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The adolescence is a transitional stage of human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. Adolescence is very important because it is when you, teens, realise that you aren’t a child anymore and you will be an adult in a few years. So your body and mind start changing to be an adult. But being a teen is very difficult because your humour is always changing, like you’re happy when you wake up and after you dress up to school you are depressed, isn’t that true? And your physical changes, they might be really strange, you will getting taller every day, and one day you will meet that uncle that you don’t see that much and he will tell you: “This boy is getting taller and taller, he can’t fit in my house anymore”, and you will be like “I don’t want to go to your house too” because you are in several changes that mess up with your brain. Being a teenager isn’t that bad, because you have more facility in making new friends, new opportunities of having fun, and if you think right you don’t have real problems. But in adolescence you have an important point that is “you are figuring out who you are, and what your place in the world is going to be, and that might be a little tricky. So I have an advice for you: “Live your life to the fullest, you only get one”.

Tiago Marques 10º17


The regular day of a teen You are figuring out who you are, what you believe, what you are good at, what your responsibilities are, and what you place in the world is going to be. Everybody finds a path in this world and it is usually found when we are teens. When we are teenagers we discover a whole new world, we make new friends, we dress different ways, we talk and act differently, there are plenty of choices that a teen must do. During this stage of life almost every teen are influenced by their peers, but there are some things teens must be careful about. Many times friends want us to dress, act in a way we don´t like but this is relatively harmless. There are many peers that say “try this, drink that, do that” and teens do it just to feel integrated in their group of friends but being a teenager isn’t just worries and problems, you have a happy part too. You start hanging out with friends, you meet new people, even get a girlfriend and the best part is that you start going out at night. In this part of life you just need to enjoy the most you can and live without stresses but of course with some responsibilities. João Bernardo Rodrigues 10º15

Teenage life You're figuring out who you are, what you believe, what you're good at, what your responsibilities are and what your place in the world is going to be. Those things are all true, as a teenager I have to discover new things about me and know what my limits are. Being a teenager is not easy, sometimes we feel that we're treated like children; we still have to continue studying; we continue to have some boundaries; we don't have much freedom; it's a difficult part of our lives, we face the changes of our body, among others. Being a teen doesn't have just these negative aspects, there are positive aspects as well, like: we have more freedom to make new friends, to meet different cultures; we have a little bit of freedom; we can do some new things like taking the driver's license; we have more experience on certain things that in the future may helps us; and so on. Concluding, being a teenager is not easy, but it's a part of life that all of us have to go through; there's nothing we can do against it. As a teen we have to face lots of problems, but there are some joys during the teenage years. Nuno Bárbola, 10º16 3

Adolescent work You`re figuring out you are, what you believe, what you´re good at, what your responsibilities are, and what your place in the world is going to be. In adolescent you don`t know definitely who you are. When you were a kid, your parents took the decisions for you, like choosing yours friends and deciding where you were going and what you were going to do. Now, that you are older, you decide who yours friends are, who your best friend is, what you do with them. This is the best part of adolescent life because you spend most time with your friends kidding, playing football and other things. One of the best parts of an adolescent life is that you don`t have much responsibilities, you don`t have work, you don`t take care of a family and you don`t pay the bills. But in adolescence you have many problems, like peer pressure that is when you feel pressure from your friends, to be accepted in a certain group. School pressure is one of the many problems that an adolescent has to face, and the relationships that can make you feel unhappy, depressed. But when you compare your life to adult`s life, you are going to that being an adolescent is much better, independently of the adolescent problems. Enjoy your adolescent life because you don´t are not going to be an adolescent forever. João André 10º17


Adolescence is a transitional stage of human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. In adolescence, teens feel lost, depressed, and feel nobody understands them. Teens are closed in their world. When their love relationship ends, they feel frustration, they do drugs or drink, or have sex before they feel ready. Sometimes, girls have a baby at 12, 14 years old. This is uncomfortable for them and their parents. But, adolescence is not all negative aspects. Adolescence is a phase when we make new friends more easily, when we have the first serious relationship, when we have access to sex education, when we have new experiences, and when we have new challenges. In Adolescence, we feel fun and good. We find new things new opportunities, new feelings, as obsession, attraction, fidelity and it is in adolescence that we find the true friends, that we understand new things, have new feelings and that we feel free. We’re figuring out who we are, what we believe, what we’re good at, what our responsibilities are, and what our place in the world is going to be. Ana Araújo 10º17

Being a teenager Being a teenager it’s not always good. We have “problems”, drama, disappointments, fights, illusion, heartbreaks, etc. Sometimes people, parents, adults or even your friends don’t understand you and you feel alone in the world. I admit that teenagers are tough to understand and raise but take time (10-15 minutes) to try and understand them; it is not going to be bad. They love to be heard, they love to talk about themselves and about their experiences and what they want to do in the future. They like to feel there are heard, and feel loved. But being a teen is not always bad! It’s a great phase. You discover so much about you, about the others. I think it’s the best phase of life, but that’s just me, a teenager. It’s the phase when you can discover or try to discover what you love to do, what you don’t like to eat. When we grow up, we all are going to be teenagers, believe me. You’re figuring out who are you are, what you believe, what you’re good at, what your responsibilities are and what your place in the world is going to be. Enjoy it! Sara Figueira, 10º15 5

Teenage Time You are figuring out who you are, what you believe, what you’re good at, what your responsibilities are, and what your place in the world is going to be. You are will discovered all this things, and you will face some problems and some crazy things that I will tell you. I will also give you some advice to resist to peer pressure. First of all, drugs, smoking, and drinking are the worst situations that you might have to fight against. In your group of friends you will have always people that do this. They will tell you to do it, because you need it to be cool. Don’t listen to them; they don’t know what they are talking about. A person to be cool only needs to be himself. You don’t need to change your habits or routines only because they say it. When you have friends like that, just stay away from them. Secondly, sex is also a problem in this age. You will figure that some teenagers have more adrenaline to do it than others. But remember only if you sure of it and you fell ready for it. Don’ let others take the decisions for you. But teenage time isn’t only problems. No! You will have such amazing experiences. You will have the first love, the first real love, you will stop being the assertive person to turn into a person that wants to know more and more, have more adrenaline and the person that wants to go out every day. You will also see things for the first time and you will discover the amazing things that life has to give you. To conclude, don’t forget that you’ve got many teenager years and there’s a right moment to do all the things. Each thing at the right time. And the last but don’t least, never don’ let others take your decisions, and most important, have fun! Jorge Videira 10º16 6

Teenager’s Problems Are you figuring out who you are, what you believe, what your responsibilities are and what your place in the world is? Well, then you’re probably a teenager. Teenage years can be really tough, because it’s all about changes on your body and mind, so you become really unstable sometimes. One of the biggest problems that teenagers face nowadays is peer pressure, because they really want to fit in and feel integrated. But that’s not the problem; the problem is when teenagers get to make wrong choices that make them uncomfortable, like doing drugs, drinking, having sex before they feel ready, etc. And these wrong choices bring consequences, which are not nice at all. However, adolescence is memorable, because it’s during your teenage years that you date with your first love, give your first kiss, have fun almost every day. I would say that adolescence is one of the periods you feel more freedom, friendship and desire of exploring the world. So, despite your “bad days”, you should take your adolescence as happily as you can. Rafael Abreu 10º15


Be proud of being a teen! It’s true that teen years are very complicated but they’re also the years that you will never forget! So enjoy them the best you can! Most teens have problems with “the world”. Isn’t it true that you’re always arguing with your parents? That they don’t let you do anything and treat you like a baby? Oh, I know. I truly understand you. But you have to think that teen years are the years when you meet lots of people and some of them will be your friends for life. You have to understand that your parents are always protecting you but, as they say, in the end you’re going to thank them. They just want to protect you because they know that life isn’t easy. Sometimes you want to disappear because your boyfriend or girlfriend is mad at you right? Love… Love is one of the biggest “problems” of teens. But you have to be mature and accept the other opinion to your relationship be good. Be patient. Don’t worry too much, you’re figuring out who you are, what you believe, what you’re good at, what your responsibilities are, and what your place in the world is going to be. Inês Gomes, 10º16

The beginning of a new life The world is divided in many different societies, and teenagers are included there. Teenagers are, in the beginning, kids who try to be different, superior or to be like their friends. The ones who want to be different are usually more succeeded; superiors are the leaders of the ones that want to be like them. All of those teenagers will go through physical and social changes. Teenagers will start changing their behavior and physical appearance. But the real problem are the social changes that will be influenced by the others teenagers. It isn’t all bad, but only if you have responsibility, know what your true friends are and maybe a bit of love, avoiding distractions, I mean, keep focused on school, studies and other activities. Teenagers might feel rejected if not accepted by others, if not similar. But if this happens, there are full of possible friends in society, don’t be afraid. If one day your friends ask you to do something, remember, think about it first about what can happen next, or if it goes well and you think on that forever. If it’s something that you feel bad or wrong to do it and you reject it by yourself, it’s because you’re figuring out who you are, what you believe, what you’re good at, what your responsibilities are, and what your place in the world is going to be. Francisco Heliodoro , 10º16 8

The Hardest Years of Someone's Life

You're figuring out who you are, what you believe, what you’re good at, what your responsibilities are and what your place in the world is going to be, that’s why those teen years are really tough. During these years, there are not just bad things happening/to face off, there’s always a fabulous part. As everyone knows, being a teen can be really tough, because during those years we need an identity, our own identity. We can’t just admire one person and act like that person, we should mark our own individuality, our own likes/dislikes, our own style… Besides these tough discovers/decisions we can also have the greatest time of our life. These teen years are the time when we start to have real relationships, not just a crush, but finding what love really is and share that amazing feeling with someone. This is, in my opinion, the most important time of someone’s life. We can also face problems with the one we love, like cheating, but afterwards it’s when we grow up as a person and we take decisions that will change the rest of our lives!

Pedro Freitas 10º16




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