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a message from the board president


Dear Akiba Supporters, First, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making the 2017-2018 school year one of the best fundraising years in Akiba’s history. As you all know, Akiba is dedicated to feeding the minds and nourishing the souls of our precious children, and each of you have given us the means to fulfill that vision. This year 132 students relied on our help to attend Akiba, representing an 8 percent increase over the previous year. These students received that assistance because of your generosity. I am proud to announce that 580 families supported Akiba this year. This number reflects a broad base that extends well beyond Akiba’s immediate families and is a testament to our strong and growing community. There were 61 families that gave between $1,800 and $5,000, representing approximately 20 percent of our total fundraising and allowing 17 children to attend Akiba. Fourteen of our donors gave between $5,000 and $10,000, representing around 9 percent of our total fundraising, and enabling nine children to attend Akiba. And an incredible 20 donors gave $10,000 or more, constituting 62 percent of our total fundraising, thereby allowing 52 children to attend Akiba. Bravo! Each of you makes a tremendous difference, and Akiba is so very grateful. As the Torah teaches (Proverbs 4:22), “Great is Torah, for it is life to those who find it.” And as the Talmud (Sanhedrin 37a) so powerfully states, “Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.” With your support of Akiba, you have given Torah, proverbial life, to 132 students, and so, I believe, you have created infinitely many worlds. Giving is a privilege. Knowing that our gifts have helped ensure the next generation of proud and committed Jews is an immensely humbling responsibility. Let us not lose sight of the importance of our sacred task. May the Almighty bless you many times over for all of the blessings that you have given Akiba Academy. Thank you! Josh Hochschuler, Akiba Academy President





an incredible year of giving


Thank you for an outstanding 2017-2018. This was a successful fundraising year that far surpassed our goals and that made a huge impact on our students, faculty, community and campus. • 580 parents, faculty, staff, alumni, grandparents and friends gave a total of $780,800. 100 percent of the Akiba Board of Trustees, 80 percent of faculty and staff, and 75 percent of parents donated. • The Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, one of Akiba’s most valued partners, allocated $218,700 from their 2018 Annual Campaign and provided on average a tuition subsidy of $900 per student. The Jewish Federation allocation we receive every year helps us to strengthen academics, campus life, and so much more. • We had our first Charidy campaign, a one-day giving challenge that raised $457,000 in 24 hours Thank you to our Akiba Fund chairs: Tammy and Adam Diamond, Jenny and Michael Walters, and Jennifer and Michael Winton. • This year’s annual fundraiser, Master Chef Akiba, was a tremendous event with more than 400 guests and $270,755 raised for Akiba:

• Mizvah Moment donors are transforming several classrooms into incubators for collaboration, creativity and ingenuity with new furniture and technology

• Congrats to Team Lizzy, Chefs Lizzy Rosenberg Greif ’80 and Stephanie Prescott, on their win. Thanks to all our fantastic chef teams: Liran Haviv and Aaron Pinkus, Lindsay Hochschuler and Lisa Stern Ido, and Craig Mellman ’95 and Rachel Gasc

• We appreciate our judges Ruthy Henkin, Bradley Laye, Lowell Michelson, and Rachel Pinn

• Special thanks to our event chairs, Celine Darsa, Tammy Diamond, Ayala Oster, Matan Oved, Michelle Raphael and Sury Sacher

• Adding new technology to our classrooms resulted in the creation of an Innovation Studio for lessons in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math initiatives). We also added the iTalam Hebrew literacy program, and a new interactive Gemara program in Middle School. • Our B’not Sherut program once again brought two Israelis to spend a year teaching our community about Hebrew, Judaism and Israel. They infused our campus with ruach (spirit) and immersed our students in projects like an all-Hebrew “High School Musical.”





board of trustees


Executive Board


Past Presidents

Mr. Josh Hochschuler President

Mr. David Blank

Mr. David Yalovsky Executive Vice President

Mr. David Goldfarb

Mr. Michael Oster Vice President of Finance

Mrs. Rebecca Nussbaum

Mrs. Rachel Berke 2015-2017 Mr. Jay Ceitlin 2013-2015 Mr. Michael Robbins 2012-2013 Mr. Andy Schultz 2009-2012 Mrs. Liz Liener 2007-2009 Mr. Mike Zucker 2005-2007 Mrs. Jaynie Schultz 2002-2005 Mr. Dan Prescott 2000-2002 Mr. Jeffrey Hoffman 1998-2000 Mr. Richard Rohan 1996-1998 Mrs. Pam Hochster Fine 1994-1996 Mrs. Esther Hazan-Cohen 1992-1994 Mr. Steven Rosenberg 1990-1992 Mrs. Shirley Rovinsky 1988-1990 Mrs. Leslie Schultz* 1986-1988 Mrs. Carole Ann Hoppenstein 1984-1986 Mr. Ronald Blumenthal* 1982-1984 Mr. Harvey Weiner 1980-1982 Mr. Howard Schultz 1978-1980 Mr. Erven Rovinsky 1976-1978 Mr. Bernard Gerson* 1973-1976 Mr. Stanley J. Schepps* 1971-1973 Mr. Ronald Gruen* 1968-1971 Mr. Marcus Rosenberg* 1962-1968

Mrs. Sue Fox Schwartz Secretary Mrs. Jessica Josset Chair, Head Support and Evaluation Committee Mrs. Talia Rosenberg Vice President of Development Mrs. Rachel Berke Immediate Past President

Mrs. Dana Feinstein Mr. Dani Meyerovitz Mrs. Tara Ohayon Mr. David Podolsky Mrs. Batsheva Schwartz Dr. Zev Shulkin Mr. Reid Stein Mrs. Jenny Walters Mrs. Marni Rael and Mrs. Jenny Walters Co-Presidents, Parent Teacher Organization Mrs. Tammie Rapps Head of School

Life Trustees Mr. Harry Goldman* Mr. David Lenovitz* Mr. Sol Prengler* Mr. Emanuel Rohan* Mrs. Ann Rosenberg *Of Blessed Memory





2017-2018 a k i b a d o n o r s


Akiba gratefully acknowledges all donors who gave to Akiba during the past fiscal year from July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018. Leadership Giving * Of Blessed Memory ● Grandparents ● Alumni and Former Students ● B’not Sherut Program Donor ● Mitzvah Moment Donor ◆

Cornerstone $50,000 and up

Linda and Steve Blasnik

Barbara and David Radunsky●

Jessica and Craig Josset●

Robert Book

Susan Schy

Susan and Alan Klein●

Debbie and Sheldon Bootin●

Aliza and Reid Stein

Shirley Miller Lee

Heidy and Jorge Cheirif●

Sandra and David Veeder

Elizabeth and Robert Liener

Grace and Howard Denemark

Bonnie● and Jeff Whitman●

Marcie Meier ●

Roxy and Brett Diamond

Ilana Zeltser and David Yalovsky

Jana and Bob Milstein●

Suzy and Jeff Dillard

Sue and Jeffrey Morris●

Rabbi Zvi and Aida● Drizin

Steven Natinsky

Sara and Kevin Dym●

Ann and Michael Ochstein

Dia and Barry Esptein●

London O’Dowd

Dena● and Simon Englander

Partner $3,600 - $4,999◆ Tammy and Adam Diamond●

Lindsay and Josh Hochschuler● ●

Amy and Dustin Eber ●

Ann Rosenberg●

Kerri and David● Goldfarb

The Schultz Romaner Families

Ayala and Mikey Oster● ● Mariana and David Podolsky

Kim and Bobby Goldstein

Jennifer and Michael Robbins

Lizzy● and Jules Greif ● ● Ruthy and Steven● Rosenberg● ● Barbara and Sheldon Stein● ● Visionary $18,000 - $24,999◆ Toni and Bill Breindel●

Tracey and Shane Stein ●

Linda and Michael Wolfson● Chai Investor $1,800 - $3,599 Carol and Steve Aaron

Orly and Oren Fass

Lillian and John Pinkus

Dean Phillips

Pillar $25,000 - $49,999◆

Marni and Graeme Rael●

Shayna and David Feygenson●

Tammie and Josh Rapps

Five States Engery Co.


Terri and Richard● Rohan

Shlomit and Joe Freidman

Margaret Rudin

Michael Genish

Shari Rutman

Courtney and Chad Goldberg

Helene and Jeff Schussler ●

Lisa and Neil Goldberg● Abby● and Benjamin Goodman●

Chelsi and Jeffrey Schwaber

Batsheva and Gary Schwartz

Ashley and Marc Grossfeld● Ethel Gruen

Lori and Joel Alhadef

Sue and Greg Schwartz

Janet and Jeffrey Beck●

Virginia and Tim Shepherd●

Atara and Danny Guttman

Liat and Amit Berger

Zev Shulkin●

Susan Hall

Rachel and Matthew Berke

Carole and Norman Silverman●

Joanne and Simon Hazan●

Kari and Jay Ceitlin●

Meital Biton

Ruth and David Tobin

Ruthy and Scott Henkin

Lori and Mike Cohen

Laura and Ezra Burstein

Tolleson Wealth Management

Kim and Stephen Hochschuler●

Dana and Ari Feinstein●

Celine and Nicolas Darsa

Stephen and Jackie Waldman

Susan and Jeremy Hollander

Michelle and Ran Freidman

Linda Davidsohn●

IMA | Waldman

Carole Ann and Jay Hoppenstein

Janice and Darryl Meyerovitz●

Suzy and Reuben● Davidsohn

Jenny● and Michael Walters●

Angela Aaron Horowitz

Rebecca and Alex Nussbaum●

Reesa and David Feinstein● ●

Lindsay Wilford

Nanelle and Steve Houston●

Talia and Eliezer● Rosenberg

Pam and Jeff Fine

Karen and Mike Zucker

Sury and David Sacher ●

Jillian and Ezekiel Fink

Vivian Steinborn●

Rachel and Perren Gasc

Stacy and David Blank● ● Beverly and Joe Goldman Benefactor $10,000 - $17,999◆

Patron $5,000 - $9,999

Bobbi and Richard Massman● Natalie and Scott Mellman ●

Adriana and Daniel Meyerovitz● Audra and Jacques Ohayon ●

Ceci and Travis Katz

Albertsons Safeway, Inc. Dahlia and Gil Abramov ●

Ronni Katz●

Tara and Adam Klein

Gena and Ofer Abramov●

Goly and Blake Glatstein ●

Pninit and Wayne Lampert●

Abby and Eric Bates●

Rabbi Maury and Malka Grebenau

Tanya and Albert Lampert●

Shiva and Jarrod Beck


Leora Lesh

Bent Tree Foods

Jan and Marc Hanover Julie and Gary Haymann

Eileen and Aaron Kreisler

Raz Asulin ●

Ayelet and Liran Haviv

Lauren and Max Korenvaes●

Alissa and Stu Akerman

Rebecca and Jack Goetz


Rivka and Eli Ivri●

Supporter $500 - $1,799

Paula Goldstein●

Debbie and Ron Greene

Lisa and Carlos Ido

Steve Gill

Laura and Richard Fine●

Sherri and Mickey Radoff

Marissa Caspary and David Gedalia●

Stephanie and Dan Prescott

Jordana and Josh Bernstein ●


Sharon and Marc Blumberg●



Tina and Michael Loboda● Malouf Lynch Jackson & Swinson

2017-2018 a k i b a d o n o r s


Andrea and Ariel Modrykamien

Fonda● and Jay Arbetter

Sandra and Ruben Dickter

Juliana and Brian Goldenberg Chelsea and Ryan Howard

Erica and Dan Morenoff

Davina Askin

Susan Donnenfield

Ben Goldfarb●

Mark Jacobs

Anne and Josh Morris

Michelle Armour

Julie and Jared Drinkwater

Roslyn Goldfarb●

Jack Jacobson

Ronna and Larry Nussbaum●

Naomi and Raz Asoulin-Handelman

Terye and Ron Dubner

Tally and Alex● Goldfarb

Jewish Life Network

Hana and Haim Badner●

Rabbi Levi● and Leah Dubrawsky

Rabbi Asher and Rivka Goldschmidt

Keith Johnson

Darice Bailer

Abby and David Dym

Cara Goldstein

Sari and Michael Bar

Joshua Dym

Rabbi Ariel and Jessica Rackovsky

Marsha Barron

Caren Edelstein

Devorah and Zachery Goldstein

Coyt Johnston

Randy Pulitzer

Janet and Jack Baum

Elan Efune

Guy Raphael

Amy and David Baynash

Leah Rae and Larry Elewitz

Lindsey and Julian Retan●

Nicole Becker

Blake Eltis

Karen and Kyle Rovinsky●

Heather and David Behr

Cindy and Brain Eltis●

Dafna and Neil Rubinstein

Betty Jo and David Bell

Jori Epstein●

Marilyn and Michael Rutner

Diane and Jerome Benjamin●

Dia and Barry Epstein

Beverly and George Schwartz●

Judy and David Benjamin

Sylvia and Bill Epstein●

Shiri and Ronen Sharvit

Hilary and Desmond Bernhardt

Zander Feinstein●

Hilary and Howard Solomon

Laura Bernstein

Barbara and Mark Feldman●

Hilary and Josh Stern●

Varna Bernstein

Dana and Howard Feldman

Lisa and David Strobel

Laurie and Zola Blicker

Julie and Matthew Feldman

Afrat and Mark Spalding●

Allison and Joshua Block

Marcela Feldman●

Alana and Beau Tinnin

Beverly and Alan Block●

Leland Felsenthal

Gina and Alan Tolmas●

Barbara Bogard

Naomi and Daniel Feuer ●

Helen● and Shami Waldman

Andi and Gary Bonner

Lauren and Benjamin● Fine

Alyssa and Barry● Wernick

Ariela● and Yonatan Brafman

Jeri and Bill Finkelstein●

Sheryl and Stuart● Wernick

Richard Brockman

Rena Frankel●

Jennifer and Michael Winton●

Mary Lee and Michael Broder

Harriet Frankfort●

Eileen and Daniel Wohlgelernter●

Pam and Seven Buchwalter

Anita Friedman

Lois Wolf ●

Doris Jean Budge

Flora Friedman●

Stacey and Chuck● Butler

Ilona and Eric Friedman

Camp Modin

Jason Friedman

Julie and Harold Ceitlin●

Victor Frost

Chabad of Dallas

Barbra and Allan Furman

Chabad of Plano

Debra and Harry Gail●

Chai Force

Ann and Michael Gallant

Todd Chanon

Michelle and Joshua Garren

Amy and Gene Cherrnay●

Miriam and Paul Geller

Ruty and Ari Cirota

Jackie and Alan Gerson

Michelle and Arbe● Cohen

Nicole and Justin Glass

Ashley Van Creveld

Sonni Goffman

Stephanie and James David

Beth and Jim Gold

Hana and Mike* Degani●

Dana Goldberg

Diane and Richard Diamond●

Hilda and Richard Golden

Barbara Picower Rachel and Greg Pinn Emily● and Jay● Prengler

Friend $18 - $499 Gianina and Shimon Abouzaglo Libby and Sidney Abramowitz

Hudy Abrams Karen and David Abramson Orly Achkenazy Amy and Joshua Adler Carol and David Agronin Malkie and Stan Akerman

Akiba Early Childhood Teachers Chad Albert Rachel and David Alexander Caroline and Brad Alhadef ●

Tina Amin




Gail and Kennth Goldstein● Rosalyn and Gordon Goldstein Cindy and Alan Golman The Gordon-Urhman Family Ashlyn and Dani Gorlin Joyce and Yair Govrin Rhonda and Allen Greenstein Rhonda and Avi* Grief Sara and Abraham Grief Ellen and Mark Grishman Avi and Toby Grossman Stephanie and Barry Grossman Rabbi Levi and Risha Gurevitch Alejandra Guzman Suzi and Howard Hacker Caroline and Yoav Hahn Naomi Handelman Alan Hargrove Mooka and Baruch Hecht Rabbi Joe and Abby Hirsch Miriam Hipsh Alexander Hirschberg● Eliza● and Jared Hochman Adam Hochschuler Jessica Hochschuler Hanna Hochster Jeff Hoffman Jona and Robert Hoffman● Carol and Warren Hogan Ynette and Jimmy Hogue Janet and Jeff● Hoppenstein Diane and Murray Horn Rabbi Yehuda and Esther Horowitz Linda and Stephen Houston


Ariela and Rabbi Zev● Johnson Kim and Merrill Kaliser Robin and Steve Kanoff Sheri*● and Gregg Kanter● Jeff Kaplan Jessica and Barry Kaseff Magi and Juda Katav● Relly Katave Ann Katz Aviva and Eric Kavosh Inbal and Moshe Kestnboim Klein Family Susan● and Lester Klein Ashlee and Chris Kleinert Betsy and Mark Kleinman Judy and Jeff Kogutt● Merissa and Ben● Kogutt Rochelle and Michael Koslin Michelle and Max Kosoglad Robin Kramer Harriette and Michael Krasnoff● Carol and Mark Kreditor Laura Lacritz● Hanna Lambert● Barbara and Leon Lampert● Melissa and Larry Lampert Shira and Mordecai Langer Lekisha LeBlanc Elaine and Melvyn Lerman● David Lesh Leslie and Marshall Lestz Rosa and Josef Levi Cheryl and Mark LeVine● Jennifer and Joel LeVine Sylvie and Ian Levine Aviva and Charles Levner● Rebeca and Sheldon Levy

2017-2018 a k i b a d o n o r s


Yael and Dan Lewin Ruth and Derek Lewis Nicole and Matt Liebnick Rebecca Lipinsky● Sarah Lipinsky● Rabbi Shmuel and Mushka● Lipskier

Rabbi Benjamin and Ayelet Myers

Ilana and Ian● Ribald

Renee Shifrin

D. Weisberg

Susan and Eddie Najjar●

Sherry Ricamore

Ruthie and Alan Shor

Jodi and Seth Weisblatt

Adina Richman

Fredell and Allan Shulkin●

Jennifer McDougall

D L Richter

Lisa and Charles Siegel

Rabbi Maurice● and Yehudit Wider

Michael Ringelheim

Michelle and Terry Sigle

Marna● and Brandon Williams

Shoshana● and Daniel Ringelheim●

Brandon Silansky●

Deb and Ben Williams

Larry Roberts

Peta and Gary Silansky

Mari Williams

Graham Silberman

Melinda Williamson

Lisa Silberman

Paula Winslow

Pixie Silverman●

Norman Winton●

Rabbi Moshe and Chana● Naparstek Dara and Zach Nathan Shula Netzer

Rabbi Michel and Devorah Lomner Jolie and Michael Newman Tina and Michael Novick Amy Longhi Tara and Joey Ohayon

Leidy Luciani Suzanne and Jeff Luftig Jeanette and Jeff Lurie● Leora Lurie Sharona and Ian Lurie Shelley and David Lurie Jason Lutin Gail and Bob Mabel Kimberly and Andrew Mabel Scott Mackler Zoe and A.J.● Magid Kochava and Nathan Malka Alan Mann Danielle and Josh Mann Lauren and Seth Margolies Sandy and Andrew Marks J.B. Mazer Marilyn and Larry McGee● Kathryn McGill Mamta Mehta Faige and Bernie* Meller● Craig Mellman

Julie and Ken Robinowitz●

Iris Mellman Gillian Menter Marcelle and Ronald Mervis Julie and Corey Metz Carroll Metzger Kathy and Phil Miller Yasmin Miller Ed Millis Heather and Logan Moodley Judy Morgan Lisa and Will Morgan Isaac Mostadim Mucasey Family

Caron and Bennett Robinson

Marta and Oscar Olchyk

Dovid Rodin●

David Oppenheimer

Madeleine and Jacob Simon Emily● and Scott Wisniewski

Shalom Rodin●

Matan and Kfir Oved

Shifra and Jacob Roffe

Mahra and Kevin Pailet

Annie Rolfe

Sarah and David Pailet

Therese and Bert Romberg

Mike Patel Elaine and Trevor Pearlman● Chuck Pecher

Elyse and Murray Rose Sarah and Chad Rosen Dana Rosenberg●

Liron Perets

Dena and Simon Rosenberg

Sofia Perets Ralph Peterson

Rabbi Howard and Annette Wolk

Andrea Steiger

Talia and Gavi● Wolk

Karla and Lawrence Steinberg Wollenstein Family Arlene and David Steinfield

Kathy Woolston

Carol Stoler

Aimee and Doug Wortendyke

Cheryl and Cyril Sulski

Nikki Wyll

Ilana and Raphael Rosenzweig Debbie Tessler

Pinkus Family Charlene and Michael Pinn● Karen and Michael Pollak Debra Polsky Shira and David Portnoy Dennis Prager Tina and Bill Prodouz● Jessica Pulitzer● Mina Pulitzer● Zoe and Miles● Pulitzer Joshua Quinn Fred and Debbie Rabinowitz Joan Raichilson Michelle and Ori Raphael Rabbi Adam and Sari● Raskin ●

Dina and Joseph Ravitsky Fran and Ivan Reed● Danielle Retan Valerie and Michael Retan

Judith and Israel Rov

Avia and Avi Trachtingot

Shirley and Erven Rovinsky

Yaelle and Justin Tucker

Stephen Ruback

Betsy Uhrman

Asher Rudman

Judy and Walter Uhrman●

Lieba and Zev Rudolph●

Julie Uhrman

Marcia and Allan Rutman●

Patrick Unkenholz

Abigail and Yoni Ruttenberg

Lee and Leon Veeder●

Sarit and Rabbi Meir Sabo

Marilyn and Michael Vender

Doris and Yair Saboni

Paul Vineyard

Linda and Mervyn Sacher●

Tzvi Wachsman

Lois and David Sacks

David Waks

Elizabeth and Arie Salzman

Noa Waks●

Sarina and Harry Schick

Rachel● and Greg Waldstreicher

Dorit and Joey Schonbrunn


Lois Wolf●

John Stacey●

Joanne Terner

Michael Rosenberg

Zona and Barry Pidgeon

Chara and Gary Ravitsky

Jamey and Robert Wolf

Jennifer Squires

Gussie and David* Rosenberg● Miriam and Rabbi Meir Tannenbaum Izzy and Bernie● Rosenberg

Julie and John Perigard

Shirley Rapps

Phyllis and Joseph Somer

Pamela and Joseph Schwarcz Braden Wayne Devon and Jon Wayne● Elana and Eric Schwartz Beth and Daniel Seltzer

Carla Weiland

Rabbi Peretz and Michal Shapiro

Ettie and Melvin Weinberg Gail and Harvey Weiner

Michele and Itay Sharoni●

Krista Weinstein

Laura Sheridan

Miriam and Gary Weinstein




Shira Yoshor Kim Young Katherine and Warren Zahler Barbara and Don Zale Ethel and Eugene Zale Rebecca Zebovitz Daniel Zeldin Cantor Itzhak and Leah Zhrebker Sissy and David Zoller

restricted funds supporting akiba

Sol and Estelle Barzunne Endowment Fund Putter-Sukenik Scholarship Fund Sandra and David Veeder Family Scholarship Harold and Leah Pollman Lecture Series Sam and Irene Kogutt Permanent Scholarship Shirley and Erven Rovinsky Scholarship Endowment Fund The Erma M. Reisberg Memorial Scholarship Fund The Rene and Jimmy Wisch Charitable Fund of the DJCF This listing is current as of 8/01/18 and reflects all gifts that were given to Akiba in 2017-2018. Akiba Academy has made every effort to ensure that this listing is accurate and complete. We regret any omissions or errors and request that any mistakes be reported to the Development Office.



$4,500,000 $4,000,000




Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, one of Akiba’s greatest supporters, gave $218,700 to our school. The partnership between our two organizations is critical to Akiba’s success.



to akiba

Making an endowed gift to Akiba is an investment in a strong future. Endowed gifts are invested, not spent, and the distributions provide a consistent source of support.



our endowment is growing .


in 2017-2018, donors gave

$3,500,000 $3,000,000 financial aid

$2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000


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2017 2018













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Profile for Akiba Academy of Dallas

2017-2018 Akiba Academy Annual Report  

Akiba's Annual Report compiles the school's significant achievements while also recognizing the impact of our generous supporters on our stu...

2017-2018 Akiba Academy Annual Report  

Akiba's Annual Report compiles the school's significant achievements while also recognizing the impact of our generous supporters on our stu...