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S a r a k a k a n i architecture| design porfolio

s a r a yousef k a k ani T: 0096279 6090807 0097150 5112331 A: University Street, Irbid, Jordan Salam St, Abu Dhabi, UAE E: A recent graduate from JUST, I’m looking to obtain a meaningful learning experience to explore my interests in architectural and environmental design. Very independent and self-motivated, I’m looking to apply my strengths and better them in a suitable creative work environment

Skills Language Arabic Native English Fluent French Basic Graphic SketchUPPro8 Autodesk 3DS MAX Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 Adobe Photoshop Illustrator InDesign CS6 ArchiCAD 16 Artlantis 5

Education 2009-2014 Jordan University of Science and Technology, Al-Ramtha, Jordan, Accumilative Average (80.1) 2005-2009 Al-Nahda National Schools, Abu Dhabi, UAE A-levels, AS-levels, IGCSE’s



Relevant Experience

Aug-Sep 2013 Intern at Heberger Engineering, Abu Dhabi, UAE Residential design and graphical representation Jun-Jul 2013 Intern at Gdar Group, Amman, Jordan Residential design and graphical representation Working drawings for apartment buildings Dec 2011 Booth and Stage Design for school fair, International Community School, Abu Dhabi, UAE Brainstorming with educational department staff on booth and stage requirements Sketching conceptual images of overall design Drawing up finalized plans for carpenter to work



Extracurricular Activities


Visited Countries- Oman, Canada, USA


Currently learning

Debate Club

President of highschool debate club and head organizer of ADMUN 2009 (Abu Dhabi Model United Nations). Delegate at ADMUN2008


Volunteer at SKMC (Sheikh Khalifah Medical City) from 2007-2009 Volunteer at Dar Al-Shifa Medical Center 2005-2007


Member of highschool varsity basketball team 2006-2009

Literature Cooking Foreign Film

Production Design

Projects Year 5

[Dis]tant [Connect]ions A



Year 5

University Street Irbid Urban

Internship Villa in KSA rendering


Residential Unit

Year 4

Year 4



Internship Villa with majlis

Lego Inspired Tower

Lego Inspired Masterplan



urban master-



plan develop-

and podium


Year 3

Year 3

Year 3





living unit


Year 2

Year 3

Tesselation Ex-

Vray Renders 3ds Max Project

Irbid Apart-

Mental Ray Renders 3ds Max Project

Spiritual Retreat

Mukawwir Spiritual Retreat


Afaneh apartments rendering

Apartment Building

Year 4

Livening Irbid urban interventions

Year 3

Irbid Culture house cultural center

Mass formation

[dis]tant [connect]ions A meditation creative center located on the banks of the Yarmouk River, this project creates a point of spirituality that can promote possibilities and inspire hope. Through a spacial journey, the user leaves the mental rails behind and instead reflects on how what has happened in the present, the here and now can fuel creativity. Thereby bringing the product of that creativity back into society for its growth and benefit.


The Journey

university street irbid

A collaborative project with Hassan Zain Eldein and Reema Momani. An urban study of Irbid’s university and surrounding area, with the aim of creating a redistributed masterplan to better facilitate the residents need.

internship projects A few rendered projects for GDAR group architects under the supervision of Do’aa Al-Zaghmouri

heberger engineering A residential project designed and rendered for Heberger

the lego t o w e r s A collaborative project with Saraa’ AlOmari. Through the use of sustainable methods and the basic concept of stacking and falling lego pieces. The lego towers served to be the main attraction point to the master plan introduced ahead.

the lego masterplan A collaborative project with Saraa’ Alomari, Reem Obeidat, and Nardeen Twal, the lego masterplan introduces a brand based sustainable eco-system.

livening the heart of irbid A multiple phase project with the initial phase being a collaboration with Hassan ZainAlDein, Ibrahim Mardini, and Amro Alnimri that’s objective was to redesign and rehabillitate downtown Irbid using the least Intrusive methods

The following phase was individual. A cultural connector between 3 socially active areas was introduced by retiling and redoing the facades of two pedestrian streets and renovating and re-using the “Jumaa House� as a cultural space.

The original “Jumaa House� facades were kept intact as interior changes took place to accomodate new facilities in the abandone landmark.

t e s s e l at i o n e xperiments A scenario of a travelling salesman with need of a movable unit to accomodate his work was introduced, requiring that the unit may be compacted in a 1*1m box with a maximum unit space of 2*3m, and the mechanism for the unit must be inspired by his proffesion. So came the origami man, with the folding gallery and work space

apartment building, irbid Located in the heart of a heaviliy residential area in Irbid, the mixed use apartment building, was to provide a mixture of privacy and transparency to accomodate it’s residence and respect their context. This project was inspired by one of Toyo Ito’s first works, a old people home located in Japan

c u l t u r e h o u s e A culture house to sit in “Fo’ara Plaza” and gently interact with the pre-existing “Nabulsi House”, aiming to re-activate the misused plaza and attract people to one of Irbid’s renovated Ottoman landmarks.

S p i r t u a l r e t r e a t Inspired by Mukkawers natural terrain, this meditation center sits snug in the mountain, cracked by the holiness of light and the direction of Alqibla.

3ds max vray rendering Exterior and Interior Day/Night experimentations

3ds max m e n t r a l r ay rendering Exterior and Interior Day/Night experimentations

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