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EP Xpress is a publication of the English Program at Sarakhampittayakhom School in Mahasarakham. For more information about the English Program, please contact Wigorn Makdee at 081-263-0716 or call the program office at 043 711 585 ext. 118.

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Sarakhampittayakhom School


Issue 1

by Kwanchanok Ketburee

by Kwanchanok Ketburee

Sarakhampittayakhom School celebrates 100 years this year. But it really started before that. In 1906, Mr. Charoenratchadet saw the important of education, so he decided to start a school in the town. First, he used the main building of Wat Takeak and named it Sarawittayawiboon..� It was the only school of the town of Uthai Sarakham when it opened. In 1913, the town was renamed as Maharakham. Because the school was in a temple, only boy students were allowed. The first director of school, Mr. Chuen Important Dates in Our History 1906 : School started as Sarakham Wittakhom 1913 : Name changed to Sarakhampittayakhom 1938 : First building opened called Prachathipok 1938: 1991 : 1995 : 2003 : 2010 :

School opened for upper high school level. First national award for education Co-education for middle school English program started School is given award as world class standard school 28 December 2013 : Celebration for 100th Anniversary of our school

Wanichaka, was hired by the Ministry of Education in 1913. In the beginning there were 5 classrooms divided into two groups; the first 2 rooms were kindergarten and the other 3 rooms were for lower primary students. In those early days, there would be around 50-60 students studying only three subjects: Thai language, mathematics and ethics. In 1913, the officials also changed the school name to Sarakhampittayakhom. So the official day to establish the school

is 10 July 1913, and there were only two

On 28 December 2013, we request everybody, friends family and alumni of Sarakhampittayakhom School to come to our school for a big celebration. PLEASE JOIN US!! Call us to reserve a table at 085-748-8765.

English Program

teachers. Over time, education development brought more and more


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children to come to this school. Officials then made an exam to attend the school. This made Sarakhampittayakhom School prominent in Isaan. The first building that was built just for the school opened on 1st April 1938. Between 1938 and 1988, the school development was important every year. The school opened its middle

school division to include eight classes and eight classes and eight programs of study. Classes were later expanded to high school, finally reaching grade 12. Sarakhampittayakhom School is the one of the original schools in Mahasarakham province and all of Isaan. From the past until now, Sarakhampittayakhom School has produced many worthy people to the world. The students who graduated from Sarakhampittayakhom School are the people who make Thailand stronger and better, and we shall continue to produce excellent students forever and never stop. Every year on 10th July, students and teachers always have a ceremony to make merit and

Original Scout uniforms

celebrate the “birthday� of the school.

Sarakhampittayakhom School


Issue 1

Debating Tips By Wasin T.

Humor Yeah, baby! You gotta have some mojo when you are talking. Add some jokes to make your conversation feel more relaxed, fun and interesting. Why so serious, Buddy?

“These also work with speech” Be confident! Don’t be shy! Hello, dear Reader! I’m Wasin, but everyone calls me “Winner.” I’m one of the debaters for our program. We won the debate competition recently, and I learned a lot doing it. So here, I will tell you about some of the debating tips I learned based on my experience.

Of course everyone is afraid that if you do something wrong or speak badly the people may

Debate and Public Speaking have a lot in common. So a lot of this can also be used with speech contests. First of all, why is this important? Why did I decide to write about this? Because debating is about both speaking and ideas, two tools to communicate to people around the world. Debating is one of the best tools to practice and improve our English speaking skills and our brains too! Take a deep breath before you speak Have you ever spoken in front of your class, in a public place, or in front of many people? How did you feel? To get your confidence back and make you feel more calm, take that breath and calm your mind. But don’t fall asleep!

Change your tone while you speak Can you imagine listening to someone talking with the same tone all the time? Can you imagine how boring it is? If you have the sound of your voice go up and down, it will make your conversation more interesting to listen to.

Eye contact Sometimes you need to have good eye contact with the person you talk with. It helps them to feel or know that you are talking to them. Without eye contact, they may think that you could be talking to someone else or thinking about something else. But don’t look too much or look at them too closely, because you might scare them.

English Program

laugh at you. This is the biggest reason that makes most people not want to speak in front of people because they are afraid of being laughed at. Don’t worry about this, folks. Most of the time you can make a joke from a mistake and people will laugh WITH you. It just means you need more steps of practicing There is so much more I could say, but this is enough for my first time to tell you about debating and speech tips. I hope this is helpful to you and that you may improve your speaking skills. Hey, you can always practice! You can practice with your friends or your foreign teacher too. I cannot say this too much:



EP Xpress

English when she young and she wanted to be like her mother. She is called “Kru Yai”. “My mother is better than the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher! She can do everything that a man can do and she is still a woman.”

By Clinton Monroe M. As most Thai people know, the AEC is coming up in 2015 but too few people in Thailand can speak English at any level. That is why so many tutorial centres are starting, and they need good tutors to make young people ready for the AEC! The writer had an interview with a tutor in Mahasarakham who teaches English under the name “Kru Ou English School”. Her name is Ms. Atchara ‘Angie’ Latham. She is only 30 years old but her teaching is so good. As she said “No one is younger or older in my tutorial centre, We use the ability of English to identify their classroom”.

How does Kru Ou deal with hyper kids? “You can’t just tell them what to do. If they don’t listen to you, you will want to scold them. First, you must be patient and try to play with them or make them happy and take their heart. Then, you just teach them to follow you with each step”.

This tutorial centre can fit more than 60 students a day (actually, there are more than 200 students), 7 tutors and a golden retriever dog. She started the tutorial centre since she came back from America. She wrote a column called Asia Report for a newspaper called “The Straits Times Singapore.” Kru Ou wanted to have her own school. The idea came from her father, Mr. Chanchai Boonhao, who was well known as a teacher and writer of English. When she was young she hated to be a teacher because she wanted to travel. Then, she went to University. For her it was not that different from high school. But she found that you must do the work the instructor gives you. The work was harder, and more was the job of the student, less was the job of the teacher. As the old saying goes, “Teach less but learn more”. She figured out about making good scores in her English subjects. “Try to make things easier and fit with you the most. Summarize your school lessons or remember everything in your way.” You can use this idea with all the other subjects! The system of teaching languages emphasizes the four main skills in English: reading, writing, reading and listening. English grammar fits in this system, so that the kids from her school can be able to use all the four skills as they can. “If you want to study and do well with English, first, open your mind. Second, you need to know the purpose of studying. That purpose will help push you to the goal called “success.” If you never forget the goal, then you can hang in there!”

She discussed about students who will go to study overseas. If you go, you will work much more harder than in Thailand! A good student will not waste time but will make sure to ask the teacher a lot of questions if she does not understand. But don’t forget about your manners (really)! Last, she left me with her cool motto for all students:

BE SMART, BE COOL, NEVER GIVE UP! LEARNING TIPS FROM KRU OU Remembering complicated words Try to scatter them out such as MOUNTAIN = MO- UN-TA-IN Use your imagination about that word. Is it positive or negative? How much experience have you got about that word? Try to remember the idea with the word! Grammar is a piece of cake, isn’t it Even native speakers can make mistakes. Try to remember it in your own way Change some words from a song or a movie and use your grammar with the song.

Why did she study English? Her mother taught her Sarakhampittayakhom School


Issue 1

Hang in there, M. 6! It’s now test time for M.6 students. The test calendar is full! 7 basic subjects test (7 วิชาสามัญ))

4-5 Jan. 15-16 Feb.

March April

O-NET test


This does not even include the university tests. I wish all of M.6 students success to pass through them easily and get to your dream university. Stop dreaming and start preparing now! Cool English Words and Expressions A storm in a teacup – a situation where people get very angry or worried about something that is not important. (no, not a storm in a little tea cup) in Thai ‘ ทาเรื่ องเล็กให้ เป็ นเรื่ องใหญ่’

Example: All the reports about his bad behavior are just a storm in a teacup. It’s not that bad at all! Ain’t (เอ้ นท์ )- a contraction for "am not", "is not", "are not", "has not", and "have not" or it can be used for “do not", "does not", and "did not". But in English grammar, it is a bad habit (also bad English, too). Example: I ain’t did my homework yesterday. (I did not do my homework yesterday.) I ain’t got time for that. ( I have not got time for that.) Exercise: get these all right! I ______ done my work. I hate him! He says things that just _________________ true. ________ no one got that much time. It may seem bad, but believe me. It is only ______________________________.

English Program

Dangerous English! I’m sure that most of Thais get confused about these 2 words – Fun and Funny. DON’T MIX THEM UP!

Fun – Enjoyment or amusement, such as have fun at the beach. Example: You are a real fun guy! We had fun together. Funny - Causing laughter or telling jokes (In Thai, 555). Example: He tells really funny stories. The sit com was so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing.

Web Tip If you want to get better at English vocabulary go to this site and download the songs and the lyrics


EP Xpress

日本の留学経験 ガーンジャナピー(クマ、ミー)(Settakarn Karnjanapee)

みんなさんこんにちは。私はガーンジャナピー(クマ、ミー)と言います。 私はサーラカームピッタヤーコム学校の学生です。 日本の経験をお伝えします。



ホーストファミリーはお父さんとお母さんの二人です。 日本の生活はとても楽しかったです。お父さんとお母さんはとてもやさしい人でした。週末には、一緒に新潟市へ行きました。新潟市に は、面白い場所がたくさんあります。例えば、新潟マリンピアやマンガアニメ情報館などです。日本にとって夕食の時間はとても大切なじかん です。なぜなら、家族みんなで時間をすごすきかいだからです。

日本の高校はすごく楽しかったです。タイの学校とは違い部活です。例えば、弓道部や剣道部や柔道部などがあります。みんなは自分の勉強と 部活をいっしょうけんめいがんばっていました。 最後の日には担任の先生とクラスメイトが駅まで見送りに着てくらました。それはとても嬉しかったです。日本はいい所ですよ。 みんなさん、日本語と文化の興味があったら、一緒に日本語コースを勉強しましょう!!

Sarakhampittayakhom School


Issue 1

大家好,我叫林佩虹,是萨拉堪皮特亞空学校高一年 级的学生。我很高兴能在这里和大家分享我学习中文的 经验与心得。 我有一群和我相依相伴的知心好友——汉语拼音。自 打入学以来,我们就结下了不解之缘。是它和我一道体 会了学习道路中的喜怒哀乐,伴我成长。 喜 一年级刚开始学习拼音,我就感到自己似乎 天生就和拼音有缘。每当老师教我们读时,我总是兴致 勃勃地跟着老师大声地朗读:ā á ǎ à……回家后,我都 会兴冲冲地跑进厨房,告诉正在忙碌的妈妈我学了哪些 拼音,同时还会摇头晃脑地读几遍给妈妈听。到现在妈 妈还常说,那时候的我天天都这样,害得她的耳朵都快 听出老茧来了。可妈妈说这话的语气却明显带着欢喜与自豪。 怒 不过,要学好汉语拼音可不那么容易!光是它们一个 个形状各异的样子:有像小蝌蚪的“a”;有像鸡蛋的“o”;有像 门洞的“m”;有像伞柄的“t”;还有像……看了总让人眼花缭 乱,要记住它们可就更难了。有一次,老师教我们学习b、p、d , 结果,我花了九牛二虎之力,却还是分不清楚它们,竟生气地把书 摔到了地上。 哀 随着时间的流逝,渐渐地,这些拼音朋友被我淡忘了 许多。有一次复习课,老师问我们拼音里有多少个声母,多少个韵 母……我们全班同学立马鸦雀无声,每个人都埋着头,时不时还偷 偷地向四周张望,期待着有人能“拯救”全班同学,可是很悲哀, 同学们一个个把头埋得更深了。最后迎接大家的是老师的一阵“狂 风暴雨”。唉! 乐 自从学会了汉语拼音,它就像一位对我不离不弃的益 友,一直陪伴在我的身边;更像一位循循善诱的老师,帮助我认识 了成百上千的汉字,让我像一条快乐的鱼儿在知识的海洋里遨游。

有喜有忧,有笑有泪,既须努力,又长见识。这就是我和 汉语拼音结下的不解之缘! 现在的我在泰国上学,虽然接触到中文的机会也比以前少了,但 是我觉得作为一个中国人,是绝对不可以忘记自己的母语-汉语 的。 大家总是说“中国文化博大精深!”我觉得在学习、在教学中文 的过程中最能体现出这句话的精髓,还记得在初三那一年,曾教过 我的一个(泰国)朋友学中文。 我的这个朋友她的小名叫做Apple,也就是“苹果”的意思,我 觉得她的这个名字非常的可爱,在我小的时候也曾经被叫过Apple 姐姐,我们都有着一样的名字。为什么我回想教她学中文呢?因为 一.她是中泰混血儿。二.她对中文感兴趣,这当然也是最重要的。 于是我决定开始教她学中文! 刚开始就教她一些最简单的中文对话、短语:你好、早上好、 下午好、晚安、谢谢、不客气、你叫什么名字?、你好吗?……有 的时候也回应她的要求告诉他一些风趣、骂人的话:笨蛋、傻瓜、 猪、狗、神经病。 经过了两三天的教学,我觉得就这样让她跟着我说是学不好 的,于是我想到了Body language、肢体语言,也就是手语。 English Program

于是,说干就干,我在一张白纸上画了一頭猪,然后用英文写上 Pig,当然还有汉字和拼音。不错!不错!继续!我又画了车、电 视、书、树、猫……我把画完了的纸递给她,她看了看,似乎明白 了什么,念到: “主(Zhǔ)!”我连忙改正到:“No!No!It’s 猪 (zhū)!” “猪!”这一回她念对了,我对着她竖起了大拇指,她笑了,露 出了白白的牙。 她似乎掌握了拼读音的方法,接下来的字都念对了! 就这样读了很多词,突然,一件可笑的事发生了。 读着读着,突然说:“枪笔!”我一看,哎呀!原来是我把 铅笔的拼音拼错了,我连忙改正,大家都大笑起来…… 有的时候我也会跟她开个小小的玩笑。有一次我在纸上写下 了:我是大笨蛋(wǒ shì dà bèn dàn)[I’m stupid]. 让她念。 “我是大笨蛋!”

“哈哈哈哈!!”我大笑得前俯后仰。 而他却一脸茫然,不知道发生了什么事情,等我告诉他后, 她也大笑了起来,还说到要打我的屁股。 一两个星期后,我们试着开始交流。然说得不是很标准,但 也都说对了,已经很厉害了。 这都是我这个“老师”的功劳!! 学习中文并不是一件简单的事,可这是一件很有趣事情。在 学习的过程中难免会对此感到一些厌烦,但是在当中获得的知识、 快乐是远远大于烦恼的。 中华文化博大精深!学无止境!

汉语是最动听的语言,汉字是最有趣的文字,我热爱中文, 中文最美!


EP Xpress

by The Seer of the

Snows In this country of ice, Greenland is filled with snow almost every place in this country. This cold land has only one season, a very cold winter. Why do they call it Greenland? The population of this country is very small, because so many people left this country. Now, there are only 56,370 people left. The ones here are the poorest of the poor, and they can’t leave. People here live far away from each other. They are separated across the country. In this cold land of many forests, one of these is The Snow Forest. There is much more snow here, more than anywhere else in this country.

Once upon a time, there was a small house placed in the middle of the Snow Forest. It was a small old house make from Oak wood. In that house lived a small family with 3 people. There was a mother who had two children, a girl Viola and a boy Garry. They were very poor, just like so many people in this country. One day, Mama went out to find some fruit and hunt for a rabbit in the snow forest. She left her children alone in the

house. Viola and Garry played with toys that were made from wood. They remembered that Mama said to

went out into the terrible snows and left his sister alone in the house. There he was facing the blizzard. In this heavy snow, he knew he had to go out and find his mother in the blizzard. In the distance, Garry saw a light. A purple light. He walked towards the light. He came closer, closer and still closer until he saw what that light was.

them, “Don’t play outside when I’m gone to find some food in the forest. It’s too dangerous for you two to step outside our home.” The children waited for their mother. They waited and waited. They waited for 2 hours and she didn’t come back. Then it was 3 hours, and the wind began hitting the windows of the house. Suddenly a terrible blizzard hit the Snow Forest. Snow blew all over and the snow got deeper and deeper. The children became very scared. The blizzard was getting worse and worse, but Mama was still not home. They wanted to go out and look for Mama but they couldn’t go because of the blizzard. Finally, Garry had enough. He decided to go and find Mama. So he

It was a cave. He did not know about this cave before. This cave had a glow, a phosphoric glaze from around the walls of the cave. Then, deeper into the cave, Garry saw a spear dripping with blood. Maybe this was Mama’s spear. As he walked towards the spear, he heard something from

inside the cave. The sound was like something or someone walking. What was it? He could not be sure. So Garry decided to go further into this cave. Maybe the sounds he heard might be his mother… (…to be continued…) Sarakhampittayakhom School


Issue 1

My Favorite

Guitarists by


Hi, my name is Ishtar and I want to present you a few of my favorite guitarists. A lot of people know the famous guitarists such as Steve Vai, Eric Clapton and Joe Satriani. Their music is awesome, and even when it is with no vocal, we can still hear the emotion of the song. But I want you to know about other guitarists. These musicians have amazing technique, but they are not famous. I want to show you three of my favorite guitarists that I admire most. I chose these three even though there are so many more. I will write about more in another issue. This is my first time to write about music, the greatest love in my life. I hope you find my short paragraphs interesting and that you go out and find their music on the Internet.

Alexi Laiho

His real name is Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho, and he is also known as Wildchild. Laiho was born on April 8, 1979 in Espoo, Finland. He was a lead guitarist and lead vocalist in the band Children of Bodom. His musical styles include melodic death metal and melodic power metal. The melody ideas come from his background. He started out playing violin since he was child and he learned how to play many other instruments, but his main instrument is guitar. He loves to order special custom shop guitars from well-known companies. Now he uses custom guitars from the company ESP guitar. His first ESP guitar was a flying-v model with gold hardware, 1 pickup with boost and an arrow-design fretboard inlay. Later he changed to a sawtooth inlay. After all these years, his speed is still fast and he plays a great solo on every song he made. If you go to watch him on Youtube, you can see his great techniques such as bend and tap.

English Program

Tosin Abasi

Tosin’s real name is Oluwatosin Abasi. He was born Jan. 7, 1983 in Washington, D.C. to Nigerian parents. He is the founder and leader of the progressive metal band Animals. Before that group, he was a hot metalcore guitarist in the band Reflux. The Animals didn’t have a bass player so he recorded the bass into his music and during tours he turns on a backing track bass line. He uses a lot of technical skills that I tried to learn and am still trying to play some of his “riffs” but it is very hard. He is one of the best and deserves to be more famous. He is excellent at tapping and he uses complex and strange chords but he always makes it sound so smoothly.

Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan may be one of the best guitarists alive. He was born 27 Dec.1971 in Chelmsford, England. He started as a guitarist in the band Asia but later he moved to several other bands, including Aristocrats, GPS and Docker’s Guild. He started a group to play his own music called Erotic Cakes. He has been compared to many famous guitarists such as Steve Vai, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Yngwie Malmsteen. He won the Guitarist magazine award in 1993 for Best Guitarist. His speed is incredibly fast like a jet and his technical riffs are “godlike”. This guy is one of my favorites in the world. I watch his playing very carefully until I can play as good as him. He plays in many styles, including jazz fusion, rock, blues, funk and country. Normally I like metal guitarists but this guy is special for me so I choose him for writing this profile. I can’t explain how good he is until you go online and check out the world’s best!


EP Xpress

By the M1 Games Crew – Pattikarn (Wave), Kitipat (Book), Dechpakorn (Euro),

Kasidin (Tonkla) Mangkorn Pisit (Peez)

It virus was born by a plane crash in the ocean and the story begins. Bioshock also has tutorial and demo features to teach you before you play the real game. If you don’t understand or remember. you can push ESC, then Option / control then it’s easier to remember.

Minecraft is a game where a good player can do almost anything. It looks almost like real life, but filled with great dreams and weapons. It is a Windows based creative game that uses many players. It is very popular around the world. In this game, a player can build houses or castles, fight zombies or other monsters, or make maps of legendary places. Minecraft is easy to learn. The controller is mostly the same as most PC games. There are some differences. For example, if you push ESC it will pause and then you can go to options>controls. This is an important detail to remember, because it is not automatic. Minecraft is a lot of fun to play, and even more fun if you play multi-player. The most fun is that Minecraft has a lot of surprises that you don’t know at first. As you get better, you find out more and more surprises. When you choose a character like Dungeon Herobrine, there are a lot of cool surprises! Because it is not easy to upgrade your skills, it is not clear if people will want to play a second time. After they become better, they will want to keep playing until they become Best Player.

Bioshock is a game about an underwater city where the city has virus that makes people go insane because people got injected. Adam talks about how Bioshock starts in the rapture. This game is about you surviving in a terrible situation. The city is under water and people get sick from the virus.

Left 4 dead is survival game where you need to get weapons or anything that makes you survive from a herd of zombies. The idea is that you should get into a safe room. It looks very realistic. The player has to learn how you can get pills or heal up from injuries by getting the medicine to make you stay alive longer. The longer you are alive, it gets harder and harder to get in to the safe room because there are more zombies there. You need to protect yourself and your friends that are playing with you. If you have bullets, you can shoot the zombies but if you don’t just use melee weapons! It is easy to learn about the controls because; the controls are similar to most of the games you ever played. If you don’t understand just push ESC, then Option / mouse / keyboard then you will see all the instructions. It’s more surprising to figure out new ways to go to a safe room, and even better if there are more players. Heroes of Newerth (everyone calls it HON) is a third person perspective game, and the focus is to defend your tower and destroy the other towers. You can choose your avatar for playing the game, and each avatar has its own skills. The way to play this game is the same as other popular MOBA type games. To control the character, the player needs to use the mouse, choose a location in the picture and click on the space where you want the character to move to that space.

Sarakhampittayakhom School


Issue 1 where you want the character to move to that space. If you want to use the skills, you can click on the icon directly or for the shortcuts, there are hot keys, so you can hit on the letters Q W E R on keyboard. If this is your first time playing, here are some useful suggestions on how to play. First enter the game and choose a hero to start. The way to get money in each match is to farm creeps and kill enemies for money. You should buy items to boost your power more than your enemies and destroy the tower of enemies. On your first try to play this game you shouldn’t go solo; it is more fun to have some friends around there to back you up

Never go to


Hon is one of the most popular games in Thailand and played everywhere. This is good because it is a fast MOBA game. But it is bad because so many people can play, and they will make fun of you if you die even once.

Many of you may have seen this film on Vimeo called “Never go to Thailand”. I know at first when you see the topic, you were angry, too. League of Legends, also called LOL, is easy to play. There is not very much to learn about everything but you need to have some skill. To control a character, you click on the right button on mouse to move a character, or buy an item. When you click on an enemy’s hero, or the enemy base, it is to destroy or kill enemies in the jungle, such as dragons, golems, or wolves. If you left-click, you will see a composition of items and skills (there are also hotkeys you can use, such as Q, W, E and R to use a skills, or 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 to use an item).

But wait! It’s not about what you think. This film is trying to convince you not to go to Thailand because you would never go back home.

If you really like this game. League of Legends is a team-base game. You must have teamwork to play with other player to play this game. It is the best way to enjoy it. This game has a smartphone version called HOC. It is very similar but HOC is in smart phones and can play anywhere .

See, that’s why the French guy named “Brian Camusat” said that he didn’t want to come back to Thailand again! So “NEVER GO TO THAILAND OR YOU WILL DEFINITELY NEVER GO BACK HOME!”

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BACK TO THE FUTURE --by Yanee S. This is an old movie, but it is still a lot of fun to watch. I first saw this movie on TV when I was in Prathom 6 and I loved it right away. It talks about crazy science, a boy who meets his parents before they got married and the funny story about when a boy meets his own parents when they were young. This all happens with a crazy science Time Machine inside a wild and crazy car!! The boy is Marty McFly, and his father is George. Marty’s friend is a scientist named Emmett Brown. Dr. Emmett invited Marty to come to his factory where he made the Time Machine. But there is a bad guy from Libya. It seems that Emmett Brown is not really a good guy either, because he “borrowed” some dangerous plutonium from Libya. The man from Libya shot Dr. Brown, but Dr. Brown was ready! He asked Marty to keep the information about his amazing car if something happened. Marty jumped into the Time Machine to get away from the Libyan man, but the Time Machine was already set up and took Marty into the past. Where did he go? He was in his same town, but thirty years earlier! The house he knew was not made yet, and his parents were kids the same age as Marty! This is when the story gets REALLY interesting! Marty’s job is to make sure his mother falls in love with his father and not with Marty, because Marty wants to be born in the future. So he had to make his father strong to get close to his mother. He also helped his father to deal with the bullies in school, and not to follow them into a bad life. This move has so many fun things about it. The story about going to and from the past and the future is very imaginative. Everyone who watches it feels excited every time, even so

Last year I saw the movie named THE HUNGER GAME. It’s an American science fiction adventure film, directed by Garry Ross. This film is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen, an incredibly talented archer who lived in 12th district. One day she was chosen to join the 74th Hunger Games along with her teammate, Peeta Mellark. After winning this game, they had returned to their home safe, but only after killing a lot of other children. So this HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE continues as Part Two from the first Hunger Games movie. Now, after I’ve seen this film, I can’t wait to see the next part. Because this told me just some of the Victor’s tour that joined by the competitor who had won the hunger game before. After this HUNGER GAME: CATCHING FIRE had projected to many countries, there was a lot of feedback. For example, around the world, many people who have seen this movie wanted to learn archery, especially girls (and me too). There are many reasons that I have chosen this movie to write the movie review. The first thing is about the emotion. “Catching Fire” will get your heart pumping and your eyes watering at times. The second thing is because its story. This film rather makes sure that you can feel how heavy the violence and the death are. And there are many other reasons you need to see this movie. Let’s see how fast your heart is pumping while you see this movie. And let’s all learn archery, too!

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Issue 1

Riddles Collected by Nuttakorn Thongkham

1. What did the blanket say to the pillow? 2. How did the space tie its shoes? 3. What’s a rabbit’s favorite game?

4. Which city can we never visit? 5. What did the dog say when he sat on a sand paper? 6. Why didn’t the chicken cross the road? 7. Why did Bob throw the butter out the window? 8. Why did the cat chase the computer? 9. What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs? 10. What has to be broken before you can use? 11. Why did the woman wear a helmet at the dinner table?

12. What do you call a funny book about eggs? 13. What starts with ‘f’ and ends with ‘uck’? 14. What has a head a tail that is brown and has no legs? 15. What’s the only room from which no one can enter or leave?

13. fire truck 12. A yolk book 11. She was on a crash diet 10. An egg 9. A clock

20. I am there at the beginning of the earth. I am there at the end of the time. I appear two times in a week. I appear once in a year.

14. A penny

And the blood kiss me.

15. Mushroom

You kiss my blood

16. A promise/A code

Close as you can be.

17. Ice

19. You come right inside of me,

18. A secret

18. I am too much for one, enough for two, but nothing for three.

19. Air

17. What can’t burn in a fire nor drowned in water?

20. Letter ‘E’

16. You can break it but cannot touch it.

8. Because it wanted to get the mouse 7. He wanted to see a butterfly 6. Because it was to chicken 5. Rough! 4. Electri-city 3. Musical-hares! 2. With an astro-knot. 1. I’ve got you covered

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