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Jacques Barraband (1767-1809) Jacques Barraband emerged as one of the worlds most revered ornithological engravers in France during the 18th century “Age of Enlightenment”. Napoleon Bonaparte commissioned a large series of Barraband’s bird and flower illustrations. Barraband also produced many of his most well known illustrations for the naturalist Francois Le Vaillant’s scientific studies on parrots (perroquets), birds of paradise (oiseaux de paradis), rollers (rolliers), toucans (toucans), and other exotic birds. Barraband’s prints of birds remain among the most life-like and represent a high point in the history of ornithological art. Barraband collaborated with Louis Bouquet and Langlois to create the engravings used to make his luminous prints. Each engraving plate was inked “a la poupée” (a process in which several of the same plates are applied with different ink colors and carefully applied one over the other then pulled from the press.) Barraband – known for his brilliant rendering skills – finished each print by adding all tonalities and shading by hand. The Chicago Field Museum produced an exclusive limited edition collection of Baraband’s bird prints. We are thrilled to offer a beautiful selection of Barraband's most important images from this first edition Field Museum Collection. Every print is hand embossed with The Field Museum logo (and that of Oppenheimer Editions, the publisher, and also numbered and stamped with the signature of the president of the Museum. Each actual-size print is on Hahnemühle acid-free, cotton rag fine art paper imported from Germany. Dimensions: Range between 14”x21.5” and 12”x21.5” Price Range: $400-$800

Jacques Barraband Bird Prints  

Chicago Field Museum Limited Edition