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2015 My City Summit


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My City Concert


Philanthropy & The Arts Session

Early Bird M Y CI T Y


The Future Of Our City Session


Entrepreneurship Reimagined Session


Marketing Our City Session


Strength In Diversity


Developing Future Leaders Session


YLNI Hot Spot


My City Social Dash


My City Rise & Grind


My City Summit Symposium


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YLNI Farmers Market


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Early Bird M Y CI T Y



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What Can You Expect From The 2015 My City Summit? The 2015 event, “My City Summit: Cultivate Innovation, Community, Connection” is designed to create a city experience for attendees; an opportunity to participate in the evolving culture and economic sustainability that is critical to attracting and retaining young talent in Fort Wayne. The Summit intends to drive awareness through engagement; to promote ownership, pride and to endorse diversity & inclusion in our community. Additionally, it is an opportunity to recognize those who have been drivers of evolution - committed to transformation and progressive social norms that move our community forward. Due to the success of previous Summits, this year’s event has been elongated to include more opportunities for our community to establish a greater understanding of the unique attributes of our evolving city and to create connections. The 2015 My City Summit is a four-day event commencing on Wednesday, July 29th. The Summit kicks off with a registration event and concert, highlighting the local talent of Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra and Trichotomous Hippopotamus. On Thursday, Summit attendees are encouraged to attend educational sessions held at various locations in the Downtown Arts Campus. Each session features inspirational, talented individuals committed to community development providing opportunities for attendees to connect and learn more about various areas of interest entrepreneurship, marketing our city, building a better community and creating a future rich with innovation and culture. A symposium on the afternoon of Friday, July 31st will be held for all attendees, led by a speaker who will reiterate the importance of engagement from the culmination of the ideas/awareness driven by the sessions and concert.

We don’t need to strive to be like any other city. We just need to be fort wayne. 2

The History of My City Summit In November 2012, YLNI hosted its first My City Summit, inspired by the Knight Foundation’s Soul of the Community survey findings that demonstrated Fort Wayne’s lack of strong community attachment among young college graduates. The inaugural event, “My City Summit: Redifining Community Engagement”, was an instant success with more than 200 young professionals and community leaders gathering to celebrate our city’s successes and to share ideas on how to improve community attachment and economic vitality. In April of 2014, YLNI presented “My City Summit: Connect & Thrive”, a dinner conference designed for community leaders to explore their role in building stronger connections in our city by addressing important topics usch as engagement, happiness and attachment on the continued revitalization of Downtown Fort Wayne.

“Having attended the My City Summit in 2012, I was excited to see another opportunity to gather, learn and update on progress. I appreciate YLNI’s role in the conversation of making this community a place where we are all proud to call home. I’m excited to get creative and think boldly with Jake Greene and learn from local experts Ellen Cutter and Zach Benedict on the Power of Place. I hope others in the community attend and engage.” - Heather Schoegler, Director, Community Engagement, Parkview Health 2014 My City Summit

“It was an honor to be asked to participate. You did, indeed, hit a grand slam with your My City Summit. I share my complimentary sentiments about YLNI and the invaluable role it is playing in transforming our hometown into all that it can be on so many different levels, for the benefit of us all. Keep pushing!” - Larry Lee, President, Leepoxy Plastics 2014 My City Summit

“Your hard work and the output of the Summit made me want to stay in Fort Wayne to raise my family and grow my small business. Even though i’ve grown up in Fort Wayne, the people in YLNI have truly made me love, appreciate and fight for my city and community. They’ve taught me that we have to do more in order to expect more (out of ourselves, others and the community).” - Mike King, Owner, King + Knight 2014 My City Summit

“Thursday night was a very interesting and energizing evening. What YLNI has contributed to Fort Wayne has pleased me greatly....and it was fun to get an up close look last week. Thanks for your leadership role in the group and the event. And, thanks for including me (and mom) in the Summit.” - Julie Inskeep, Publisher, Journal Gazette 2014 My City Summit





There will be six focus sessions whose topics will revolve around the call to action of cultivating innovation, community or connection in our city.

A variety of events will take place throughout the span of the four days that will open your eyes to the many things our city has to offer.

The symposium will bring energetic discussion, innovative ideas and inspiring speakers all in to one room for a Summit Finale.

Early Bird MY CITY

6:00PM - 8:30PM @ The Landing



My City Concert

Session: Developing Our Community Through Philanthropy & The Arts, Arts United & Community Foundation 8:30AM - 10:00AM @ ArtsLab Session: Future Of Our City, Mayor & The City of Fort Wayne 3:30PM - 5:00PM @ Cinema Center

Session: Entrepreneurship Reimagined, One Lucky Guitar, 816 Pint & Slice & Pranayoga Session: Marketing Our City, Visit Fort Wayne & Indianapolis Downtown 10:30AM - 12:00PM @ ArtsLab Session: Strength In Diversity, United States Army & Detailed Web Design 10:30AM - 12:00PM @ Arts United Center Ian Rolland Gallery

Session: Developing Future Leaders, Big Brothers Big Sisters & Steel Dynamics



10:30AM - 12:00PM @ Fort Wayne Museum of Art

1:30PM - 3:00PM @ Cinema Center

YLNI Hot Spot 5:30PM - 7:30PM @ Pedal City Beer Garden

My City Social Dash Registration - 5:30PM : Run Starts - 6:00PM @ Pedal City Beer Garden

My City Summit Symposium 2:00PM-5:30PM @ Anthony Wayne Convention Center, Hall A

VIP Happy Hour Club Soda After The Syposium

Early Bird M Y CITY

YLNI Farmers Market 9:00AM - 1:00PM @ Corner of Barr St. & Wayne St.




6:00AM-10:00AM in Downtown Fort Wayne



My City Rise & Grind


Concert )

Early Bird MY CI TY




Wednesday July 29th

This event includes an Early Bird ticket holder tent with special VIP benefits.

6:00PM-8:30PM The Landing Downtown

The My City Concert is a free event located at The Landing in Downtown Fort Wayne, that includes local artists Trichotomous Hippopotamus and Fort Wayne Funk Orchestra. Food and beverages will be provided by local vendors, accompanied by Affine, Sol Kitchen and Whip & Chill food trucks.

Registration ( 3:00PM - 8:00PM ) In order to participate in Summit events you will need to visit the registration booth at 110 Columbia St., in the old Cancun, in order to obtain your 4-Day Summit pass, event guide and registration gifts. Early Bird ticket holders will be able to obtain their registration from a VIP registration booth located in the Early Bird tent at the My City Concert. 5

be tuned in

co mm u n i t y s e s si o n

Sponsored By

Building a Better Community Through Philanthropy and the Arts Thursday, July 30th 8:30AM - 10:00AM The ArtsLab (Capacity = 150) Culture is an important part of attracting and retaining talent in a city. Creating an environment that supports the arts and philanthropy — foundational elements that encourage culture and promote diversity — is critical to the future of Fort Wayne. In this session, Arts United and the Community Foundation will discuss what it takes to thrive as a non-profit, how these organizations are contributing to the positive evolution our community and how you can get involved and help further build a city that we are proud of.

Rena Burden

Susan Mendenhall 6

Christine Meek

be dynamic

“Own it! The Future is in your

hands. Empowering emerging Philanthropist to build the vibrant city of their dreams. “

Rena Burden

Director of Development at Arts United 7

be unique “ Consider your favorite city in the entire world. WHY is it your favorite city?

When I ask this question, most people respond with descriptions of vibrant, active, and interactive communities to which they perceive some kind of profound connection. I wonder, then, how visitors and residents feel about Greater Fort Wayne? Are we perceived as a community that is vibrant, active, interactive and connecting? What role does art, culture, entertainment and recreation play in our community as we strive to attract and retain talent? How can we work together to build a culture of vibrancy, activity, interactivity and connectivity? “

Susan Mendenhall President of Arts United


be expressive

“ A well-kept secret in the

philanthropic world is the community foundation. While

community foundations account for only 1% of the total number of foundations in existence in this country, they account for 9% of both the total assets and total giving. So, what in the world are they and how do they work? “

Christine Meek

Director of Programs at Community Foundation 9

co mm u n i t y s e s si o n

The Future Of Our City Thursday, July 30th 3:30PM - 5:00PM The Cinema Center (Capacity = 140) From baseball stadiums to affordable downtown living, Fort Wayne’s redevelopment efforts are changing the face of our city. With grander and more innovative projects in the works, the next five years promise to be an exciting time for our city. Join Mayor Tom Henry and Redevelopment Director Justin Brugger for an interactive discussion covering regional “quality of place” initiatives. Hear about the plan and see the vision for recreating the Columbia Street Landing. Contribute to the discussion on Riverfront Development. Learn about key funding strategies like Legacy, Regional Cities Initiative and Tax Increment Funding (TIF). Complete with case studies that cover successful projects from inception to funding, The Future of Our City promises to be one of the most exciting and informative focus sessions of the Summit. It’s our city and it’s our future. What’s your vision?

Sponsored By

Justin Brugger

Mayor Tom Henry 10

be adaptable

“ People from across Fort

Wayne and Northeast Indiana are working together to ensure that our region is a place of pride for all residents. Using a variety of financing tools, quality of place initiatives are underway that will serve as a catalyst for economic development, entrepreneurship and innovation. “

Justin Brugger Director of Redevelopment at City of Fort Wayne 11

be exemplary

“ Fort Wayne is experiencing

unprecedented momentum and investment as we look to

future success in our community. We are positioned as a leader in quality of place and destination for residents and businesses. “


Tom Henry City of Fort Wayne 12

cu l t i v a t e inno va t i o n s e s si o n

Sponsored By

Entrepreneurship Reimagined Thursday, July 30th 10:30AM - 12:00PM Fort Wayne Museum of Art (Capacity = 60) Do what you love. Create your own schedule. Be your own boss. In many ways, entrepreneurship is the crown jewel for young talent trying to make a difference in any city. But no one said starting a business is easy; there are hurdles to overcome, risks to manage and plenty of lessons to be learned. That’s why we’ve assembled a panel of three eminent local business owners who want to hear your ideas and help you refine your pitch in order to maximize your chances for success. Join Matt, Andrew and Dani for a lively discussion of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in Fort Wayne. It’s like our very own Shark Tank, so come with all your questions and ideas. And don’t worry, this session won’t be broadcasted on national TV!

Matt Kelley

Andrew Thomas 13

Dani McGuire

Matt Kelley

Owner of One Lucky Guitar & Co-Owner of The Good Ones Clothing

“ Every day, we want to feel like there’s a pretty good chance that we’ll look back in 20 years and say, ‘That’s when we were at our best’. “

“ ‘Business is business’, is bullsh*t.“

be the startup


Andrew Thomas Owner of 816 Pint & Slice

“ Most problems are

monumental in the moment and meaningless in the memory…...The only bad idea is not having one. “

be inspired


Dani McGuire

Owner of Pranayoga

“ The most important

quality of a leader is to listen; to listen to our gut, to our employees, and our customers. Listening is compassion and compassion is action. “


be innovative

c u l ti v a t e inno va t i o n se s si o n

Marketing Our City Thursday, July 30th 10:30AM - 12:00PM The ArtsLab (Capacity = 150) Fort Wayne isn’t just a city, it’s a destination. Visitors spend more than $535 million in Fort Wayne annually and this number is growing. How do we continue to attract visitors? Marketing. Visit Fort Wayne has an extensive, innovative, creative marketing initiative focused on building awareness and illustrating what Fort Wayne offers. In this session, Kristen and Tamara will discuss Visit Fort Wayne’s marketing campaign, results and the critical role that marketing plays in growing our community. This session is an opportunity to learn more about marketing techniques, including social media, that can be applied to improve awareness of companies, organizations, cities, towns and events. Come learn and see how you can help market this great city.

Sponsored By

Kristen Guthrie

Tamara Zahn 17

be the voice

“ Ever hear those “Pure Michigan”

ads and wonder why Fort Wayne doesn’t advertise like that? We do! Learn about Fort Wayne’s efforts to tell our story to visitors throughout the region and world! “

Kristen Guthrie Director of Marketing for Visit Fort Wayne 18

be proud

“ There’s no better time for Fort Wayne residents to come together and tell the world about Fort Wayne! Let’s talk about how to make that happen. “

Tamara Zahn

Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. (IDI) 19

Sponsored By

co nne c t i o n s e s si o n

Howard P. Arnold Foundation

Strength In Diversity Thursday, July 30th 10:30AM - 12:00PM Arts United Center Ian Rolland Gallery (Capacity = 200) Throughout history, diversity has often caused division instead of understanding that it can allow for a stronger core of talent and skills. In 2010, a landmark United States Federal statute was enacted providing the pathway to end the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) policy in the Armed Forces thereby allowing gays, lesbians, and bisexuals to openly serve. In this open discussion, Lieutenant Colonel Greg Marcuson will speak about the DADT repeal and how this has positively impacted the culture and ability of the United States Armed Forces. Col. Marcuson will also share a commander’s perspective on the integration of women into previously all-male combat units trained for operations in austere environments. This discussion will be moderated by Stephen J. Bailey, an openly gay entrepreneur and creator of a Fort Wayne based digital marketing company. By reviewing one of the most publicized stories regarding diversity in recent years, this panel will discuss not only these changes in the military but also diversity here in our region. Attendees will listen to the open discussion as it unfolds and are welcome to provide their own questions or feedback during this connection session.


Gregory Marcuson Stephen J. Bailey 20

Amy Sutton

be a leader

“The military is integrating females into all male direct combat units. However, females have been serving in combat and some have paid the ultimate price--just as their male counterparts. “


Gregory Marcuson

United States Army


be creative

“We can accomplish more

together than we can on our own. Bridging the gap of our differences allows us to celebrate what makes each of us unique instead of using it to divide us. “

Stephen J. Bailey Detailed Web Design


be open-minded

“Everyone is an individual with

their own values, strengths and weaknesses. Identifying what each member brings to the table and embracing diversity leads to mission accomplishment and a truly cohesive team. “


Amy Sutton

United States Army 23

co nne c t i o n s e s si o n

Developing Future Leaders Thursday, July 30th 1:30PM - 3:00PM Cinema Center (Capacity = 140) Talking about Fort Wayne’s future development is exciting, but action through effective leadership is needed for turning dreams into reality. In this focus session, Josette Rider and Ben Eisbart present ideas about grooming the young and promising for leadership roles in our community. The discussion will focus on how tomorrow’s leaders can be mentored in creative problem solving, crowdsourcing and developing an Idea Marketplace that will transform Northeast Indiana into a regional hub of business and culture. “The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Sponsored By

Josette Rider

Ben Eisbart 24

be involved

Honored as one of the top three CEO’s in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Industry after Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana was named the top Agency in the United States, under her direction, in 2006, 2009 and 2013.

Josette Rider

Chief Executive Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana 25

be heard

“ Leadership - not simple to

define, but when you see it, you’ll recognize it. “

Ben Eisbart

Vice President of Human Resources at Steel Dynamics 26

Hot Spot Get to know YLNI in person! This social networking event offers a unique opportunity for you to interact with other young professionals in a low-key, relaxed atmosphere. Whether you’re new to the area or grew up here, Hot Spots are always filled with new folks who are ready to make great connections. If you haven’t had the chance yet, this will also be the perfect time for you to check out Pedal City’s new indoor bar and outdoor Beer Garden, which is full of yard games! Pedal City will be providing food and beverages for purchase.

Thursday July 30th

5:30PM-7:30PM Pedal City Beer Garden

be engaged 27

social dash MY CITY

Registration at 5:30PM

Thursday July 30th

Run/Walk at 6:00PM

at 5:30PM

In partnership with Fleet Feet Fort Wayne and The Fort Wayne Sports and Social Club, the My City Social Dash is a pub-crawl style walk/run that starts and ends at the Pedal City Beer Garden. Saucony shoes will be at the My City Social Dash Registration allowing people to try on shoes and participate in giveaways.

Pedal City Beer Garden

be energetic 28

rise & grind


The My City Rise & Grind is an early morning event focused on physical health and well-being, inspiring people to get up early and get moving. There will be several opportunities including yoga, crossfit, riverboat tours, bike tours, ARCH historical tours and more. Pranayoga Studios – Introductory Yoga Class 8:00AM @ Pranayoga Studio (Capacity 75) 10:30AM @ Wells Street Bridge (Capacity 40)


July 31st 6:00AM-10:00AM Downtown Fort Wayne

Mad Apple CrossFit – Introduction to CrossFit Principals 9:00AM @ Mad Apple CrossFit (Capacity 25) ARCH Walking Tour – 1 Mile Walking Haunted Tour 8:00AM @ Fort Wayne Outfitters (Capacity 25) 8:30AM @ Fort Wayne Outfitters (Capacity 25) Riverboat Tours – Led by Our Own Citizen River, Dan Wire 6:00AM, 7:00AM, 8:00AM & 9:00AM @ Fort Wayne Outfitters (Capacity 10/Tour) Downtown Fort Wayne Bike Tours (Bikes Provided by FW Outfitters) 8:00AM @ Fort Wayne Outfitters (Capacity 10) 9:00AM @ Fort Wayne Outfitters (Capacity 10)

be active 29





Pre-Symposium Lunch discounts will be offered at various local eateries with presentation of your event pass. Snacks and beverages to be provided during the Summit, including a cash bar.

Keynote Speakers, Benjamin & Max Goldberg

July 31st 2:00PM-5:30PM

Grand Wayne Center Hall A Ian Rolland Courageous Leadership Award

St. Joseph Hospital CEO, Kenneth Jones

My Regional City Speakers, Ellen Cutter, Josh Summers, Justin Vedder & Rachel Vedder


be the groundbreaker

Benjamin Goldberg, a graduate of The University of Miami in Miami, Florida, and Max Goldberg, a graduate of the University of Denver, reunited back in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee after years of gaining life experience separately to begin a partnership which led to the creation of Strategic Hospitality. Strategic Hospitality is a Nashville-based hospitality company responsible for helping to shape the city’s dining landscape by continuously introducing innovative, one-of-a-kind concepts. Strategic Hospitality also provides consulting and management services to other hospitality groups. Founded in 2004, Strategic Hospitality has experienced steady growth annually and continues to revolutionize the dining scene.


Benjamin & Max

Owners of Strategic Hospitality 31

Ian Rolland


In 2014, YLNI honored Ian Rolland, former Chairman and CEO of Lincoln National Corporation, with the Courageous Leadership Award for his defining example of such leadership at My City Summit: Connect & Thrive. Although Rolland was a true leader in the insurance industry, it is for his dedication as a civil rights leader, championing issues of equality and education in Fort Wayne, that YLNI wanted to recognize through this award. YLNI leadership later announced that future awards will be named in honor of Rolland. Presenting the Ian Rolland Courageous Leadership Award annually starting in 2015 to those who have followed in his footsteps.

be the example


My Regional City In the weeks and months that followed the 2014 My City Summit, YLNI collected the information gathered from the participants at the Summit to plan for potential implementation of ideas going into the 2015 My City Summit. A design team was assembled to prepare a series of “Charrettes” highlighting small, medium and large projects that best captured the spirit of My City Summit. Ellen Cutter and the development team will lead our presentation on the development of the 2014 My City Summit Projects. The Quimby Village redevelopment emerged as the leading project to be developed on a “Large” scale. The project is highlighted by the Clyde Theater - a revival of the Quimby Theater, an icon of Fort Wayne’s south side. What was a dormant stand-alone theatre for the Fort Wayne suburbs may be an important piece to the continued development of downtown living in Fort Wayne. Ms. Cutter will also provide an update on the Regional Cities Initiative – a project of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation that could drastically impact the future of Northeast Indiana through collaborative efforts to help attract and retain talent in the region.


be the growth

“ Since he joined the leadership team at St. Joe, the hospital has continued to fulfill its important role as a driver of downtown growth through added services and multiple facility projects. “

Kenneth Jones

CEO of St. Joseph Hospital 34



July 31st

Early Bird MY CITY

Following Symposium

The VIP Happy Hour is an Early Bird Event in one of our favorite Downtown Fort Wayne locations, Club Soda, where Early Bird ticket holders can attend to socialize and network with YLNI Leadership and Summit Community Leaders and Speakers. Club Soda will be providing hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar will be available.


Club Soda


The YLNI Farmers Market, put on by YLNI volunteers, offers fresh and unique local produce, plants, meats, baked goods and homemade crafts in a cultural setting. The YLNI Farmers Market is a producer-only market, meaning that our vendors personally make or grow the products they sell. Every vendor is local, coming from Allen or surrounding counties. Come out and enjoy live music by John Durnell and children’s activities.


August 1st 9:00AM - 1:00PM Corner of Wayne & Barr



Olive B. Cole


Foundation, Inc.


Howard P. Arnold Foundation


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