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IN YOUR HANDS a film by Maša Šarović (Serbia) and Sharon Engelhart (Israel) After begging her to return, Zorica picks her daughter Maja at the airport. In the car, she tells her a surprising news and takes her to an unknown place where mother and daughter will revisit their roles.

THE PACKAGE a film by Dušan Kasalica (Montenegro) and Teodora Ana Mihai (Romania / Belgium) After several years in Paris, Damir, saxophonist, returns to Sarajevo for a concert. One of his friends asked him to bring a gift to her best friend, Elma, who is waiting for Damir with some surprises...

THE RIGHT ONE a film by Urška Djukić (Slovenia) and Gabriel Tzafka (Greece / Denmark) A possessive mother, a loving son, the fiancée’s first visit, a mute witness... Four players around a pie.

THE SIGN a film by Eleonora Veninova (North Macedonia) and Yona Rozenkier (Israel / Switzerland) Sara firmly disagree with her granddaughter’s wedding plans. To convince her not to marry, she takes Andrea to her husband grave and begged him for a sign.

SPIT a film by Neven Samardžić (Slovenia) and Carolina Markowicz (Brazil) Anka, 12, and Yelena, 38, have two common things: a mother in the hospital and a neighborhood grocery store where they spend their days, one inside, the other in front of. One evening, an unexpected visit provokes an incident that both women will suffer from.

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