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Nude Romantics ,inspired by the feminine glamour of the femme fatales of the past. A wistful flower radiating in day light. Tones of blissful fantasy and daytime beauty insinuate notions of prettiness on a backdrop of silk georgette. Such classic elegance requires a fresh approach to beauty, using ice cream palettes. A breathtaking display of silks, lace and intricate tailoring adorning the body and showcasing it to the fullest. Pale violet and pink hues of gracious debutante and femme fatale delicately draw attention to Duchesse satin.

The American dream is materialized in this vintage trend, highlighting blue collar classics, deconstructed denim, soft plaids and thrift store fringe trims; a trend where every classic piece has a place for unique style to shine through. A casual look, the less contrived and more ‘lived-in’, the better. Denim does not have to be skinny, dark and straight, the best denim to wear with this urban cowboy uniform is washed out and worn in.

One word sums up the new utility aesthetic : purpose. The modern utility girl shrugs off the froufrou and fanciful but carries sophistication with ease. Continuing the literal translation of combating the rough economy with a warrior-like aesthetic, this is diffused by a very subtle romanticism. This trend sees utility wear on a new curve, taking inspiration from the 40’s, where women balanced austerity and elegance with war. Alongside hints of sportswear and military uniform. This sees a seamless mix of glamour and purpose built clothing.

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Trend : They came from Planet Fashion

Trend : Utility Chic

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