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Duckboy速 Cards, Inc. Humorous Cards, Books, and Souvenirs

Since 1987, Duckboy速 products have delighted and entertained Americans with humorous black-and-white photographs and captions by Paul Stanton. In over 3,000 retail stores throughout the U.S., the Duckboy速 collection has been a fun, affordable, quick-selling product line.



Greeting and Birthday Cards



Gift Items

Duckboy速 Cards Inc. PO Box 2095, Hamilton MT 59840 1-800-761-5741 email:

DUCKBOY® POSTCARDS (5 1/2” x 3 1/2”) Designs also available as a Magnet are flagged MN. Designs also available as a Greeting Card are flagged G. Displays shown on back cover

#401 The Morning After the Last Day of Elk Season MN, G

#402 “If you was that big ol’ buck, where would you hide?”

#404 Row vs. Wade: The Great American Fishing Controversy

#405 “Chaining Up” for Winter Flying

#406 Stress–Management Seminar

#407 Cowboy Hot Tub

#408 Good Hunting, Bad Timing MN

#409 Catch and Release Fishing MN, G

#410 Catch and Release Big–Game Hunting

#412 “Yeah Lou––It’s a den alright! ...Lou?”

#414 Prairie Dog Watching...A Popular Tourist Activity Out West MN, G

#415 Designated Driver MN, G

#416 Arizona Fire Hydrant

#417 “More Californians, No Doubt”

#418 Discussing Water Rights... a Western Pastime

#420 Training a Bird Dog

#421 Testing “Roadside Camouflage”

#422 Double Date MN, G

#423 Training for Politics G

#425 (Death Before Decaf) MN, G

#426 Where Jerky Comes From MN, G




POSTCARDS (continued)

#427 Trolling for Mountain Lions

#428 Grizzly Bear Artificial– Insemination Team MN

#429 Man’s Best Friend

#431 Playing “Kick the Can” with Dad MN, G

#432 Along the “Information Superhighway” MN

#433 America’s Favorite Hairpiece

#434 Deluxe Highway Rest Area MN, G

#435 Larry and Earl’s New Fishfinder MN, G

#437 Truck Farming

#439 Handyman Special

#440 Improving the Kids’ Motor Skills

#442 Getting Her Hair Moosed

#445 Low–Impact Aerobics

#446 “Maybe this is the last year I’m goin’ hunting” MN, G

#447 Cowgirl Dental Floss MN, G

#448 “Roll over, Honey... You’re snoring!”

#449 Floyd Tries to Go On Line

#452 The Trouble with a Short Horse MN, G

#453 Mabel Becomes Fred’s “Personal Trainer”


#430 One of the West’s Tougher Golf Holes MN


#450 “You got your Arizona retirement #451 “Goin’ after the big one, Al?” home...Now what’s wrong?”

#454 Do–It–Yourself Diving Gear

#455 “I thought Stuart was spelled with a W”




POSTCARDS (continued) (available as Magnet = MN, available as Greeting Card = G

#456 Wayne and Rodney’s Mobile Duck Blind

#457 Elmo’s Discount Guide Service

#458 Hillbilly Stretch Limo

#460 Bill’s Firewood Project Gets Out of Hand

#461 “I’d better call you back” MN, G

#462 “Next time, remember to shift your weight”

#463 Myron Marks His Favorite Fishing Spot

#465 Deprogramming a Vegetarian

#466 Watching Bears Chase Joggers, A Growing Spectator Sport

#468 Pet Wars MN, G

#470 Do–It–Yourself Dentistry

#471 “Okay...Hit it!”

#472 “You movin’ or goin’ to the dump?”

#473 Saving Gas

#474 “Road hog!”

#475 Satellite Radio

#476 Please Don’t Feed the Bears

#477 Moose Crossing

#478 Self–Contained RV

#479 Hillbilly Hybrid #47

#480 “Buddy, can you spare $6.75 for a latte?”

#481 Redneck Golf

#482 “My wife says I’m goin’ to the dogs”

#483 (Will Work for Ammo)




POSTCARDS (continued) (available as Magnet = MN

#484 Annual Meeting of the Society For Global Warming

#485 Tree Huggers

#487 “I never wear white after Labor Day”


#486 Bipartisan Ship

#488 Winter Carpool


DUCKBOY REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS These 3” by 2” magnets will stick to appliances, engine blocks, battleships, dumpsters, truck fenders, steelhead salmon, thunder mugs, meteorites, Pittsburg Steelers, and corrugated roofing.

Tree Huggers

Designated Driver

The 20 designs available as magnets are flagged MN on pages 2-5. Magnet Displays for Retailers

Wall Panel: 6” x 24” Black powder-coated steel Holds 20 magnets

 Two-sided counter display: 12”x12” sides, 24-gauge steel with textured black powder coat, and rubber feet. Holds 30 to 48 magnets. Backstock magnets can be stored underneath.


DUCKBOY® GREETING CARDS–BLANK INSIDE We offer 16 of our most popular photos on 7” x 5” glossy greeting cards, blank inside. Cards are packed in bundles of 6 cards of a single design, with white envelopes.

The 16 designs available as greeting cards are flagged G on pages 2-4. They are: G401 G409 G414 G415 G422 G423 G425 G426 G431 G434 G435 G446 G447 G452 G461 G468

The Morning After the Last Day of Elk Season Catch and Release Fishing Prairie Dog Watching...A Popular Tourist Activity Out West Designated Driver Double Date Training for Politics Death Before Decaf! Where Jerky Comes From Playing “Kick the Can” with Dad (pictured above) Deluxe Highway Rest Area Larry and Earl’s New Fishfinder “Maybe this is the last year I’m goin’ hunting” Cowgirl Dental Floss The Trouble with a Short Horse “I’d better call you back” Pet Wars

Display racks for Greeting and Birthday cards: • Wall strip for 8 greeting cards, 48” high • 16-pocket spinner for greeting cards, 25” high • Wall strip for 6 birthday cards, 48” high • 14-pocket spinner, holds a combination of 6 birthday cards and 8 greeting cards, 25” high Please see our order form for display terms. 6

DUCKBOY® BIRTHDAY CARDS Birthday cards are sold in bundles of 6 cards of a single design, or an assortment of 12 cards–2 of each design.

(5” x 7” with white envelopes)


inside greeting: You Deserve a Treat! HAPPY BIRTHDAY


inside greeting: It’s your birthday... Make it a ripsnorter!



inside greeting: It’s Your Birthday... Pamper Yourself!


inside greeting: You’re Retr Retro! ro! Happy Birthday to a Classic


inside greeting: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone with her own sense of style!

inside greeting: I said...


A Book of Laughs from the Funny Side of the Street

The Duckboy Way, or Quack in the Saddle Again is in its seventh major printing, and is still growing in popularity across the country. Paul Stanton’s photos and tales satirize yuppies, loggers, cowboys, politicians, kids, coffee junkies, sports nuts, pets, animal lovers, New Agers, and much more. Stories and commentaries explore topics like “Buy a Bear a Beer” Day, The Last Great Duck Roundup, and “So You Want to Be a Mountain Man.” “Paul Stanton is a man with a non-stop sense of humor. ...a quirky mix of humorous photos, yarns, and comic captions...which range from the mild chuckle to falling-out-of-your-chair, rolling-on-thefloor kind of helpless laughter.”

–The Midwest Book Review “This collection of photos is pretty hilarious.”

–New Mexico Magazine “The vintage-looking photos, such as “A Family of Four in Colorado” (man, wife, dog, pickup), “Cowboy Hot Tub” (cowboys bathing in a horse trough), or “Discussing Water Rights” (ranchers attacking one another with shovels) will leave you laughing.” –Cowboys and Indians Magazine

Watching Bears Chase Joggers... a Growing Spectator Sport

The Trouble with a Short Horse in the Rockies

THE DUCKBOY WAY, OR QUACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN by Paul Stanton drawings by Mike Gouse, 8”x 8” paperback, 104 pages, 109 b&w photos U.S. $9.95 retail CAN. $14.95, ISBN 1-883364-09-4 Please see the back cover for book display options


One of the Last Surviving Uphill-Bobsled Teams

Any sport worth doing to THE EXTREME is worth doing EXTREMELY DUMB! Take a wild and hilarious photographic journey through the world of sport, both real and fanciful. Laugh at Water Hockey, Aerobic Snowmobiling, Body Bowling, Snowshoe Ballet, and more. “Whether you call them duckboys, duckgirls or rednecks, these are the people that assure us ours is not the only crazy family out there. Thanks for all of the laughs.” —Jeff Foxworthy “A chuckle-inducing feast for the funnybone. Lighthearted essays round out the delightful gallery, recommended as a giftbook for sports lovers who also love to laugh.” —The Midwest Book Review “Duckboys, weird and hilarious as they are, somehow capture their own special reality.” —Patrick F. McManus

Do–It–Yourself Diving Gear

Horizontal Bungee Jumping

EXTREME(LY DUMB) SPORTS, THE DUCKBOY GUIDE by Paul Stanton drawings by Mike Gouse, 8”x 8” paperback, 112 pages, 95 b&w photos U.S. $9.95 retail CAN. $14.95, ISBN 1-883364-16-7 Please see the back cover for book display options


SHB415 Designated Driver Color: Black

T–SHIRTS-100% Cotton Preshrunk

SH486 Bipartisan Ship Shi Color: Stone Blue

SH403 I Ain’t Old..I’m Retro! Color: Black

SH481 Redneck Golf Color: Forest Green

SH423 Training for Politics Color: Tan

SH409 Catch & Release Fishing Color: Navy

SH401 The Morning After the Last Day of Elk Season Color: Sport Grey

SH435 Larry and Earl’s New Fishfinder Color: Indigo Blue

SH485 Tree Huggers Color: Serene Green

SH415 Designated Driver Color: Sand


SWEATSHIRTS- 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

SWB415 Designated Driver Sweatshirt Color: Black

SWL415 Designated Driver Sweatshirt Color: Sport Grey

“DESIGNATED DRIVER” GIFTS N415CM Designated Driver N415 11 oz. Ceramic Coffee Mug Gift Boxed N415PC PC Designated Driver Playing Cards

N415PO Designated Driver Poster 17” x 11”

N415CO Designated Driver Coaster Set (4 Coasters)

N415MB N415 MB Designated Driver Magnetic Bottle Opener

N415SG Designated Driver Shot Glass

N415SGP N415 SGP Designated Driver Pistol Shot Glass

N415TB N415T Designated Driver Canvas Tote Bag

N415KC Designated Driver Spinner Keychain

N415CA Designated Driver Embroidered Cap



DISPLAY RACKS FOR DUCKBOY POSTCARDS AND BOOKS Retailers, please see our order form for the minimum postcard and book purchase required for each display. COUNTER SPINNERS 36 pocket: 25” High by 15” diameter. 24 pocket: 25” High by 12” diameter. 18 pocket: 25” High by 11” diameter.


48 Postcard pockets––12” in diameter. The height is 68” or 74”, depending upon whether it’s installed on its higher or lower setting.


This optional book display attaches to the top of a floor rack and holds up to 6 books per side.


24-pocket wing 47” high by 12” wide, attaches on right or left. It hooks into the slots of standard gondola shelving uprights.


12-pocket Postcard wall strip is 47” high by 6” wide. It mounts to door frames, shelving ends, and other narrow spots. Slatwall mounting hardware is available on request. Use 2 or more racks for additional designs


Cardboard rack holds up to 6 books. Double-pocket metal rack holds up to 8 books per pocket.



These optional book displays attach to the bottom of a floor rack. They must be mounted in pairs.

Duckboy® Cards Inc. PO Box 2095, Hamilton MT 59840 1-800-761-5741 email:


Publisher and Distributors of unique postcards, books, calendars, greeting cards and gifts.