your job To wield your words like the cane of a shepherd But you’re the only one with unsplintered skin You could build a watchtower From your eyes wooden beams Or take cover under your own arrogance Through dangerous means CHORUS I can’t do this anymore I can’t do this anymore CHORUS I can’t do this anymore I can’t do this anymore I can’t do this anymore I can’t do this anymore

Imelda is JAM PASCUAL (vocals), DIEGO MANZANO (bass, back – up vocals), VINCCI SANTIAGO (guitar), MIGUEL FERIA (guitar), and NASH IGNACIO (drums, percussion). This extended play (EP) was recorded at PERTHMAN STUDIOS and produced by PERTH SALVA. Photographs are by KAREN DE LA FUENTE. Album design is by SARA ERASMO. IMELDA WOULD LIKE TO THANK Sara Erasmo, David Lina, Joshua Blay, Nico Nunez, Miles Malferrari, Jessie Roasa, Miko Galvez, Karen Dela Fuente, Kristine Dela Fuente, Lorraine Sandel, Perth Salva, Che Santos, Heverly Bravo, Koko Capule, Solid! Productions, Higad Productions, Serum Productions, High Frequency Productions, Red Ninja Productions, Blue Skull Productions, Perthman Records, Sound Kitchen, Sound Quotient, Blue Light, On – Air Studio, Route 196, Nanay Mo, YAMI, The Squibs, Perkywasted, Hansom, She’s Only Sixteen, Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Kjwan JAM PASCUAL WOULD LIKE TO THANK My mom and dad for being supportive of me despite my bullshit. My younger brother Miggy for always waking me up early. Both sides of the family for all the food during each and every reunion. Perth Salva for the good vibes. Jake and Bardo, spokesmen of the new age. My church, and all its contradictions. All my teachers, for giving me what I could never have given myself. The panelists and fellows of the 18th AHWW. GUIDON and Heights, who have helped these lyrics come to life, one way

or another. Crusada, for the disturbance. George Orwell. Rage Against the Machine. Andrea Gibson. Anis Mojgani. That old circle of friends. C2011. Assumption Antipolo. Doctor Wash. Jesuits in general. All the books I’ve ever read and ever will read. The boys of She’s Only Sixteen, for always reminding me that I don’t have to look too hard to find good music, and great company. Nadine, whose unbridled hatred for stupidity is an inspiration to us all. And Jessie, for never needing to, always wanting to. Distance brings us closer. There is no distance. DIEGO MANZANO WOULD LIKE TO THANK My mom and stepdad for all the support and love and for all the times they’d give me allowance (for gigs and rehearsal) and guidance. I would like to thank my family from ((aMp)) and UPMC for both giving me valuable life lessons and putting up with my tendency to be annoying. Perth Salva for sharing his basspirations with me and the good times. To Heverly Bravo for helping us market the EP Launch gig itself. To my ex – bandmates: King Puentespina, Andrew Panopio, Nathan Reyes, David Lina & Gab Palanca and everyone else whom I’ve jammed with for helping me grow as a person and musician outside of Imelda. To Daryll Bernal, Robert Daulat, Mark Arca, Pibo Bagadion, Dan Isidro and Nigel Cabaluna for all the dodo moments. To Kristine Dela Fuente, Jolo Villanueva, Reese Sta. Maria for the awesome walwal nights and unending support. Karen Dela Fuente for putting up with my emotions. Belle Mapa for the late night conversations, not funny puns and undying support. Chris Legaspi, JC Del Mundo and Steph Ycasiano for all the super tus moments. Vicky Marquez for always being my inspiration to be an innovator. To Anton Rodriguez for ALWAYS reminding me to be a role model to the young ones. Bianca Yap for all the awkward

moments (umabot na ata ako ng quota). To Jessie Roasa for the support she’s given us and for being there during the inception of Imelda from Pulburon. Thank you also to Sara Abrigo for believing in the band. John Paul Jones, Chris Wolstenholme, Tim Commerford & Justin Chancellor of Led Zeppelin, Muse, Rage Against The Machine and Tool respectively for inspiring me to improve my craft and for all the effects GAS. My bandmates: Jam Pascual, Miguel Feria, Nash Ignacio and Vincci Santiago for putting up with all my childishness and pushiness. And last but not the least, to everyone who bought this cd and those who’ve stuck with us through the good and bad times, to the times when things looked almost as if they were falling apart. Thank you for staying with us. VINCCI SANTIAGO WOULD LIKE TO THANK Unang – una, maraming salamat sa Diyos. Alam kong nandiyan Ka. Salamat sa mga magulang ko, sa pagbili sa akin ng una at pangalawa kong gitara at sa pagsuporta sa pag – iingay ko. Salamat sa mga kapatid kong kumakanta ng “Great Wall” at “Selfish Woman” sa mga random na pagkakataon. Salamat sa mga brader: Cholo, Carl, Manu, Kyn, Jai, Ram, Navs, Berts, Tap, M – coy at ang buong M2011. Salamat sa YFC, UPWC, UP Layap, ((aMp)), at UPMC, partikular kay Hebs sa tulong na ibinigay niya para sa gawaing ito. Salamat kay Perth ng Perthman Studios sa pagsasapermanente ng aming mga awitin at sa mga mahahalagang mungkahi at tip. Salamat sa lahat ng mga musikerong nakasama namin; tuloy lang ang ingay! At higit sa lahat, salamat kina Diego, Nash, Jam at Feria. Simula pa lamang ‘to! MIGUEL FERIA WOULD LIKE TO THANK My wonderful mother, for raising me and always telling me I was her favourite (you are my favourite, too); my high school friends for putting up with me, Pio and Raf for still

putting up with me; everyone I’ve met and learned from in LFC, Abby, and Yumi for being wonderful ProdCoreCore, Bea, Patis, Abby, and Carlo for teaching me how to be mature as fuck, Gabby for teaching me almost everything I know about filmmaking, Jake (and Bardo), for the OFilm experience, and Arianna for great editing times and for appreciating the skies with me; the boys of She’s Only Sixteen, Andrew, King, Anjo, and Seña for being around, I guess; Cez for the love and support; Mia, Niqui, Isai, and Elaine for the motivation to come to school back in freshman year; Eras for designing this wonderful thing; AMP for practically starting this journey for us; The Ateneo Physics department for being the most welcoming department ever; my bandmates, Nash, Diego, Jam and Vincci for this great opportunity; and God, or what/whoever is around, for always inspiring me. NASH IGNACIO WOULD LIKE TO THANK Salamat kay Lord. Salamat sa magulang ko. Salamat sa mga kapatid ko. Salamat sa mga kapamilya ko (ABS CBN). Maraming maraming salamat kay Patricia Anne Panopio Tagle. Salamat kay Imelda (Jam, Diego, Feria, Vincci). Salamat din kay King. Salamat sa mga iba ko pang banda Nanay Mo, KE, Bait & Switch. Salamat din sa lahat ng kaibigan ko, pati na rin dun sa mga di ko naman masyadong kaibigan pero kakilala ko pa rin. Pati sa mga kaibigan ko sa work, sobrang salamat din. Salamat din kayna ate Roma sa pagtulong sa’kin magbuhat ng mga kung anu – ano. Pasalamatan din natin ang mga whistle – blower na naglalantad ng mga kalokohang nangyayari sa gobyerno. At pasalamatan din natin ang dati kong aso na si Pepper. Sana masaya ka kung asan ka man. You were a great dog. This one’s for you. Pasalamatan din pala natin ang effects ni Diego. Baka makalimutan.


Imelda CD booklet  
Imelda CD booklet