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Architectural Portfolio S a r a h Ta b i b


German Jordanian University

We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us. WINSTON CHURCHILL

Curriculum Vitae Sarah Tabib Amman, Jordan 00962796692711

Educational Career 2011 – 2014

Bachelor of Architecture at the German Jordanian university in Amman, Jordan

09.1999 – 07.2011

Rosary Sister School in Aqaba, Jordan Tawjihi (Jordanian study plan) Average: 92%

Workshop 06.2012

International Workshop at Koblenz university in Koblenz Germany

Languages Arabic English German French

Mother language Excellent Very good School knowledge

Software AutoCAD, Autodesk Rivet, 3D max, Rhino – Grasshopper, Adobe Illustrator

Hobbies Reading, Photography, Drawing and painting

Others 09.2012 – 10.2012

German language course at Ludwig Maximilian university (LMU) in Munich, Germany

Content Architectural Design • 

First steps into architectural design


Documentation of RFC


The maze of ‘Al-Balad’


Herbs Shop Design


The Dwellings of ‘Jabal Amman’

Computing Fundamentals • 

The Perplexed Canopy


Voronoi within Voronoi

Photography • 





Perspective of life

Architectural Design

First Steps into Architectural Design

Project: Designing a Restaurant Year: Second year, first semester 2012 Location: Dead sea

Location of the site

The site is located in Dead sea. The dead sea is a geologic fault a l e f t l a t e r a l transform fault .

This movement caused the Dead sea rift, it also created different levels in land surfaces.

It runs along the two tectonic plates, the African plate and the Arabian plate. The two move in the s a m e d i re c t i o n , but one is faster than the other

Transform Fault

My concept is inspired from the result of this movement, the rift! Taking the void of this rift, created the main masses in my design.

Conceptual model


Functions in the bigger mass: shaded terrace, kitchen and services. The smaller mass is a dinning hall. The space in between is a linking place. A shared function for all users like a bar.




Royal Film Commission Documentation

Project: Royal Film Commission Documentation Year: Second Year, Second Semester Location: Jabal Amman, Rainbow street

Group work with: Boran Amro, Dana Al-Taher, Reem Hamdan And Yasmin Al-Qasrawi

RFC Royal Film Commission’s Building. an old Ammani villa built in 1919 in one of the oldest parts of the city, was turned into Jordan’s first film commission . It was established with a vision to develop an internationally competitive Jordanian film industry.

The Maze of ‘Al-Balad’

Project: Mixed use commercial building Year: Second year, second semester, 2012 Location: Amman city center

The main inspiration for this project were the old Ammani neighbor hoods, (Jabal Amman, Jabal al-wabde.) Variety in the sizes of corridors narrow, medium and some wide. Also the endless number of stairs connecting the spaces all these horizontal and vertical circulation paths, created what looked like a MAZE. So what I decided to do is to take these characteristics and utilize them in a positive way, and connect them to some of the main cultural features in the site. Creating a sequential experience.

The pattern of this maze is taken from top view of the area of my site, around the Roman theater.

As in any maze there’s a court / open space in the middle, connects everything. All the functions lead to this court and the use can get to all the functions form there

Site Plan


Housing Units Viewing Terrace Restaurant

Main Entrance


Art Gallary Retail Shops

Site Plan


Front Elevation

Branding Design

Project: Herbs shop design Year: Second year, second semester 2013

HERBS is a shop for herbs located in a mixed use complex in Amman’s down town. I choose Herbs because it’s something you want to see in the old down town. My design is a mix between the old herbs shops and a more contemporary shop.

Shop’s Plan

This stand is the casher place and it is also a show table

Gifts Bag

Mood Board

The shop’s Logo

The Dwellings of ‘Jabal Amman’

Project: Dwellings Year: Third Year, first semester 2014

The site is located in the heart of Amman, viewing the Citadel. It’s in the old historical part of the city. Holding in it’s significant lots of values to the old city, Amman The program: •  •  •  •  • 

12 Medium units 120 sqm 10 Small units 80 sqm 8 Large units 160 sqm Small Garden for planting Small market 100 sqm

Following the Contours Step 1   Abstrac-ng  the  contour   lines,  into  straight  lines  

Step 2   Choosing  the  view   angle    

Step 6   Interpola-on.  By   interpola-ng  the   exis-ng  points  crea-ng   new  points  to  create   the  third  plaEorm     Step  7   Three  plaEorms,  where   func-ons  to  be   distributed      

Step 3   Organizing  the  contour   lines,  and  adjust  them    

Step 4   Pu<ng  the  view  lines   on  the  contours  

Step 5   Two  plaEorms  resul-ng   from  the  intersec-on   between  the  contours   and  views  line    

Moving the users according to their needs A N e r f o l l o w i n g   t h e   contours   to   get   the   most   suitable   loca-on   on   the   site   (minimizing   the   cut   and   fill   process),   the   massing   inside   these   plaEorm   will   be   according   to  the  user  needs      

Site Plan

Front Elevation


3D Shots

Structural System Post Beam

Computing Fundamentals

The Perplexed Canopy

Project: Parametric Canopy for GJU Year: Third year, first semester 2013 Location: GJU campus Group work with: Zaid Zaubi, Saif Mahfoz and Yazeed balqar

The Idea is to create a unique

canopy for the stairway in our University. The canopy will be acting as a shielding, protection element and an attractive point. Creating a surface with a form withstanding the weather conditions along the ability of being manufactured. To be built in reality.


Grasshopper Definition

Final Product

Voronoi Within Voronoi

Project: Wall Design Year: Third Year, first semester 2014 Group work with: Yasmin Al-Qasrawi, Petra Saudi

The idea is to create a multi

functional partition where it works a partition separating between spaces, and a bookshelf at the same time. t h e Vo r o n o i s h a p e w a s chosen because the Voronoi gives the distribution for the loads and the lights. It is also inspired from nature, where you can see all the Voronoi patterns in each different part.


Step one Creating the bigger frame which is the big Voronoi

Step two Creating a smaller voronoi within each frame (voronoi)

Step three extruding the s m a l l e r Vo r o n o i a s wanted

Final Product




I believe in God, I only spell it Nature. Frank Lloyd Wright

It does not matter what life is, it is how you look at it

Thank you

Sarah Tabib

Architectural portfolio 2014