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Letter from editors We are the editors of Warhol magazi-ne. Our names are Paula ( in the left on photography), Sara ( in between on photography) andCristina ( in right on photo.) We are doing the possible for Warhol magazine and each new issue, our team, works day and night for improve the fashion magazine.

From The Directive Team Warhol Magazine give the thanks for bought this magazine and also to audience because without you‌ Warhol would not be possible. Warhol, we are all.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. The last week was the famous week of the year: “The Fashion Week”. The Fashion Week was celebrated in Madrid, Cibele’s gangway. This week is moment when the designers presents him collection. In this case was the Fall-Winter 2013/14 collection. Designers as Victorio & Luccino, Ágatha Ruiz de la Padra or David Delfin were in MBFW.

‘L’Oreal Paris’ was the principal sponsor of the MBFW and this bussines make up all models.The others sponsor were “Mahou Cinco Estrellas”, Movistar and Inditex. Our reporters went to this week and selected the different dresses of this week.

Our have very important news!

Models in backstage, wait for go out to gangway.


Alvarno is the best designer on Monday 18th. He exposed his designs at ten o’clock.

His inspiration was the elegant woman, strong, safe and very female.





because he had amazing coats and his night dressers are fabouls.


Aristocrazy is the best designer of this Fashion Week. Warhol selected this designer because is the most original. This collection was: “THE WARRIOR WOMAN�. Aristocrazy shows

to people the powerful woman. The women are warriors or goddesses, but always show her power. Aristocrazy shows his collection in scary scene, simulating a terrifying house with help the music and decorative colors. Aristocrazy did a great job with this presentation.

All dresses of this collection was night-dresses.



David DelfĂ­n was in MBFW, 20th February. His collection was the best of Wednesday. His collection was




sometimes with red touches. His inspiration was the feminine strong




feminine at the same time.

David DelfĂ­n for his collection used diferents sources: acetate, nylon, polyester, wool, viscose, angora, polyurethane, silk and cotton.

The white hoodie type, with letter and red heaters. Very beautiful. 8






designer of Thursday.

His inspiration was the forest and the hunters. He used different materials for his fashion collection. This materials are bobcats, foxes, “moutones”, treated leather, sables,

etc… All types of skins.

In this collection we can highlight the original Scottish hats. 9

Maria EscotĂŠ was the most famous designer of Friday. Her inspiration was



venom colors.





materials patent leather. This collection was very bold. She did a great job with collection. Warhol loves this collection because we encourage the girls to dress this spring with cheerful colors.



A Grammy Award (originally ceremony was held on May 4, 1959, called Gramophone Award) is an and it was set up to honor musical accolade by the National Academy of accomplishments by performers for Recording Arts and Sciences of the year 1958. Following the 2011 the United States to recognize ceremony, NARAS overhauled many outstanding achievement in the Grammy Award categories for 2012. music industry. The annual The 55th Grampresentation ceremony features performances by prominent artists, my Awards were held and some of the awards of more popular interest are presented in a on Februwidely viewed televised ceremony. It ary 10, is the music equivalent to the Emmy 2013, at Awards for television, the Tony Awards for stage performances, and the Stathe Academy ples CenAwards for motion pictures. ter in Los The first Grammy Awards Angeles, California. 12

The Winners

There are a little part of the winners in the Grammys 2013. There are some more. Visit our website: And you can know the other winners. •

By Goyte featuring Kimbra •

By Mumford & Sons •

By Fum featuring Janelle Monae 13

By Adele •

By Goyte featuring Kimbra 14

By Chris Botti •

By Kelly Clarkson •

By Skrillex featuring Sirah 15



Carly Rae Jepsen: This strapless black dress and tail makes Carly will mark their curves.

Rihanna.:We love this red dress of Channel! Rihanna has continued to surprise us with her ​outfits. 17

Katy Perry. (Katy often leads neckline! The turquoise dress and dark hair combine well. We love the floral detail at the neckline.)

Taylor Swift: Taylor wears a dress with a Roman twist. With skin color having fits very well. Do not forget that it takes a lot of bangs this season

Justin Timberlake. This guy is handsome suit. Is very hot, mmmm... 18

Gotye.:The singer of "Somebody That Used To Know" wearing a trendy outfit..

Redfoo: The creator of "Sexy and I know it" has changed his shorts and his iconic shirts, for a blazer and shorts. 19




The celebrities are still a great source of inspiration and trends , especially when it comes to hairstyles and hair cuts . Bangs, pigtails, manes tilted ... This season variety is the big winner, so the chances of finding a hairstyle that suits your face and at the same time is full today are very high. Today we will stop in a fashion that while hitting a season has already quite strong, yet much can be seen among the famous. We talked about the toupee , and this season is that the celebrities aim loudly. Did you find out?









Ready? 25

This new section will go on buying the stolen there today fashion at freat prives. In this edition, we talk about combat clothing. Ethnic, scratches and fluorine. If you want to talk in the next edition of some special stamping, please send us an email at


This year military clothing is very fashionable. That's why we want to recommend something cheap so you can get your well. 2 3


1 Combat boots water by Stradivarius (£19,80) 2 Camouflage shirt by Bershka (£24,90) 3 Camouflage Ray·Ban glasses (£130) 4 Camouflage T-shirt Stradivarius (£9,95) 5 Camouflage leggins by Shana (£8) 6 Camouflage bag by Stradivarius (£12)


1 6


v Ethnic clothing is very fashionable this season. Here we leave a part of all the clothes you can find the best shops in your favorite mall.

3 5


4 1 1. Shirt by Pull and Bear (£15) 2. Leggins by Stradivarius (£ 10) 3. Scarf by New Look (£ 9) 4. Skirt by Forever (£ 21, 15) 5. Shirt by Blanco (£ 9)



The scratches makes you a sexy lady. Quiclky! Go to the shop and buy your scratches clothes 1

4 2 1. 2. 3. 4.


Shirt by Mango (£ 15) Trousers by Bershka (£ 25) Leggins by Stradivarius (£ 9) Shirt by Mango (£ 15)



Fluorine is the new clothing this season! When you're brown this summer will be great!



1 1. Heels By Zara(£ 40) 2.Dress by Top Shop (£ 15) 3. Jacket by Stradivarius(£ 30) 4. Skirt by H&M(£ 7)

4 30


Rihanna in Warhol ! The last week, the famous artist, Rihanna, came to Warhol. The team of Warhol Magazine …..] :

WARHOL: Hi Rihanna! It is an honor for our fashion magazine, your visit. RIHANNA: Thanks, but the honor is my. When I was a teenager, I like it the fashion magazines. And this magazine was my favourite fashion magazine. WARHOL: Oh! Well… Can we interview you, please? We have some interesting questions for you. RIHANNA: Ok! WARHOL: This year you have a lot of fame. Is it the better year in your musical career? RIHANNA: Yes, it is. I have very fame this year with a song as “We found love” or “Diamonds”. Is a very motivation for me, because this album all songs were write for me. 32

WARHOL: Now, also you are a fashion icon woman. Do you know this? RIHANNA: Yes, I know. My style is very wild , but when I go to Red Carpet, I like it the fashion dresses. WARHOL: Can you described yourself with three words? RIHANNA: Wild, fashion and free. WARHOL: When you was child... What did you are when you grow up? RIHANNA: When I was a child, I would be hairdresser. WARHOL: That’s a nice job! RIHANNA: Thanks! WARHOL: Can you tell us a fashion advice for our readers? RIHANNA: You found you style, inside your heart!



You are a bold and determined woman, besides enterprising, enthusiastic and very energetic. You usually need to be good executive and be the first to do things, no matter what. that's why I feel very good tight pants to stylize your figure, combined with romantic blouses sleeveless panties, lace, embroidery or delicate ruffles, and heels, and you'll be perfect for work. You characterize yourself as being quick and very confident initiator . You do not know fear, you are very risky, you like direct confrontations. Use silk dresses for parties or dinners with friends, with accessories such as a purse or wallet chain wool and yellow gold ring with semiprecious stone.


You'll be perfect with shirt dresses cut to the knee, full skirts and long cotton kaftans white envelop you a simple and fresh spirit. You will feel very relaxed in leisure time. To go to work, go for a jacket style "lady" with skirt or pants. Boots or heeled shoe with retro tip, will be the ideal footwear.


You will feel very comfortable with military warriors, floaty printed dresses and skirts with volume peasants fresh from the cold Russia. These garments acquire greater prominence when conjoined with vests, boots, wide belts, eight inches. The ideal: caps, visors or scarf prints.


They love the Bohemian style because given freedom and comfort. This year, they should go for light dresses, embroidered saris and flared skirts that are embroidered sequins and mirrors. T-shirts, jeans and light sweaters on white and raw complete their wardrobe. You can not miss bracelets and long necklaces as accessories.


I feel very good that hippie look much studied, where triumph loose dresses with flowers "Liberty" and boxes of all sizes and colors, as well as tight pants and long sweaters. In this style with indigenous reminiscences will feel great the "foulards" long neck vests. The boots and shoes air planes seventies are the best allies to dress the feet.


Dreamy and traveling, women under this sign love the clothes inspired by the African continent, safari style "chic". The shorts, white shirts, the Sahara, dresses with large side pockets and wide pants are your favorites. The python skin belts or leopard and wooden bracelets are the perfect complements.


Tailors masculine cut, pencil skirts and shirts with ruffles and bows are the best allies for women pound. They will also be very interesting with rustic sweaters. I feel good black tones, blue and white. High-heeled shoes with a little platform and square toe are great to accompany a tailored suit.


White shirt, pants or green velvet burgundy tone and tie at the waist will become a safe bet to go to the office. For nightlife, opt for jeans and top lingerie. If you have to attend a gala dinner or party please choose a muslin gown. A brooch on the shoulder will become the star of the night.


Bermuda back, full skirts and delicate 50s style tunic dresses with an air of ancient Greece, I sit as anyone. The white, elegant and brilliant, will be your best ally. Betting on jeans and funny t-shirts for the weekend. Treat yourself: heeled sandals.


You are practical and minimalist style worship, though now it is not fashionable. So this year will be very interesting with black cocktail dresses and strapless dresses and skirts tulip average, skinny jeans and delicate shirts. Large bags and nozzle and long necklaces are the perfect complements.


Pants diplomat, white shirt and fitted jacket to attend the meetings. Volume maxi skirts, tight shirts and wedge shoes for your leisure time with family and friends. The must-have accessory: a handbag, preferably big.


Your power of seduction and romantic feel that goes well with the "sailor look" where striped polos, Capri-style pants and the soft-neck sweaters are the true protagonists. Women are also very attractive fish with hippie style dresses in neutral tones. They will feel more comfortable with flat shoes.


Nails with flags are the better of better this season.


The best for the parties are these galaxy nails. They seem very difficult but are most easy!

To finish give a perfect touch for your nails, you have to do is put glitter.

These ethnic polish finish wild help you have the best look of the season!


AND NOW IT’S UP TO YOU!!! These are the easy steps your need to follow to have a French manicure is fashionable this summer.


Hollister Co., sometimes advertised as Hollister or HCo. , is an American lifestyle brand by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. The concept was originally designed to attract consumers aged 14–18, at a lower price point than the parent brand through its SoCal-inspired image and casual wear. Goods are available in-store and through the company's online store. It was ranked as the second most preferred clothing brand of US teens on a long list of actual West Coast companies in 2008 by Piper Jaffray.


STORES Abercrombie & Fitch has designed Hollister Co. stores to simulate the appearance of vintage beach shacks in an indoor shopping mall, making Hollister stores stand out from any other store in the mall. Exterior dĂŠcor include shuttered windows, and light and dark brown patten walls. A teal boardwalk with three steps leads to the entrance, with plans to eventually include a low-hanging chandelier on the porch of all stores, one of many upgrades being brought to all stores. The interior of the store is mostly concealed from outside view by a parallel wall. The shuttered windows were meant to add to the atmosphere of the store and keep out customers that did not fit in, while also allowing customers in wheelchairs access to the store without using the porch steps as these shuttered doors are in fact fully operational doors. Abercrombie & Fitch experimented with shuttered windows when they created Hollister Co. and the concept was eventually expanded to the Abercrombie & Fitch brand.


MERCHANDISE Goods are given names from SoCal beaches, something which Gilly Hicks does similarly with Australian beaches. The labels proclaim Hollister Co. as "pacific merchants" established in 1922. A&F Corporate keeps HCO price points affordable to its targeted high school consumers. Being said, HCo price points are about 20% lower than its parent Abercrombie & Fitch. To maintain the SoCal theme, stores and merchandise are categorized within the divisions named "Dudes" (men) and "Bettys" (women). Clothing offerings by Hollister Co. include but is not limited to "graphic" and "crew & tee" shirts, polos, Henleys, cardigans, shirts, pullovers, outerwear, rinse or wash slim jeans, flip-flops, cologne or perfume, boxers and so on


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