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Wednesday, June 5, 520 AD

Est. 459 AD

Price 6 Art.

Pope Patrick II dies Pope Patrick II died and his friend is the favourite candidate for this job. The Pope ,Patrick II ,died yesterday because he was very old. His friend George is the favourite candidate for this job because Pope Patrick left a note on his bed. It said this: “I want that my friend George becomes Camelot’s Pope.” Read more on page 8

Currency changed.


Currency has changed because King Arthur put a famous Jewish economist in jail. The Jew Ramses is also known as the Jew King. Uthergold was the official currency of Camelot but it has now changed to the Artuvian. Read more on page 7

Can England be bigger? Yesterday King Alfred Justinian died. The death of King Alfred V , the king of Romonalia, means happy news for Arthur´s knights. During many years King Arthur has wanted to conquer Romonalia, but King Alfred resisted the siege from the Englishmen. Read more on page 4

Politics • LOCAL – King Arthur imprisoned the Jew Ramses, now King Arthur has got all riches of Camelot. – Last weekend, King Arthur received the Round Table. He was very excited! – The war in Camelot’s battlefield goes

on, there are more deaths every day.

– Last night the royal family attended a dinner with the noblemen.


Politics • INTERNATIONAL – King Alfred V has died. His death

provokes a political instability in his kingdom. The only solution will be surely to conquer the kingdom back.

– King Arthur has sent Pope Patrick’s family a letter showing them condolences about his death. – King Luis II is coming over, to make a treaty with King Arthur, to get peace in the village.


INTERNATIONAL NEWS Can England be bigger?

Yesterday King Alfred Justinian died. The death of King Alfred V , the king of Romonalia , means happy news for Arthur´s knights. During many years King Arthur has wanted to conquer Romonalia, but King Alfred resisted the siege from the Englishmen. Right now Romonalia is very unstable, there are riots all through the kingdom, and this is good news for Arthur and Camelot. Next week King Arthur and his knights will go to Romonalia to conquer it. King Arthur bought weapons and swords from Castile last month. Sir. Malagant has agreed to a truce with Camelot to fight together in the war against the Romonians. Sir Malagant has mobilized all his army to Camelot. People were scared but the army didn´t want to kill them ,they wanted to help them in the war. The Ottoman empire is in Romonalia fighting to invade it. The army of the ottomans is stronger than our army but our army is more intelligent than theirs. Merlin, the Royal Counselor is levying new soldiers to fight in the war. If you are older than 20 and you want to help your country, go to Merlin’s palace and talk to him to sign up.

Sir. Fay Morsa


INTERNATIONAL NEWS SAINT JAMES THE GREATER Today the coffin of Saint James The Greater is in the new cathedral in Castile, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The cathedral was finished last week but until today the coffin of the apostle has not been moved. The cathedral is really beautiful, and modern. The Pope said “Santiago De Compostela is going to be a pilgrimage place. The architect is Sir. Juan Manuel son of Sir. Felipe el Pequeño. The cathedral has a cruciform plant with a big apse and three aisles, two lateral ones and a central aisle. The coffin of the apostle is under the shrine, you can enter to visit the coffin without disturbing the mass. The cathedral has rooms where you can sleep. Next week Queen Guinevere is going to go the cathedral. Sir. Felipe is the first camelotanese who goes to the cathedral. He said “The cathedral isn´t only beautiful, it's gorgeous”.

Sir. Noah Mountain



Today in Economy : The price of the wheat has increased 23 % more than last year, now it costs 2,5 Arthuvians.

The price of potatoes has decreased and people now buy a bigger number of potatoes

Graph of products 250 200

The church now has to pay one 13 % more from the tithe


previous price price now


Homes cost one -28% than last year

50 0 water horses (4)( 3,95)







CURRENCY Currency has changed. • Currency has changed because King Arthur put a famous Jewish economist in jail. The Jew Ramses is also known as the Jew King.

• Uthergold


the official currency of Camelot but it has now changed to the Artuvian. • Therefore the Artuvian will be used daily by about 1000 merchants of Camelot. • The Artuvian banknotes and coins entered circulation in May 31st ,520 in all Camelot


Religion •Pope Patrick II died and his friend is the favourite candidate for this job.

•Cathedral in need of repairing

The Pope ,Patrick II died yesterday because he was very old. His friend George is the favourite candidate for this job because Pope Patrick left a note on his bed.

It said this: “I want that my friend George becomes Camelot’s Pope.” All the priests have met at Pendragon´s church to choose one among the candidates for the new Pope

These are the potential candidates for Pope´s position:

George, the deceased Pope’s friend, Frank son of the blacksmith of the city, Mr. Smith,

and Richard, son of the woodcutter Mr. Strand. Other favorites to become Pontificex are: Mr. Stand, Steve, Roger, Charles, and Anthony .

The decision will be ready within a week. Desperate people expect they elect the new pope as soon as possible. The only thing we have been told is that the new Pontificex will supervise the construction of a new basilica for the most disadvantaged sections of society, named after the kindest Pope Camelot has ever had: Patrick II.

Cracks in Cathedral


The Cathedral of the Castle needs a reform because the buttresses are badly cracked. The mass today was cancelled and the meeting to appoint a new Pontificex is in danger.


SPORTS Arthur Tournament

The derby

The final of the tournament it is going to be celebrated next saturday in Old Camelot Stadium. The match begins at 12 o´clock . Rain and dragon storms are expected, but Merlin, the wizard, cast a spell in all the stadium. This spell waterproofs the stadium, we hope that this spell works. The two finalists are Sir. Flinstone, son of Sir. Charles, and Sir. Peter, son of Sir Leo. Sir Peter is from Camelot and Sir Finstone is from Ot Noor. The match will be really bitter; the two opponents are ready for the duel. In the last match between them the winner was Sir Flinstone, so that Flinstone is the favourite to win. The spears that they will use in the tournament are made by Jule the smith. Sir. Flinstone´s armour was made it in Persia by Mohammed a famous smith. Sir Peter is going to ride an Arab horse and Sir. Flinstone an Irish horse. The cost of the ticket is round 30 Arthuvians. If you want to buy any ticket go to 8 Fenerbache Street.

Sir Joel Teenager

Next Thursday the derby, the match between Camelot U.D and Black Castle C.F, will be played. The Match will be played in Alfred I Stadium. The teams are tied in points on the table. Tomorrow morning Merlin will do the doping test to the teams. Last Saturday Marlin discovered that members of SwordStone U.D had drunk the Dragon Eye potion, so the team was disqualified. The ball of the match has been sewn by the Royal Sewer, Sir. John Mantecato.Yesterday the sewer said “This ball is the best ball in the world”. Camelot U.D is going to dress in white and red t-shit and black shorts. The favourite to win is Camelot U.D because it is in a better physical condition than Black Castle C.F. We hope that Camelot wins because if they win, they can be the winners of the league.

Sir. Axel Spring



Two days ago, we heard that the famous doctor, Clevis, wrote a letter about the very difficult situation there exists these days. No one knew what this letter was about, and many people were very worried. But today, we have this letter, and we want to share it with you:

Dear reader: My name is Clevis, I am a doctor. I don´t know if you have heard about the plague. This is probably the worst disease we have never been through. And the problem is that this horrible disease is coming to Camelot. Other countries have been affected. Many people have died in those countries because no one knows a cure. Last month, a man went to my house. He begged to me. He always said that he needed my help, he needed a cure. But, supposedly I couldn´t help him. The man left my house, and I don´t know anything about him. He is probably dead. I am explaining this, because if that man was contaminated with the plague… when will we be contaminated with this disease? This is a very serious fact. I have a friend who lives in a faraway country. Last Monday, he came to my house. He walked many kilometers to go to my house. He told me that in his country many people have died, many people are very ill. They are contaminated with the plague. He needs a safe place to live and now he is living in our country. I am worried, I don´t know when I can get contaminated. I only know, that if this disease comes to Camelot, many people can die. That is why, if some member of your family is contaminated, don´t spend much time with him, you can die like him. Good luck, and be strong. J.CLEVIS,MD.

Well, this was the letter. I am very worried, and you? I wish that his disease doesn´t come to Camelot. Please, you must be strong. If this disease comes to Camelot…I sure that I am going to fight for my life. We must be brave. Remember, nothing is impossible.



04-06-520 died in Camelot and we want to re mind all the people to pray for a great king. Your nobility, intelligence, wisdom and humility have left your mark in your kingdom Your wife: Penelope V. Your children: Arthur, Mary, Esthephan. Your brothers: Jack II, Fany III, Henry IV We beg the people to go to his funeral to say a prayer for his soul on the 6th June at 4:00 pm in the Cathedral Luca Looper 03-06-520 died in Camelot. A faithful and honest farmer, families are asked to pray for him.Your wife: Cathy,Your children: Alissa, Annie.Your brothers: Maty, Shophia, Helen.His funeral will be today at 6:00, at Pendragon chruch.We ask for attendance.


Our dear and beloved Pope has died. We request all the habitants of Camelot to pray for him. The funeral will be today at 5:00 in the Cathedral. The Catholics will always remember you.


MUSIC in CAMELOT Hey, People of Camelot!!, The new and innovative themes have already arrived, including famous "Would globbe you with porks and sausages ". The TOP music to enjoy while you milk or battle fight!

A CONCERT!! Attention!!! Next Friday, the 12th, there will be a concert in the square of the people; Camelot's jazz band will be performing. The entry costs 5 Arthuvians or 3 sacks of potatoes. Five cows will be awarded to the three first ones to arrive, so hurry up!! ď Š



The most modern fashion for you!! Now it’s the new spring-summer collection along with new armour for knights at John’s store. Sale of up to 50% less Artuvians! Are you missing this opportunity, people?

There is underwear for the young boy and the young girl for one Artuvian a piece.

The Camelot U.D has renewed its uniform with the great help of our stores!

Did you know that...? The long skirts are the latest trend, both to do your daily work or to go to a celebration. 2 out of every 3 ladies assure to be very comfortable with them at home and that this fashion trend is just more!!!!

The Castle star and Vans of the rock continue being at loggerheads this year.’’

VS The Castle Star

Vans of the rock


people •

The countess Eleanor claims that she saw a big ogre in the peak of the Rockwood Mountain last Thursday, when she was looking with her binoculars. She is very scared, so she will reward the man who hunts this horrible ogre. Helot, a very famous hunter who lives near that mountain, has said that he saw an ogre, too, but he claim that she mustn’t be worried, he will hunt it.

Many people who live around the castle claim that last Friday a carriage went out of the castle. They could see a beautiful woman inside it. Is she the handsome lord´s new conquest? Merlin, the magician has said that the next Tuesday, at 5 o´clock p.m., a set of lightning will fall in Camelot; it will be the Gods´ punishment. He thinks that the Gods are very angry with us, because we have contaminated their lands. Many people say that last Friday there was a secret ceremony in the castle. King Alfred died, that we all know; but the question is: How did he die? Was it a simple death? Or was King Alfred assassinated? There are people who think that King Alfred was assassinated. Supposedly, Lord Cinyon wants to be Lady Hummer´s husband. An anonymous has told us that he proposed two days ago, and she said ”Yes, I want to be your wife” The Pope died, and now some people have to decide who will be the next Pope. There are many rumors about the Pope´s friend. These rumors say that his friend will be the next Pope.

• •


Exclusive interviews With Lancelot & Guinevere!!! This week we have the pleasure of interviewing the brave young knight Lancelot and Guinevere, our beloved Queen. Interview with Lancelot

This week, we interview... Lancelot & Guinevere

Castle Today: Hi, Lancelot. How are you? Lancelot: I´m fine, thanks. C.T.:You are a young courageous knight. Why did you come to Camelot? L: Because I wanted more adventures.

C.T.:It was rumoured you don´t feel fear. Is it true? L: More or less. I am not scared about death, but spiders scare me. C.T.:What do you think about King Arthur? L: I think he is a very good king and a very good person.

C.T.: And Guinevere? What do you think about Guinevere? L: Eh... I think she is also a good queen.

C.T.: People say you are Guinevere´s lover. Is it true? L: I don´t like this interview at all. Goodbye.

Interview with Guinevere Castle Today: Hello, Guinevere. How are you? Guinevere: I´m fine, thank you. C.T.: Is it easy being a queen? G: No, because it is a great responsibility. C.T.: How do you define your relationship with Arthur? G: It is a relationship with a few problems but I´m happy. C.T.: It is said that you're fooling Arthur ... G: That's a lie I'm very fond of Arthur and I would never hurt his heart. C.T.: It is said that you are expecting a son of Arthur. Is it true? G: Yes and no. We want to have a son but I´m not pregnant. C.T.: How many kids do you want to have? G: I would have a boy and a girl. C.T.: Do you know Lancelot? G: I haven't got the pleasure of having met him, but I would like to. C.T: Ok, thank you for everything. Goodbye. 15 G: Goodbye.


went to Camelot Castle because I was invited to the Spring Feast by King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. A lot of cooks, waiters and pages served several dishes on the Round Table. All the knights were sat at the table and they ate their food on trenchers (stale bread) with spoons and knives. There were many entertainers: magicians, jugglers, acrobats, musicians. I have got the special menu for our readers”. 16

FIRST COURSE : GARLIC SALAD Ingredients for four people: • Three cloves of garlic finely chopped, • ¼ of white onion finely sliced. • ¼ of red onion finely sliced and ½ of leek finely sliced. • Six spring onions cut and chopped, 700g of shredded herbs and 250g of lettuce. • Olive oil, white wine vinegar and salt, as need. Follow these steps: Wash all the ingredients. Chop the garlic, onions and herbs. Tear the lettuce into pieces and place them in a bowl. Add the oil, vinegar and salt and mix the vegetables.


SECOND COURSE: LOMBARD POTAGE Ingredients for four people: • 1 kg of chicken and a 1 kg of beef, • Pork or other meat, cut into bite-sized pieces. • Six egg yolks and 1 kg of assorted vegetables • Black pepper, powdered ginger and salt, as needed. Follow these steps: Boil water in a pot. Add the chicken and the cut-up meat and cook on medium heat with salt for an hour. Reduce the heat and then add the assorted vegetables. In a bowl, beat together the egg yolks and spices. Pour the egg mixture into the pot and cook for a few minutes. Serve in individual bowls.


THIRD COURSE: VENISON IN BROTH Ingredients for four people: • 1,5 kg of venison ribs • One bunch of parsley and five • leaves of sage. • 100ml red wine vinegar • Some cloves, powdered black pepper and salt, as needed. Follow these steps: Place the ribs in a large pot and cover with water. Bring to the boil, add the spices, vinegar and red wine and return to the boil. Reduce the heat and cook for an hour. Continue cooking until the venison is tender.



Ingredients for four people: • • • • • •

450g of Violet petals. 350ml of Almond milk. 250 ml of Water. ¼ kg of Sugar. ¼ of Rice flour. 1/4 of saffron.

Follow these steps: In a saucepan, bring water to a boil, then add the violet petals and

cook, stirring constantly, for five minutes. Drain the petals and mash into a paste. In the same saucepan bring the almond milk to the boil . Reduce heat and incorporate the mashed petals, add the rice flour, the sugar and the saffron. Continue to stir for five minutes. Then serve.

DRINKS • • • •

MEAD: drink made from water and honey. HYPOCRAS : traditional spiced wine. STRONG ALE: malted beer. CLARREY: white wine with honey and spices


CASTLE WEATHER For tomorrow. Today we have some bad news, a storm is on the way to Camelot. All the festivities, plays, games, wars and any planned exhibitions have been canceled, as a tornado is coming, It may cause severe damage. Some villagers say it is God's punishment for the death of the Pope.

The temperatures will raise and you will be able to get out of your houses. And so, the battles and the festivities may continue.

NOTE: We recommend going to the castle to pick up the storm-kit. As it is the second time that it happens to us and we have innovated and perfected the kit to survive the storms.




jobs • Dragon slayer offers to kill dragons.

• I want a new round table for about 110-160 knights. Ask for King Arthur at the Camelot Castle. •Seeking a unicorn for races and tournaments, of whatever race or colour, but preferably thoroughbred.Contact:Sir Oliver, Grey feud.

sell • For sale. A stone without sword, preowned.Ask at Merlin´s home. •Eight-year-old horse, brown, Horsit brand, 1 horsepower. From 500 Artuvians, with 2 years warranty. Contact: John's farm. •I sell a castle with 20 rooms, 5 servants and two ghosts. From 100000 Artuvians. Those interested contact Midnight Castle

From 500 Artuvians. Contact Maxwell, at Dark Stone Castle. •Prince offers to save princess of dragons. From 200 Artuvians. Contact: Fief of the forest, Yellow farm • Magician with 2 masters of Magic and Alchemy does many types of charms and treatments of the evil eye. Contact: Magician, Camelot's Castle. • Young page looks for knight whom to serve. Loyalty is sworn from the first moment. For more information contact Earl, Farm of the Friendship.


•Young queen seeks friendship with brave knight.Contact: Guinevere.


Agony Aunt

Dear Agony Aunt,

Dear Agony Aunt,

My knight has left me for another lady. I’m depressed. What can I do? Secret Friend 27

My son stole a chicken and he is very naughty. Should I tell Camelot sheriff?

My dear secret friend 27, Now, you have got to tryto forget him, because if not you will be sad. Bye and kisses.

Secret Friend 31 My dear secret friend 31, Yes, you should tell Camelot sheriff, and you should buy another chicken for him. Bye and kisses. 23

-:Aries Love: You will be asked to be married in a beautiful place. Health: Quite robust, you will suffer of headaches, high blood pressure, and delicate nose, eyes and throat. Money: The king will punish you for your evil deeds. -Taurus: Love: You will lose the love of your life. Health: You will have to control the issues of excesses in food and drink. Money: All your crops will be withered. -Gemini: Love: Your wife will steal all your things. Health: You will be affected by nervous problems; it can lead you to states of anxiety that produce stomachache. Money: All your money will be multiplied. .


-Pisces: Love: Your wife or husband will leave for economic reasons. Health: You will suffer discomfort caused by depressions and nervous diseases Money: You will not have a pay this month. -Aquarius: Love: You will die unmarried. The king will take all your belongings. Health: You will always have good health. Money: The king will command to burn your house.

-Cancer: Love: Your wife will be unfaithful. Health: You will have frequent stomach aches and intercostals pain . Money: The bandits will come and take all your money. -Leo: Love: Your wife is in love with another man. Health: You will have psychical problems. Money: You will have a good harvest.

-Virgo: Love: You will have your first love. Health: You will enjoy good health.. Money: You can have your own market.

-Sagittarius: Love: Love will be your tragedy this month. Health: You will often have a poor health due to nervous problems Money: All your money will disappear.

-Libra: Love: You will meet your love today on a beautiful horse. Health: Take care attentively of your kidneys, liver and head; they are already very frail. Money: You will have luck, and you will find a bag of gold.

-Capricorn: Love: You will meet a beautiful girl/ boy on the way to your room. Health: Physically and morally poor. Money: The lord will give you an advice for your actions.

-Scorpio: Love: This month you won´t have love. Health: You may get a nervous breakdown, and can also have imbalance in your genital organs. Money: Your crops will grow a lot.


LOST & FOUND I found an invitation to dine with the Royal family, in Horseshoe street. I’m in the village. Come and take it.

I found a gold earring in Benedict XVI street. I’m in the Loma park. Please, the owner should come to take it.

King Arthur lost his sword, it’s urgent. Please if you see it, bring it to the Castle and collect the reward. REWARD: 1.150 Arthuvians.

I lost my dog, brown and white pitbull. Age 2. Please if you find the dog warn me, I’m in Carriage street. I’ll give you a reward. REWARD: 100 Arthuvians. 25

CARTOONS and JOKES Here are two amazing cartoons. Elena, our artist made these cartoons:

A mediaeval knight visited a fortune teller to know if he could win his next duel. He knocks on the door… • Toc, toc … The fortune teller says: •Who´s there? And the knight says: •You are one shitty fortune teller!

Two Knights were riding a horse and the one in the middle fell.

Did you like these jokes? We think Luisa is an amazing comedian; she always does the best jokes. Next week, we 26 will show you other jokes.

2nd A, ies pérez galdós


Clil programme, 2012/13

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Teachers: •Francisco Marrero (History) •Sara Martín (English)

Images attribution All the images included in this project have been downloaded from Wikimedia Commons project, the free media repository, so all of them can be freely used. Most on them are on the public domain, and attribution is not legally required. As for those which attribution is required please see the following list. • Page 2, Image 2: By Periodo Románico (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons • Page 6: Wood, By Jacob Köhler (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.0-de (], via Wikimedia Commons • Page 6 Seeds, Gerstenkörner, Quelle: • Page 7 Coins:Classical Numismatic Group, Inc. • Page 8: Crack By Marcus Quigmire from Florida, USA (Crack Uploaded by Princess Mérida) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons • PowerPoint template from the Presentation Magazine

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