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Monthly Meeting Minutes – Friday 13th May, 2011 1. The Pig was HOOTING from the TOOTING at 8pm at the Waters Edge, Friday 13th June 2011.

2. Minutes of April's Meeting confirmed although the Callan seemed to run out of puff reading them. 3. Present tonight were a paltry 22 members: Callan & Rosie, Brendan, Ben, Alabama Ronnie & Mike, John, Rajineesh, Wayne, Brian, Junior Burger Brian, Lou, Pistol Pete, Noisy Big Bad Joe, Sue, Chantelle & Gary, Tookay, Builder Ben, the Donno and the Sarah. 4. Nothing to see here, move along!! 5. Some new members but as Renee not present, could not verify who they were? Kini perhaps? 6. Callan’s boat out of action due to water in one of the pistons after only 350 hrs operation on his Suzuki 200hp. Fiji Dealers claiming only 1 yr warranty even though the motors have a 5 year factory warranty. Lets hope they come to the party to sort this dodgy motor out? The Callan will be seen in his dinghy in the short term. 7. ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE: If anyone would like to watch the video on the shark finning, it is available in the tackle shop. 8. EVENTS COMMITTEE: A fantastic day was had by all on the BEQA LAGOON & YANUCA ISLAND FISHING TRIP which took place on Saturday 23rd April on Charlie's boat with fishing, lunch and swimming at Batiluva Resort, Yanuca Island. Thanks to Sharon for tremendous lunch. Thanks to Charlie for a great day on his boat the Beqa Biatch.

9. Report from The Brendan 'SOON' Yeee PLANNING FOR THE NEXT COMP IS WELL UNDERWAY! THIS WILL BE OUR MAJOR COMP FOR THE YEAR. Details thus far are as follows; •

Saturday 16th July has been selected as Combined Boat and Shore based fishing comp. Entry fee $25/ club angler or affiliated club member, $35/non member, $50/Boat.

Prizes awarded for largest (heaviest) fish in around 12 specie categories and Best Boat. Also all entrants (whether they fish or not) go into a draw for the BIGGEST prize of the day.

Side betting on best boat also with your trusty bookie the Callan. Weigh in location to be determined and Awards Dinner at the Waters Edge, if we can ever find Renee?

As Renee not present we did not have the amount of cash the club could contribute to the prize pool, but between entry fees, donations, sponsorship and club cash should be many thousands of dollars in great prizes.

As Renee not present the price for the awards set dinner could not be ascertained.

A competition name was sought from the members, but there was scant creativity this night in evidence. ‘Surf and turf’ from the Billy was turfed as sounding too much like a meal! The ideas man will need to pull finger!

Prizes donated so far are a large Quality 5 day 72 quart Extreme ice chest from the Alabama boys and the beautiful fishing prints from Nick (as on wall in Callan’s shop).

The timing of the competition is being held 1 day after full moon which is considered to be in the zone for quality fishing. (From NEW MOON + 4 days to FULL MOON + 5 days is considered the best time to fish).

Judges / Officials are The Sarah, The John Smith, The Billy Pee, The Heidi (tbc).

10. EDUMACATION COMMITTEE: Erikk was on his Brokeback trip to the highlands and Rakiraki with Paul, so we hope for the fly fishing presentation at the next meeting. Alabama Mike taught the splicing of Nylon multi strand, focusing on the Eye Splice and next month’s meeting will teach the Back Splice. He was ably assisted by the Callan and the Wayne. Rosie shot a video and we’ll load this up onto the Twisted Leaders Facebook page.

THE EYE SPLICE according to Mike

Donno’s ‘Granny Knot’ didn’t quite cut it.

11. The Renee was MIA. 12. The Three great styles of club Base Ball Caps available at $15 from the tackle shop.

13. The Renee was MIA 14. The Callan took names for those interested in a Boat Master’s (Captain's) course for vessels up to 20 tonne to be held in Pacific Harbour. Course Fee Cost $80 and $70 registration. 15. The Donno and the Ronnie regaled the meeting with tales of the monster fish caught on their recent 4 day fishing trip with the Mike to Golden Point, Rakiraki. 16 different species of fish caught trolling, deep jigging and popping. Thoroughly recommend the Golden Point as a place to stay and go fishing.

16. The Callan started to talk about his 22 fish caught on a recent trip, but members were still in rapturous amazement at the fishing prowess of the Donno and the Alabamas, if not the zeal in the story telling, so not much attention paid to el presidente’s tale. 17. At each meeting a regular feature will be what members have been catching that month passed, so send your pictures to the Sarah at and get your tall tales ready. 18. “Shit! What? Rollers! No! Yeah! Shit!” Interchange between Jake and Elroy, Blues Brothers which was reminiscent of the quality dialogue at tonight’s meeting! 19. Next meeting Friday 10th June 2011 at 7.30pm. 20. Meeting then slowly dissipated like a lingering fart by 9:30pm.

13 MAY 11 Monthly Meeting Minutes  
13 MAY 11 Monthly Meeting Minutes  

Twisted Leaders Fishing Club Monthly Meeting Minutes 13 May11