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work to weekend



The Studio Thirty•One Collection is a new style that lets you change out straps, flaps and bags to create a purse that matches your outfit or mood! Classic

pick a body Select between our Classic or Modern body style


Carmel Charm Pebble

Calypso Coral Pebble

Midnight Navy Pebble

Carmel Charm Pebble

Calypso Coral Pebble

Midnight Navy Pebble

Twill Stripe

Diamond Straw

Dash of Plaid Pebble

Dotty Hexagon

Skies for You Pebble

Fab Flourish

pick a flap Choose your flap in a complementary or pop color

pick a strap length and color Pick out a long (crossbody) or short (shoulder) strap

Carmel Charm Calypso Coral Midnight Navy Skies fot You Pebble Pebble Pebble Pebble


Navy Multi Web

Black Multi Stripe

New! Studio Thirty•One Classic (9065) $80/$98 P (Includes 1 Body, 1 Flap & 1 Strap of your choice)

Don't forget to add an extra strap or flap!

New! Studio Thirty•One Modern (9064) $80/$98 P (Includes 1 Body, 1 Flap & 1 Strap of your choice)

New! Studio Thirty•One Crossbody Strap (9042) $12/$16

New! Studio Thirty•One Flap (9040) $18/$24 P

 ew! Studio Thirty•One N Shoulder Strap (9041) $12/$16


bags with



M idway Hobo (8506) $78/$96 P (Skies for You Pebble, Calypso Coral Pebble)

style ready wherever the day takes you




| from

head to toe

Cindy Tote (3057) $72/$90 2 (Dotty Hexagon)

| just for you

Organizing Shoulder Bag (3165) $48/$58 P (Grey Brush Strokes, Dotty Hexagon w/ All Uppercase in Rounded Font in True Turquoise)

City Chic Bag (8951) $68/$84 P (Dash of Plaid Pebble w/ Stacked in White; Calypso Coral Pebble w/ Traditional Monogram in Block in Coral Pink)

Demi Day Bag (8661) $38/$48 P (Fab Flourish, Bloomin’ Bouquet)

7 5


chilllax go-anywhere styles that take it easy

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT New! Retro Metro® Hobo Crossbody (8982) $48/$58 k2 (Woven Stripe w/ Embellished in Rounded Font in Breezy Blue) Retro Metro® Fold-Over (8897) $68/$84 2 (Woven Stripe w/ Double Arrow in Breezy Blue and White) Retro Metro® Bag (8770) $58/$72 2 (Woven Stripe w/ Dandelion in White and Sunset Gold)


A. P  erfect Cents Wallet (4808) $28/$35 (Bloomin’ Bouquet, Dotty Hexagon, Sparkling Squares)






2 8/ $7 9) $ 5 (813 Hexagon) nd s y u tt F o f D o bble;  on s ral Pe B. T so Co (Calyp

$12 / 013) ch (3 r Pou ) n e o p ip xag in i Z P (Dotty He C . M k $16

D 9) 9 0 6 avy ag ( N ge T gram in t Pink) a g ug ono in Ho ay L Circle M k Font w c / A Me o Pop w se in Blo a rry ati 3 (P ll Upperc ! Ca  ew $16 /A w D. N s / re $12 ng Squa li Spark



E. 2

4 & $4 m 5/ tinu $3 Pla 9) t in 88 ear (8 ty H ve ain ee / D Sl w y ble v v eb S a ral P Co

o ps aly l) oa arc





F. A  ll About the Benjamins (8021) $48/$58 k (Dash of Plaid Pebble, Diamond Straw, Calypso Coral Pebble) G. Rubie Mini (8404) $22/$28 p (Calypso Coral Pebble w/ Dotty Circle in Navy Blue & White; Dash of Plaid Pebble w/ All Uppercase in Rounded font in White) H

H. Wristlet Strap (8033) $8/$10 k (Caramel Charm Pebble, Calypso Coral Pebble)


adventure awaits Weekend getaway or two-week family vacation, we have travel bags with your name on them – literally! Like the memories made on the road, these bags will last long after you return – ready for when the next time wanderlust strikes!

Glamour Case (6121) $25/$31 (Patio Pop)

Fold-Up Family Organizer (8684) $28/$35 p

H anging Traveler Case (8161) $35/$44 p

(Patio Pop)

(Patio Pop)

 uick Cinch Thermal (8805) Q $38/$48 2w (Patio Pop)

New! Crossbody Organizing Tote (9025) $38/$48 p (Patio Pop)

New! Beach Ready Tote (8972) $58/$72 p (Patio Pop w/ All Uppercase in Curled Font in White)

Deluxe Utility Tote (4441) $50/$62 2 (Patio Pop w/ Flip Flops in Navy Blue, White Straps)

Retro Metro® Weekender (8780) $80/$98 p (Woven Stripe w/ Bracket in Navy Blue; Patio Pop)



make a statement no matter where you go





A. N  ew! Beach-Ready Tote (8972) $58/ $72 P (Ditty Dot, Dragonfly Daze w/ All Uppercase in Signature Font in True Turquoise, Patio Pop w/ Flip Flops in Hot Pink, White Straps)

B. N  ew! Shore Enough Tote (9099) $65/ $80 P (Diamond Straw w/ Dotted in True Turquoise) C. L ittle Dreamer (8721) $48/$58 P (Diamond Straw w/ Sand Dollar in White & Script Font in Navy Blue)


let's hit the beach. Count on Thirty-One for fun and functional solutions that help turn summer moments into lasting memories. Explore uses for our summer fun collection and find video inspiration at


A. C  inch Sac (3039) $20/$25 k2 (Patio Pop; Charcoal Crosshatch w/ Dandelion in Bright Yellow; Lotta Colada) B. S  ling-Back Bag (4538) $48/$58 3 (Charcoal Crosshatch) C. N  ew! Sand N’ Shore Thermal Tote (8986) $40/$50 Pl (Navy Starfish Splash; Patio Pop) D. D eluxe Utility Tote (4441) $50/$62 2 (Navy Starfish Splash w/ Large Headline Initial in Platinum)


E. L  arge Utility Tote (3121) $35/$44 k2 (Lotta Colada) F. New! Beach-Ready Tote (8972) $58/$72 P (Patio Pop) C



just beachy family fun in the surf and sun!




of two beautifu Choose one Black & White

l Enrollment


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next chapter with us! Start today for only * $

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TOTE-al Solutions Work to weekend mini catalog  

Shop the Work to Weekend mini catalog!

TOTE-al Solutions Work to weekend mini catalog  

Shop the Work to Weekend mini catalog!