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May, 2012 No. 146

Published by Sa-Rang Community Church / Editor: C.Y. Jung / Editor in Chief: Heidi Ahn

Cell Group :: Genesis

Be fruitful and increase in number, Genesis Genesis cell group is led by Jim and Jae Bang. Every Friday night, they travel across the town from Yorba Linda to serve the members who live near La Mirada.  In keeping with God’s command in Genesis, they are adding a new member to each family.  Susan, Jina, and Jihee are all becoming new moms with their first child. Picture was taken during the baby shower for Jihee and Daniel Park’s new born Noah.  Here is a brief introduction for each family.

(2007). They are currently serving ushers at HW. They had a baby girl In keeping with God’s command in the children’s ministry and new named Charissa Kim in January in Genesis, the group is adding a new member to each family. comers welcoming ministry.  They 2012. welcomed a baby girl named Kensie into their family last March 2012.

James & Susan Lim are fairly newlyweds; they have been married for a year. They live in Fullerton.  They met while serving in the NEXT ministry. Both have been members since start of HW

Eric & Jina Kim have been married 3 years. They live in La Mirada.   Jina has been a member since the start of HW (2007). Eric has been a member since their marriage in 2009.  They are currently serving as

Daniel & Jihee Park have been married for 6 years and reside in Norwalk. They have been members of HW since 2009. Daniel currently serves in the A/V ministry.   Their first child, a baby boy named Noah Park, was born in March 2012.

Interview :: STEM (Part I)

College Years of Sa-Rang: STEM, 2012 While many of us are looking forward to enjoying the relaxing summer, there is a group who are pouring out their hearts to prepare for a great summer. These are the members of the STEM, or the Sa-Rang Team for Evangelism and Mission. You may have heard about their annual golf tournament fundraiser event.  But

what are their missions and why do we need to support STEM? To find out, I interviewed David Kim the lead trainer, and two coordinators, Rachel Kim and Mayer Kim.

recently graduated college students. The number of members fluctuate every yea, and there are eighteen young men and women who have signed up this year. It’s amazing that this is the 21st year Who are STEMers? Most of the that STEM is going out to the STEM members (called STEMers) other parts of the globe to further belong to our English College the spread of the Gospel. ministry.  They are current or

What are the qualifications? Anyone can sign up for the program, but first and foremost, they must be committed disciples of Christ. They possess the willingness to be used by God in any circumstances.  All candidates go through 10-30 minute interview, during which the leaders assess their intent, spiritual maturity level, and mission experience.  After 2 to 3 weeks, depending on

By Justin Choi

the team dynamics, ministry gifts and experiences, each member is assigned to different mission teams.

Why do they participate in the summer missions? Every trainee has various motivations for taking on such a challenge. Rachel informs that in general, the lower classmen have the desire to find out the purpose of life and what God wants in their lives. Upper classmen usually have specific goals for the missions. Regardless of their initial motives for joining the STEM, focused and arduous training serves to cultivate the heart of love and servanthood. (to be continued)

Testimony:: Special Children

The Unexpected Journey Turns into Blessings Janny Yun / HolyWave With the grace of God, Kendrick has come so far! As he turned 14 this year, it has been ten years of unexpected journey of autism. We’ve had our moments of many tears and hardship, but looking back, there was always God by our sides with strength and comfort. Just like many other families, it took hold of us with denial, resentment, anger, sadness, and isolation. But they all slowly begin to fade away after the special day visiting a prayer mountain with other parents of special needs children. After many days of convincing my husband to go, we were on our way. However, our car encountered a flat tire on the freeway. I knew this was not a coincidence, but a spiritual warfare! In spite of it, we safely arrived to the destination. This was only the beginning of our healing.

A turn around in time As it was our turn for prayer, the pastor asked, “What is your prayer request?” I stated, “Our prayer is for Kendrick to be calm and not run around so much.” As I shared this request, a mom sitting by us with her paralytic son softly expressed,“I wish my son could run around.” At that very moment, God was telling both of us to look at what Kendrick CAN do. We came back down from the place with new perspective, repentance, and thankful heart. As we slowly came out of our isolation, God faithfully connected us to many good people to help


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and pray for us! I believe the power of intercessory prayer kicked in. God surrounded our family with spiritual support through our cell group, my DT group, and Sarangboo (Special Education) ministry. I know they all fervently prayed for Kendrick and our family. It is amazing how God answered our prayers and provided Kendrick with the necessities. Kendrick is also blessed to have his dad and his sister, Candice, who are strong supporters. Family support and participation are the precise component for a child with autism. Ten years ago, Kendrick started out with 40 hours of therapy of behavior intervention each week. I don’t know how we have managed all these years of juggling with hectic schedule. Today, we provide him with normal routines. We offer him new experiences, new places and new activities. He has matured into a calm, handsome teenager, but still has difficulty communicating. However, we are certain that God is not finished with him, yet!

March 13, 2011 :: No. 141

go into a dark theater).

I celebrated my 40 years a few years back, and now, I am looking forward to my next 40 years. Just as the Israelites had gone through 40 years of training in the wilderness, it seems as though God was training me for the first 40 years of my life. It is amazing how God has orchestrated every details of my life. Currently I serve in different ministries; the flower and the intercessory prayer ministry. And as I serve, God blesses me with Being thankful took ten years inner peace. I am also personally Through this journey, my husband learning and experiencing the and I have grown so much closer power of intercessory prayer. It is to Christ. The Lord has made our so exciting! family stronger in Christ. We have come to know what it means Next journey – mission to be thankful for little details I am also excited to share that our in life. There is always a feeling whole family will be going on a of celebration every time when mission trip; yes, Kendrick too! At Kendrick reaches a certain goal first, I wondered what Kendrick or overcomes a challenge such as would do at the mission field. But going to the movies (he refused to God gave me a vision to reach out

and connect with the moms in the mission field with my experience as a mom with a special child. It would only take Kendrick’s presence to soften the hearts of moms who need to pour out their stories. I will listen, and then share mine. I want to encourage those moms to pray and see what God will do in their lives. My prayer is for those moms to start a prayer group of their own, and may it multiply to spread throughout their land! Many families, both in and outside of the church, let us know that we bring them encouragement when they see the joy in our family. Yes, let it be our testimony of what God can do! May the Lord use our family to be the flow of blessing to others. Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstance for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1Thessalonians 5:16-18

Book Review

Hunger Game Series A household name. A blockbuster, record-breaking film. But most importantly, a worldwide phenomenon. - These are some of the accomplishments that most books or movies aspire to be. For the Hunger Games, they are merely past achievements and titles given. However, is this series truly the new Twilight or Harry Potter, as some tout it? The Hunger Games is a scientific fiction series of books written by Suzanne Collins and published in 2008. The plot centers on the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, and her life throughout and after the Hunger Games, as well as glimpses of her life before. Katniss lives with her sister Primrose and her mother. Her father, who named her after a plant that lives by water, died in a mining accident. The heroine struggles against the grips of a dystopian government and a futuristic society called Panem, which is implied to be the replacement of the ruins of the former United States. The trilogy is divided into three books that each

focus on a certain point in Katniss’s life. The first novel, titled Hunger Games, is all about Katniss and the obstacles she must overcome to win a competition called the Hunger Games in order to keep her life. Now, a little more information about this competition. In the land of Panem, there are divisions of 12 districts, all whom are strictly under government rule and must yield two tributes that would compete ever year. Arguably the most important book, Hunger Games introduces characters such as Peeta, the baker’s son from Katniss’s district who also becomes her love interest. The second book, Catching Fire, describes Katniss’s life after winning the competition, where she involuntarily becomes a leader of a budding revolution that the government tries to destroy. This second novel heavily sheds light on the love triangle between Katniss, her best friend Gale, and Peeta. The last book, Mockingjay, is about the outcome of the gripping fever of revolt that Katniss and Peeta

By Lauren Lee / E.Jr.High start. In the novel, the mysterious and previously unknown District 13 becomes an ally turned enemy to the protagonists. The series ends with Katniss reflecting on her life. Although the series is similar to many other dystopian novels like Fahrenheit 451 with themes of a corrupt government and a status quo-changing character, it is unique in its own ways. The trilogy is not just about a revolution, but also has different aspects certain to appeal to readers of all genres. The books include romance for the hopeless dreamers, adventure and fighting for hardcore action readers, and even introduces more profound and thought provoking questions for the analytical type. Finally,the Hunger Games is a breath of fresh air with philosophical elements, as well as many others. The corrupt government mentality in the novel reminds Christians of the capacity of man’s sins without God. Like many other oppressive governments today, having faith in God would mean hope for a better life, something that dictators

and other fraudulent officials do not want their people to have. The same applies to the Hunger Games, where the leaders try to control the people by rendering them helpless. The series actually introduces the mentality of matters of the “adult world” like the conflicts in Syria and North Korea and puts in into an interesting plot for even children to be educated about. Furthermore, with the exception of some violent scenes and other thematic elements, the Hunger Games trilogy as well as the movie is appropriate enough for all teens, adults, and some tweens to enjoy. All in all, the Hunger Games series will satisfy the “hunger” for a riveting storyline and a tough heroine, deserving the title: a modern day epic.

NAIM 2012: Native American Indian Mission >>>> Schedule >>>>

It certainly is easier to be said than done. We talk evangelism and mission all the time, but it is tough to “spare” our resources for the expansion of His Kingdom. Perhaps, the most effective way to live out as ambassadors of the Gospel would be to participate in short term mission. Every year, Sa-Rang Community Church sends out short term missionaries to many nations and tribes including Native Americans in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. This year is no exception, as total of 6 mission teams are preparing for summer mission trips. The mission will focus on building relationships with the Native Americans in effort to bring them to Christ. The teams gather every Thursday evening to prepare for the mission trip, and everyone in all generation who wants to share in Father’s heart is welcomed. Contact pastor Dennis Kim at (714) 309-0004.

Red Mesa, UT 6/24 ~ 6/30 Winslow, AZ 6/24 ~ 6/30 Gallup, NM 7/1 ~ 7/7 Flagstaff, AZ 7/1 ~ 7/7 Tohajiilee, NM 7/8 ~ 7/14 Ojo Amarillo, NM 7/8 ~ 7/14

By Andy Min

Marty Oh (714-270-4770) VBS & Cultural Exchange Namshik Kim (626-665-1109) VBS, Sports & Outreach PeelTae Kim (949-677-2551) VBS, Sports & Outreach MyungHwan Yang (213-422-0304) Construction Sylvester Kim (213-453-7890) Revival, Activities & Camping George Kim (714-797-7383) VBS, Sports & Bible Study

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