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Monthly Meeting Minutes – Friday 10th June, 2011 1. The Pig was MOANING from the BONING at 8pm at the Waters Edge, Friday 10th June 2011.

2. Minutes of May's Meeting confirmed, with the Callan barely heard above the din. The Twisted Leader members arrived like the Liverpool Football Club fans all boozed and grogged up, although with way more class and sophistication. The Alabamas were barely coping as they were still recovering from Callan’s Wednesday night Grog session and should not have tried to compete with the seasoned groggers. The Billy Pee positioned himself almost on top of the tanoa (whispering ‘my precious’) where he could closely supervise the portions. The cooing and squinty eyes were most alarming! 3. Present tonight were 30 members: Callan & Rosie, Brendan, Builder Ben, Erikk, Alabama Ronnie & Mike, John “The Font” Smith, Rajineesh, Wayne, Bryan, Noisy Big Bad Joe, Tukai, Pistol Pete, Jomo “The Bear”, Tripper Tom, Jerry, The Donno and The Sarah, Paul, Markey, Jonathan, Cherie, Losalini, Mike, Loren, Brianna, Billy PEE, Renee and The Katie. Member count around 70 now. 4. Whilst some of the members were looking like they had eaten way too many 1.5 kg beef dinners (we know who we are), Losalini appeared very trim. Suggest the porkers out there find out her secret. 5. Apologies from Gary and Chantelle who were dealing with an unknown communicable disease, and Dollye who was in a determined search for some magic mushrooms. Ben was visiting friends and family in Sydney. 6. Some new members are Tripper Tom (who evidently had found the supply of magic mushrooms!) and works at Rivers Fiji and Jomo “The Bear”.



Ben, Paul & Jomo caught around nine 20 kg plus Tuna and 4 Wahoo Trolling and Fly Casting. One of those rare perfect days of fishing where there were acres of Bait Fish, Tuna, Hump Back Whales, Dolphins, Sharks running down the caught Wahoo & Marlin stretching from Frigates to The Cow.

Bryan caught his first Walu out at Frigates and a Rainbow Warrior.

Joe (followed by his refueling vessel) caught Skip Jacks and a couple of 1m long Walu.

Rajineesh caught 4 GT's, 2 were catch and released and the other 2 were released a few days later by way of his 'S' Bends. He also caught 15 Salmon Cods.

Markey as usual caught a shit load of fish and didn't want to embarrass all the old relics with tales of the amount of fish he caught.

Rosie used a blue 'Rosie' Popper trying to entice a marlin whilst crewing on Charlie's Boat.

Katie caught a GT and a Barracuda but every one was more transfixed by her graphic T-Shirt busting illustrations of size caught.

The Donno and the Alabamas, whilst every one else that weekend was catching shit loads of fish, only Ronnie caught a couple of Puffer Fish and 3 Paka Pakas on Rajineesh's boat. Our trusty skipper was obviously geographically displaced or partaking of the beer whilst we weren’t looking! (Always blame the skipper!)

Tripper Tom was on the Scuba Queen in Beqa Passage and was played with for 4 mins before he was smoked by a large Marlin on 40lb line.

ALL ANGLERS ARE REMINDED TO TAKE PHOTOS, so we can see the actual sizes and also serve as instructional for those new anglers learning about the variety of species. Email photo’s to Sarah at

You can also view and submit photos to our FACEBOOK PAGE. Just click LIKE and all new status updates, events, minutes and photos will appear in your newsfeed.



(Report from The Brendan SOON Yeee) Not many words from The Brendan SOON Yeee tonight as it was surmised that he was recovering from the graphic visual of the bath tub scene shoot of The Donno playing with his poppers for Callan's shop promo. From the look on his distracted melon his expensive therapy was obviously not working. The Callan indicated that the combined boat/shore based comp of July 16th was NOT proceeding due to the many boat engine failures at the club with only 3 boats capable of being (fielded?) 'oceaned?' at the moment. Instead, the very popular SHORE only Comp HOOK 'Em, BOOK 'Em and COOK 'Em II would go ahead on the same day. The Brendan will send out a flyer within the week confirming the details but essentially the Comp will be similar to that held in December last year. The access to the Taunovo site is challenging, so Erikk is going to fill in the sink holes in the road at around $200 worth of gravel. Mike donated $50 and Brendan and Erikk pledged $20 each towards the gravel. 9. Another Beqa Biatch Boat Fishing day is planned for the Sunday 7th August SUBJECT to Charlie's boat having had its engines overhauled successfully. 20 places at $50/person and $25/person (Kids $10 each) for lunch at Yunuca. Payment to take place at July's meeting but you can reserve your place now with the Donno prior to next meeting. With 20 paying adults, Under 12’s will be free. Don't muck around because at time of writing 10 slots booked already. 10. Captain's course certificates were handed out to The Donno, Ronnie, Loren, Dollye, Jomo and Paul. Thanks to Cherie for following through and running around organising shit. Jeff and Shiloh not there to receive them, so we used their certificates to light our cigars. Mike's boat experience log is so extensive that it is being sent in a 40 ft container to fulfill the experience requirements and Jerry's 'is on the way' according to Cherie.



Erikk was apparently hammered (we couldn't tell, what with his very stylish looking fly lure behind his ear) and he happily let Paul present his FLY FISHING, whilst he looked for a spittoon. A truly informative presentation by Paul who has been Fly Fishing since 1976 (although somewhat anomalous as he was overheard chatting up some Twisted Leader Babes and indicating he was only 30 years old and in his prime!) Paul indicated that virtually every type of fish may be caught by Fly fishing, only it is more challenging and a lot of fun as the wind-in ratio is 1 to 1 unlike most other reels. Rods/Reels are graded from #1 to #19 with around #8 recommended for inshore and around #14 plus suggested for outer reef fish like Tuna etc. Usually there is approximately 600 yds backing and 100 yds Fly. Always the comedian, Jomo “The Bear” indicated that there would be a lot of half fish caught with the lengthy battles from the 1 to 1 winding allowing for plenty of chew time for the sharks.

12. Paul has offered to conduct a FLY FISHING Half day Course at his place in Pacific Harbour on Sunday the 19th June starting at 10 am. Bring your first aid kits and it should be a hoot to see us learning the art of Fly Casting! See Callan for Paul's address.


TREASURER'S REPORT (The Renee) “We have 'some' money but I need my boat engine repaired” and if any cash still remaining can go towards repairing the Callan's engine.

14. Under the Octogeneric influence of the Billy PEE, the meeting disintegrated into games of slaps, knuckles & tickles at 10.30 pm. We won’t talk about the rampant boob nibbling in these respectable minutes, however it was overheard that tasty doesn’t begin to describe them.

15. Next meeting for Friday the 8th July 2011 at 7.30pm.

DISCLAIMER Members and other unauthorized recipients are advised to be ATTENDANT at the meeting in order to establish the veracity and accuracy of these minutes. The author is not liable for any libel arising from any inaccuracies and flagrant distortions of the observable truth, due in part to the possible onset of dementia, short attention span, and effects of Grog on this sub prime crusty old fart. Any miss spelt words and/or bad ‘grama’ and/or piss poor punctuation - tell it to someone that cares (maybe The Rosie, who it is known, likes to listen to drawn out tales of woe and self regret). The Donno - Twisted Leaders Secretary

10 JUN 11 Monthly Meeting Minutes  

Twisted Leaders Monthly Meeting Meeting 10 Jun 11

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