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QUESTION: 1 A DPACK report shows that a customer needs a design to handle 21,000 IOPS from all servers with a read/write percentage /30. What will be the target back-end IOPS for a Dell EMC SC Series array design?

A. 21,000 IOPS B. 25,200 IOPS C. 27,300 IOPS D. 35,700 IOPS

Answer: D

QUESTION: 2 You are designing a Dell EMC Unity solution for a customer who requires space efficiency. In addition, they want a local form of protection from data loss or corruption accidently caused by a user. Which Unity feature meets these requirements?

A. Local LUN Move B. Replication C. Snapshots D. D@RE

Answer: C

QUESTION: 3 Which feature is supported with cross-platform replication between Dell EMC PS and SC Series arrays?

A. Replication of volume collections B. Cascade mode with an EQL PS Group C. Compression of replicated data D. Asynchronous Replication

Answer: D

QUESTION: 4 You are designing a Dell EMC Unity solution for a customer. The customer wants to store top secret government file and block data. This data needs to be protected even in the event of physical theft of the Unity disks. Which feature should be included in the design?

A. LACP B. IP Multi-tenancy C. Host I/O Limits D. D@RE

Answer: D

QUESTION: 5 When designing a Dell EMC Unity 550F, what is the maximum number of enclosures and drive slots per bus?

A. 10 enclosures and 250 drive slots B. 10 enclosures and 500 drive slots C. 15 enclosures and 275 drive slots D. 15 enclosures and 1000 drive slots

Answer: B

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DELL EMC DES-1D11 Exam  
DELL EMC DES-1D11 Exam  

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