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2011 (group)

shoes + flip flops


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CONTENT Shoes + Flipops

Cooker Hood



Amphibian Cycle

Chair Design

Celing Cooler Design

Back Rest

Hand Washing Machine

Garden Furniture

Side Board


tooth brush


Lamp Design (Pmma Sheet)

shoes + flip flops The idea of this footwear is for the people who travel a lot but dont want to carry both footwear at same time.

2009 (individual)

Geodesic dome The Geodesic Dome is constructed of bamboo splits and metal pipe



The project was to get hands on experience as well as material exploration to know how to construct the Dome


2011 (group)

The Amphibious The amphibious bicycle comprises a conventional bicycle modiJied with two extra attachment sattached to it that enables it to run on both water and land. This could be a kit distributed in ood aected areas,it could be used for sport in urban lakes, it could be used to reach remote water logged villages...

2012 (group)

This model uses available material:PVSsewagepipes to work out the foating mechanism. The cycle is very easy to use and ride on water.The oats go up when notin use.

See working videos :

Ceiling Air Cooler



To design a ceiling mounted cooling system which can be easily installed in place of a ceiling fan. The unit be reliable,easy to use,and also looks good.This will be useful and appropriate in small spaces like shops where there is no window space.

hand Washing Machine ‘National Innovation Foundation’

See How it Works :

2011 (group)

side board design Inspired from cheese cherry pineapple The cheese and the pineapple are the drawers where cutlery are kept The centerpiece cherry is a lamp

201o (individual)

tooth brush design

2011 ( individual )

An interactive toothbrush that enhances the experience of brushing and measures the germs in your mouth with indicated on when to brush and clean.

features When you pick up the tooth brush it will display good morning or evening and a smiley face. The dome shape at top will indicate the bad breath and the green indication would be fresh breath. The orientation of the brush roatation is horizontal.

Bad Breath Indication

Fresh Breath Indication

2012 (group)

Lamp Design (Pmma Sheet) Project in Politecnico Di Milano The idea behind the design

We started our design process by immagining possible shapes applied to the techniques in laser cutting that we learned, and tried to apply them to 3D objects through software virtualization. After experiencing the PROS & CONS for each tryout, we put toghether our research results trying to get to a best final design. We wanted to add to the mechanical aspect an aesthetically designed aspect. We started by analysing the beginning of light and how it entered in everyday life, AND THERE WE STOPPED ! As most design rules state: “ in order to find a good and effective modern solution, you must start your project from as far behind as you can go!!!!! And in FIRE we found a solution to all of our project constraints: -) maximizeA material -> minimize waste: the organic shapes of the flames helped the design to maximize the use of the PMMA sheet -) minimize cutting time: our flames touch entirely each other; this makes the laser cut both components simultaneously -) Minimize assembly labour time -> cost: the flames need two rails only to hold, and the same rasils can be used for the hanging solutions


SCALE 1 : 2

render view

COOKER HOOD ( NDA project )

2011 (group)

Project in Politecnico Di Milano

DESIGN BRIEF The Globo is a simple solution for the modern cooker hood that has the balance between aesthetics and functionality. The goal of this project is to bring the customer a more efficient,intuitive and environmentally friendly cooker hood without compromising the design. As commonly known the evacuation method is the most efficient way to clean the air in the kitchen: bring the old air out and the fresh one in. During winter months, however, newly brought in fresh air caused the temperature of the rooms to drop and consequentially, consuming more energy. We propose a new concept of a cooker hood which would possess both systems and could alternate according to the user’s needs. The system in which the recycled air is brought back in to stabilized the room temperature.The Globo is designed for a population with high income that are looking for a long-term investment on the quality of life. Keeping in line of Faber’s philosophy of simplicity and clean aesthetics The design features an adaptation of an iconographic icon, the switch ON/OFF and the rotating motion of the earth to represent the changing seasons. In relation to the season, the inhaling ring revolves around an axis (the tube) to adapt itself to the users need according to seasons. In summer, the cooker hood closes the evacuation pipe for the recycled mode; in winter, the ring revolved of 180°C and opens this railing of evacuation. 2 different colors LED will be use to show the differences in season.

Technical Drawing

2012 (group)

evacuation mode/ recycling mode

how it works

COOKER HOOD Final Render version

2011 (group)

garden furniture People who likes to sit on a grass and need a back support

2011 ( individual)

hovercraft ( NDA project )

Project in Politecnico Di Milano A hovercraft, also known as an air-cushion vehicle or ACV, is a craft capable of travelling over land, water, mud or ice and other surfaces both at speed and when stationary. Hovercraft are hybrid vessels operated by a pilot as an aircraft rather than a captain as a marine vessel.

the brief Design a hovercraft and how can it be use in future.

design The Hovercraft runs in a manner by collecting algae from water and further uses it to create biofuel which is used to run the hovercraft. The Hovercraft is equipt with solar panels on the roof which can allow charge and usage of light appliances such as Chargers. The Hovercraft can seat upto 4 people and can be means of access to terrains such as water.

2012 (group)

The idea of this footwear is for the people who travel a lot but dont want to carry both footwear at same time.

design piece of furniture aichair sculptural its a art object and and a very personal expression

2012 (individual)

back-ache problems during travel Most people face issues commuting via scooters as their is no back-support which can cause problems to their back.

2011 (individual)

My design was to solve this problem by creating a portable-attachable Back Rest which can be used depending on the users choice. The Seat is designed in a way that it can be locked with the same key as of the Bike.

HOW TO attach THE BACKREST Fix the backrest in the gap between the end of the seat and the metal bend structure and lock it with the key of the activa.

front view

side view


2012 (individual)


thank you


product design portfolio

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