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Murrieta Veterans’ Memorial: A Tribute In Granite • Newly Updated Technical Manuals, Sample Books Available Spotlight: Define your design • Upcoming Events • Connect with us

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Veterans’ Memorial: A Tribute In Granite



Murrieta Veterans’ Memorial: A Tribute In Granite

Murrieta Veterans’ Memorial: A Tribute In Granite


fter only eight weeks of construction – yet four years of planning -- the city of Murrieta, Calif., dedicated a long-anticipated memorial to its veterans on May 31, 2010. With a deeply symbolic design concept, the memorial located in the city’s Town Square Park honors the experiences of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. The project’s first phase, completed in May, includes a 25-foot-tall pentagon-shaped obelisk and a memorial wall to veterans of World War II. Future plans include construction of additional walls commemorating veterans of the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civil War, World War I; the Korean War;Vietnam; Desert Shield and Desert Storm; and Iraqi


Freedom and Enduring Freedom. In addition, a wall will be dedicated to prisoners of war and those missing in action. Design Concept “One of our goals was to communicate without words what the veterans experienced,” said Suzanne Palmer, Principal with David Neault Associates, the Temecula, Calif.-based landscape architecture firm for the project. Visitors to the memorial will first notice the 25-foot-high, pentagon-shaped obelisk memorializing the dedication and courage of all who have served. Constructed of polished Raven Black granite veneer, each side of the obelisk honors one branch of the military and

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is inlaid with that branch’s emblem in bronze. “In honor of the ultimate sacrifice of the veterans involved in these conflicts, the image of an American flag is reverently ‘draped’ over the top,” said Palmer. The American flag is constructed of granite in Indigo Blue, Red Dragon and Cashmere White colors. A V-shaped walkway, mirroring the existing walkway pattern of Murrieta’s Town Square Park, leads visitors through the memorial and intersects a meandering, crushed granite pathway. “The decomposed granite underfoot represents our homeland, our country,” said Palmer. “The memorial walls are set to purposely interrupt the flow of the path along the V-shaped walkway. It symbolizes how lives were pulled into and interrupted by these conflicts.” While only the World War II Memorial Wall is complete today, the additional walls will be constructed in chronological order along the V-shaped walkway. Like the World War II Memorial Wall, each wall will be etched with images of the veterans’ experiences. Careful to make the distinction that this is a veteran’s memorial, not a war memorial, Palmer explains that the project incorporates photographs and images etched into the granite memorial walls to convey the veterans’ emotions, thoughts and experiences.


“Without words, their faces etched into the granite express how their lives were affected at that moment,” said Palmer. Like a memory, some of the etched images are vivid and clear, while others overlap and fade on the memorial wall. The walls will maintain a different height and shape, just as each conflict was different. “The thickness of the World War II Memorial Wall relative to its height represents the veterans’ strength, defying gravity in seemingly adverse conditions,” said Palmer. “The inclined and buried portions of the wall symbolize the moments of rise and fall that occurred during the conflict.” Materials Selection Through their research of existing veterans’ memorials, Palmer and Neault were inspired by the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., which also incorporates etchings of images in granite. After studying a variety of stones and materials such as marble, etched glass and concrete, Palmer and David Neault chose granite for the memorial walls and obelisk. With its longevity, ease of maintenance and ability to accommodate the etchings for the walls, granite made a natural choice. Color was an especially important decision for the project. Seeking the blackest granite possible with very little grain, the designers chose Raven Black for the memorial walls.


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