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Sarah’s bacon, cheese and leek quiche For the pastry:

About 200g fat (I use 100g butter and 100g lard), chopped into cubes About 400g flour 1 egg 2-3 tbsp ice-cold water or 2-3 ice cubes For the filling:

1 packet of bacon or bacon bits 2 leeks 5-6 eggs 3-4 tbsp (heaped) crème fraiche About 100g cheddar cheese (the stronger the better), grated salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 quiche dishes or cake tins Rolling pin 1. Chop the bacon and leeks into small pieces and place into a large pan without any oil. Fry together on a high heat so that the leeks cook in the bacon fat and the liquid is released from the bacon. Leave to drain and cool in a colander. 2. Make the pastry. Quantities aren’t very important so long as you have double the weight of flour than fat: In a food processor: • Place the cubes of fat in the food processor with the flour and process until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. • Add the egg and blend. • Add the ice cubes or very cold water, a tablespoon at a time, processing well between each spoon. The pastry should bind together after a while. • Remove, wrap and place in the fridge.

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By hand: Places the cubes of fat and flour in a bowl and rub together between finger tips until they resemble a breadcrumb texture. Add the egg and mix with a sharp knife. Gradually add the cold water, a tablespoon at a time, mixing well with the knife between each addition. The pastry will bind together. Wrap the pastry and place in the fridge.

3. Crack the eggs into a big bowl and whisk. Add the crème fraiche and whisk some more. 4. Stir in the bacon and leek mixture with a spoon, then add the grated cheese and season. You shouldn’t need much salt, but add plenty of black pepper. 5. Roll out the pastry and line each of the quiche dishes. 6. Divide the filling mixture evenly between the two pastry cases and place in oven (220°C / gas mark 7). Cook for about half an hour, then leave to cool and set for about 10 mins before serving.

Sarah's bacon, cheese and leek quiche  

My famous yummy quiche recipe

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