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Term 2 2009

Save Money with Fruit ‘n’ Veg! New Go for 2&5® Campaign Launched DID YOU KNOW Did you know that you can save lots of money by choosing fruit and veg for snacks instead of packaged snacks? For example, potato chips cost $19.90 per kg, where popping corn costs $3.00 per kg. A rolled up fruit bar costs a whopping $25.80 per kg, compared to a fresh juicy apple at $4.29 per kg. You do the math!



he NSW Minister for Health, the Hon. John Della Bosca launched a new fact sheet recently, aimed at promoting the cost benefits of consuming fruit and vegetables over packaged foods. The Real Cost of Healthy Food report card shows some commonly consumed snacks compared per kg to healthier, fruit and veg based options. Other ways you can save money on fruit and veg include: • Buy seasonal produce, as it is generally fresher and more affordable.

• Buy in bulk and split the cost between households or batch cook and freeze. • Swap expensive produce for lower cost alternatives including dried, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. The Real Cost of Healthy Food report card makes a great newsletter insert for parents to encourage them to buy more fruit and veg. To view and order the report card, go to www.gofor2and5. and click into the NSW page.

Editors Note

Winner Announced!


Congratulations goes to Tarago Public School, the winners of our Crunch&Sip® News survey competition. Tarago Public School has won 2009 membership to Healthy Kids SCA, valued at $96.

elcome to the Term 2 edition of Crunch&Sip® News! In response to the Crunch&Sip® News survey last term, many of you stated you wanted more classroom activities and more specific information on fruit and veg. So, this term we have included a classroom activity sheet and flash cards with some fun facts about fruits and vegetables. Enjoy!

P 2 Improved access to fruit and veg for NSW primary schools P 3 Fruit ‘n’ Veg Quiz P 4 Fun with Fruit ‘n’ Veg Flashcards

An Australian Government State and Territory Health initiative

Crunch&Sip® developed by the Western Australian Department of Health, © State of Western Australia, 2009 Australian Better Health Initiative: A joint Australian, State and Territory government initiative

Term 2 2009


NSW Procurement and Crunch&Sip®

Improved access to fruit and veg for NSW primary schools H

ealthy Kids School Canteen Association is keen to ensure that schools across the breadth of the state, including rural NSW, have access to good quality fruit and vegetables for Crunch&Sip®. The NSW Department of Commerce, through the Office of NSW Procurement, has in place State Contract 801 to supply a quality range of Food Service products, including fresh, frozen, canned and dried fruit and vegetables, to Government and not for profit organizations all over NSW. The Intelligent Food Guide provides a selection of almost 4,000 food items from the NSW Government Food Services Contract that comply with the Fresh Tastes @ School NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy and assure best quality and nutrition. The guide will allow schools to source fruit and vegetables at competitive prices for Crunch&Sip®. Products can be ordered from a choice of 22 NSW food suppliers, with suppliers delivering state-wide. Fruit and vegetables can be purchased at exceptionally competitive prices, with savings between 9 and 35%. Further discounts can be achieved through direct negotiation with suppliers. Further information on the contract can be viewed on 2

Term 2 2009

Not-for-profit school canteens can also benefit from The Intelligent Food Guide for savings on commonly purchased canteen foods. All NSW schools received a copy of The Intelligent Food Guide in April 2009. However you can download further copies of The Intelligent Food Guide and access a list of Frequently Asked Questions from the website Orders can be placed directly with suppliers by telephone or fax. If you are a registered smartbuy® user you can check out the range of products, pricing and suppliers on the smartbuy® site and order on line. Log in today at If you don’t have a smartbuy® account or wish to register as a new customer, please contact the Client Support Centre: 1800 NSW BUY (1800 679 289) or email nswbuy@

Quiz Use the pictures of the fruits and vegetables to complete their names. Once complete, use the blank letters to discover the fruit and veg message below.

1. a p _ i c o _

2. m_ _go

3. _ing_r

4. c _ b _ a g _

5. _e_simm_n

6. ra_ish

7. _ _ a p e s

8. ki_ _fruit


10. c h e r r _ _ _

11. pumpk_n

12. _em_n

13. _ o m a t _

14. po_ _to

15. _andar_ _

16. e g g p l _ _ t

16. c_le_y

18. _ychee_

F_ui_s b_____

__d ve__t__l_s ___vi_e w_th ___s _f vi_____s

__o__ng __d min__a__ Term 2 2009


Flash Cards Fun with Fruit ‘n’ Veg Flashcards Cut out and keep flashcards, collect four new cards each term. Why not laminate the cards for durability




It takes approximately 3 pineapples to make 1 can of pineapple pieces!

The average strawberry has 200 seeds!



Carrots were originally grown for their leafy tops!

The largest pumpkin ever weighed 666kg!

Term 2 2009

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