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welcome Hi and welcome to our autumn edition of What’s Happening. We’ve got lots of exciting things happening this term so have a look inside at what’s coming up! For many people the beginning of the autumn term feels like the start of a new year. Maybe you recently moved to Birmingham with your studies or a new job or maybe you’ve been around the city for years. Whatever your story you are very welcome. The Vineyard is a large, growing church and we want it to be a place where everyone can belong and explore questions of faith at their own pace.

We don’t just want to build a great church, we want to build a great city. That’s why we value living out our faith in ways that make a real difference in our communities. Find out more inside. What’s Happening gives just a flavour of what’s going on throughout the Vineyard Church. We can’t contain our story to just the pages of this magazine. Our story is of people following Jesus and experiencing life in a new way and it’s written in the lives of our members and in the heart of our communities. We believe the story has just begun.

Andrew & Rosie

Andrew & Rosie McNeil and Simon & Keely Bateson [Senior Leadership Team]




find out more We aim to be a church where anyone can come, feel welcomed and find their way in at their own pace. Our desire is that everyone can experience God’s life and love and find a place to belong. A great way to find out more about the church is to attend a Connect Event. These happen each month and are an opportunity to hear the story  and vision of the church and find a place to get involved. You can meet other new people and the leaders will be on hand to answer any questions you have. First, tear off the connect card from the Sunday bulletin. Second, fill it in and give it in. Fill in your connect card and then put it in the post box on the Information Wall by the media desk.

Third, come along. You’ll receive an email invitation to the next connect event. These usually happen on the third Sunday of the month from 4:45 to 5:20pm before the service while we serve tea and toast, on the ground floor of Network House.

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Andrew & R




t I had a h t d e s ali ha, I re on, (like lp s r A e p n o le Whilst s a fairyta tual human a s u s e J c regarded ather than an a n earth. a) r died o d n a Cinderell d e k and wor who lived

my story pippa verdon p6

I grew up in a Christian household, so I had an early understanding of Jesus’ love for me. But as a teenager I questioned the truths I had been taught – I thought that there must be more to life because I could see another world, outside our family where there weren’t as many rules. It looked like an easy life, full of good things – you worked hard, paid your way and got the things you wanted. God didn’t seem relevant in my day to day life. I was following the modern UK consumerist culture – what I want, I get. When I was 18 I led a hedonistic lifestyle. I thought it was great fun. I wasn’t hurting anyone. What I didn’t realise was that I was hurting myself. Over a number of years I became broke – financially and emotionally. Outwardly I had a fun, happy life – freedom, the latest gadgets, friends, but inwardly I was depressed and anxious, my self-worth and self-esteem were low. Physically I was losing weight as I was prioritising partying over eating meals. I was self-medicating rather than following the advice of my doctor. I believed I had to cope on my own: asking for help was a sign of weakness, a sign I couldn’t manage my life. I knew the lifestyle I was leading was bad for me, but I couldn’t break out of it. Due to my low self worth, I didn’t believe I deserved help from anyone else – I had got into this mess, so I had to be responsible to get myself out of it. It was a miserable time. Fortunately my amazing parents intervened and I moved back home. I got a job and started saving. I stopped partying and (not surprisingly) my mental health improved! I learnt to drive, got a better job and with help from my folks, bought my own home. I had done everything the world told me I should do – GCSEs, A Levels, a degree, good job, car, home – I should be proud of my worldly achievements - and yet I felt empty – I found myself wondering – surely there must be more to life than this....?

Jo invited me to go on Alpha with her – for moral support as her mum was helping lead the course! Whilst on Alpha, I realised that I had regarded Jesus as a fairytale person, (like Cinderella) rather than an actual human who lived and worked and died on earth. Crumbs I thought, if he’s real and I believe that he is, I need to start doing something about this. I started going to house group, church sporadically and reading the bible. Whilst I was reading Ephesians, the words jumped right out of the page at me – how could it be that 2000 year old words were written just for me? Ephesians 2 v. 2-4, the message ‘You let the world, which doesn’t know the first thing about living, tell you how to live. You filled your lungs with polluted unbelief, and then exhaled disobedience. We all did it, all of us doing what we felt like doing, when we felt like doing it, all of us in the same boat. It’s a wonder God didn’t lose his temper and do away with the whole lot of us. Instead, immense in mercy and with an incredible love, he embraced us.’ I was struck by God’s love for me and started crying. This was the first time as an adult I had felt the power of God’s love – I was crying because I could feel how heartbroken God had been whilst I was living life according to my own desires. When I moved to Birmingham I came to the Vineyard and started going to a house group. There Jesus’ love was shown in a practical, tangible, ‘real world’ way. I was always welcome, no matter how sporadically I attended and I hardly ever came on a Sunday! I was able to explore who Jesus was and what following him meant at my own pace. This is just how Jesus loves us – He will never force us to do anything which we do not want to do. We always have the choice to do what He wants, or what we want. When I am aware and depending on Jesus, I have noticed that what Jesus wants and what I want are the same thing. When I am self reliant they can diverge. I realised that I was happy being loved by God,

but I still had to learn to trust Him Healing I had abnormal cells detected by the hospital. These cells were not cancerous, but could become cancerous. The doctors decided to watch and wait to see what happened. I received prayer at church and cell. I knew God could heal people and I had heard amazing stories. But really, I didn’t believe that God would want to heal me, I still believed that I was not worth His effort. I had 6 monthly check ups for about 5 or 6 years. Just as the doctors did one last check before removing the cells – they were no longer there! I was amazed, but the doctors said this sometimes happened. I didn’t think anything else of it. About 4 months later, I was thinking back over what had happened & I realised I had been healed – there hadn’t been any decline in the cells – they had just gone! I felt pretty sheepish for not recognising God’s hand sooner. “I will not get married” I decided in my late teens that I did not want to ever get married or have children of my own. I clung steadfastly to this decision throughout my 20’s. I was certain I knew my mind – this wasn’t going to change. Jesus showed me that the opposite was actually true. He asked me to look at my life choices and my current situation – I realised that since my late teens, I had had a string of ‘steady’ boyfriends and at that point I was living with Dan. By my actions, I had been ‘playing’ marriage for quite some time. I am now happily married to Dan and we are expecting our first child. Jesus revealed to my mind what my heart had wanted all along – the opposite of what I thought I wanted. He really does know us better than we know ourselves – he knitted us together whilst we were in our mother’s womb. He knew us before we were even born!

Challenges Last summer at work, I was accused of something I hadn’t done. The company procedures took place but the resolution didn’t clear me of wrongdoing. I felt persecuted and couldn’t understand why God had allowed such a bad situation to happen to me. I didn’t feel that He was looking out for me. It was hard to trust that God knew best and that good would come from this. Jesus told me I had to forgive the people involved and pray for them. It was so hard. It was the exact opposite of what my heart was telling me to do. It took me a few months but when I did pray for them, Jesus brought forgiveness into my heart. Through this forgiveness, the relationships at work have improved – now they’re even better than before. Blessings A while ago, Dan and I were debating whether to buy a new laptop. I chatted to my Mum about this and she wisely said ‘if you are meant to have a laptop God will provide one.’ I didn’t really think much more about it. Within a month, we had received 2 laptops! Then, Dan’s work had replaced his PC with a laptop and we got a third, so we have been able to give 2 away! This really shows God’s generosity. I am still prone to stress and reverting to selfreliance. However, knowing that I will not be judged by what I have achieved has helped me be less self critical. Jesus helps me silence the harsh voice in my head telling me I am not good enough. When I do revert to self-reliance, I know Jesus is waiting for me to call out to him. When I pray, I can hand my worries over to Jesus and he takes away the anxiety and brings peace. Life still has challenges and blessings. The Bible is true - it says life will not always be easy! But no matter what happens, God’s love for us shines through and I know I can trust Jesus to look after me. Pippa


Starts 22 January 2014

James Lee Pickin

Hi, my name is James and I, along with a team, head up all the student stuff here at church. So, here we are at the start of the new term. Just over 40,000 students will be coming to one of Birmingham’s 5 Higher Education Institutions from all over the UK and the wider world. Crazy!

It is also a really exciting time for us as a church, with loads of students coming in through our doors, from all walks of life. At the end of September and start of October we will be welcoming students to the city. After the 11.30am service we will be inviting students for lunch. After the 5.30pm service we will be hosting a drinks reception. This will give you a flavour of what we are about, give you an opportunity to meet people and also ask questions. So if it’s your first time here then please come and join us. The theme we’re running with is “you’re invited”. So if you’re a student here, whatever your background, we want you to know that you’re invited to come with us and check out this guy called Jesus. We’ll be doing lots of different events over this term – it’s jam packed! From the ‘Cause To

Live For’ conference (October 25 – 26) to Careers events (24 November), everything is geared up for invitation, and you have a VIP ticket. So if it’s your 1st time or your 50th, whether you’re following Jesus or you’re just checking Him out – you’re very much welcome and very much invited! As a church we really value and invest in our students, helping them to discover all the gifts and skills that God has given them. Students are a vital and integral part of our church and we want to play a part in making your time here in Birmingham as fulfilling and fruitful as it can be. We’d love you to be part of this great church community. So don’t waste time – get plugged in.



Discovery Zone is the children’s ministry at Vineyard Network Church. As a church family we believe that children are the church of today as well as the church of tomorrow and are immensely important to us. The vision of Discovery Zone is:

In Discovery Zone we want to raise a generation that doesn’t just know about God. We want kids to have a personal relationship with Jesus and talk to him about everything and anything. We currently have over ninety 0-11s here. The 4-11s have age related groups at all 3 of our services and there are groups for the under 4s at both morning services. In the morning there are four different age groups: • Sparks: 0-2 years – Room F2 • LaunchPad: 2 -4 years – Room F3 • Rockets: 4 -7 years –Satellite: Unit 3, 186 Barford St • Orbit: 7-11 years – Satellite: Unit 3, 186 Barford St In the evening the DZ cell, which is for children of Primary School age, meets in S1. With us now having two morning services, there have been a number of changes in DZ.

Putting Jesus first (Point up) Getting to know God better together (Thumbs up)

Showing our friends how to live God’s way (Open hands)

Living a life full of God’s power (Jazz hands)

Please check out the Parent Handbook which is available on our website for more details. The groups have changed, we have lots new leaders and even a new staff member. A big welcome to Helen Whitehouse who is our Discovery Zone Coordinator. She will be helping me with the running of DZ as well as being in charge of Safeguarding Administration. I’d also like to introduce you to “Clank” our Discovery Zone animated robot who’s going to be helping with the 4-11s. Zara

On Friday 25 October from 7:30-9:00pm we are hosting a “Bright Party” - see the events section for more details.

Clank p12

Network Youth is our vibrant youth group for those of secondary school age. The youth are a vital part of our church family and many of them are involved in different church teams. Our vision for the youth is: Micah 6:8 – Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with our God Looking Up – 100% reliance and devotion to God Looking Out – Making a difference in the world Our desire is that Network Youth would be passionate about God and that they can learn that with Jesus they can make a difference in our city, nation and world. We have a number of different activities on throughout the month for youth. These tend to run in term time only.

Week 1: Youth cell during Sunday evening service (Yr 7 & 8, Yr 9 & 10, Yr 11+) Week 2: Youth during Sunday morning service (Yr 7-9) Youth cell during Sunday evening service (Yr 7 & 8, Yr 9 & 10, Yr 11+) Week 3: Youth during Sunday morning service (Yr 7-9) Friday Night Live: 7.30 – 10pm (All of youth)

Key highlights of last academic year include: • taking over 40 young people to the Vineyard Camp DTI and seeing them set a great example of loving each other and loving God. • 3 of our year 9 and 10s being trained in leading worship • A year 11 boy delivering a great talk on “How can God be a God of love and justice?” • Seeing great relationships develop amongst the youth and between the leaders This term many of our young people will be moving cells as they settle into new school years. Please pray for them during the week as well as chatting to them on a Sunday! Exciting things planned from now until Christmas include Network Camp, 22nd-23rd November, and a youth led carol service.



Careers connection


Sunday 24 November

All events are at Network House unless stated. For more details visit


Considering your future career? This event is for students and those thinking about a career change.

Bright Slot car r Party Friday 25 October 7.30 - 9.00pm

A fun, action-packed event for Children aged 4-11 Tickets: ÂŁ2

Baptism and Dedication services Sunday 10 November Mornings: 9.30am 11.15am Evening: 5.30pm p14

Tickets ÂŁ5 Phoenix Scalextric Circuit, Studley


An evening of


“The Great Birmingham Trombone Company” Friday 29 November 7.30pm

ra Saturday 7 December 10am - 12pm

Tickets: £5

Christmas crafts An event for women

Saturday 7 December 4-6pm Pre booking essential - See website for more details

Sunday 15 Dec A vibrant carol event featuring the youth of Vineyard Network Church.

Sunday 22 Dec 9:30am and 11:15am Nativity service for the whole family. All shepherds, wise men and angels welcome! 5.30pm Carols and readings by candlelight.

Christmas Day 10:30am Christmas day service. A fun, short service involving young and old.


grab a bag

fill a bag

give a bag

John Wimber (the founding leader of the Vineyard movement) used a diagram called the Vineyard Man to explain the priorities of the local church. The Bible is the foundation for everything we do and the two legs of the man are worship and compassion. In Matthew 25 the disciples asked “Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed


you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?” . . . Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” We express part of this value of compassion through Foodbank. Foodbank provides food and toiletries to individuals in a time of crisis or sudden financial difficulty. The organisations supported by Foodbank in our city are delighted with our generosity. Gateway Family Services contacted us in June to congratulate us. Their Pregnancy Outreach Services nominated Vineyard Network Church Foodbank for their Partnership Award.

healing on the streets

Fiona and Sarah collecting the partnership award from Lynette of Gateway Family Services

Sarah and Fiona were delighted to collect the award at their summer tea party. Please continue to ‘Grab’ a bag, ‘Fill’ a bag and ‘Give’ a bag. (More information can be found in letters inside each brown bag). Currently we are a 1/4 down on bags donated by this time last year. We would love to not only sustain, but also grow the support we give to the great organisations in our city. We can achieve this as we all come together and through love, express our core values as a church. Fiona

Every month a team of people go out onto the streets to show God’s love by praying for people who need healing. The Healing on the Streets (HOTS) team is led by Jackie Tearle and Sandra Eagle. They can be found outside Birmingham Cathedral on the third Saturday in each month from 1pm - 3.30pm. Over the years we’ve seen many incredible answers to prayer. Bringing the kingdom of God to the people in the heart of the city is one of the most amazing privileges ever. Regular training opportunities are provided if you would like to get involved in this exciting ministry.

The dates for this term are: Sep 28 Nov 16 Oct 19 Dec 21 If you wish to join us, please talk to: Sandra Eagle: Jackie Tearle:


cells & community We do this through our cell groups coming together to host social events, community church with lunches, projects that serve others, family activities, prayer gatherings and many more expressions of God’s love in action. Community events are great to invite friends to and are a unique way to make a difference. Our vision is to touch every part of our city with new cell groups and cell communities. On the 4th Sunday in each month we have Community Sunday. We don’t meet in one location but we gather in many spaces across our city. It’s all about building and extending community. We build community so everyone has a place to belong and can forge great friendships. We extend our community by inviting friends and neighbours to experience the life of our church.

p14 p18 p18

Broad Street NorthfieldCity Centre

North Birmingham Bournville


Perry Common


Selly Oak Solihull Weoley Castle

Cell groups are core to our church vision as they help us live out what Jesus said. They are an ideal place to discover more of what it practically means to follow Jesus. Meals together, serving one another, growing in our faith and ‘being Christ’ to the people we meet all helps create a sense of community with a purpose. All of our groups have a slightly different flavour but the same values run through all of them:

destined us for, in work, relationships, and in all of life. That process of growth is central to our groups. We know that Jesus led by example in serving others and showing God’s love to the world. He is the one we follow as we learn to serve our friends and neighbours. All our cells are open and love to welcome new people. Feel free to call, e-mail or visit a group near to you. Alternatively ask our Sunday Welcome Team to introduce you to our cell leaders.

We want to live life with Jesus at the centre not the edge. Everyone needs a place to belong, a community within their wider community. We want to become everything God has

p19 p19

city pastors A friendly face, a listening ear and a caring heart We’ve had a busy time at City Pastors both on the streets and off. We’ve been shooting a new promo video to include Southside (search YouTube City Pastors Birmingham) and also videoing our training sessions to make them more accessible to trainees. We also managed to source a new supplier for our famous black and white jackets and trained some new pastors from new churches! We’ve also helped launch “Sutton Pastors”. An initiative for Sutton Coldfield town centre by Sutton Churches Together inspired by our work in the city centre. We’ve supported their projects by sharing our experiences and processes and by helping with their training sessions. Deb Wilson (Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church) and Phil Morton (Curate at Holy Trinity Sutton) has this to say about us:- “Thanks for all your help in getting things going – people still say how encouraging and exciting what you said at our training night was!” I (Simon) had the opportunity to talk to the World Prayer Centre team about the project and received much needed prayer support. You can read their blog about us by visiting We were also present at Birmingham Pride for the first time where we received a warm reception in a very busy environment.


City Pastors is a project involving volunteers from local churches working together with other night time services to ensure everyone who visits Broad Street or Southside encounters a safe vibrant environment.

On the streets we continue to deal with an incredible variety of situations. Here is a heart-warming story from Gary Wicker from Broad Street:“J’s story tumbled out amidst tears as he told me and how life “sucked” as his friends hadn’t turned up for his party. He told me he felt alone and angry and through snot and tears I plucked up courage to ask whether I could pray. Much to my surprise he said yes. After praying J opened his eyes saying he felt peaceful and much better. He hugged his girlfriend S and went for a taxi. The following afternoon I received a text from J & S. “We thought we’d let you know we went to church this morning and we both feel so peaceful about life since our meeting night. We wanted to say thank you for spending time with us; you have no idea what it meant “

Some Birmingham City fans spotted some our pastors in action recently and posted this on their “Blues Fan Forum” “Watched a few in action last night, what a great job these people do. Hats off to the Birmingham Pastors.” “Surely the Birmingham Pastors make a filling and tasty meal from durum wheat? But apart from that, street pastors get a big thumbs up from me…” We don’t actually do meals :) but if you are interested in joining our team, please send an email to and we’ll send you a link to our online application form. If you just want a chat to find out more, grab me on a Sunday and I’ll be happy to share a few more stories.

Simon p21

sozo Our church has always been passionate about helping people on their journey towards wholeness. We want people to have life-transforming experiences that help them know more of God’s love and enable them to live life to the full, in healthy relationship with God and one another. A Sozo appointment facilitates a time of listening and responding to God, aiming to get to the root of problems and issues that may hinder our relationship with Him. After years of allowing God to shape my character and motivations, I found some areas of my life were not moving forward at the same pace as others. Knowing the problem yet unable to overcome it was a source of frustration, doubt (in God’s power) and even fear of the loss of control. After years of living away from God I had built up some character traits and habits which were destructive and short of what God had for me. Some were obvious, some were disguised and others I couldn’t even see. I have had ministry before to overturn the stones in my life and build them back up into a stronger foundation only to have them fall back over. Sozo sounded a little different as the method was gentle, allowing others to guide you in prayer. My Sozo facilitated me to pray through past situations in my life and hear from God. Although I have done this before alone, having others intercede for me seemed to


Church office 0121 622 1230

heighten the spiritual atmosphere in the room. Having a Sozo and giving God time and space to speak was like drinking a glass of cool water on a hot summer’s day. I dealt with some past hurts and forgave people. The Holy Spirit showed me how he has always been with me in whatever situation I have gone through in life. Habitual sin left my life and I walked away from my Sozo free from it. I’m happy for anyone to speak to me about it in person. I would ask you; do you want to be made new by God? Do you recognise patterns, habits and strongholds that you know deep in your heart you need to let go of? Do you need to put aside some time to be in the presence of God? I would encourage you not to miss out on what he has for you. If you let him, the Holy Spirit will change you, Jesus will cheer you on as he leads you and Dad will be waiting, smiling with arms wide open. Chris

Crafted is a compassion ministry in Vineyard Network Church. This ministry is exclusively for women. In groups of two, we run a craft activity for two hours, once a month. We currently work with Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid and Narthex centre in Sparkhill. If you want to know more or get involved pick up a flyer from the info wall or contact Seanna:

Seanna: 07725 552509

the call to men breakfast and teaching Saturdays: 14 Sept 9.30 am - 12.15pm Venue: Network House Please register online: church office 0121 622 1230

Slot car racing Saturday 7 Dec


trustee talk

We believe that God has called us to develop a large and generous church that makes a difference in our city. We do this through a growing network of groups and communities as well as developing services and ministries that reach the people of this region. The Vineyard Church doesn’t receive any funding from outside organisations or agencies so we are able to function purely because of the generosity of the people in the church. It’s the giving of those in the church that enables us to do things well. We get to demonstrate God’s goodness by serving those in our city and beyond. To fulfill our vision, our resources are spent in six main categories. These are worship services, community care and outreach, training and discipleship, leadership, support costs and governance.


Vineyard Network Church Birmingham is a registered charity and so has a board of trustees that volunteer their time and wisdom to serve the church. If you have any questions about church governance you can contact them at any time. Our trustees are:- Phil James, Hilary Dougall, Ian Rogers, Bill Dixon, Mike McMaster, Andrew McNeil

s order

in BLOCK CAPITALS and return this form to leaf.

Phil James

Hilary Dougall

Bill Dixon

Ian Rogers

Mike McMaster

Andrew McNeil

gift aid declaration Name of charity: Vineyard Network Church Birmingham charity number: 1056661

Ultimately we Details see the wise use of donor Title: of money as an act of worship to Forename (s) Co-operative Bank, PO Box The 250, Surname God. bible shows that how we mersdale, Lancashire WN8 WT. Address -99 for the account of: priorities our finances is an indication k Church Birmingham 44788. of what is goingPostcode on inside our hearts. er supersedes any other previous instructions d Network Church Birmingham. By supporting God’s purposes I want Vineyard Network Church Birmingham to treat all donations I have made in the past 6 years and all donations I make from the date of this declaration (figures)through his church until expressed weI notify you otherwise as gift aid donations. (words) forge a (date) heart connection with His hereafter Signed ARTERLY / ANNUALLY work and that work thrives. appropriate) until further notice. Date

financial partnership

f your bank or building society)


ence - preferably your name enables us to e funds are coming from)

Tax note: You must pay, in the relevant tax year, tax; or capital

How your giving makes a difference

gains tax equal to the tax we reclaim on your donations (25p For more information about giving toany reason for every ÂŁ1 you give). If you cease to pay tax for please notify us immediately so that we stop claiming tax from to be debited: the Inland Revenue. church pick up a financial partnership network house flyer on a Sunday. 174-178 barford street birmingham b5 7ep Andrew t: 0121 622 1230 e: w: Vineyard network church birmingham is a company limited by guarantee, number 3188754 and a registered charity number 1056661. Vineyard is a registered collective mark of the association of vineyard churches (UK)


activities City Pastors is an initiative involving volunteers from local churches working in partnership with the Broad Street and Southside Business Improvement Districts to ensure that the city is a safe, vibrant environment for everyone who visits.

Simon Bateson

Every month a team of people go out onto the streets to show God’s love by praying for people who need healing. They meet outside St Phillip’s Cathedral and St Martins in the bullring Birmingham from 1-3.30pm.

Jackie Tearle Sandra Eagle

We aim to help young people find space to make friends, learn more about Jesus, serve the church and live the reality of the kingdom of God.

Zara Llewellyn

FOODBANK The focus of Sozo is to break the lies and heal the wounds in our lives. If you are in this church and in a cell group and would like a Sozo appointment then do pick up an information pack. Keely Bateson

Foodbank reaches out to serve those in need by providing a bag of provisions in a time of crisis. Every bag has a card inside with a simple message from the church to express something of God’s love. Fiona Harding Sarah Wicker

Children’s ministry meeting during the morning and evening services: Sparks (0 - 2) Launch Pad (2 - 4) Rockets (4 - 7) Orbit (7 - 11)

Zara Llewellyn

Vineyard Bible Institue (VBI) is an accredited Bible study programme. Contact Adam Pipe for more details.

Adam Pipe

Crafted is a compassion ministry. It is exclusively for women and in groups of two we run a craft activity for two hours, once a month, in refuge accommodation. Seanna Lassetter

We run Network House Birmingham as a social enterprise conference centre, employing and training people in events and conference skills. Talk to Rosi Davies if you are interested in finding out more. Rosie Davies

Contact Addresses

City Pastors Healing on the Streets Youth

Network Netball meets regularly on Monday evenings at Selly Park Technology College sports hall from 8pm. New players welcome.

Jo Bullock

Sozo Foodbank Discovery Zone VBI Crafted Network House

Dalitso Trust works in partnership with rural villages in Malawi with its team based in Malingunde.

Netball Dalitso Trust

Tom & Ali Husbands

Sunday services 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sunday of every month: 9.30am 11.15am 5.30pm Network House 174-178 Barford Street Birmingham B5 7EP 0121 622 1230


get connected There are many ways you can connect with the church:Through Sundays: morning or evening services are a great way to experience the vibrancy of worship and ministry

Connect Events: if you are new and want to find out more, we hold regular connect events before the evening service – fill in a connect card and we’ll be in touch

Through cells: the place to make friends and build community

Through communities: experience the synergy of cells working together to make a difference

Through facebook: join our facebook group vineyard network church birmingham

Through the web: download the latest Sunday talks and keep up to date Through e-bulletins: make sure we have your email on our database and you’ll receive a nice (short) reminder of key events

Follow us on twitter:

@VineyardBham Through What’s Happening: you are reading it! You can also read this magazine online on our website Through text-alerts: if you are on a Sunday serving team and we have your mobile number, you’ll get a nice text reminder to let you know when you are next on

What's happening Autumn 2013  
What's happening Autumn 2013  

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